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 Enrico Maxwell

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PostSubject: Enrico Maxwell   Sun Jan 30, 2011 2:54 am

WIP (started to make this at 2am. This is gonna be a huge mess until I sort out everything in fine print and detail. If any staff member/regular member feels like they need to point something out in the development of this application, please do.)

NOTE:: My understanding and evolution of this Cannon came in an instant and I figured out what I was lacking having played him in the past. I had yet to tap into this in order to play the Cannon to its full potential. So, thank God for cable on this one. A program, and a theatrical trailer made my brain go, click around 2am.

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? If so how far have you gotten? If not please direct your attention to youtube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least. Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga. The anime is not canon. This is not our opinion. This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano.
Manga: 1 - 9
Anime: 1 - 13
OVA: 0 (and shall remain that way until I buy them on DVD with my own hard earned cash.)

Enrico Maxwell



Given the series of events within the last four years, Maxwells’ wardrobe has taken a drastic change. When in meetings of the College of Cardinals, holy occasions, and in delivering a service, Maxwell downs the traditional silk white robes trimmed/accented in gold, red, blue, indigo, or green in one fashion or another (IE, cape), along with the traditional head dressing (mitre).

Example Image

Example Image

Example Image

Example Image

Example Image (Determined to be the most desired style by the character personality due to church meetings with the college of cardinals)

Whilst being Pope of The Catholic Church, Maxwell still manages to run his organization as well. When he is not playing the role of the most powerful man in the seat of the most powerful church and religion in Europe, Maxwell will down black slacks, comfortable Italian leather shoes, and black jacket (or vest). He will even wear a long black robe with golden buttons lining the arms and all the way down the front (which looks like the black trench coat that Neo from The Matrix universe would wear) along with a long sleeved white in color and made of Egyptian cotton or silk shirt. The shirts, jackets, and vest are fashioned in a way to make his shoulders look wider than what they normally are. The long black robe, on the other hand, not so much.

Black Robe/Trench Coat

Vest Fashion

What is always present on his person when not in the roll of Pope Maxwell is: a white priest collar, his cross that is silver and finely crafted, signature long stole (looks like a scarf) to signify his status as Pope Maxwell, and his fitted white gloves always bare the unmistakable gold embroider cross upon them both.

He will always wear the Ring of the Fisherman, (which is golden) upon his right middle finger. The Ring of the Fisherman is a ring that is used to seal important Church documents as well as is something that is kissed by followers of the faith.

Maxwell shall, on occasion, wear his glasses (suggesting that Maxwell is near sighted), reading glasses, sun glasses given the weather, and under stressful circumstances, have a cigarette between his teeth. The smoking, on the other hand, is something no one shall ever see.

Evidence -Still looking for the manga image. WE KNOW IT IS OUT THERE FOR WE ALL HAVE SEEN IT!-

Ethnicity: Roman Catholic Italian

Maxwells’ hair is ice blond, tinted slightly darker than Integra Hellsings’ own hair. It carries an inherited natural wave to it and is extremely long for a man; reaching mid back on his body type. He always has it tied back; making the top of his head appear slick and smooth, before his hair fans out into the natural waves.

His face is long, and quite angular with a long jaw, narrowed chin, and high cheekbones. His nose is also long and sharply pointed as his forehead is high and brows are slim angled. His eyes are an off blue, appearing to be violet in some light while his eye size differs from every reaction he gives.

Maxwell carries himself proudly; his shoulders are always set back, his back straight, his chin always held high. He stands just shy of six foot two inches, and has long arms and legs. Elegant in appearance, he appears to have little muscle structure as he makes up the bronze with brains.

Being as Maxwell uses hand gestures often, his fingers appear long, skinny, and almost bone-like. He is also quite tall and slim with long arms, legs, and torso for a human male. Though, it is stressed that he is not as tall as the ace cards of Millennium, Iscariot, and Hellsing. In fact, Maxwell is almost a head shorter than Anderson.

Assassin Judas, Iscariot, Section XIII Organization.

Pope Alexander-Maxwell I (after Pope Alexander VI, originally Rodrigo de Lanzòl-Borgia [born January 1431, died 18 August 1503, Pope from 1492 - 1503], for Lanzòl-Borgia's brutality within the Catholic Church, Maxwell for his trademark name) of The Catholic Church, Head Director and Chief of Assassin Judas, Iscariot Section XIII Organization,

Maxwell never fights hand to hand. He has no weapon on his person at all. Maxwell leaves physical fights up to his men, body guards, and Anderson.

Maxwell is a skilled diplomat; he will use words, law, and detailed research above everything else to achieve that in which he wants. Maxwell is also highly educated, having been born in Italy into a rich house. From this, he is an expert on European history, European art, religion, and knows the following languages, his native tongue being Italian: English, Latin, French and Spanish. All of these things have and where obtained by harsh dedication to his own personal education as well as from the education of the Catholic Church.

Character Traits:
The way in which Maxwell carries himself is proud; his stature demanding to be noticed at all times. He hates failure, as the word itself is something he will never relate himself to. He is often described as a power hungry, drunkard; always demanding the best of himself, the best from everyone in the organization, and shall therefore, do anything and everything to achieve power along with the best of the best in everything, for anything and with everything he has to his disposal.

Compulsively selfish, Maxwells' only goal is to have that in which all men want; success. Maxwell thrives to see his enemies squirm under pressure (by a whole rapid river of evidence found in documents, or physical pressure from his body guards). It is also the same for the people Maxwell has accused of numerous acts of treason; he absolutely lives on an accused mans suffering.

With characteristics of a manipulator, it is never his fault, though always another persons fault (IE, the God Factor). He will always admit others defeat instead of his own; always finding a way in which to blame another persons actions for his mistakes, rather than his own actions in which the mistake was at his fault. With that being said, Maxwell speaks poetically with his hands; making graceful gestures when needed and speaks smoothly so as to no one miss any point he is going to make.

Maxwell is a man that has always been greedy at heart. He strives to surround himself in elegant beauty as well as knowledge. So naturally, he has collected many artifacts and documents from around the world, using other sections (such as Matthew, Section III) from the church to do so, adding many things to his personal collection.

With this, it is commonly known that Maxwell is highly disorganized. When it comes to papers and documents, on occasion, Maxwell will loose his work in a heaping pile of papers he was reading for his own personal enjoyment, or personal research. He takes much of his research from the Catholic vaults, located under The Vatican.

Wholeheartedly dedicated to the church, Maxwell longs to make the church more powerful, blurring the fine line between genius and insanity. His aim is so great for this that he has killed and black mailed in the past. Those unfortunate victims, being those who have aimed to destroy himself, the church, and organization have died painfully or have paid a healthy amount of money to the church, Maxwell himself, and the organization.

Having 'earned' his role as His Holiness, or the Pope, has only made his ego grow larger. He now has full control over The Churches Armies as well as limitless followers, funds, and countries. As power hungry as it may be, he always had wanted to rise from what he had when he was younger. Such a motivation is unclear and described as above, but it is suggested that Maxwell only wanted to prove all those who doubted him (mainly his biological father and his fathers wife) wrong, look down upon them, and has done so, so far.

Maxwell has a few biological ticks. Such ticks are simple such as a twitch of the left eye, a twitch to the mouth, a simple leg jerk, a twitch of his fingers, grinding of the teeth, twitching of the jaw, high amounts of coffee intake, little sleep, paranoia, drooling from sleeping with his mouth open, and on occasion, sudden outbursts of anger. All can be concluded to high amounts of stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

As for the sudden out bursts of anger, it suggests that from a small head trauma back in December of 1999, London England, there was an accident where the vehicle in which Maxwell occupied was dropped into a hoard of the undead, Maxwell receiving a smack to the head. This suggests it has caused Maxwell to be highly paranoid, more of an insomniac,


RP Sample:
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PostSubject: Re: Enrico Maxwell   Fri Feb 04, 2011 11:52 am

Just a few notes in the Catholic region of this app:

Name: Suggest if you're going to sit more comfortably in this role as Pope, which the rest of your profile suggests, you take on an appropriate title. See this link for a list of names and the history and reasoning behind them.

Clothes: Be aware that the traditional papal vestments take the form of the last image before the actual pictures of Enrico (the one of JPII). The other pictures you have linked to are vestments used for celebrating the mass only and would never be worn while outside that celebration. Also, Catholic priests do not deliver a service, rather they celebrate a mass. A nitpicky distinction to some, but it is a different mindset from most other Christian faiths.

I would also suggest that when dressing down, Enrico does not wear a 'trench coat' but a modified cassock. And the Ring of the Fisherman is always worn on the third finger of the right hand, not the ring or fourth finger.

As far as the cross, rosary cross-should just a rosary, if it is the beaded prayer tool, should be just a cross or crucifix if it is just a chain with the cross or crucifix attached.

Not trying to be annoying, just pointing out things that I would think you'd want to have a firm grip on if you're going to be playing the most powerful man in the Church.
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PostSubject: Re: Enrico Maxwell   Fri Feb 11, 2011 10:29 pm

Thanks. I'm not annoyed at all. I have not been able to research more scene I've been a busy bee again this week. D=

For the ring of the fisherman, I was going off of the photos I have uploaded in the spoilers; the last few popes wore it on their ring finger of their right hand.
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PostSubject: Re: Enrico Maxwell   Sat Mar 19, 2011 10:04 pm

Due to my hectic schedule, I am passing up the role of Enrico Maxwell, handing it to Die.

This application is now null and void.
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PostSubject: Re: Enrico Maxwell   

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Enrico Maxwell
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