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 Father Anthony Diem

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PostSubject: Father Anthony Diem   Sat Sep 14, 2013 6:38 pm

Well, I was told that not only could I go for an update. But that I should go for one. So here it goes.

Name: Father Anthony Diem (Alias)

Name Meanings:

Anthony: Named after the exorcist in Egypt who lived around  251–356 A.D. and to the age of one hundred and five. He fought demons who took the form of beasts and came up with many well respected theological ideas that involved exorcism.

Appearance: Anthony Diem is tall at six foot three and very fit looking. He is not hugely muscular but very toned. His eyes and hair are brown and then black. His hair is spiky and not very neat as he doesn't do much to make it so. He has various scars along his body. One across the middle of his left cheek, (Shattered glass shard) another across the bridge of his nose, (knife) one on his stomach that goes completely across the middle of it, (Vampires claw. This wound very nearly killed him) and another on his left shoulder that spans across the top of it in a wide half inch path. (This one is from a large bullet which grazed his shoulder.) Due to recent activities Anthony has gained a couple more scars along his body. His largest one yet which he proudly boasts about how he got, was gained from the Jackel during a fight with the True Nosferatu Alucard. It runs along his right side and along the middle of his rib cage. The next runs along the back of his hand which was gained in a 'mock' knife fight against sister Eir. Another three scars small and thin from more knives run along the top of the side of his left arm received from a battle with the vampire Almos Lorand. His face is shaven and bearing strong almost handsome (Not quite handsome thanks to the various scars marring his complexion.) features as well as an intelligent penetrating gaze. Underneath his eyes are deep dark circles (brought on by stress, concern and lack of sleep) Which betray the normally smiling face he puts on to ease the minds of his fellow brothers and assure the world that he is fine.

Clothing of choice: Anthony wears a long black cassock unbuttened to appear more like a trench coat and used to cover the materials that he carries along his body for vampire hunting. It has many pockets especially on the inside of his cassock. Underneath this is a long sleeved shirt and like most of his clothes. Black. Anthony will wear most of the time a black fedora hat. He is also always wearing his priest collar and (blessed) silver toed boots. The silver being on the outside of the boot but painted black so as to blend in with the leather. He has a silver cross (blessed) which can be turned into a silver knife if he pulls on the bottom of it. He wears but not visibly a bullet proof vest made of kevlar and reinforced with a steel plate on the inside of it. It is not immune to all forms of bullets but it definitely helps. His pants are of also black color and of the standard type worn by the clergy in Iscariot. The only other thing that he would commonly wear are his sunglasses.

Weaponry of Choice:

1911: Anthony carries one 1911 pistol that has been modified to shoot 10 bullets from each magazine. It shoots .45 caliber bullets. He carries three extra magazines on him at all times and one inside of the gun. All of these are holstered on his left side. These bullets are blessed and made of silver.

Daggers: Anthony carries two daggers on his person. They are made of silver and of a standard straight making. They are two feet in blade length and inscribed with blessings.

Bibles: Anthony carries one bible on the inside of his jacket on the right side and another on the left. Both of these when being summoned by Anthony have easy access to get outside of his jacket and or swarm Anthony in a flurry of pages in order to carry him away from his current area.  

Holy water: Also on the inside of his jacket to the left of his bibles is a vial of holy water two quarts in quantity. He carries two of these and uses them for blessings as well as combat.

Fragmentation Grenades: Also on the inside of his jacket Anthony carries two fragmentation grenades. These are kept to the right of his bibles and instead of exploding in a hail of normal shrapnel they explode chunks of blessed silver.

Silver/ steel reinforced brass knuckles: Brass knuckles made of steel with silver above each knuckle. These are also kept in his jacket and blessed.

Personality: Anthony during the beginning of his career was a very confidant fighter who took large amounts of joy in his work and was very close to the average Iscariot agent if not a little more tolerant of others such as protestants. Who will wrong, should perhaps not be killed for being protestants. For after all, who knows if they will decide to convert one day. Though after a few years of this things began to weigh heavily on Anthony. With the death of each Iscariot he was forced to witness he kept thinking back and about how much better he could have done and what he could have done to prevent their deaths. After so many years Anthony fell into a great depression during which he lost all self respect for himself and any iota of confidence in his abilities seeing himself as only a hindrance to his brethren. Ignoring the fact that mission after mission he managed to survive and never fail in his ultimate goal. Whatever that might have been.

Eventually after a fight with Alucard during which thirty Iscariots lost their lives in front of Anthony his will was nearly broken and he almost yearned for death. Going so far as to even plan dying on his next mission and rid the world of himself so that he would stop weighing Iscariot down. However that same day. He engaged in a conversation with Sister Meabh Eir. Whom mentally and emotionally tore him apart in order to rebuild him again. Since that day he had begun to regain a small amount of confidence in himself. Especially after their successful mission in the Alps in which Father Miles nearly died but made it out of the mission alive. But shortly after this he took a very large step back in his recovery due to the death Father Call MacAleese his friend since their times together in the orphanage.

For a short time he fell into a slightly delusional hysteria as well as a greater depression than he had ever known. Although once again while meeting with the good sister his spirits were arisen and he decided to himself that he didn't care if he was useless at the time or unworthy of his station. For he would become worthy and make himself a true hunter of the undead. Currently it is Anthony's greatest dream and obsession to take Father Call's position as a regenerater in order to increase his power and skill so as to become one of the greatest monster slayers in the entire holy order of Iscariots. Anthony does not have confidence in himself, but nor does he need it. For he now has ambition to fuel him and drive him further and closer to his goals.

Anthony still holds a great love for his brothers and sisters in Iscariot and would gladly sacrifice his life for any of them especially and in a heart beat for Sister Meabh Eir, And Father Michel Miles. Anthony still maintains a mercy for protestants and perhaps even a human heathen. But is still completely loyal to Iscariot and while loving working for them he no longer finds joy in killing vampires. In fact the only things that he does find joy in are being with Sister Eir and Father Miles, and seeing everyone who came on a mission leave it alive. Anthony is aware that his opinions of his two earlier mentioned colleagues are not exactly shared by the other members of Iscariot. Most people seeing Meabh as scary and an outsider, and Father Miles as not even human. Although Anthony can't figure out why. For he considers Sister Eir one of the holiest people he has come across and father Miles completely alive and human mainly in part due to his actions and the words that he speaks.

Probably having gained this from the man he himself considers his father. Just like Alexander Anderson, Anthony has a love for children especially those in the orphanage and during his off time he spends time visiting with them and playing with them or helping those with doubts to grow in their catholic faith. Anthony is most likely the closest thing to a normal priest in Iscariot's ranks doing his best to follow the lord's commandments and despising sin considering it a weakness and hindrance for an exorcist.

He attends and even performs mass regularly. Anthony requires a great amount of help in distracting himself from concentrating on his failures and his short comings so he spends a good deal of his time hand writing a bible which he is three fourths done with. Or making rosaries by hand. He will also pray about ten rosaries a day if the opportunity presents itself. These things especially the deep prayer he engages in bring him into a meditative state that brings to him a certain sense of inner peace if not joy.


Pages: Father Anthony Diem while not being the greatest wielder of scripture specializes in the use of pages. He has discovered one original thing to do with these pages that has saved his life and the lives of others a few times.

Armor of the lord: Anthony can create barriers of scripture around himself in order to block out or lessen the physical blows of vampires against him. If he places barriered pages around another person they too can be protected. It's most commonly used by Anthony to wrap his torso in pages before going into to battle.

The strength of these barriers is enough to completely block out the attacks of a level D vampire and soften the blows from a level c vampire. All forms of vampire burn when in contact with these barriers but a B level vampire could easily break through this structure and deal lethal damage to the person behind the vest. Only suffering minor burns while they do this.

Barriers: Anthony Can create the normal barrier that simply blocks off certain areas such as buildings or ceilings, etc. These barriers are just as strong as the ones listed above and are used by many other exorcists in Iscariot.

Sending messages: Anthony can send up to thirty letters per bible that he has on him. By writing one letter and having the pages of scripture mimic it and then be sent up to a maximum of twenty miles away to their intended target.

Entangling enemies: Antony can create a barrier around strips of scripture and then tie this scripture around vampires acting like a very painful restraint. One could possibly surround an entire vampire in scripture and then wait as they burn to death so long as they are of low level. But this attack is very easy to dodge and break through making that almost impossible to do. What is far more practical is the binding of one limb to another such as both of a creatures legs or arms together. Or tying their arm to their waist. Making it extremely difficult to get use out of for a small amount of time. If Anthony successfully manages to entangle a vampire with scripture. It would take at least one post of heavy struggling for a low level vampire F or D Level. But anything C and beyond would only be very hindered in their afflicted area for one post.

Transportation: Anthony has the ability to use pages to carry him a maximum of twenty miles per use and very quickly at that. This ability is perhaps the most useful ability that he posses on par with the armor of scripture and in fact probably being an even greater reason for him still being alive. He can transport one person per bible. the maximum amount of distance Anthony can carry himself in one day is eighty miles. If he is carrying to people the miles used double. So he could transport himself eighty miles in a day. Or someone else and him forty miles in a day. This ability can only be used once per post.

Blocking sorcery/banishing evil spirits: With the pages of scripture, Anthony can create an area that is ridden of the presence of evil magic (Which is all forms of magic) and evil spirits. These sorceries include but are not limited to. The blocking out of illusions, the stopping of vampires control over weather, and the curing of vampiric hypnosis.

Guns: Anthony is very proficient with the use of fire arms especially smaller fire arms mainly pistols. He is very accurate and extremely fast with his gun. He has the ability to dual wield pistols with only a slight decrease in accuracy. But prefers to simply use one gun.

Blades: Anthony is quite skilled with smaller blades and attempting to learn how to wield larger ones at the moment. He is trained in a couple official styles of knife fighting.

Martial Arts: Anthony is very proficient, in fact masterful in various forms of hand to hand combat. Knowing very well Aikido, Karate, Judo, Mui Thia, and kick boxing. His favorite stance being in fact the normal boxers stance. Combined with his barriers and brass knuckles Anthony can actually manage to make himself a potential threat at close range against supernatural enemies.

Intelligence: Anthony is very smart person. Able to process information and make good assumptions about his situation very quickly. An example is during his fight with Alucard where he immediately recognized the jackel as a gun even from a long distance as Alucard pulled it out and was able to dive to the side fast enough to avoid being killed by the monstrous gun.  

Race: Human.

Organization: Iscariot.  

Rank: Exorcist, paladin, vampire hunter.

History: Anthony was born in America, he was raised a catholic by his very religious parents. He had no problems accepting the teachings of his parents and the church so far. Although he only knew his parents for a short while. When Anthony was eight they decided to take a trip into European catholic lands and then finally the Vatican. Along their trip Anthony does not know where. His parents were murdered a vampire. The vampire slew his mother and father before they saw what was coming. Anthony watched as this sick creature took great pleasure in the deaths and blood of his parents. He laughed as he watched Anthony vomit on to the floor and said to him. "Don't worry you'll be joining them soon anyway." A rage awoke in Anthony, something he had never felt before perhaps something no child so young should ever have to feel. Anthony began to pray. "Lord, please oh savior grant me the blessing of life so that I may give death to whatever this is and all who are like it!" It only laughed at him and responded "Your God is nothing fool boy and so are his servants!" As he said the last word he ripped a chunk of skin off of his father and began to devour it. Then as the vampire was about to slay Anthony a bayonet flew forward and struck the monster in stomach. He heard a voice thick with accent say something like. "Oh so your a fan of torturing the weak servants of God are you!? Well let's just see how fun torture can be and how weak we are really are now! "

Anthony does not remember what happened next. He thinks due to his great relief he passed out. When he woke up he was being questioned by a very tall priest. He was told that he could no longer stay with his parents, but he could if he wished stay with him and many other children in the Vatican. Anthony readily agreed and was from then on raised in the orphanage of Father Alexander Anderson. He did not get along well with most of the children not that he didn't like them but they thought he was rather odd and worrisome. In time however he began to regard Father Anderson as a father to himself. However no matter how much better life got he could not bring him self to forget that night and his prayer. He wanted to slay those things which had taken nearly everything from him. They deserved it and Anthony would not rest until Father Alexander Anderson finally told him about what had happened and told him how he could become like him and hunt those things. As soon as he was able he was trained and enlisted into the section thirteen Iscariot. Since then Anthony has been on many missions sometimes accomplishing them without a hitch, sometimes having received various degrees of wounds, and much to his great displeasure, sometimes had to watch as his friends were killed right in front of him.

Some notable events that happened to Anthony after this are. The battle against Alucard in the Vatican which he managed to survive. Being only one of four survivors out of the thirty four Iscariot present. Which drove Anthony into a temporary suicidal depression until he met with sister Eir who managed to bring him out of this state and even helping him to improve beyond his condition before the fight with Alucard. For a while Anthony was slowly regaining confidence and a bit of inner peace. All the more accented by their large success during their mission in the Alps with Father Michel Miles whom while severally wounded managed to make it out of their alive. For a while things steadily improved for Anthony but then not long after He met up with his friend the regenerator Father Call Macaleese. Whom was soon murdered by the vampire Almos Lorand. This happening nearly as soon as Anthony met up with his friend completely turned around the process of him regaining some amount of pride and confidence. He managed to escape only suffering superficial wounds and made his way back to the Iscariot head quarters. Where he told Sister Corvis and many other Iscariot's about the dangerous foe. Sister Corvis left nearly instantly to hunt down the beast but was unsuccessful in doing so. Only managing to drive him out of the Vatican. Anthony for a small period of time lapsed into a slightly delusional and depressed state. Until he once again met with Sister Eir and Father Miles. Whom without exactly intending to comforted and helped him anyway. Since that time he has become obsessed especially so after watching Sister Eir's display of power. With obtaining regeneration. So that he could become a extremely powerful hunter of vampires and take his friend Call's position. For seeing his death as his own fault he intends to make up for it by slaying enough vampires for the both of them.

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PostSubject: Re: Father Anthony Diem   Sat Sep 14, 2013 6:42 pm

About the pistol. I'm not very good with guns and I'll need some advice on a caliber.

In reference to the barriers blocking out category D vampires. This is only my assumption because of what happened to Seras upon first meeting father Alexander Anderson in the OVA Where she was unable to break through them and burnt herself when she tried, and if I am correct the general consensus is that Seras was is a level D Vampire. However, I am not sure that at the time of that happening, if this would be true.

And that's about the only two things left unfinished feel free to comment on anything else you see here.

EDIT: Never mind the caliber problem. I have the caliber for the bullets listed now.
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PostSubject: Re: Father Anthony Diem   Sun Sep 15, 2013 5:09 pm

Two things my man. First, paragraph breaks in the personality. Seriously, I nearly went cross-eyed reading through that massive wall of text. Second, the barriers extending out 6 inches is a no go if you ask me. It's one thing for contact with the pages to repel the undead but giving off an aura as well is too much. Put in some paragraph breaks and lose the 6 inches bit and this will be fine by me.
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PostSubject: Re: Father Anthony Diem   Sun Sep 15, 2013 5:20 pm

Already approved, so you don't get the breakdown.

This "anti-vampire shield" you're talking about with the vest needs some elaboration.

Daggers are first described as silver, then steel. Which is it?

Aura is a no-go for me, too.

I kind of want a recharge on the bible teleport. It's too strong to use continuously without one.
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PostSubject: Re: Father Anthony Diem   Sun Sep 15, 2013 6:18 pm

No problem. Thanks for taking the time to look at this guys, I'll try and get to it as soon as I can.
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PostSubject: Re: Father Anthony Diem   Tue Sep 17, 2013 4:49 pm

Well I got around to changing these things, and I have gotten rid of the six inch aura, added in the specifics of how the second armor is created, and have broken up his personality.

I have also made the daggers just silver and put in an eighty mile limit for Anthony's pages every day. The limit also covers carrying two people at once in which case it is a forty mile limit. Basically four to two uses in a day.

Also could my title be edited to say Father Anthony Diem on my App?
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PostSubject: Re: Father Anthony Diem   Tue Sep 17, 2013 5:40 pm

Hate everything about the second armor.

Silver knives are craptastic and will break.
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PostSubject: Re: Father Anthony Diem   Tue Sep 17, 2013 6:36 pm

Hmmm. Guess I'll go with a silver coating then.

And ya, The explanation of the second one was kind of made up on the spot. Would you prefer that I just toss it?
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PostSubject: Re: Father Anthony Diem   Tue Sep 17, 2013 6:39 pm

I really would. It makes you totally invincible to practically any opponent you come up against.
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PostSubject: Re: Father Anthony Diem   Tue Sep 17, 2013 6:40 pm

Hmmm. Alright. So be it.

Thanks again for taking a look at it. I'll fix it up.
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PostSubject: Re: Father Anthony Diem   Fri Sep 20, 2013 11:24 am

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PostSubject: Re: Father Anthony Diem   Sun Sep 22, 2013 8:00 pm

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Father Anthony Diem
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