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 Vampire Hunt in Sheerness (Maximillion)

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PostSubject: Vampire Hunt in Sheerness (Maximillion)   Tue Feb 10, 2015 3:43 pm

The coastal winds of Eastern Great Britain swept along the cliffside. A Hellsing scout stood on the edge of the cliff, looking across the Swale river to the island just on the other side. A bridge spanned the length of the river, connecting the main landmass of Great Britain to the island. And on the far side of that island sat Sheerness. Suspicious activity had been observed there and it is currently believed that a vampire is behind this activity. This scout was the one who reported the odd occurrences and is now awaiting the Hellsing agent that he was told was en route. It had been approximately an hour since he had been told the agent was dispatched. And the trip from London to Sheerness was an hour and a half on average. This meant the agent should be arriving soon, and it was the scouts job to point him in the right direction.


In a small village, just off the coast of Sheerness, United Kingdom, a man sat on a pew in an abandoned church. He had messy jet black hair, red eyes, and an evil smirk on his face. The Cat. D vampire Charles Eirmire, who looked to be no more than a teenager, sat on the pew, a womans body in his arms, and her neck between his teeth. His eyes glowed a crimson red as he gently sucked the blood from her veins. As he felt the last drop of blood leave her neck he stood up and laid her body gently on the pew. Charles leaned against the podium at the front of the church and watched her body for half an hour, wondering how exactly she would rise up. When it was clear she had become a Ghoul, Charles let out a sigh of disappointment. He was the only vampire in all of Sheerness, he had been for a while now. At times, he had ventured beyond Sheerness, but he found no trace of other vampires. He was lonely, and it seemed that no one he had drained the blood from was a virgin. All of them women around his age. He had killed the first ten or twenty Ghouls out of frustration, but now he merely let them stay by his side, even if they weren't the most entertaining of company. At this moment, he had 10 Ghouls as his minions, ten lives that he now regretted taking.

Charles walked to the doorway of the church, stepping out onto the balcony overlooking the North Sea. The sun had set and the darkness was beginning to settle in. This was the life he had been resigned to, one of seclusion, loneliness, and shrouded in darkness. As the light of the sky dimmed entirely, his crimson eyes cast light onto his face.

OOC: Schrodinger here, and I will be your DM for this mission. If you have any questions, feel free to PM and I will get back to you as soon as I am able to(Which is usually instantaneous unless I am in the middle of something.).

As some clarity for this mission, the time of day is just after sunset, meaning it is now dark out, there is a breeze, and the skies are clear. As was mentioned before your opponents are one Category D vampire and ten female Ghouls. I opted to give the vampire more or a personality rather than a nameless NPC. Should make things a tad more interesting.
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PostSubject: Re: Vampire Hunt in Sheerness (Maximillion)   Sun Feb 15, 2015 1:22 pm

Sheerness, north Kent

The ride through the air was a dull and boring one, for Maximillion. As the hum of the plane resounded throughout the cabin, Maximillion laid within his coffin, bathed in darkness, arms crossed over his chest, brows furrowed and eyes closed, as he often preferred to travel. Even though this state kept him the most at-ease, there was still the unsettling feeling of flying, which always made him a little uneasy. On land, one could whip out a weapon and engage an enemy in live-time. When on a ship, or airplane, he always felt like a sitting duck, subject to whatever capabilities the thing he rode or drove had.

He reflected upon the Mission Specs he had been given, not by Integra herself, but by one of the staff that worked at the Hellsing Mansion. He'd found it odd that he had not had a chance to meet the legendary Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing, but figured that this might be the result of his newness, and that the Leader of Hellsing could probably be likened to the President or Prime Minister of one country or another, and it wasn't like one could stride up to them in their personal offices.

But something about this case troubled him. His eyes and ears around Britain spoke a little in greater depth than the Missions Specs had, and the outbreak didn't seem as bad as he would've suspected, given the time the rumors of the Sheerness Outbreak first started.

A couple dozen? Three dozen? A hundred? I don't know just how many ghouls they've made, but the crazed antics of a power hungry type often yields greater numbers. Perhaps they are motivated by something other than a desire for conquest or power...

The thought puzzled him. Why else would someone make a Ghoul? Maximillion had dabbled in this, back when he first learned how to make a Ghoul. It was a strange experience, sitting and waiting, watching as the corpse would slowly begin to stir, then become a mindless slave that did his bidding. He had decided, then and there, that it might be nice to make ghouls that served to do little tasks or jobs here and there, but they weren't a very smart lot, and required a lot of micromanagement. In the end, he decided it was a rather savage art, and might be far more work than they were worth.

There is a chance this Vampire is either experimenting and figuring out how the making of ghouls works, or maybe they're trying - and failing - to Sire a chylde...

In the end, he decided to try and put himself into full stasis and sleep, so he could just wake up when the plane landed.

And that, he did.

* * *

Several hours later, when the flight was over, and he had been given the coordinates of the Church in question, and given a vehicle, he had headed out right away, making his way to the rendezvous point where the Hellsing scout was awaiting him. He had made a point to move stealthily towards the rendezvous point, keeping an eye out for the agent the whole time, so as to make a point to not spook the scout when he arrived.

He arrived at the meeting point, and stood next to a large tree, old and bare due to the cold weather, but alive and fresh enough that it would bear leaves and whatnot when the weather got warmer.

He wouldn't move until he was debriefed about the current situation. He didn't want to move in uninformed, and make any careless decisions.
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Vampire Hunt in Sheerness (Maximillion)
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