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 Application for Enrico Maxwell

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PostSubject: Application for Enrico Maxwell   Mon Dec 13, 2010 7:56 pm

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? If so how far have you gotten?

OVA 1-7, all the manga

Name: Pope Innocent XIV (Enrico Maxwell)

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Physical appearance:

-1.95 meters tall
-75 kg weight

Tall and lithe, Enrico is certainly not what one would call a stout man. Yet he still manages to avoid appearing as if he would blow over in a strong wind. Perhaps through force of personality, he makes his slender figure imposing, and his long pointed features intimidating. His fingers are lithe and uncalloused, a pianist's hands. There is a hint of muscle to his limbs, but it is clear Enrico is not a fighting man. Few scars mark his pale skin, and no tattoo adorns it. His body is perfect, clean, immaculate.

Above his hawkish nose sets a pair of exotic violet eyes, shining with mirth at some hidden joke that only he knows. His chin is narrow and pointed, fitting his equine face rather well. Long silver hair is tied back at the base of his neck, allowing his voluminous locks to fall freely down his back. Few know if the man aged prematurely or if the silvered hair is due to some natural quirk in a gene. He smiles often, revealing a set of perfect white teeth between his narrow lips.


Clothing of choice:

Enrico is now Pope Innocent XIV, and this rise in position has demanded a change in clothes. Gone are the black clerical pants and vest. Instead, a white cassock adorns his body, and a wide sash cinches at his waist, the ends trailing down his leg to end just below the knee. The papal crest is embroidered near the bottom of the garment. The cassock is secured by golden buttons, also bearing the papal crest. A sort, cape-shaped garment covers the new Pope's shoulders, reaching to the elbows; it is known as a Mozzetta. Lying across the front of this garment is a pectoral cross, hanging from a chain about his neck. It is gold (of course) and is nearly six inches in length.

Arrayed on the third finger of Enrico's right hand is the Ring of the Fisherman, and is often kissed by followers of the faith as a sign of respect. It bears the papal seal, an image of St. Peter casting a net into the sea with 'Innocent XIV Pont Max' inscribed around it. Under the white cassock, Enrico wears a pair of white trousers and black boots, scorning the tradition of red leather shoes.

Papal regalia:

Though Enrico enjoys flaunting his new power and the clothing that goes with it, he still occasionally will relax in his white clerical shirt, purple vest, and black slacks:

Weaponry of choice:
Enrico does very little fighting, preferring to keep his hands clean and his heart pumping. Words are his primary weapon and when they fail, he will generally turn to Father Alexander Anderson. However, there are times when even these two lines of defenses are not enough. The thought of being utterly defenseless is terrifying to Enrico, so he carries a Smith and Wesson Model 1911 pistol which chambers the .45 ACP round, coated in silver, of course. It may seem a little strange that a man raised Italian would value so dearly an American made weapon, but there is something about cowboys that intrigues Enrico, and all Americans are cowboys, no?

Enrico also carries a knife, more for practicality's sake than to protect himself. He is well aware that if the time comes where he is defending himself with a small bit of sharpened metal, he is already good as dead, a thought he tries to dwell on very little. He keeps the small four inch silver-lined blade tucked inside his sash, hidden from view.

Finally, Enrico has taken to carrying a crosier, the long crucifix-topped staff of Papal authority. While this is not a weapon per se, one could imagine it being used to cudgel a heretic to a righteous and merciful death. Again, the staff is plated in silver for obvious reasons.

Race: Human


Enrico's abilities lie purely in his mental state. He's exceedingly smart; quite possibly too smart for his own good. He's quite capable of anticipating others' actions, and strategically using that to his advantage. He knows how to manipulate nearly any person, easily picking out that which is their deepest desire and twisting it to suit his own desires.

His other greatest strength, though some may not consider it an ability, is his absolute control of the Vatican. It is not unreasonable to say the Pope is the most powerful man in the world, and, while the actual special forces of the Vatican are not small in number, the real power of the Vatican comes in the millions of faithful that heed every word that emanates from that holy place.


The Roman Catholic Church
Vatican Section XIII--Iscariot


Enrico is nothing if not vain. He has a Napoleon complex like few in history ever have. The most dangerous thing about this is the fact that his personal whims and desires may be carried out by thousands upon thousands of rabidly devoted followers, believing that what they do are for the greater glory of God. There is no greater power in the world, and Enrico revels in it.

The young Pope's vanity is made dangerous by his keen analytical mind. Carefully assessing and strategically gifted, it is very likely Enrico would have made a formidable general, if he had chosen such a lifestyle. Such would never be the case, however, for Enrico loves, not only the power he harnesses as the God-head of the Church, but the luxurious lifestyle as well.

Well aware of his insurmountable power, Enrico has no qualms about speaking cuttingly to even his most precarious of allies and he mocks his closest friends. His greatest hatred comes in the form of the Protestant church, and it is one of the few things he will leave his luxurious lifestyle and go to war over. In truth, he cares very little about the reason for the existence of Section XIII. He uses it simply as a cover in his holy quest to rid the world of true 'evil', that is, those who follow the precepts of Luther.


Pope, Bishop of Rome, Vicar of Jesus Christ, Successor of the Prince of the Apostles, Supreme Pontiff of the Universal church, Patriarch of the West, Dominus Apostolicus, Primate of Italy, Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Roman Province, Sovereign of the State of Vatican City, Servant of the Servants of God

Also, Director of Vatican Section XIII


Enrico was born a bastard son of a successful Italian businessman. His mother was an expensive, and if the stories are to be believed, extremely skilled whore. A most unwelcome surprise to the working woman, she left the baby boy squalling and wrapped in an old stained sheet on the steps of one of the many Catholic churches in Rome. The little child was taken to Anderson's orphanage inside Vatican City walls and spent all his childhood in the care of the Scottish priest and his associates.

Even in what could be considered one of the safest and best managed orphanages, little Enrico managed to have a difficult childhood. Often teased about his sire and...questionable mother, Enrico would lash out in violence. Even when he was not being abused by his fellow classmates, he found a way to make trouble. Enrico wanted to be the best and to achieve such great things that he would rise about his tarnished name. But his methods were less than honest and provided excellent results.

This terrible lesson taught Enrico that the best way to achieve his ends was by manipulating, cajoling and outright blackmailing. He became Father Anderson's most successful orphan, and also the most disappointing. Enrico became a priest at an unusually young age, then quickly advanced through the ranks, earning the title of Archbishop shortly after assuming control of the Vatican's Section XIII.

It seemed Enrico had reached the highest rank achievable in the Church, but the untimely, and ultimately suspicious, death of the Pope created a vacancy for the role of 'most powerful man in the world'. The young Archbishop quickly called in favors and used his skill in politics and blackmail to pull the vote his way. Elected as the Holy Father of the Roman Catholic Church, Enrico has used his new found power to repeal the reforms of Vatican II and cast the Church back hundreds of year to a period before ecumenism was considered. Somehow, he is still loved by the millions of his faith, and this broad support encourages him to continue his reform. The common Protestant is now the ultimate enemy, to be exterminated even before those undead that Section XIII was created to destroy.

RP sample:

He could hear the cheers from inside the small, candle-lit room. So they had sent up the plume of smoke through the chimney, white to signal the election of a new Papa. And the people cheered. Thousands in the courtyard of St. Peter's Basilica, millions around the world, all waited to see who would emerge on the great balcony to deliver the Apolstolic Blessing. Oh how shocked they would be when he, a man not yet entered into his third decade, stepped into the light. They would hush, then erupt in cheers of 'Habemus Papam!'

It would hardly be more surprising if a woman suddenly appeared in his place. By the last Cardinal vote, Enrico had those idiotic old men by the nose. He could have led them to the edge of the abyss, and if he had commanded they jump, they gladly would have thrown themselves from that cliff. That last vote had not simply been carried by the required majority. It had been unanimous. No one knew the last time a unanimous vote had been cast; the ballots were always burned to produce the colored smoke that emanates from the chimney, but it was a fair bet it had been a very, very long time.

Enrico's ruminations were cut short as one of the Cardinals enters the small room where he was being fit with his first Pontifical clericals. As the man bows, the corner of Enrico's lip turns up. Here was a man who had openly denounced him in the Sistine Chapel as being a man of material and not of God. But now he cowered like a whipped dog. "Yes, Cardinal Estevez?"

The man straightened, smoothing out his crimson vestments while unsuccessfully trying to repress an expression of distaste. "Your Holiness, when I announce you to the crowds, I must tell them your name..." He frowned, a comical expression on such a wrinkled old face. "What have you chosen?"

A slow, dark smile spread across Enrico's narrow features. "Innocent. Innocent the fourteenth." His eye twitches slightly in glee while he watched for the good Cardinal's reaction. For his part, Estevez recovers from his expression of disbelief with admirable speed, bowing his head reverently. "A most fitting choice, Holiness. A most fitting choice indeed."


"Haha! You're just some stupid bastard! A son of a mistress! Go back to your sandbox and leave us alone, bastard." The boy's black eyes gleamed with mirth as he shoved little Enrico backward.

The small boy stumbled, tripped, and fell into a muddy puddle directly behind him, instantly soaking him through with freezing water. He glared furiously at the older boy as he scrambled to his feet, yelling in his prepubescent voice. "So what if I'm a bastard?! At least my parents didn't kick me out because they were too poor to feed me!" He shoved the bigger boy in the stomach, as he couldn't quite reach his shoulders, and bares his teeth menacingly.

Without pause, the boy throws out a fist, catching Enrico in the eye. Again, he falls to the ground, but is unable to stand up at the boy crouches down over him, grabbing him by the shirt and pulling him a few inches off the ground. "You are nobody," the boy hissed, his eyes wild with fury. "You have no family name, you have no patronage, and you will never go anywhere in your sad pathetic life!" Chuckling, the boy shoved Enrico back down, then stands, accepting the congratulations from his friends for putting the presumptuous little bastard in his place. Giving one last smirk to Enrico, he turns and begins to walk away.

But little Enrico wasn't done yet. Nobody spat in his face and got away with it. And he wasn't going to be a nobody! He wasn't! He would be the most important man in the world one day, and then they would all bow down to him! Using these thoughts to power his anger, Enrico hops to his feet and lunges at the bully, catching him behind the thighs and causing them both to tumble in the mud. Punches flew, feet kicked, grunts escaped both boys lips as they attacked one another with a vicious fury.

A shadow descends over the pair as they roll in the mud, causing the bites and punches to slow as one, then the other realize there's something hovering above them. Rubbing mud from his eyes, Enrico looks up, and up, and up. "What's this, lads? Rollin' in th' mud is nae way to solve a problem." Enrico abruptly looks away from his reflection in those perfectly round glasses. This was the third time this week Father Anderson had come across him in a tussle with a classmate. And if nothing else, Enrico had learned that the tall priest cared not a bit if it was over him being called a bastard.
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PostSubject: Re: Application for Enrico Maxwell   Mon Dec 13, 2010 10:16 pm

Phenominal as usual. I can honestly say you put my application to shame. Furthermore, I can think of few as qualified as you to lead Iscariot. Now before I'm forced to strangle my ego any further....


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PostSubject: Re: Application for Enrico Maxwell   Mon Dec 13, 2010 11:48 pm

*points to above* Yes, I agree. With no insult to Maxwell/Heinkel intended. *smiles*

Approvals: 2
Disapprovals: 0
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PostSubject: Re: Application for Enrico Maxwell   Wed Dec 15, 2010 2:51 pm

Well done, mate.

Approvals: Three.
Disapprovals: Zero.
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PostSubject: Re: Application for Enrico Maxwell   Thu Dec 16, 2010 12:45 am

Quote :
"The thought of being utterly defenseless is terrifying to Enrico, so he carries a Smith and Wesson Model 1911 pistol which chambers the .45 ACP round, coated in silver, of course. It may seem a little strange that a man raised Italian would value so dearly an American made weapon, but there is something about cowboys that intrigues Enrico, and all Americans are cowboys, no?"

Though all of the rest of this is GREAT, the weapons part is a BIG issue to me. I don't even think the man knows how to use a gun, except, all that he knows is that a projectile is ejected from the chamber of a gun, by a pin, that expresses force on the containment of careful chemical balance, that forces the projectile down a barrel, out the barrel, and at a target.

Enrico Maxwell does not carry any weapons on him of any kind no matter what situation. This is what he has his agents for. He WILL NOT, under any circumstances, un-glove his hands to handle any weapon besides the weapon of God. That is the Bible. He is a Bible Thumper.

He does not even carry himself as a gun user, ever. Also the same for any knives of any sorts. Simply put, the man does not fight whatsoever physically. He is the crummy version of politics. He will find you, blackmail you, and destroy you if he sees own personal gain and benefit. He is a man of war, but behind his lines of pawns and knights. He barks orders, but never engages within the war at hand. By this, he knows he is never defenseless. By this, he knows he is not hopeless. By this, he knows his agents will be his armor and sword... all the while he pulls the strings.

From this, I cannot approve. The guns are not canon and it messes up his personality if they are there.

Approvals: 3
Dis-Approvals: 1
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PostSubject: Re: Application for Enrico Maxwell   Thu Dec 16, 2010 8:25 am

Ms. Anthony,

First, I would like to thank you for such a thoughtful review. It is always appreciated when one can discuss discrepancies, explain them, and then agree on a compromise of sorts. Let us discuss the gun and knife in more detail. Yes, my Enrico has a very large revolver. No, he probably does not know how to shoot it. However, given the events in England that he and the rest of Iscariot so miraculously escaped from (much thanks for providing an explanation for that on this forum) it stands to reason that Enrico may have realized he's not actually invincible. Given his obsessive personality, it is very likely that this would then turn to paranoia. One often fights paranoia in the most unreasonable and illogical of ways. Is he any more safe with the gun? Of course not! He's far more likely to injure himself. The knife, well, it's good at opening letters. Like I said, much more for practical use. But I would have been willing to discuss and likely compromise on these 'weapons' had you cared to contact me about it, or taken a moment during our hours in the cbox together yesterday to mention that it made you uncomfortable.

Second, I am going to respectfully disagree with you, with a fair degree of certitude, that Enrico Maxwell never has been and never will be a bible thumper. For, you see, Maxwell is a Catholic, a conservative Catholic at that. As is the whole Iscariot organization. In my bio I even had him reverse the reforms of Vatican II, a huge historic move that, for some odd reason, matters less to you than him having a weapon he likely does not know how to fire, and likely never will fire. You see, in repealing Vatican II, the Church will re-earn the saying that Catholics never read the bible. Even in Catholic churches today, you will find not a single bible. Readings are arrayed in a missal, and chosen by the Church hierarchy in a four year cycle. A change back from Vatican II now means that not only will there be no bible in any church, the entire mass will be said in Latin, a language very few people in the world even understand anymore.

But perhaps I am drifting away from the point. Has Enrico Maxwell read the bible? Yes, he's a theologian. But he will never ever thump it. He will thump his Faith, his Catechism, and his dogmas. This is an understanding of Catholicism that few who are outside of it seem to understand but is critical to understand when a Catholic character is betting set up against a Protestant one. In my mind, this is far more important to his personality than carrying a weapon that will likely never show up in roleplay unless he comically were to shoot himself in the arse.

Once again, thank you for your review.
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PostSubject: Re: Application for Enrico Maxwell   Thu Dec 16, 2010 8:56 am

I'd just like to throw this out there for consideration, when I wrote up my Maxwell app I included a smal handgun in case of emergency. Much like Amrit, I never intended to use it but I went by the old saying of "better to have it and not use it then need it and not have it". Anywho, the Staff saw fit to accept my application gun included so the presence of a gun itself doesn't seem like a problem to me. Although the fact that it's a Colt .45 might be a bit large considering Maxwell's vastly limited experience with guns (I only used a small self-defense style pistol). I would suggest perhaps downscaling the gun and in regards to the knife, if you already have a bigass pope stick do you really NEED a knife? XD Please don't take any of this the wrong way, I stand by my approval for the moment and am only throwing out these suggestions as a possible concession on the weapon issue.
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PostSubject: Re: Application for Enrico Maxwell   Thu Dec 16, 2010 1:13 pm

Heinkel, you were temping the role so it was not an issue for we knew you'd step down after sometime. I, myself, did not have Enrico armed at all. Armit is not standing in as a temp role for Enrico; Armit plans to take it.

Even though you throw facts such as the appearance of myself in chatbox, in my face, you must not forget that I have been quite busy and last night was the first night in almost a week where I could sit down and read some sheets. IN THAT TIME, at least two other sheets have popped up; yours included. I would have loved to have spoken to you then, but fate, time, and my hours at classes and hours put into homework said differently.

Though, like I said, everything is great... but the gun.

Given the presentation of your evidence and evaluation upon the matter, it would still stand that Enrico wouldn't even carry a gun, nevertheless. Even after The War in England, why would he need to if Anderson was still around, the same for Heinkel, Yumie and then countless combat priests? The only reason for the man to get paranoid as you've dramatically states, would be if he was inches from death. Even then, if you think about the way he's drawn to carry himself, the way he animates himself, would he really go to such drastic measures to protect himself when he knows he has a army at his command? I think not.

How many Catholics are in the united states alone? He'd just beckon them to his command to re-fuel his army.

I'll attempt to draw Enrico with a holster and a .45 in it. I can assure you, it will look out of place on the man.

So, I somewhat respectfully disagree with both of you. My vote still stands.
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PostSubject: Re: Application for Enrico Maxwell   Fri Dec 17, 2010 11:26 pm

Alright. If you get a smaller gun, and forget about the knife, I'll approve.
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PostSubject: Re: Application for Enrico Maxwell   Fri Dec 24, 2010 1:33 pm

I'm rescinding my application for Enrico Maxwell. This is not due to the request to remove the weaponry; I gladly would have done that, but for other developments that make me unwilling to be a contributing canon character in this forum.
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PostSubject: Re: Application for Enrico Maxwell   

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Application for Enrico Maxwell
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