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 Emily's hunt (Please ask in pm or chat if you want to join)

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PostSubject: Emily's hunt (Please ask in pm or chat if you want to join)   Thu Oct 03, 2013 12:55 am

Due to some complicated circumstances, Emily was stuck in France for a while. She was staying in a hotel but tastes didn't take to the food there, it honestly tasted cheap and there was very little portions, well little compared to what a werewolf like Emily eats any way.
She decided to go out hunting in a forest, she had brought a lighter and her bag that was basically it, she didn't really need more for this after all who needs proper tools when you are a freaking werewolf.

Spending some time behind a tree, she was eying up her prey it was a deer it looked very tasty and full of meat.  The wind was blowing towards Emily, there was no way this deer would smell her, and with her speeds she could have made a ton of noise and still caught up to it, however she wanted to do this silently.
Silently she walked out behind the tree, her shoes where in the bag,  she slowly made her way to the deer she was a mere three feet away from it when suddenly she stood on a tree branch.

The snap of the branch sent the deers ears perking up, its legs quickly moving as it was preparing to move away.  However Emily was far too fast, she lunged forwards and her she tackled the prey, its neck snapped as her arm grabbed it Ahh damn it she growled.
After setting up a small camp she began to cook it over a small campfire made of stones around in circle with sticks in the middle and the venison on top being held in place with a stick through it and Emily slowly turning it. After a few hours she decied to go.

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Emily's hunt (Please ask in pm or chat if you want to join)
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