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 Doctor Alexander (done)

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PostSubject: Doctor Alexander (done)   Tue Jun 25, 2013 2:50 am

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing?  If so how far have you gotten?  If not please direct your attention to YouTube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least.  Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga.  The anime is not canon.  This is not our opinion.  This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano.

Yup, yup


Doctor Albert Alexander





Physical appearance: 

He stands approximately 6’0.  Brown wavy hair and a Vandyke style beard. His face is a little long with a straight jaw line. his nose is normal and his eyebrows are brown.   He has no scars on his face despite his past. He looks perfect for the business world.  He is in shape and regularly works out to keep fit.  His eyes are brown which match the color of his hair.  He remains well groomed despite his condition.  When he transform he is has a tail and brown for as he transforms into his lycanthrope state he looks like a brown wolf-man.

Clothing of choice: 

He prefers to wear a suite whenever there isn’t a full moon cycle.   This suite is black with a red shirt and a blue striped tie. He occasionally wears a tie pin that is a shape of a wolf's head  He wears black Italian leather shoes with black socks.  However when a full moon cycle is around he wears more regular day clothes like cargo khaki pants with a white T-shirt and a blue button down short sleeved shirt unbuttoned with white gym shoes and a canvas belt. This second outfit is relative in expensive to the first one.  Ever since he took up his now second occupation he wears a black tactical turtle neck with a tactical Kevlar vest for when he goes hunting with black pants and black combat boots.

Weaponry of choice: 

He usually has a Beretta M9. pistol on him with a conceal carry license in several countries. It has a total weight of 1,162 g. A length of 217 mm and a barrel length of 125 mm.  A muzzle velocity of 381 m/s and an effective range of 50m. He only has a single magazine for this weapon since he tends not to fight in civilian wear.  The magazine holds 15 bullets. When he is in either of his civilian clothes along with a throwing knife knife tucked up his sleeve and it is ready to go in his hands to be thrown on a flick of his wrist. 

However when he gears up has a few more toys.  Aside from having four throwing knives on a belt that are easy to access.  On each hip is a pistol holster with an H&K Mk. 23 Mod 0 SOCOM pistol in them. He carries 3 magazines total for both them.  The type of ammo ratio for the magazine 1 of them is normal while 2 are silver rounds.   Each magazine holds approximately 12 rounds.  The Specs of these pistols are as follows.  It weights a total of 2.29 kg when loaded and with a suppressor(1.47 kg w/o suppressor).  It's total length with a suppressor is 421 mm (245 mm w/o suppressor).  Muzzle velocity clocks in at 260 m/s with an effective range of 25 m.  Its feed system is a detachable box magazine. It has a Semi-automatic rate of fire.  

His second weapon of choice is an M4 Carbine with a M68 scope attachment.  He also has a vertical grip attached as well.  He has 2 magazines for this weapon 1 normal and 1 with Silver blessed rounds.  Each magazine holds 30 rounds. Its specs is as follow. It weights 3.4 kg when loaded.  It's total length when the stock is extended is 840 mm (756 when retracted).  Barrel length is 370 mm with an effective range of 500 m for a point target and 600 for an area target.  Its rate of fire is 700-950 round/min cyclic with a muzzle velocity of 880 m/s. Its cartridge is a 5.56x45mm NATO and the feed system is a detachable box magazine.  It has Iron sights or other optical devices can be attached.  

Werewolf - Cub


Being a cub he doesn’t have too many abilities outside the norm.   Great weakness to blessed and silver weaponry (fatal), regeneration (takes up to 20 posts max to regenerate major wound damage such as limb loss), meager super strength, agility, stamina, reflexes, durability and senses, inability to either transform into a human or werewolf (depending on how they were at first) though only with the aid of the full moon. Though his transformation is mandatory during a full moon cycle, he is able to fight the transformation for a few hours before being forced into it. 
However since his incident he has trained relentlessly to become a better shot and fighter.  His fighting skills are similar to that of the US’s Army Ranger, because he was helped and trained by a friend who is a ranger.   
Outside of combat abilities is able to dance all forms of ballroom.  He speaks French fluently, and is rather talented at juggling.  He has vast knowledge of religious and occult artifacts.

None yet.

Personality: He is quick with a one-liner or a pun.  He likes being a smartass to people, especially those who think they are higher than everyone else. He likes arguing on virtually any topic whether he believes it is the right point or not just to piss people off. However he isn’t stupid and doesn’t piss them off enough to start a fight.   He enjoys writing every so often and despite him being sarcastic most of the time, he is very charitable and often goes to disaster relief areas and helps out with what he can.  He doesn't like being asked personal questions, especially when it comes to family. He usually responds to those questions either coldy or with a very sarcastic remark.    

When it comes closer to a full moon cycle, he becomes easily angered and often has headaches.  His appetite becomes more intense as he would frequently eat rarer meat or sleeps around more just to satisfy the beast within him a bit longer to delay the transformation.  He fears it but he is slowly coming around to accept it and embrace it.  That is most likely from the work  of a voice he hears in his head telling him to constantly kill and feed on people.  This voice is non existent to start but as the full moon cycle draws close the louder it gets in his head. 


Biography: Albert was born into a family who was apart of the U.S.'s one percent.  By no means did he have a troubled child hood because of finances.  He was well educated and his basic needs were taken care of.  The problem came with his parents.  Whose marriage was out of convenience rather than love.  His parents acted fine together in front of Albert but he would occasionally hear them fight, or walk in on his father helping the maid with some "extra duties", or even walking in on his mother satisfying an addiction of having to look young.  Albert had grown up to resent his parents but he still loved them because they were his family. 

He received his bachelor's in theology and mythology abroad at Oxford.  He studied religion and the occult because of no reason other than it fascinated him.  He moved on to receive his doctorate by the time he was 25.  At this point he felt he had no excitement in his life.  He didn't want to follow the cliche travel the world on his parents dime and get some random Malaysian prostitute pregnant, so decided to join up with the Navy.  Given he was an excellent student in school, and he was in good physical condition, he was recruited into the SEALS.  

This was probably the most difficult time of his life.  This was only because he was in a situation where he had no other option than to do what they told, it wasn't like his father would just sign a paycheck and all problems would go away.  No he was a product of the United States government. During boot camp he was trained how to handle, use, and take care of a weapon.  He grew fond of assault rifles, throwing knives, and pistols.  During this time he made a close friend with Lt. Johnathan Kane.  The two were inseparable during Albert's term of service.  John had saved Albert's life on more than several occasions.  Upon leaving the service when he was 30 with the rank of Captain, Albert kept in contact with John and often went drinking with him which usually resulted in the two fighting just to see who was the better fighter.  

After he left the service he decided to slow down and get back into his fascination with religion and the occult.  He had done this by simply becoming a teacher.  It took him a year teaching at high schools before being able to get a Job at a University. He has been teaching at Concordia University in Chicago, Il.  He enjoyed teaching there despite it being a school on a rather large city.  When he was 31 he met a woman named Samantha Ramirez.  After a few dates Albert proposed. After they married they decided to move to France.  Albert got a job at a university in Grenoble and his wife worked at a local cafe as a waitress just so she wasn't a stay at home wife.  Life was good.  Albert did some personal research into the occult from time to time.  He even went on a few Archaeological digs where they were looking for ancient relics.  

Things started to go down hill when he was 32.  On his way back from a site while on summer break he and a few others decided to stop at a camp ground and go camping.  They were about 10 miles out from Grenoble and effectively returning home.    During the night he got up to go use nature.  While taking a leak he was attacked by a rather large wolf, Luckily his traveling companions heard the screams. One of them had a rifle and shot at the wolf causing it to run away into the forest.  Albert was maimed and lucky to still be breathing.  They cut their camping stop short and rushed to town and Albert to a hospital.  He made a full recovery in 24 hours.  The doctors were surprised because it would usually take a normal per 2-3 weeks with the amount of damage that Albert had received. He was discharged two days later.  Returning home he was still a little shaken mentally from the attack.  He decided to stay home and work on an article for a paper that he promised from the dig site.  The artifact they found was a totem of a wolf.  It had nordic designs.  Alber had believed it was dedicated to Fenrir.  The Nordic god of Mischeif Loki's son.  He saw the sick irony in it that he had found this totem and was attacked by a large wolf.  He actually put that in the article.  
The next few weeks life was normal.  However soon after he became violently ill after putting on his wedding ring and a watched, both of which were silver He spent hours vomitting in his home's toliet and had to be hospitalized again from the dehydration.  After that he began to have a slight headache that got progressively got worse as the lunar cycle came closer to a full moon.

It happened when the full moon shined brightest.  Albert was running through a park at night when he stopped from a gut wrenching pain in his stomach.  His all his bones began to break simultaneously while then being reformed.  He lost consciousness from the pain. However, his body continued the change. His facial structure turned into more wolf like and his teeth turned into fangs.  The last addition was the tail and the fur.  The beast was hungry, and its prey was Albert's last thought before he blacked out.

Albert woke up the morning covered in blood and a body next to him.  The police had came by to check up on the house and when they saw the blood and the body, they arrested Albert with charges of murder.  He was released a few days later after a judge had ruled there was not enough evidence to convict him.  He had to move.  With the mental anguish of his wife dead and nightmares of the night depicting a beast performing the murder with Albert looking through its eyes, he couldn't handle it.  He moved to a town that was outside of Grenoble, more rural but close enough to where he could keep his teaching job.  The University officials had been generous enough to let him stay. With a new house, new surroundings, one would think he could finally be at peace.  But fate is a cruel mistress and the nightmare's persisted and a voice developed in his head telling him to kill and feed and that it was hungry.  The voice persisted day in and day out.  Medicine that he was prescribed from several different different Psychiatrist didn't work.  So he turned to alternative solutions.  He tracked down a gypsy band that was in France and talked with their elder.  

The elder was intrigued and scared at the same time.  Going on a hunch, the elder asked Albert to travel with them for a while.  He did and he was taught about how to control people's inner desires.  When another full moon cycle happened the gypsy's locked him in a cage and awaited the transformation. Unlike the last time, Alber remained conspicuousness as a result of the "training" and lessons he had received.  He noticed he turned into a beast.  Particularly a wolf.  He was shocked at this transformation.  However, though he was aware,  he could not control this beast form.  He spent more time with the gypsy's learning how he could control it.  He was scared of this form, however he knew of the potential it had.  He wanted to learn how to control it and become its master rather than it being his master.  He did the same thing, practiced certain things and meditate, allow the beasts appetite to be appeased while he was still in human form.  He spent a few months with gypsy's until he was able to control the beast form.  However still couldn't control when he turned to well.

After this revelation he figured that there were more supernatural beings.  Residing himself to protect himself during his research digs.  He also figured in order to grow stronger over the beast he needed to fight people, he preferred to try and fight other supernaturals so he could thin them out, but he wouldn't lose much sleep for killing a human.  He called up some old army buddies who joined up with a weapons runner and was able to procure silver weaponry, had to pay extra since they had to get it from a secretive weapons convoy heading to Surrey in England.  He didn't ask for details because he didn't want to know.  Knowing that he would be incredibly weak to silver he had to wear gloves most of the time so it wouldn't touch his skin.  He is still teaching in Grenoble but is more aware of the supernatural, especially when he goes to a dig site.  It has been 3 years since he gained his lycanthropy.

RP sample: 

It was a normal day in class students straggled in class looking half dead because Albert had his class at 8 a.m.Albert didn't care he woke up hours before his students. Today was a lesson that hit him personally close to home.  The lecture was about Lycaon, believed to be the first werewolf.  Given his condition he preferred to be well versed on this topic.  He kept the lecture an hour long,  he showed pop culture's take on a werewolf, and even compared them to other cultures Mythos, particularly Norse Mythology with Fenrir. The students were apathetic as normal until he assigned a 500 word essay on the tropes pop culture used versus that of mythology and what they thought was better.  A student approached him after class and asked him about the paper he sighed.  "The paper's purpose is to test how well you pay attention in my class Mr. King, I don't have high hopes for your paper considering that you slept through most of it.  So there is a chance I will be seeing you next year.  So do what you want on this paper.  Please try at least to impress me by using no profanity in this paper of you saying how much you hate this class, because quite frankly I don't give a damn if you pass or fail.  Because either way I still get.  Don't do the assignment or work, I will fail with a smile.  Good day." Albert said as he left not giving the student time to reply because he had an even larger problem at hand.  He was going to visit his parents back in the states for his father's birthday. He cringed at the fact his parents were still together especially since this was the week of a full moon. He figured he would transform tonight and be fine for the rest of the week with out the headaches becoming too severe.  

It took him an hour to drive back home and start packing.  Sadly he couldn't bring most of his weapons just in case something happened but he forgot to fill out the proper paperwork.  He stopped when he smelled something foreign.  It was definitely something that shouldn't be in Albert's back yard.  Since it was now night time he grabbed one of his pistols.  He made his way down stairs and saw an intruder in his home, wonderful.  "I advise you get out of my home before I kill you, and trust me tonight is a really bad night to be here."

"Oh I know, I smelled the stink on you. I thought I would feed on one of your kind seeing you're such a delicacy cub." The intruder said bearing fangs that were obvious traits of a vampire.  Albert was a little shocked by the vampire willingly hunting Albert down, but he was a little flattered.  "What are you going to do? Make me fat by giving me a second rate chocolate cereal? Have to be honest Cocoa puffs and pebbles are better." Albert said as the Vampire quickly came up threw Albert into a wall.  "How about I start by breaking your jaw mutt. The vampire said as he came at Albert for another attack.  Albert recovered rather quickly and fired a few shots at the Vampire. They were only meant to give Albert and opening to run out side and into the forest that was right by his house.  As he ran he ditched his gun and started taking off his clothes until he was only in his pants.  He had no time to take them and looked at the full moon and began his transformation. It didn't take too terribly long for it to complete.  

The Vampire caught up and hissed at Albert in beast form.  Albert replied with a blood curling roar.  Albert charged at the vampire to tackle.  The vampire was pretty brash as he tried to fight back and resist being tackled.  The two struggled but the vampire fended of Albert.  Standing up on his two legs Albert swiped at the vampire with one of his claws effectively staggering the vampire as it blocked the attack.  Albert took the opening and bit the vampire in the neck.  He left the vampire near death and threw it at a tree.  He noticed his gun was on the ground closer than he thought. He transformed back into human form. Tired, winded and really hurting from that fight, he limped his way to the gun. He turned around to see the vampire make one more lunge at Albert.  He was tackled to the ground.  Albert fought him off and stood up and pointed the gun at the Vampire's head. He only had one last thing to say to the vampire before pulling the trigger.  "Woof"

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PostSubject: Re: Doctor Alexander (done)   Thu Jun 27, 2013 1:15 am

Ready for voting
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PostSubject: Re: Doctor Alexander (done)   Thu Jun 27, 2013 2:03 am

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PostSubject: Re: Doctor Alexander (done)   Thu Jun 27, 2013 4:35 am

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Does he fight skeleton pirates on the back of killer whales? Cuz if he does I'm sure he could beat the amazing incredible spider hulk.
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PostSubject: Re: Doctor Alexander (done)   Thu Jun 27, 2013 3:30 pm

Not much of a face on this one.

First pistol doesn't have any statistics on it. Not sure how I feel about a werewolf packing all that silver, either.

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PostSubject: Re: Doctor Alexander (done)   Sat Jun 29, 2013 10:02 pm

It pains me to say this, but I'm going to have to...approve this, because it's acceptable.

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PostSubject: Re: Doctor Alexander (done)   

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Doctor Alexander (done)
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