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 Gabriel Hopkins (Finished)

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Gabriel Hopkins

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PostSubject: Gabriel Hopkins (Finished)   Fri Nov 22, 2013 1:06 pm

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing?  If so how far have you gotten?  If not please direct your attention to YouTube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least.  Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga.  The anime is not canon.  This is not our opinion.  This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano.

Have seen up to episode 7-8, forgot which, of the OVA, I am still watching it.  None of the manga, will read it soon.

Name: Gabriel Hopkins.

Age: 51

Gender: Male

Physical appearance:

Physically, Gabriel isn’t the hottest, cutest and sexiest guy around; he simply appears to be your average joe. His hair is simply dark brown, nearly jet black, but it is still brown. A noticeable fact about his hair that it is naturally two-tone, the initial and more visible amount of his hair is a dark brown, while his other tone is a lighter, almost hazelnut brown. His hair takes various styles as well, but the two most common styles is brushed straight down, appearing to be a shaggy bowl cut look, only parted in the front to keep his bangs away from his eyes, while the other style he wears is slicked back, almost spikey in a way. He also wears various degrees of facial hair, whether it is non-existent, five a-clock shadow or almost a full beard, not quite there but still almost appearing to be a full beard.

His eyes, like his second tone of hair, is a unique hazelnut brown color. His nose takes shape to that of the more common, Greek style nose. His forehead is also holds forehead wrinkles, only two but they add to his more common joe appearance. He has a high cheek bone as well, and with that, the laugh lines above his mouth are also prominent. His lips are partially puffed and are a tiny bit paler then the rest of his face. His skin tone is well, slightly tanned but still noticeably white in looks. His eyebrows are slanted in such a way that he appears to always be angry, which his forehead wrinkles add to that grumpy appearance. His teeth, are actually quite polished and a noted trait about his teeth are that his canine teeth are actually slightly longer, and sharper than what a normal person would have.

His body isn’t very impressive to note either. His body’s build is a simple medium sized build, no definite sign of muscles, of his body being chiseled, or any way to really notice he has the strength that he does. His chest is quite rough in appearance and is actually fairly hairy; not Chewbacca hairy but it isn’t just a simple patch of hair on his chest. He weighs about, Two-hundred and thirty pounds, and his height is six feet, two inches. His arms are about the decent size they should be, reaching down to slightly below his waist. His hands are also average sized for his body, but if one were to touch them then they’d notice how course they actually were. His stomach is actually pretty smooth, excluding the happy trail upon it, but aside from that it has no noticeable muscles, such as a six-pack, but it isn’t overly devoid of muscle on it either. His legs are also fairly lanky in appearance, but seem to fit him just right.

Clothing of choice:

His clothing, like what most people wear, tends to vary in appearance. He usually wears a coat, whether it be summer or winter, the coat tends to be something from a sports jacket to a long, almost trench coat, this long-coat he wears has a somewhat large hood to protect himself from some of the effects of the sun. Usually the coats he wears are black, but the Sports coat is at times a dark, navy blue, and black with white pinstripes. He usually leaves his coats unbuttoned, revealing his usual choice for upper body clothing, whether it be a white tank-top, or other kinds of t-shirts that range and vary in color as well, from blues, grays, blacks and whites, however he never wears anything that has a style or logo on it, as he views them as tacky and stupid. He usually, if not always dons black leather gloves no matter what he wears.  Around his neck he wears a necklace made from a chain and at the end of the chain is a steel pentagram, painted to be brown, though in new places, or when meeting new people he usually has this necklace put under his shirt.

His pants, like the rest of his clothing do vary, however they stick with the normal black color, no matter what kind of shirt or coat he is wearing, his pants are always black. His pants range from slacks, to jeans, however he does match up what he wears as his coat, or shirt, with his pants, usually wearing a sports jacket with his slacks, and his long coat with jeans. His pants are actually fairly long for him, not to the point where he’s stepping on them all the time, but they reach down to about, two inches below his ankles. And most of the time he wears a black leather belt with his pants, no matter what he’s wearing, he always wears this belt. His socks, so they don’t clash with his pants, are always black socks, and they’re always pure black, never with any color or design on them. His shoes, as he only has and needs two pairs, are either black dress shoes, well-polished I may add, or black steel toed boots, which are fairly faded in color, almost being a grey, but they are in fact, black.

Weaponry of choice:

Sawed-Off Shotgun: Also called a sawn-off shotgun, or short barreled shotgun. It gets these names from having a shorter barrel from other shotguns. They are far easier to conceal than your average shotgun. Sawing off the barrel, makes it so that the round of the shotgun has a much higher spread, making aiming less needed. This specific model is a Remington 1740 Shotgun. A twelve gauge shotgun, doubled barreled at pump action. This weapon, due to the mechanics of the double barreled and pump action is a highly lethal and has a huge recoil rate, because of this it would require a fairly strong person to use this gun. It weighs about thirty pounds and holds a length of two feet in length. It fires eight times, making a total of sixteen 12 gauge shells in the gun at one time.  (Only has one: Carries only thirty shells at a time)

Dual M1911: The M1911 is a single action, semi-auto, recoil operated, magazine fed pistol. It weighs just a little under three pounds and has a total length of nine inches. It fires of .45 caliber ACP rounds and each magazine holds about seven rounds. It has an approximately fifty meters for it’s range and due to it being a semi-auto, or a round goes out each the time the trigger is pull down it has no real set for the rounds per minute. It possess a tranquilizer, high explosive, hollow point and .45 caliber rounds. (Has two. Usually carries three clips per gun, with a clip in each gun to begin with)

IMI Desert Eagle: The Desert Eagle is a large-frame, gas-operated semi-automatic pistol. Made by IMI (Israeli Military Industries) and the US (United States.) This gun claims a title of “Hand Cannon” due to the large frame and pure fire power behind these guns. With a total weight of 4.4 Lbs and a length of 14 Inches with a 10 inch barrel. The gun uses .50 Caliber Action Express rounds. However this select model has been, illegally modified in such a manner it cannot fire normal .50 AE rounds. The gun itself can only fire .50 Caliber Tungsten Rounds which have been modified to be both armor piercing and HE, or High Explosive. The gun, due to the sheer fire power behind it has an exceptionally high kick power to it. Due to the size of the ammunition of the gun it’s catrigde can only hold seven rounds, or seven bullets, at one time. The muzzle velocity or the speed in which a single bullet can move is about, 470 Meters Per Second, or 1541 feet per second. With an effective range of 200 meters, effect range meaning the range at which is can shoot with maximum accuracy, the gun has both a high payload and availably to kill, meaning that the gun can shoot within its maximum range in barely half a second’s time. (Has one: Only carries two clips, plus one already In the gun.)

SIG SG 550: THE SIG SG 550 is a closed bolt rifle that fires off 5.56 X 45mm NATO Rounds. It is a box fed weapon, having twenty rounds per box. It is a selective fire gun as well giving it four different features. S meaning Safety makes it so the gun is off and will not fire any rounds, 1 meaning Semi-Auto, which is a simple one round shot, 3 standing for Burst Action, which fires off three rounds per trigger squeeze and finally it has a 20 setting which makes the gun go into Full-Auto which sends it into a state that fires off all twenty bullets in quick unison, meaning Seven Hundred Rounds a minute. The gun weighs a total of 9.04 Lbs and has a total length of approximately fifty inches. An added bonus of the gun is the night glowing tritium sight which are both located at the rear of the gun and at the front of the gun adding precision. The gun also has various attachments which can be equipped to the gun. Such as: The 40 MM Grenade Launcher Under Barrel, A Red Dot Sight, Telescopic Scope, ACOG Scope, Flash Light, Flash Reducer, Suppressor, BIPOD, and a grip attachment. It also possess a tranquilizer round with it’s 5.56 X 45mm NATO rounds. (Has one: usually carries around three clips of ammunition, with a forth clip that is always in the gun.)

M-26 Taser: A taser is an electroshock weapon used for capturing ones without harming them. Rather then rely on pain, tasers actually target the nervous system to cause an electric charge to it, over powering one’s motor functions and muscle control, making it so they have involuntary muscle spasms. The taser fires two darts, or electrodes which are fired off by compressed nitrogen within the gun. It holds a sharp pulse allowing penetration into thicker object such as heavy clothing and even denser skin making the taser more versatile when shooting even slightly armored targets. The main weaknesses of the taser are the limited 35 feet. While the taser does not rely on pain to take down targets, meaning no pain is involved, if one were to remove the cartridge it would create a “drive stun” function which focuses on pain and does not interrupt the control of the brain to muscles making it so the drive stun setting is used to harm rather than to incapacitate. As this taser is a new model it can fire three times before reload is needed and moves at speeds similar to bullets, making the electrodes to be untraceable by the human eye. The damage a taser deals is also dependent on the time period to hold the trigger when the target is shot, a three second charge only deals the normal muscle spasms, a five second charge makes the target begin to black out and the spasms increase, a nine second charge makes the target black out and makes their muscle spasms like that of a cat eating a pound of catnip, or in better terms, completely erratic. (Has one)

Trench Knife: The trench knife was the perfect fusion of both Brass Knuckles and the traditional straight knife. The blade is a total of six inches long and is sleek with a dual sided blade. The blade, like the knuckles section is made from a durable reinforced steel able to puncture skin, wood and weak metals with ease. The end of the knife, or pommel, is also spiked to deal added damage if the pommel is used for bludgeoning. (Has one)

(Note: Won’t carry these weapons altogether, as it’d be pretty excessive. Desert Eagle will be a case by case usage)

Race: Vampire. D-Class


Possesses all the traits and abilities as per of the D-class vampire.
Quote :
Regeneration may take a long amount of time for major damage (ie: 10 posts), sublime supernatural strength, agility, stamina, durability, and reflexes, big weakness to silver and blessed weaponry but survivable, killable through conventional means, ability to turn virgins into vampires, non-virgins into somewhat weak ghouls, the need to drink blood occasionally, susceptible to unblessed damage (still fatal to them), meagre weakness to sunlight (as in they get sick around it).
Marksman Mastery: Gabriel is highly trained within the arts of marksmanship. This is due to the years of his training with guns, and an extensive study of them. His abilities also include within bows, crossbows and throwing weapons.  With this training he can judge distance, calculate for wind pressure; know the weaknesses of his weapons and to be able to hit a target with precision.

Expert Swordsmanship: In his training, as per his age, and a desire to keep up with former history of the world, Gabriel was taught in various parts of sword play. When using a sword, or knife the side arm does not matter, the weapon become just like another limb for the vampire, he’s able to masterly curve, strike and penetrates with his weapon. Knowing his weapon’s limitations, and the strength of his opponents in combat allows him to use his weapon to it’s fullest potential.

Advanced Hand-to-Hand: With his training he was taught in some forms of hand-to-hand combat, this combat isn’t very professional however and as such isn’t that effective against those with a high level of hand-to-hand fighting. His abilities allow him to use some degrees of minor martial arts, knowing how to disarm, kill and defend himself with his hands. However his abilities do not go much further than that.

Advanced biblical knowledge: Somewhat useless after becoming a vampire, Gabriel possesses an in-depth knowledge of the Christian Scriptures. He can quote various scriptures off of his head, know where verses are, and be able to complete comprehend the bible.

Smoking: After years of training, Gabriel has mastered the ability of being able to breathe smoke from his nostrils.

Organization: Unaffiliated


+ One trait of Gabriel is his Clear-headedness. His clear-headedness is a key point to have as a positive trait due to it allowing him to keep a clear-head in most situations. This allows him to keep away from distractions, such as fear and other emotions, especially when a key moment is occurring allowing him to think through it. This allows him to think through problems, or situations, where others would be succumbed by stress or anxiety. It also keeps him aware of his surroundings, forcing him to gauge any problems he may see before they occur, much like a sixth sense.

+ Another key point of him is his Dedication. Once he has his mind set on something, Gabriel won’t let go. He’ll remain dedicated to it, even if it costs him his life. He will remain dedicated to any order, or task he is given to him, no matter how tedious it is. Of course he only shows his dedication to people he respects, such as a leader or ally, unless he has something to gain out of being dedicated to someone else. This dedication extends to all matters, even if it ends up to something such as murdering someone, however he will never commit self-harm of suicide at someone’s request, no matter how loyal he is to them.

+ He shows concern by him being Self-Reliant. He is self-reliant to the point of being considered a lone-wolf; this is not the case however. He prefers to work alone on most things, mainly to keep others out of harm’s way. Though he will never state it, he believes that him working alone, as opposed to working in a team, will get more done and make it so less tears are shed about something tragic occurring. He also will never admit he does this to keep others safe. His self-reliance is also attributed to him being, somewhat selfish, thinking that others have no idea what he wants and that they’d do something completely opposite of what he desires he prefers to be alone so he can achieve what he wants to achieve.

+ In most situations he is also Realistic. He remains realistic in not being too optimistic, or in turn pessimistic. He remains serious at most instances, allowing others to keep to their own viewpoints in dire situations as he just is realistic about it. He doesn’t show being fearful, or happy about situations, he just lives through them as realistic as possible. He lives for the moment, not caring about the future and past, always dwelling on the now. This allows him to be realistic in how he doesn’t worry, or get happy about the possible future. He also notes his own limitations, and the limitations of others, making him cautious to use his abilities carelessly without properly and realistically examining his foe first.

+ Being Relaxed is also a notable trait. His being relaxed goes in line with him being realistic. He doesn’t get too hyped up about anything, preferring to be chill about everything. He does this to examine and analyze situations. This extends to joyous occasions and sad occasions, never really being emotional about either, just relaxing all the while. He’s not one to jump into a fight, unless one were to provoke him or if he was ordered to by a leader, rather than relaxing and attempting to break an enemy by word play, preferring to fight with words then to just waste energy and jump into a fight. He isn’t lazy about anything however; he just prefers to take things slowly, once again to save energy.

- Gabriel is quite Arrogant. Despite being cautions to use his abilities, as not to reveal what he can do, Gabriel is also quite arrogant. Not the kind of arrogant that causes one to shout, or boast about their abilities, but it is far more, dark then that. His arrogance is placed, both within his abilities and himself, even to the point of loving himself. While he isn’t sexually aroused by anyone, or anything, Gabriel is quite the narcissistic man, which means he is actually attracted to himself. This has led him to want to protect his body; at any cost he’ll attempt to keep himself from most forms of being harmed. He has a minor arrogance in those he affiliates with as well; viewing them as better than most people he would have a reason to be arrogant over.

- He shows much Apathy. His apathy is shown to those he doesn’t know, or people he does know that he simply doesn’t really care about. This trait is quite typical in terms of description of the trait of apathy, simply being careless about the sufferings of others. His apathy also goes in hand with him being realistic or relaxed; he simply doesn’t concern himself that much over petty things. Though on most occasions his apathy is only shown those he doesn’t know or to those who irritate him, he also shows it to those who are cowardly, running away before standing their ground and continuing whatever goal they wanted to do. He just doesn’t care about weaklings, whether they be weak mentally, emotionally or physically.

- Gabriel is also quite Vulgar. This is the most, loud trait that Gabriel has out of all of them. Despite not being easily aroused, he is quite vulgar about a few things in life, whether it is sexual or otherwise. He has little to no shame talking about such things in public, even talking to small children about such things. This has led him to having very little morals of what is right and what is wrong, only considering about what his own ideas and opinions are based around. As such, he is far more vulgar towards those who preach about their own ideals, religion, beliefs and so forth, even going to the point of belittling them.

- Being Snide is another trait he holds. His being snide mixes in with him being vulgar. He uses these two traits just to irritate people. This goes more in line with him belittling others, whether for his own amusement, or just to get people made for the hell of it, he usually does this with people he shows no problems with, not to friends, but to people he is on neutral or even bad terms with. He simply is a jerk to those types of people, simply not having a lack of caring about them enough to be apathetic towards them, but not liking them enough to listen to them. Mainly he chooses to do this to higher ups, government officials and anyone else who come across to him as being fairly serious.

- He is also quite Sadistic. If harmed, or if he harms another being and brings out blood on either sides he becomes more feral then anything. He goes into a sadistic rage, which he can turn on allies of the moment if going into this rage; however his sadism can be seen as very cruel. He generally enjoys striking down an enemy to a point that they attempt to run or are on their last legs, he then gives to the hunt like a wolf. Toying with his prey, giving the occasional weak strike just to get them running. You could say he gets a certain high off of the adrenaline rush, the blood pumping to hunt your enemy. He at times is an addict to this blood rush of adrenaline, killing a person or some other creature slowly, watching them be terrified by him.

Rank: N/A


Gabriel Hopkins was like any other kid his age, well not entirely. He was born in New York City, New York, however he was orphaned, not something as cliché as both of his parents dying, no they just didn’t want him, it was pure and simple, mainly because he was god-forsaken bastard child of a high ranking government official, a famous senator no less and one of his many, many maid-servants. His mother, was thrown out onto the streets like the cow she was, hating the child for ruining such a life for her, cursing the infant to hell, however she couldn’t kill the child , for that would be murder, and she was a devote Christian, so she did the second best thing and left him abandoned at a Monastery. The child was then found by a Nun, the child, or more the baby was simply just a week old, not even old enough to remember anyone of his blood, even the Church didn’t know who his parents were.

He was a healthy child, and with him being taken in by the Church he was taught, and Baptized under the will of God. He was actually quite well behaved; he even showed traits that he would become a Priest when he grew older, following the Bible Code to a T. However at the age of six, something awful happened to him, the church was always, devoid of moral, Christianity as a whole was devoid of morals, but on one night, when he was helping the nun who had cared for him from birth, the Pastor, well one of the many at that specific Monastery, wished to see the boy, alone. The child agreed, after all, who wouldn’t want to spend time with a Priest? However this wasn’t some, helping out cleaning project, or carrying a jug of holy water, no, it was corrupt and filled with sin. The rape of a boy at the mere age of six, raped by the people whom he cared for, for who he looked up to, however he was too young to know what was happening, it just, left him scarred inside.

However, this raping, it only wasn’t a one-time deal, how could it be? No, it happened every day for the next two years, the boy all the while was oblivious,” Was I supposed to enjoy, what was it, it hurt a lot, why does he enjoy it?” Those were questions he always asked himself, never aloud, never in prayer to God, he asked himself those question all the time, after all he was eight, he was prone to ask questions, though they were never aloud, no he knew better than that. Besides, even if the bible said being Gay was detestable, it never said anything about man and boy did it? No, so it was right, wasn’t it? Gabriel was unsure of such things, and as such, kept himself quiet about them, too intimidated to speak up, even to those he trusted. But he continued in his studies, in doing whatever he could do to increase his knowledge of the bible.

However, at the age of twelve, it stopped, he continued as a normal boy. He excelled at his studies; however his studies were just there to fill the growing hate within his heart. He continued to be well taught in everything he did, following morals, codes and other guidelines given to him by the church. He continued to follow these guidelines and his chores around the orphanage/church were decent. He often saw families until on one occasion, at the age of thirteen, a devout Christian family. The family took him to his new home, still in New York. After packing his bags and leave, Gabriel began a new life under the name of “Hopkins”. His parents kept him at home schooling, as the transfer of the a life filled with Christian studies and suddenly being exposed to the uncleanness of the world would be too harsh for the boy.

His new father, Steven Hopkins, was a sub-par shot, as he was part of the police force, and wanted to teach Gabriel how to defend himself, and his adoptive mother if it ever came to it. Steven taught Gabriel how to properly use a fire-arm, how to take one apart and put it back together. He also taught him adapt skills in using a gun. From that point on, Gabriel wanted to join the military, as long as he kept with his biblical studies. His gun training with his father increased, his bible studies were slightly lessened but they continued on in full length. Gabriel also began to talk to more kids his own age, so he wouldn’t be as awkward as he probably would of if he joined the army without any formal social skills. He made sure to strength train, to remain fit and the like for joining the army.  

At the age of eighteen, he joined as one of the many soldiers his age to join the military. With his former training, from his father, his training in the military went exceptionally smooth. He formed some bonds with the various people there, becoming close friends with people of Christian background, not really caring for anyone who wasn’t known to be a Christian.  He kept up with this bible readings, and even held a small group with his friends. His combat unit was deployed to a small African country that needed assistance of the U.S to aid it in maintaining its democracy. His unit was charged with keeping various important officials, politicians and the like, in the country safe and had to provide any military support if needed.  For the first year everything went smooth, on problems arose and his unit was fairly relaxed. Gabriel even had the chance of starting a small church group.

The next few years, at the age of twenty-five, Gabriel and his unit warded off some bandits and other groups with enough courage to attempt to fight off the rising democratic country. The spiritual need seemed to be increased evermore so and as such; Gabriel elected himself to become a pastor for a small rundown church at the town he was stationed at in the main square. But after this period of time, at the age of thirty, Gabriel’s unit was thereby sent back to America to return to their families for the year.  Gabriel was happily reunited with his family and was informed about some old heirlooms that his adoptive father, Steven, had found while Gabriel was away. It told of a soldier, much like Gabriel who formed the mantle of the Hopkins name, an alias, not much of one,  a priest who had a specialty in exorcisms. Gabriel took a leave of absence from the military and for the next five years, at the age of thirty five, he developed priestly duties.

However, one of these “Exorcisms” didn’t go quite as well as planned.  Gabriel was attacked by a vampire and with no proper training against it, he was horribly screwed. However, fearing that the myths of becoming a vampire were true, he attempted to kill himself moments before the vampire had a chance to sink it’s teeth into his flesh.  However, the vampire showed him the possible power he could obtain if Gabriel were to become a vampire himself, Gabriel accepted, the promise was... intoxicating in the least. Gabriel forsook everything he had known, it was amusing, he had never felt so alive as he had then.  The vampire, who turned him, taught him of the strengths, and weaknesses of being a vampire. He found the thrill of killing to be amazing, he became more and more sadistic with each kill he performed, the desire increased. However he kept this under-wrap as much as he could, even to the point not returning to his family, ever.

He managed to get ahold of his military buddies, now all of them at the age of forty and sought them out, asking if they still had weapons, or favors within the army that they could procure weapons for Gabriel. As his buddies felt in debt to him from their mission in Africa they pulled out every string they could and got Gabriel a small arsenal. Gabriel established a safe house where he get his guns, the coffin in which had soil from his home-land and various other gear. He tried to remain under the radar as much as he could, since he reasoned that there had to be more than two vampires in the world, him and the one who turned him, so he remained cautious, only feeding when absolutely needed.

For the next ten years, Gabriel felt himself increase in power the more he fed. He never really wished to turn anyone into what he understood as Ghouls, or vampires, as he thought it simply would draw too much attention. It’s hard to keep a horde of zombies under the radar after all. So he simply killed people before drinking their blood.  For ten years he was dedicated to this and didn’t concern himself with the world.  Though more recently he pulled a favor of getting him a flight to London, as he was getting bored with the states and simply wanted to go, no just reason at all. Packing his coffin with new soil from New York and transporting his gear onto a private plane Gabriel was flown into London. And this, this is where his history ends and begins anew in London, Britain, year 2004.

RP sample:

New York City, the stalwart of the world, the believed capital of America by many people around the world, thought to be the place where the American Dream was supposed to come true. The streets crowded with men and women, young and old, most hiding their possible supernatural  gifts, their physical changes, while other looked perfectly “normal” as some would call it. The ending of fall, or autumn was fast approaching. The night descending onto the city faster than it has previously during the summer. The lined streets held people gripping close together in bundles of warm coats, a cup full of their choice of beverage still steaming, fresh from the store they purchased the drinks from within. New York, the city that never sleeps, lights from the various office buildings, on intensities from Times Square with the massive advertisements, displaying various concoctions made by famous companies around the states, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Lays Potato Chips, Dorritos, the display was endless, no wonder most people in America were deemed fat or obese.

A man, out of the ground, seemed as normal as everyone else. He wore a long black coat which reached down to his knees. The collar of the coat was smoothed down; it appeared the man didn’t even seem to be effected by the cold, because he wasn’t. It was a light cold for him, about forty degrees but it felt like nothing to him. A lit cigar hanged out of the side of his mouth, the brown wrapping withering away with each puff that escaped his nostrils, it takes years, if not decades of smoking to master such thing, but he had plenty of time to do so. Around his neck a pentagram dangled back and forth, slapping against his chest with each walk, the shirt he was wearing as a white tank top, revealing the upper portions of his chest. He wore black denim jeans with a black leather belt wrapped around the loops. He also wore his steel toed boots, only the top of the boots and some of the back was covered by the legs of the jeans he wore.

He always hated the coming of winter, for the damn holiday, hell every public holiday had roots in Christianity, and it was amusing to see they needed mascots, but he knew all too well the workings of the Christian Church. He moved through darkened back way alleys, which were rarely traversed at night, due to the people who were out at such a time. Most people sought safety in numbers; he was confident, or arrogant enough to know that none of the scum who deemed themselves rapists, murderers and thieves would be much of a challenge if any. He held both of his M1911s within his coat, one gun on the left, one on the right. He kept an every presence scanning of the area, to be alerted to any problems in a moment’s time, giving him the chance to protect himself if the time had arisen. He continued to walk along the cemented path until he saw something out of the corner of his eye, three men, trying to rape a woman, but he simply didn’t give a shit. Apparently however one of the goons noticed him and shouted out at the agent of lucifer.

“That’s right, keep on walking buddy, nothing to see here.”

The chump called out and to emphasize his point, threw a bottle at Gabriel. The glass harmlessly shattered against the build that Gabriel at been walking next to. A smoke filled sigh poured out of his mouth as he stopped walking…


“And what can you do humans? You are nothing but weaklings invoking the wrath of a stronger being. Your souls shall be destroyed, tarnished in the fierier depths of hell, where they shall rot for all eternity. I’d rather not waste my weapons on your ilk, but it remains unforeseeable. ”

Of course, the chump had to make this personal; he invoked the wrath of the strong vampire, now he had to pay the price. His eyes moved to the corner of the socket, getting a perfect view of the chumps. His right hand moved quickly into the breast of his coat and in perfect succession pulled out an M1911, he’d rather not waste ammo, but four bullets didn’t cost much. He aimed the barrel at the schmuck who had thrown the bottle… Blam! A bullet ringed out of the metal barrel and quickly flew into the man’s neck, the bullet being hollowed point caused a hole to form in the man’s neck, much bigger than what should have been caused by the normal bullets, but that was the beauty of hollow points. Another shot fired out, the bullet again hollow point hit the other male in the side of his face, hitting the man right on the tip of the eye, the bullet continued to travel causing his nose to be blown off, the bullet kept traveling and hit the man's other eye, with the angle the attack wasn’t fatal, but it would be. The noseless man shouted in horror as he cupped his nose, blood poured from his eyes sockets, the man who had initiated the gangbang quickly wrapped an arm around the woman’s neck; obviously a low level vampire with higher speeds then the normal human could be qualified.  

The weaker vampire pushed a gun against his female victim’s face. Gabriel grinned slightly, a hostage situation? Perfect. As the now noseless man was on the ground, blood pouring out of the gaping hole in his face was down for the count. Gabriel didn’t waver either. He knew what bullet was coming next, a simple .45 caliber, and with the current position, once again perfect. His eyes grew a devilish hue at the sight of the blood, his grin higher than it was before, threatening to rip his face in half, or so it appeared. The man now held a feral look, an insane and sadistic look on his face, who the fuck cared about innocents, they had provoked him, if that bitch hadn’t been out the now of this would of happened, she was sobbing, thinking her life was coming to an end, which it was. The rapist now held the woman in front of him, her throat in perfect parallel to his throat. Once again, the muzzle of the gun lit up in flame, a bullet flew out of the gun, striking the woman in the throat, continuing on in flying into the man’s throat, a through and through shot. For good measure, Gabriel continued to fire upon the body, in the head and heart respectively. Gabriel made short work of the bloody mess, he licked up the blood from the pavement, only a small amount however, he had to get going.  He didn’t care about the loose casings, or the man who had bled to death without a nose. His fingerprints were never on the bullets, the guns themselves weren’t legal to own, they were in fact, without serial numbers, leaving him completely ambiguous.

It was a sloppy murder, but in all honesty he didn't care, he had done justice, killing those in the wrong. A smoking puff once again left his mouth as he kept walking through the streets, his feral adrenaline had now passed from his body, and the dead were now taken care of, nothing else to get hyped about. He returned the smoking gun into it’s proper place in the left breast holster of his coat. He walked back out to the busy streets and groaned, it was going to be a long night. He pulled the cigar butt away from his mouth and pressed it against the palm of his hand, leaving smoke and cinders rise from his hand. He shook it off and kept walking; his hand moved into his jeans pockets. He rolled his neck on his shoulders, causing a few cracks to be heard. Distant sounds of police cars now sounded in his ears, a grin pressed against his lips, a long but fun night indeed.
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why did he forsake everything he was taught?
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Gabriel Hopkins (Finished)
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