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 Father Alexander Anderson

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PostSubject: Father Alexander Anderson   Sat Sep 25, 2010 8:56 pm

I’ve read all the Hellsing manga, The Dawn and Crossfire included. I’ve seen OVA 1-7 and also saw the original anime.

Father Alexander Anderson, aka Angel Dust Anderson, aka Bayonet Anderson, aka Off-With-His-Head Anderson, aka Killing Judge Anderson, aka Dust to Dust Anderson, aka Regenerator Anderson, aka Executioner Anderson, aka Assassin Anderson, aka The Bayonet Priest, aka The Judas Priest, aka The Paladin.

Due to the regeneration process, Anderson no longer ages but he appears to have been in his early to mid 40s when the process took place.

Gender: Male.

Physical appearance:
Standing just over 7 feet and weighing roughly 290 pounds, Anderson is a giant of a man. He is very well muscled and possesses wide shoulders. Strangely his arms appear somewhat slender compared to the rest of his body, however this could be an optical illusion accented by his height and the length of his arms. He has a dark tan and short, spiky, light blonde hair.

He has a very square face consisting of a high, heavy brow; a wide, pointed nose; and a strong blocky jaw. His ears are slightly flattened to the sides of his head and have a very subtle point to them. His eyes are a wild emerald green and his teeth are both perfectly white as well as straight. He has quite a few dimples which become accented when he dons his characteristic grin.

He constantly has dark stubble on his face and his arms are quite hairy as well. On the left side of his face, he has a large wedge-shaped scar extending upwards from his chin to just below his left eye. It is the last wound he received prior to his regeneration treatment.

Anderson's profile showing his scar:

Anderson's height shown in relation to Alucard who is just over two meters tall:

Clothing of choice:
Anderson’s attire consists of heavy, well shined, black, boots extending just above the ankle. The boots have sturdy soles and are steel toed. As a priest, Anderson is constantly seen in the classic priestly clerics. The particular style he wears is very dark grey, almost black, in color and has a dark blur lining traveling up the center. The bottoms of his pants are cuffed. Over his clerics, Anderson wears a long trench coat extending to his mid calf. The coat is dark grey but a shade or two lighter than his clerics and has a similar dark blue lining. The inside of the coat is the same shade of dark blue as the lining. The coat has a long slit along the back measuring about 3 feet in length. It seems to bunch somewhat at Anderson’s waist, billowing out slightly towards the bottom and giving a cape-like appearance. The trench coat also has a large collar which Anderson wears popped. There are six gold buttons on each sleeve; the buttons on the front of the coat are gold as well.

Around his neck is a traditional cross worn by all members of Iscariot. It is silver in color but shines gold in the light. It hangs down to the center of his chest over his solar plexus. Like most Iscariot priests, Alexander wears round glasses. They do not seem to be prescription but Anderson seems to prefer wearing them at all times even if they become broken. Alexander wears white gloves with synched cuffs on each hand. The back of each glove bears an Iscariot cross emblazoned on it. The right has “Jesus Christ is in Heaven” written on the back over the cross, and the left has “Speak with the Dead” written in the same position. Alexander wears a strong, black leather belt and simple white socks as well.

Anderson's dress of choice:

Weaponry of choice:
Anderson uses customized Austrian sword bayonets in combat measuring 30 inches overall. They have specialized grips for better stabbing and slicing. The grips are hardwood wrapped in worn, brown leather and have stainless butt caps. The blades themselves are single edged and forged from high carbon steel. The edges of the blades are lined with silver. Numerous blessing have been placed on each blade and they have been soaked in holy water.

Anderson also makes liberal use of exploding bayonets. They are identical in appearance to the normal blades but the butt cap has been hollowed out and filled with a shaped blasting charge. The firing process consists of the butt cap sliding back, lighting a small fuse. Red smoke is emitted from the handle of the blade before the blade explodes shortly thereafter. While the explosive power of one bayonet is relatively minor, they typically ignite after being impaled into the opponent making them more than lethal. Also they are generally thrown in mass quantities creating a large blast. Anderson is seen drawing all of his bayonets from his sleeves and seems to possess an infinite number of them. Many theories have arisen to explain this phenomenon but Anderson maintains that it is a modern day miracle of the fish and loaves where Jesus Christ multiplies a few fish and loaves of bread to feed thousands.

Anderson also possesses a long chain of exploding bayonets referred to as the “Destructive Guidance Chain.” The long chain allows Anderson to better shape the explosions he wants to create. Anderson carries a large Bible with him at all times. The Bible has a black cover and is plated with silver along the edges, spine, and has a silver cross decorating the cover. The book is lined with reinforced steel plating to make it somewhat resistant to gunfire. The pages of the Bible can be nailed to the surfaces of a battleground limiting the abilities of most vampires and similarly unholy creatures.

The other weapon in Anderson's is known as the Nail of Helena, or simply Helena's Nail. It is one of the original Nails which held Jesus Christ upon the cross and was later recovered by Constantine's mother Helena. An incredibly sacred item in the possession of the Catholic Church, the Nail was bestowed upon Alexander by the Vatican's Special Weapons and Research Division, Mattew. The Nail holds the lingering scent of a miracle and hold incredible powers. NOTE: To avoid spoilers I won't describe exactly what the Nail does but in the event I need to use it I will create a new Anderson sheet with appropriate changes.

New Weaponry

Destructive Guidence Star:
Essentially four bayonets welded together at the buttcaps in a pinwheel formation. Used as a giant shuriken, the Star is thrown in a boomerang fashion to cut through multiple targets rather than impaling into a single enemy as the single blades do. At the center of the weapon is small, rectangular container which all four blades are attached to. The container is densly packed with Semtex explosives allowing for an explosion more than five times more powerful than a single explosive bayonet.

Anderson holding his bayonets:

The blessings on Anderson's bayonets which are normally invisible to the naked eye:

Race: Perfect Regenerator

As a regenerator, Anderson can instantly regenerate from almost any wound. He commonly shrugs off full automatic fire from numerous opponents and has little trouble getting back up from point blank gunshots to the head. However serious wounds, such as a lost limb, take significantly longer to heal. A side effect of the regeneration process is extremely augmented strength, speed, and reflexes. Anderson’s physical strength is so great that his punches are able to stagger Alucard himself. His speed is great enough for him to dodge bullets to a certain degree.

Anderson is extremely skilled in the use of his bayonets in combat, using them in both the traditional and reverse grips. He generally uses one in each hand. He is incredibly skilled at throwing the weapons as well, throwing large numbers of the blades at once and with devastating accuracy. He has even shown the ability to bank them around corners. The speed at which they are thrown is great enough that the wind from them alone is enough to shatter windows. Through the use of his Bible, Anderson is able to restrain his foes, erect Holy Barriers against all things unholy, and teleport in a flurry of Bible pages.

Anderson's regererative abilities allowing him to survive a gunshot to the head:

Anderson in his famous "Cross" combat stance:

Anderson's glowing Bible pages in action:

Organization: The 13th Section of the Vatican Offices, The Iscariot Organization.

Anderson possesses a very dualistic nature. While around the orphans he takes care of and other innocents he is mild mannered and kind. However at the first mention of vampires, Anderson descends into a manic state. He is the ultimate fanatic, almost incapable of stopping himself from attacking when in the presence of an unholy creature. He dons a sadistic grin in combat and has a habit of hissing and reciting Bible verses.

Despite his fanaticism, Anderson manages to maintain a certain level of control. He dislikes non-Catholics, Protestants in particular, and is happy to let vampires run rampant in England but he will not go out of his way to harm the innocent. He is not above questioning or even ignoring orders which he finds contrary to the wishes of God. He is very devoted to the children he cared for at the orphanage, most of whom are now in Iscariot. He thinks of himself as nothing more than a tool of God and is utterly relentless in his “Crusade”, the annihilation of all vampires.

The two sides of Alexander Anderson:

Rank: Iscariot’s Top Agent/Secret Weapon/Trump Card, Paladin.

All was quiet in a small church just outside Vatican City. A knock at the door shook the staff awake and brought them to the front steps. There, wrapped in a rough blanket, was a baby boy. No note or information was found and it was assumed his parents had hoped to find refuge for their child in the church. The boy was taken to a nearby orphanage run by the Vatican and cared for. The boy was named Alexander Anderson, meaning “warrior of mankind” and “Son of Andrew (Man)” respectively. His primary teacher was known as Father Raymond, a kind Scottish priest who brought Alexander up to be a true disciple of God. Years past and Alexander grew into a strong man as well as a fine priest.

Everything changed for him while on missionary work to southern, Fascist Italy. All was going as planned when a gunshot rang out in a small crowded square. People immediately panicked and ran in all directions. Through the chaos, Anderson was barely able to glimpse the shape of a man standing calmly in the center of the bedlam. He was clothed in red and gleefully ripped into the crowd, dismembering them with his bare hands. Alexander went wide eyed and charged forward acting on nothing more than instinct. The creature made short work of him, hurling him against a stone wall and continuing with its rampage.

Spying a fallen revolver, Anderson took aim at the vampire before him. Suddenly the monster turned and looked Alexander straight in the eyes, its eyes burned with feral hatred and evil. Anderson was frozen in fear and slowly raised the gun to his chin. He would not give the beast the satisfaction of killing him so he slowly pulled the trigger. At the last moment the words of his teachers rang in his ears and he pushed the gun away, unwilling to die committing the sin of suicide. The bullet grazed his chin and traveled up his cheek several inches.

Alexander resigned himself to his fate when the vampire was suddenly ripped to pieces by gunfire. Spinning around, Anderson found his savior to be none other than Father Raymond, an automatic rifle in hand. After bandaging Anderson’s wounds, Raymond revealed the existence of the Iscariot Organization and its purpose to Anderson. The higher ups had seen potential in Alexander and had arranged the conflict with the vampire to test his resolve. Raymond proudly congratulated Alexander and offered him a place in Section 13. Anderson eagerly accepted, jumping at the chance to serve the Lord more directly.

For years, Alexander poured himself into his training, becoming a true instrument of divine punishment. Only after several years of commendable service to the Holy See, was Anderson offered a rare opportunity. Iscariot’s greatest secret, the regeneration serum, had been successfully recreated in a far more potent form. All that was needed now was a test subject. Anderson volunteered and underwent the painful inoculation. Alexander was able to survive the change but was never the same. His religious zeal had been heightened to new levels and Anderson developed an animalistic rage. The only time he was capable of controlling himself was in the presence of the innocents from his orphanage. That was the reason which prompted the Vatican to begin using the Orphanage as a recruiting ground for future warrior priests such as Yumie Takagi and Heinkel Wolfe.

Anderson briefly entered retirement to dedicate all his attention to the nurturing of his orphans; however the appearance of vampiric activity in Patrick, Ireland called him back to the field. It was there, that Anderson first met Nosferatu Alucard and his fledgling, Seras Victoria. There battle ended before a clear winner could be decided and the Paladin developed a bitter rivalry with the No-Life King. With the declaration of war on the part of Millenium, Anderson now stands with a clear goal in mind. Not only will he undo the mistakes the Church made 50 years in letting Millenium survive, he will rid the world of the greatest abomination of all, Alucard.

RP sample:

The sun was slowly setting behind the horizon ending another beautiful day in southern Italy. The Paladin of Iscariot, Father Alexander Anderson, slowly made his way down a dirt road leading from Vatican City to his orphanage. There was a spring in his step and a cheery whistle escaped his lips as he travelled home in the fading light. Two large brown paper bags were held tightly under his arms, filled to the brim with an assortment of baked goods and more healthy choices such as fruit and vegetables. Anderson had hoped to prepare a snack for the children before bedtime but his shopping trip in the city had taken longer than expected.

Anderson finally arrived at the old orphanage as the first stars became visible in the night sky. However, Alexander soon realized all was not as it should be. “Thas a bit odd, why aren’t any o tha lights on?” Anderson cautiously approached the front door. Not even the children went to bed this early so there was no reason for the building to stand in pitch blackness as it did. Standing before the doorway, Alexander’s eyes were drawn downward.

There on the wooden door steps was a small, blood red handprint. The shape was smeared and the fingers pointed towards Anderson as if whatever had made its way there had been dragged back inside against its will. The groceries dropped to the ground and spilled out in all directions. Anderson’s eyes went wide and sweat gathered upon his brow. “Oh please Laard, say it inna so…” Alexander whispered.

Coming to his senses, he thrust his leg forward and into the door, taking it off its hinges and crashing inwards. He rushed inside, eyes darting in all directions trying to discern the situation in the near total darkness. “Children! Sister! Summon answer me!”

Without warning the overhead lights came to life shedding an artificial glow on the room. Standing in front of Alexander was not a creature of Hell but a group of smiling orphans. Behind them was a chuckling nun, her finger still on the light switch. In unison they chimed, “Happy Birthday Father!” Clutched in their tiny hands was a great white banner. Across the front were the words “Happy Birthday” in fresh red paint. Accompanying it were the names of every orphan and their handprints. Smiles and giggles emanated from the small crowd as they awaited Alexander’s reaction.

The Iscariot stood stock still, mouth agape. Slowly, he visibly relaxed, his panicked expression shifting into a grin. Not the maniacal slasher smile he displayed to vampires in combat, but one of honest kind amusement. His shoulders rocked and shook with laughter as he lowered himself to one knee and stretched out his arms to the children. The orphans mobbed him immediately, climbing atop his shoulders and hugging him tightly. “Ah thank ya children. I cannah remember tha last time I ad a surprise is nice.”

Battle Post

Beneath a bright, yellow moon, a lone figure made its way through a dark forest. As it came to the edge of a small clearing it was bathed in the soft glow of a fire. Wind swept across the small field causing the grass to sway like a dark green tide. In the center of the field there was a large bonfire roaring and throwing ash and embers up into the cool night air. A cross stood upside down amidst the flames, it’s once pristine wood finish charred and ruined. Roughly three dozen female figures danced and shifted around the blaze, their eyes glowing a deep unholy red. At the center of the dark ceremony, a red haired draculina gazed upon her coven with loving eyes. In just a month, she had sired all twenty some women before her and she had little desire to stop now. Brushing her hand down her white, knee length dress, she opened her mouth to speak.

Suddenly, the newcomer made his gruff voice heard and the vampires tore their attention away from their merry making. “Ye, tho I walk thru tha valle a tha shadow a death, I shall fear no evil. Fer thy rod an thy staff they cumfort me.” Father Alexander Anderson declared stepping further into the fire light. His posture was perfect, back straight, shoulders back, an ideal representation of utter confidence and power.

Fear raced across the small crowd, the mistress included. After swallowing hard, the red-headed vampire regained her confidence. She chuckled and called to the Paladin in dulcet tones. “So the Vatican has finally sent its watch dog after us. You have no sway here Christian. And unfortunately for you, it is my faith which will prevail this night!”

“Shut yer hole ya filthy whore a Satan!” Anderson roared, cutting off the tail end of vampire’s declaration. He whipped his arm horizontally out in front of him to accent his point and pressed on with his rant. “Are ye tha arrogant ta cumpar this brothel ta the Church a Jesus Christ? I promise ya lass, I’ll wear a smile upon my face as tha life drains from yer eyes!” Anderson’s voice rose to a furious roar before scaling back to a sinister growl on the last few syllables.

The female vampire momentarily lost her nerve yet again. After a moment she managed to free her gaze from the Judas Priest and address her fledglings. “Sisters! Kill him! Kill the Christian!” The damned succubi charged the priest, kicking up bits of grass and dirt beneath their feet, fangs glistening in the moonlight. A fearsome grin spread across Anderson’s face as two bayonets appeared in his hands. Less than a second later they were joined by several identical blades, filling Anderson’s hands with weapons of righteous fury.

“An tha angel a tha Laard descended dun upon them.” Anderson said calmly before unleashed a wave of bayonets. The hailstorm of blades slammed into the advancing crowd of vampires reducing half of them to dust. Anderson charged forward hurling another salvo of his blessed weapons. The bayonets flew straight and true, embedding themselves into the skulls of each abomination. “An tha glory a God descended dun upon them...” The remaining vampires fell dead before the vicious onslaught and running in a full tilt, Anderson leapt through the cloud of ash left in their wake, a single bayonet clutched in his right hand. Pushing off the ground with his powerful legs, Anderson seemed to soar through the air over the flames of the bonfire and towards the final nosferatu.

The now lone vampire shook with fear as Anderson drew near, despite her best efforts she couldn’t seem to run. Anderson’s white-gloved hand reached out and closed around her windpipe. Terror filled her green eyes as she gazed at the Priest’s features. He was wide eyed and feral, moonlight glaring on the lenses of his glasses. His lips were stretched into a frenzied grin and his warm breath caressed her face. “AN THEY WERE TERRIFIED!” The Paladin screamed, ramming his weapon into the draculina’s heart.

The light faded from her eyes and a dark red stain spread from around Anderson’s blade to the rest of her previously white dress. Her once attractive figure crumbled to a pile of ashes at his feet. A gentle wind picked up and slowly scattered the remains to the four winds. Another smile split the Priest’s face followed soon after by manic laughter. “Ashes ta ashes, doost ta doost. From tha doost we came an to tha doost we shall return...AMEN.”

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That battle sample always makes me happy. = 3=
The sheet is still wonderful, and I'm more than pleased to have you as Andy.

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I would love to keep you as Andy.

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Locked and dropped.
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Father Alexander Anderson
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