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 Ex-Father Tobias Deveraux WIP

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PostSubject: Ex-Father Tobias Deveraux WIP   Tue Oct 08, 2013 1:30 am

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing?  If so how far have you gotten?  If not please direct your attention to YouTube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least.  Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga.  The anime is not canon.  This is not our opinion.  This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano.

I've seen it. I've read the manga books and seen both anime and OAV series.

Name: Tobias Deveraux

Name Meaning: Tobias: The Greek form of TOBIAH. The name of a great hero who helped the archangel Raphael saved his soon to be wife from a demon. It's scripted within the apocryphal book of TOBIT, known to be a very popular within the Middle Ages. Throughout time, the name was occasionally used within Europe and England.

Age: 31 Years Old

Gender: Male

Physical appearance: The former purifier is a tall guy at six foot five having a calm yet muscular mesomorph appearance, keeping his body both strong and fit. Both his eyes and hair are dark brown but at childhood his hair was light brown. Elijah's hair was once long and flowing but the purifier recently cut his hair to a well groom spiky style. His facial hair is of an chin curtain style with something of a groom shaved goat patch on his chin. Father Tobias has some scars from some encounters and mishaps. (Four Long Scars. He lost a lot of blood from the encounter with werewolves.) Four faded long scars going down to his backside and left shoulder which have healed during a long grace period of rest. (Cross Shape Scar. Father Tobias killed a vampire the monster left that sword mark after dying,) A cross shaped scar that consists of two separate parts with a long one running diagonally down face while the other runs horizontally close to his nose.

The Deveraux family tattoo which is of an Christian cross a vertical black drawn line intersected at right angles approximately, one third of the top. Used by Deveraux members to profess their faith and the clergy to bestow blessings. This tattoo resides on his right shoulder since the left one is fucked up with scars.

Clothing of choice: The new organized purifier wears something of an Vatican based attire showing his devotion to his organization. The religious attire consist of the following: Tobias is seen wearing a modified priest body vest with a cross design(blessed) on the back. Under the vest, He wears a modified bulletproof vest which his neck and chest made of Kevlar, which has metal armor plates in some parts of the vest. He wears a small cut white coat with religious scriptures on the shoulders leading down to the arms, each sleeve a small golden cross is attached. On his hands, He wears black designed gauntlets with a cross based design on the wrist of each gauntlets. Each gauntlet glove is of something an armored close finger design. Tobias wears a clean pair of white gentlemen slacks with black line on the sides and golden lines on the front of the pant leg.

On his shoulder, Tobias were a golden religious scarf with scriptures design on the scarf. He wears an medium sized cross necklace(blessed) around his neck. He wears two belt one around his waist and another being a weapons belt to hold his metal cross weapon. Finally, Tobias wears two gentlemen-style black church boots.

Weaponry of Choice
Modified S&W M500: A modified version of the Smith and Wesson Model 500 large caliber revolver. Father Tobias had it modified having a double action frame design with a extremely high recoil and rubber grip for better handling. The design of the gun helps with counteracting the recoil felt by it. Having a great muzzle velocity of 2,075ft. The modified version of the magnum, Tobias's gun is capable of firing 10 caliber rounds. The gun is made of pure stainless steel with an eight and a half inch barrier having a standard compensator. Tobias's gun is capable of firing .500 S&W magnum cartridge rounds each bullet firing a max range of (200m). The high energy of the rounds can do some major damage to enemies enough to blow off a hand or foot.

Modified Metal Cross Weapon: A  Huge modified baseball bat that has the shape of huge cross. Father Tobias had this 36-inch weapon blessed by priests for beating the name of god into his enemies. It's made out of pure steel whenever lethal force is necessary.

Customized Holy Brass Knuckles

Bibles/Holy Waters: The weapons for a servant of god to cleanse evil from the world. Father Tobias carries with him three blessed bibles with him at all times (Two Normal Bibles & One Small Bible). He carries the each normal bible within his gauntlet compartment and the small one within his vest pocket for emergencies only. For the holy waters, Tobias keeps them within his belt bag keeping about ten small bottles.

Tia Harribel and The Vandereich Sisters

Arch Imperial Air Ship

Race: Special Human

Abilities: Elijah's abilities are:
Special humans: Humans who have gained powers through supernatural means to turn into this state. Often through genetic experimentation or some freak accident, even hereditary genes passed down. These humans are hailed as special due to the unique aspects that dubs them as supernatural, yet they are still human.
Traits: Depending on what abilities they possess, it is often that these brands of humans are more fit than the regular ones, even able to go up on par with a vampire, albeit the weaker sorts.

Blessed Pages: Ex-Father Tobias was a skilled priest in using specialized scriptures imprinted on blessed pages. On numerous occasions, Tobias have great faith when using the pages for fighting or saving innocent from the forces of evil who defy god. These blessed pages have saved his life when his extreme measures have gone out of control.


Armor of God: Ex-Father Tobias can create barriers of scripture to protect or defend himself from physical attacks of vampire and others. If Tobias wants to then he can protect another person with these barrier pages. He mostly uses these barrier pages around his neck on his chest when fighting battles because of his fear of being turned into a monster. The barrier's strength can actually stop or block attacks of an Class D vampire completely even weaken some attacks from a Class C vampire. A Class B Vampire can tend to be a major problem their kind can damage his barrier scriptures easily with their strength. If an vampire was able to use to flame-like abilities the barrier would be able to block some of it. However, Tobias would only suffer minor burns.


Spiritual Resistants:

Blessed Teleportation: The power of blessed transportation used by special members of the Vatican Section 13. Tobias has an unique ability known mostly by many paladins of the Iscariot organization for traveling to different places. He can teleport by the use of blessed pages circling around him and then traveling to a chosen destination at a fast speed. Tobias can teleport for a maximum of 18 miles by using one of his normal bibles. Whenever, He wants to carry people, the miles are doubled depending if it's a emergency situation or orders from the Vatican. Tobias could actually travel 54 miles a day if possible. This ability can be used once per post.

Blocking Sorcery/Banishing Evil Sprits: With the blessed scriptures, Tobias can purify certain areas getting of forms of black magic(evil magic) and evil spirits. The powers of this scriptures have many different abilities that can be used against enemies. He can us them to block illusions, stopping vampires with elemental powers, stopping vampire's abilities like telepathy and hypnosis.

Marksmenship: Self trained to be an superb magnum firearm specialist. Whenever armed with one or two magnums at once, he is known to never miss a target hitting it at some or better accuracy.

Martial Arts: Tobias is very proficient, self trained in many forms of hand to hand combat. The hereditary family gene passed down which makes him a holy warrior. Knowing the forms of Karate, Kick-Boxing, Judo and Muay Thai. Tobias loves using his muay thai and kick-boxing stances within a battle. With his barriers and brass knuckles, Tobias is known to be a deadly threat at close against enemies of god. From his karate skills, Tobias can temporarily perceive an enemy's movements before an attack is thrown at him.

Organization: Vatican(Section 13) The Iscariot Organization

Rank: Vampire Hunter, Ex-Paladin, Exorcist, Ex-Purifier

Personality: ----

Biography: One of the legendary families of supernatural hunters who have hunted down and killed vampires from decades past. The Deveraux family known to been one of the seven richest families within London England. This history of the family started with Lord Gareth Ian Deveraux, a legendary slayer began helping even teaching local people into hunting down vampires. The Deveraux bloodline has been passed down throughout the years with a certain family member obtaining a special hunter's gene. Mostly, The Deveraux males have been blessed and born with the special gene putting their lives of the line ridding the world of all supernatural beings.

Tobias was born in Asia, he was raised a devoted catholic by his grandparents. He had major doubts about some of the teachings and accepting Jesus Christ as a human being. The child never got the chance to se his real parents, Due to the fact that they were busy hunting supernatural beings and working the family finances most of the time. At age 9, Tobias was ordered by his father to leave to Europe it was orders from the Deveraux family saying "it was time". The other family members thought Tobias was too young though a catholic the child wasn't to actually kill a living or dead thing yet. The grandparents also agreed, Tobias wasn't ready to accept the Deveraux heritage however the gene lied dormant within the child. They wanted to test the child to make sure the gene was active, Tobias's father sent him on his first official hunt. He was given the mission to kill a werewolf cub and if successful cut off the cub's head and hang it. The child could stay with the family if he succeeds but failure wasn't an option as all and consequences would be taken into effect. The task seemed impossible, Tobias actually failed which brought a major blow to family dream of the child becoming a great hunter. The Deveraux family thought it was major disappointment and a utter failure in a long line of great hunters, this child was a defect. A final decision was made for the child to leave the family, the grandparents thought it was act of betrayal for this to happen. If a Deveraux member failed on their first official hunt then they would have to be removed from the family altogether. Tobias at a young age was being kicked out by his own family for a failed traditional hunt, he couldn't understand it. Finally, Tobias was ordered to leave as some of the family thought the sentence was cruel but their were certain family guidelines that needed to be follow at all times.

Everything was arranged, Tobias took the long drive to Europe's borders finally arriving at an orphanage the child thought odd things. He wondered why his parents disowned him like this it was there the child met the founder of the orphanage. A big guy with glasses smiling at him, Father Alexander Anderson said that he would be taking care of him hoping the child would smile. Tobias was angry with himself and his family thinking that nothing was good enough for them they were just too serious with him. Throughout time, Tobias turned to the holy bible to calm his thoughts with getting along with the other children within the place. He thought Father Anderson was a savior then a fatherly figure helping people in need. Growing up, Tobias thought vampires and werewolves were the very disease that were ruining their sacred lands just heretics of a dark faith. He was growing into a wiser catholic finally given the chance to deal with these kinds of monsters and fight them. The guy was trained and enlisted into section thirteen of Iscariot through hard work earning the paladin rank of the holy squad. Since then, Tobias was sent on many missions accomplishing them without problems yet being weaken, poisoned or wounded at times. He would be in great pain when in failed missions, some other members were to die hoping it would never happen again.

Tobias heard about the vampire named "Alucard" hearing about this powerful vampire and the many failed assassination attempts against the vampire. The paladin didn't believe a vampire could be that strong that everything even a vampire had a weakness to defeat them with. But from the reports, it seemed this one was very powerful many people from the Iscariot Organization were killed or severely wounded by this "Alucard. He ignored it thinking regenerators should deal with the high ranked situation of bringing that evil monster down salting the world with the vampire's dust. Throughout the years, Tobias kept doing his assignments trying to improve himself as a better paladin yet his missions got deadlier. Sometimes, Tobias would come back a bloody mess after completing missions but unknown to him, a plan was being set by an group on enemies. The hour of darkness was closing in on the paladin, Father Tobias didn't even see it coming. A unknown killer was stalking people within their homes, Tobias was sent to deal with the killer. He finally confronted the werewolf but to his shock and horror the lycanthrope had his face wondering what was happening. Some memories started coming back to haunt him the werewolf cub from long ago this creature a relationship to him and it was sickening to him. He didn't want to do it but with silver bullets, Tobias killed the werewolf but noticing the werewolf's face it looked almost like his. Returning back to Vatican, Father Tobias was confronted by Enrico Maxwell about the situation with the werewolf and the relationship it had with him. Tobias wondered how Enrico knew that some members had him followed telling the great lord the paladin hesitated during the fight. Sister Corvis told Enrico that Father Tobias was brainwashed by the creature making him believe at that time the situation was dealt with by questions started to emerge. Before the battle with Millennium, Father Tobias was coming back from a successful mission assigned to him wanting to talk with Maxwell. Someone was talking in German then the paladin overheard the conservation about something about certain classified information. Tobias confronted the person which took place within the halls on the Vatican, he demanded to know why the priest betrayed the organization. A bunch of soldiers started charging and then they attacked him, the traitor actually finger him to be linked to a number of murders even being a werewolf hiding in disguise. Father Anderson thought this was serious crime but Tobias said these were lies but the traitorous priest had some evidence proving that to be a lie. Tobias was attacked by some holy soldiers still his whole life was destroyed as he kills the traitor blasting the priest in the head with his gun. But Tobias escaped, The soldiers wounded him hitting with gunfire then the order was given that Father Tobias Deveraux was no longer associated with Iscariot. Enrico Maxwell signed the papers wondering if the former paladin survived. Sister Corvis found something horrible of upon the deceased by nobody knew who the priest was they didn't find anymore information. Sister Corvis took her findings Father Anthony telling a horrible truth that Father Tobias may have been set up by the fallen priest. However, No action was taken

Tobias managed to make it far away into a forest before falling unconscious from the blood lost but the guy just lost everything. He closed his everyone still believed that Tobias Deveraux was dead and that the traitor had been dealt with. Three weeks later, Tobias awoke in a someone's bed with two marks on his hands wondering what they were. A spiritual practitioner named Tia Harribel told him that she saved his life telling him that she actually nursed him back to health, Tobias couldn't believe it. He had nowhere to go someone set him up and the ex-paladin wanted to find out who did this and why. Tobias made a unbelievable deal with Tia which she agreed teaching him the arts of black magic

RP sample: ----
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PostSubject: Re: Ex-Father Tobias Deveraux WIP   Fri Oct 11, 2013 5:45 pm

Large sections of the abilities have been plagiarized from Father Anthony Diem. This is the third time you've plagiarized on your sheet. This is disapproved and you are banned for one month.
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Ex-Father Tobias Deveraux WIP
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