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 Herr Major Application

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PostSubject: Herr Major Application   Mon Jan 03, 2011 8:16 pm

Well, may as well give it a shot again and see what I can do with the Cyborg son of a gun. Had to dig up the app, but here is Kilquan performing ze Major.

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? If so how far have you gotten? If not please direct your attention to youtube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least.

I have read parts of the Manga and watched what is required and more.

Name: Herr Major

Age: Late Eighties

Gender: Male

Physical appearance:

A simple short and plump man stands firm in front of his army of freaks with a large smile placed upon his face, insanity gripping at the edges of his curling lips. His amber eyes are covered up by a glare that reflects off of those circular spectacles that were fitted on his sharp nose. His blonde hair is smoothed back save for a single portion of it which is combed over the left of his forehead. He leaned slightly and smugly on his left side, as if he had some a favor for it.

Clothing of choice:

A white business suit is his usual method of dress, pulled tightly over his hefty gut with four golden buttons forming a scare around it. This is acompanied usually with a bulky white trench-coat decored about his shoulders or hugging his plump form unbuttoned. His tie is a dark brown, and it held in place by a black rank that pins it to his shirt right under the knot. trailing down from his elbow are five metal cuff links on each arm that lead to his ghastly white gloves that bent cruelly with his fingers. His boots are a dark black, and these boots were made for marchin'.

Weaponry of choice:

Millenium is his general method of weaponry, however, he does carry a leuger on him as well as a few Castration bombs that were developed in World War II. Castration bombs, by function, can be placed like mines or thrown. Once they are triggered, they send up smaller charges about waist length and proceed to explode sending out slivers of metal much like razors.

Race: Cyborg


Aside from being in control of the entirety of Millenium, and his typical Cyborg functionality, he has no real abilities. Unless of course you include ranting, then he is an expert on ranting about Krieg.
But, his rants hold more than just empty words, they sway every heart within their reach to his cause, assuming they are or were Nazis at one point. He has words filled with philosophy, emotion, and best of all truth.

Organization: Millenium


This short and pudgy man has a calm demeanor about him at most times, always presenting that smile as he contemplates his favorite subject that always comes to mind, war. He is a mastermind in warfare and leads Millenium from such. His mood is almost never changing, as we see his cruelty is omnipresent and even his own men suffer to that end. But, his love in life, and in death shall always be Ares, Mars, War. Every aspect of war he loves, even if it happens to be him losing, he doesn't care! War, war, war!

Rank: Führer of Millenium


Born into a poor family in Germany during the depression, he was raised by both his father and his mother. His father was an alcohol enthusiest and to support them in these troubled times, his mother sold herself to various men whom committed the act in their home. His father soon parished from his abuses and his prostitute, I mean mother was forced to raise him. Even after the death of his father, his mother continued to whore herself to random men for money and the result was the boy's spite and hatred. This ended in him shooting his mother before he was forced to live on the street.

During his street urchin shenanigans, he met a man by the name of Adolf Hitler whom soon was able to recruit the lad to his cause, making him a lieutenant. During his time in the SS, The Major participated in Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of the Soviet Union on the eastern front. It is known that his mission was a failure, as stated by The Major himself during his "I Love War" speech that entailed his tank battalion being blasted apart by Russian Cannon Fire. Himmler soon took interest in this young lad and convinced Hitler to allow him to be transfered to a special order project called 666. Himmler's obsession with the occult soon rubbed off on the young Lieutenant until he advanced in the ranks to Major.

During his time spent here in this special order, his research on creating vampiric entities to turn the tide of the war was interrupted by Walter and our favorite vampire Lord Vlad Tepes of Romania, now Alucard. The assault on their experimentations was almost futile, even though Alucard and Walter claimed to have killed everyone in the hideout. They soon, thereafter discovered the source of Millenium's ties to the vampiric realm, none other than a former victim of Alucard's. His essence had been taken from her by the Major and his scientists and was stored for later use. This attack in Warsaw, Poland proved only a minor setback, as they escaped to South America with a few other Nazi officers unharmed and a sample of the very essence of evil they needed. One thousand... one thousand soldiers at his command to be exposed to the essence of Dracula, the one and only Nosferatu that ever mattered. But, they had his DNA, and they were going to use it to the fullest on this Last Battalion and equipt them with the weapons that they made off with.

After the escape was finalized, the Major was faced by a higher ranking officer and was beaten for his insolence. However, this was short lived and the other non-freak, non-vampiric officers were quickly disposed of leaving Herr Major as the sole benefactor of Hitler's will. And, with his words he swayed every one of them.

So they waited, they waited approximately fifty years, continuing experiments on those in South America in quiet succession. But, finally the time had come and he began to poke at Hellsing, testing their might at first before luring Alucard onto a boat before showering the entirety of Britain in his children! Nazi soldiers rained upon Britain in a glorious sight, but alas the Paladin squad stepped in and defeated them. But, the Major had a fun time throwing caution to the wind atop a zeppelin and watching the Iscariot kill innocent Protestants. The invasion, in the end, was a flop.

Ever since his invasion of Britain, the Major has been plotting and planning his next move against Hellsing and the Holy Empire. His reasoning? He... likes... war! He relied on having no goals for his means, he wanted only war... and possibly world domination, but that came second on his list.

RP sample
Even in his sleep, Herr Major smiles largely; one could only imagine what was going through his head. His eyes were closed tight, he may be a cyborg, but his will was human and he would act as such. His right hand played with the arm rest of his chair, as if pushing a button, his pudgy index finger pushed into the soft fabric of the burgundy seat’s arm rest. He began to chuckle and speak lowly to himself before he was startled awake by the uniform crash of a hundred boots on the metal platform.

The man slowly rose as the soldiers heiled him with the customary salute. His smile only widened, the edges of his smile almost curling completely about like a spiral at each side revealing his pearly whites beneath. He instantly clasped his hands behind his back and looked out to his awaiting followers.

“Ist that despair I sense amongst you my children? Is it perhaps fear?” he began slowly. He suddenly slammed the heel of his boot into the ground and flourished both of his arms out as if to embrace each and every one of them. “Nein!” he exclaimed, “It is not fear that I could ever sense of you, but a lust. A lust for something familiar, a lust to kill, to maim, to crush!” he said, emphasizing the latter by clenching his fists.

“But, you see, there ist so much more than that,” he said longingly. “H-have you ever just taken a moment to listen? To listen to the drums of war pound, bum-bum, bum-bum, bum-bum, against a symphony of screeching metal, and a concerto of screams and bullet fire?!” he asked uncurling his digits and clasping them in front of him.

His soldiers merely stood, frozen in salute and attentive, not a single one looking away. Aligned in two rectangles that stood on either side of a large swastika, they were the perfect audience.
“My friends, can you hear the sound of the fifes as the planes shriek out of the sky and plummet into the hull of a boat that as it sinks make a lovely saxophonic sound? The baritones sounding from the barrels of tanks blasting away at city walls and once proud buildings are just music to mien ears. So, mien friends, comrades, fellow musicians, I ask you yet again: Can you hear the beautiful music we are to make? Do you understand the instrument we are going to play for the wretched audience of the world?”

The crowd stood silent for a moment before one brave soul shouted, “Krieg!” Suddenly, as if in cultic glee the others joined in a chant of unison, “Krieg!” they shouted, “Krieg!” They continued to shout the word of their leader proudly before suddenly they stopped.

Suddenly, Warrant Officer Schrödinger burst into the room and ran towards the platform. “Herr Major, we are here,” he proclaimed, placing his hands on his knees and huffing his breaths, obviously exhausted.

“Good,” he said with a tone of music to his voice, “prepare your harp strings, for it is time for an encore of one of our best numbers, Invasion of Poland in D Minor.”
The soldiers cheered heavily and began to stomp their boots in unison, the heavy boots clashing against the metal and seeming to make the room shake. Their eyes were filled with fire and they were ready for their rightful place in the new world order.

“About face!” Herr Major called to them, and they easily complied, giving nothing but a fluid motion, the tails of their trench coats flourishing behind them. The Major settled back into his chair and it twisted to put him in view of his televisions. He then gave the order, “March mien friends! Show Poland vhat ve have to offa’!”

The lines of soldiers instantly began to clank out of the room towards the facilities that would ultimately fire them towards their destinations, the streets of Poland.
“Fly low in ze cloud cova’ so zhat zey may zee vhat ist to become of zeir country,” the Major ordered into a nearby communication link. “Az zoon az ve hit land, begin to bombard zhem before firing out our troops,” he ordered afterwards and throughout the zeppelin cheers were heard as a sudden lurch was felt. “Today ist going to be a good day.”

The War Zeppelin soon descended from the skies over Poland, the city chosen, of course Warsaw. The occupants of the city stared in awe as the giant red and black checkered thing appeared from the clouds. Soon, God from the Machine became Death from the Machine as the Dues Ex Machina fired rounds of explosives from the cannons, and after each shell a cluster of glints were fired out.

Warsaw was caught by surprise, just as London, their communications blocked and the ‘works’ were unfolding. Police swarmed the streets, attempting to keep people calm and usher them into buildings to make them safer from explosions. It was futile.

The city of the Phoenix, that which had risen from ashes long ago was being reduced back to ash and the clanking of boots was heard across the land, the city was filled with stomp after stomp of those cursed Jackboots. People were attacked left and right, those whom tripped and fell went first, followed by those whom hid in buildings, cornering themselves.

It was a glorious invasion, and the Major could only watch with glee as the innocents were suffered such a fate. “Vell, Herr Doktor, shall we leave zem here und disappear before anyone catches on?” Herr Major asked of the lanky, long haired gentleman near him.

The Doktor remained silent for a moment but then looked to the carnage, “I already know ze answer to zat vould not matter. Ve shall stay none the less.”

Herr Major’s light chuckle could have made a baby burst into tears with the fainted sound, “It seems zat you have learned. Good, allow Iscariot to come, and allow ze Hellsing as vell. It vill be a good battle at the least. Und ve can only hope zat history repeats itself und zis starts Vorld Var Three, zhat vould be just delightful.”
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PostSubject: Re: Herr Major Application   Mon Jan 10, 2011 6:08 pm

Well, friend. I would love to approve, really.

But we need a very, very active person to play Major, and with you're leaving and rejoining, leaving and rejoining. [Not by your own will, as you had said.]

I'm just not sure I feel comfortable throwing my approval for an important canon like Herr Major for you right now.

Dis: 1
Apps: Zip
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PostSubject: Re: Herr Major Application   Mon Jan 10, 2011 6:14 pm

Remus raises a good point Kilquan. The Major is the central antagonist of the series, he needs to be active. You've been far more active recently and based on that I think you're capable of doing the job. Plus we really need a major at the moment and your sheet is very good. Under the understanding you'll be active, AND STAY ACTIVE, I think you got this. Word of caution though dude, if you disappear again we gotta replace you. No exceptions.


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PostSubject: Re: Herr Major Application   Mon Jan 10, 2011 7:57 pm

Seems fair to me, I'll do my best. And if not, I can always be consulted with for nefarious plot suggestions. I am good at those and speeches, and cultic grooves as seen by the end of the world. XD
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PostSubject: Re: Herr Major Application   Mon Jan 10, 2011 8:51 pm

While I do have the same hesitation as those above, I'll take your word that you'll try to be active. I'm going to go ahead and approve you, considering I think you did a great job and you'll be good for this role. Don't disappoint me~

Approvals: Two.
Disapprovals: One.
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PostSubject: Re: Herr Major Application   Mon Jan 10, 2011 10:34 pm

Hm... I hope you stick to your word man, but I'll trust you

Approvals 3

Disapprovals 99999 X 0 (which equals 1)
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PostSubject: Re: Herr Major Application   Wed Jan 12, 2011 8:34 am

Approvals: 4
Disapprovals: 1

Please be active, I'm not in a state of mind to RP Fatty McMuffin for a while (lolwut)
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PostSubject: Re: Herr Major Application   

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Herr Major Application
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