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 Sofia Devorah Update

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PostSubject: Sofia Devorah Update   Sun Jul 14, 2013 1:30 pm

(Updated her personality and corrected a few things about Mossad, also specified a bit more of the obscure things in her abilities and gave her f-stats in speed, which I will gladly train IC for if its required even though she rarely chooses to move that fast.)

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing?  If so how far have you gotten?  If not please direct your attention to YouTube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least.  Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga.  The anime is not canon. This is not our opinion. This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano.

I've seen it all.

Name: Sofia Devorah

Name Meanings:

Sofia: Wisdom, intelligence, insight.
Devorah: The name of the Prophetess and Judge who led a revolt against Jabin, king of Canaan.

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Physical appearance: Sofia is a very petite, lithe woman who's looks often mistake her for some delicate flower that's ripe for picking, when its the exact opposite. Standing at only 5 feet 4.5 inches (164 cm) and weighing 145lbs, nothing about the sniper's physical form is intimidating in the slightest, even with her training her muscles aren't so threatening as to make someone hesitate in attacking her head on, but that doesn't mean much considering her skill-set. Covering well-toned muscle gained through rigorous training is decently smooth skin, a dulled cream in color. Her hands, no stranger to kickback from high-caliber weapons, are callused and toughened; though mostly hidden by her now preferred hand wear. She has long, slender fingers with neatly filed, short nails - never having touched nail polish. Above lightly pink colored eyes that are ever alert of her surroundings are thin eyebrows, placed on a wide-forehead that's hidden every now and then behind raven black, shoulder-length hair that frame her smooth, soft facial features - features that commonly become cold and indifferent once behind the scope of her rifle.

As a former Mossad agent, Sofia has both of the agencies motto's tattooed on her body, though they are always hidden by her jacket and, unless someone around her reads Hebrew, are almost impossible to understand. "For by wise guidance you can wage your war" is written in Hebrew (be-tachbulot ta`aseh lekha milchamah) form on her stomach just above her waistline, while tattooed across her lower back also just above her waistline is the second motto; "Where there is no guidance, a nation falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety" also written in Hebrew (be-'éyn tachbulot yippol `am; u-teshu`ah be-rov yo'éts) form, both tattoos being in black ink and in a cursive style.

And from her small time working alongside the Shayetet 13, she also has a tattoo of their motto as well, placed along her left shoulder-blade also in black ink saying “Never Again.” in reference to the Holocaust. Her final two tattoo's rest on each of her forearms.

On her right forearm is one that reads:

"As in Heaven, as on Earth,
We've been dead since our birth."

It runs down her forearm in this format, black ink, cursive font.

And on the left is one that reads:

"As in Life, as in Death,
Breathing till there is no breath."

Also runs down her forearm in this format, also in black ink and cursive font.

Clothing of choice:

Sofia's standard dress-code for daily activities consists of a green military-style jacket with a detachable fur-lined collar, having the Hellsing Coat of arms on the right shoulder. It has two deep pockets on either side and an inside breast pocket on the right side for storage of handheld items, though she commonly removes it for distraction purposes when its needed in the field. Under this, she wears a standard white, short-sleeved t-shirt that is slightly pulled up by her bust due to being slightly smaller than her standard clothing size, revealing a small portion of her stomach and the tattoo's above her waistline in the process. However, this is normally hidden as the jacket she wears is usually kept closed. Moving on, on her calloused and toughened hands she wears a pair of green fingerless gloves to protect her already worn palms from further kickback of her weapons (the gloves themselves being slightly worn around the palms.)

Below, she wears lightly tanned, slightly worn down cargo pants with a white strap belt. She makes no attempt to be fancy with her clothing, though she does keep the ends tucked into her boot. They're lined with several pockets, mostly used to store extra magazines for her rifles or other important items that could be of use to her on the field. On her feet are white socks and heavy duty combat boots tied down tightly over them. However, aside from this one set outfit, as a sniper and ex-spy, she will wear anything that'll help her accomplish her assigned mission, be it mud and a ghillie suit, a ballroom dress and corset, or a business suit and heels. The outfits with her are literally endless.    


Weaponry of choice:

The rifle Sofia is most familiar with and commonly seen taking into a combat situation is the Accuracy International AWM. A bolt-action sniper rifle with a 5-round detachable box magazine (5 total) and detachable aperture type iron sights with day or night optics, designed for magnum rifle cartridge chamberings. The AWM's longer bolt accommodates dimensionally larger magnum-length cartridges such as the .300 Winchester Magnum and the .338 Lapua Magnum. The bolt head, locking ring, and extractor and magazines also work with the increased size and operating pressures of magnum rifle cartridges. Muzzle brakes are fitted to reduce recoil, jump and flash and act as a base for optional iron sights. Its overall length is 1230 mm (48.4 in.) and weighs 6.9 kg (15.1 lb), having green and black colorization with the combination of the stock, barrel and sights. She prefers to fire blessed .338 Lapua Magnum rounds, giving her an effective range of 1,500 m (1,640 yd). She also has a TBAC 30P-1 silencer for it to drastically reduce the noise of her shots for when the need for stealthy cover fire arises.


A sidearm Sofia always carries with her, placed in a hip holster hidden by her jacket, is a Taurus PT92. A double action/single action, 9x19mm Parabellum, double-stack magazine, semi-automatic, short recoil action pistol. It weighs 960 g (34oz) with a length of 216 mm (8.5in), firing standard 9x19mm rounds with a standard 17 round detachable box magazine (3 total). The PT92 is the standard sidearm of the Brazilian Army, however in her 'travels' Sofia has taken a liking to it and has made it her handgun of choice.


The last weapon Sofia carries on her person is hidden on the back of her waist in its sheath, which is attached to the back of her belt. She keeps a KA-BAR combat knife with an Asian-influenced Tanto blade shape, this Ka-Bar combat knife is designed for the toughest of tasks and has proven useful in more than one situation in her past, being a remnant of her time in Mossad, its seen its fair share of combat. Possessing an 095 Cro-Van black, 1095 carbon steel blade at 8 inches in length with a 20-degree edge angle, with its overall length being 12-7/8 inches with the Kraton G handle included, weighing only 0.75 lbs. Add in her glass-filled nylon sheath and you have an EX-Mossad agent with a terrific knife for combat applications, even doubling as a throwing knife in the right hands. Including its use as a melee weapon, the KA-BAR is used to open cans, dig trenches, and cut wood and roots.


Not really a weapon, though in the right hands it can be used as one, it's more so a means of escape from bindings. Sofia keeps a razor blade tucked inside a tiny pocket on the inside of her glove on the bottom of her wrist. Its kept in a plastic covering to avoid cutting herself when she doesn't need it. Its extremely sharp and useful for if her hands are tied (literally) she can easily pull it out from the edge of her glove with her fingertips and cut through her bindings (rope, cord, anything thats not metal in nature). And, if the need to improvise is ever required, a means to cut someones throat with from behind.

Race: Human


Sofia brings to bear a capacity to improvise, rare expertise, knowledge in sophisticated weaponry, a command of languages, and psychological insight. In other words, a very specific set of skills. She will find you, and she will kill you.

Being an Ex-Mossad agent, Sofia is extremely skilled in Intelligence Collection, Counter Intelligence, Special Reconnaissance, Covert Operations, and Counter-Terrorism Tactics. Making her ideal for any delicate matters that may need to be carried out with the tenderness that only she can deliver. She also has knowledge on bomb making - such as Mossads cellphone bomb trick, but it doesn't expand beyond small things like that.

She's lived most of her life under constant threat. She's no stranger to having to disappear from her station, emerge under a few various identities, conceal herself and rub shoulders with the enemy; a part of her job that's forced her to focus on her surroundings to the point of it almost being second-nature, allowing her to notice the most minute changes in a situation or the physical area she inhabits, and has granted her amazing skills in acting.

She's also skilled in tracking as well. If the target moves, she'll move with it. If anything Sofia was capable of could rival her skill with a rifle, it would be her mental endurance. She's capable of going up to five days and nights without sleep tracking someone, while still being aware and alert of the situation. Once she's locked onto the target, she ensures that it doesn't disappear on her watch. She takes care to stay on the lookout, she must not fall asleep, she must not be caught. This is what she was taught, what she did. This girl has been to nearly every county on earth, and has carried out operational missions that most others wouldn't even dare touch over the few years she's been doing her work. She has marvelous intelligence achievements to her name despite her young age.

Her preference as a Sniper makes her try to avoid close quarters combat if possible, but if it comes down to an exchange of fists, Sofia is no stranger too using her skill in Krav Maga, the national martial art of Israel, for hand-to-hand purposes. A skill she had hammered into her while in Mossad and by her Mother as a child. It’s philosophy is based on the principle that in a real street fight no quarter will be asked or given. Fight to kill, there are no rules (groin shots and eye gouges approved). It also teaches one to always be aware of their surroundings, pushing Sofia's situational and spacial (area her body inhabits) awareness to borderline supernatural levels. She jokingly refers to it as "Jew-jitsu" when asked about it.

Ontop of these skills, Sofia is also a very proficient sniper. Her skill with her rifle is top notch, having been taught to shoot with both her left and right hands. She's capable of putting a bullet into a ten cent dime at 1500 yards away (which is nearly one mile) with relative ease and effort, allowing her to rank amongst Mossad's top snipers. It should also be noted that she's skilled enough with her rifle to tag low-class supernatural creatures in motion, demonstrated when taking out a number of FREAKS during a raid on a Millennium base in her time in Mossad. She is also skilled in Wilderness & Survival training, Stealth and Escape operations, and Distraction tactics. She knows how to use the surrounding environment to her advantage, be it using whatever objects are near by for the distraction of enemy soldiers, using the brush for camouflage, and even use the local plant life around her as food or a medical agent if the proper plants are available.

Military training has granted her immense stamina, allowing her to run flat out for a mile before her hands start shaking, and cover a three mile run in 16 minutes flat, though she can surge into F.stats if she tries (though she mostly only does this to cover distances to another hide as quickly as possible.) She's also speaks Hebrew (obvious), German (ironic, but previously necessary), Arabic (needed for a few missions in the Mossad), and English (most commonly used language on earth, most commonly needed). The last skill she has is one involving hand signals to silently signal teammates without speaking, something commonly used in her time in Mossad.


Sofia is just like any normal person; she jokes around, she laughs, and very rarely she even gets frightened. However, she's much more reserved and confident in her abilities than most others, she has almost no doubts about herself. Having been sent to countries undercover for months at a time, she had to become confident in her abilities or she most likely wouldn't be here today. She fully believes that, after years of hard training to acquire the skills she currently has, she can overcome any obstacle if she puts her mind to it. A trait that also makes her hate when the people around her sell themselves short on their own capabilities. She also makes it a point to fully understand her surroundings before trying anything, making her very thorough.

Contrary to popular display, even as a sniper she's not Anti-Social in any way. She'll engage in a conversation with anyone if she's spoken to, but whether the exchange of words is fruitful for the other party is debatable, as Sofia is a very skilled liar. Sofia has the capability to act out a personality depending on if she's undercover or not, having used various false identities in the past and infiltrated several governments, she has no problem playing the part of someones wife or a government employee. So, depending on the topic of the conversation, how well she knows you, and if she's undercover or not, the conversation could leave you knowing less that what you knew when it first started. Normally, when not trying to keep a cover going, most people view her as a somewhat friendly - though very straight-forward, blunt and matter-of-factual - tomboy, others think shes a total bitch. It really depends on how the other person views straightforwardness.  

She's shown to even be incredibly willful and stubborn at times, a trait that's been proven a few times in her past to be extremely useful when being interrogated and beaten. An understandable byproduct from years of harsh Mossad training and years of field experience.

When deceptive diplomacy isn't an option, she's far from merciful. Fully sinking into her Mossad and Sniper mindsets, the fruit of her training fully shows itself in her soft features when they commonly take on an indifferent expression when “neutralizing” a hostile, be it by sniping from a distance or cutting someones throat from behind, she doesn't care. Having been in enemy countries where they'd kill you for speaking a single sentence in Hebrew, she's made it a habit to be very analytical, tactical, thorough and refined when on the field, and shows no signs of pity while doing her gruesome work. She has zero-qualms about driving her thumbs into a persons eye-sockets and twisting if that's what it takes to get the job done. Professional, detailed, and ruthless when in the field, that's what Sofia is - A soldier.

A common theory long discussed by several of her former coworkers is that Sofia actually enjoys the feeling of power sniping gives her. Leading her target and choosing when and where they'll die by choosing when to pull the trigger. On several occasions she's been spotted smirking while behind her scope, sprouting this rumor. And while its not wrong, its not entirely right either. She does take a small hint of satisfaction in it, but she doesn't really dwell on it for long. The moment she feels the recoil of her rifle push against her body is the moment that tiny bit of momentary satisfaction is gone, and she moves on to her next target.

Jewish by birth, not by faith, Sofia holds a certain amount of pride in herself and her people for becoming dependent on themselves, something that occurred during her time in Mossad. She came to realize how strong her people really are during several missions of bringing Jews back to Israel from countries where official Aliyah agencies are forbidden, and protecting Jewish communities worldwide. Insulting her people is one of the very few (if not only) ways to really irritate her to no end, despite her normally reserved attributes. (One example of how 'irritated' she can get is when she threatened to castrate an American soldier during a joint operation for him making a stereotype about the Jewish people, which she didn't find amusing in the slightest.) After Joining Hellsing she became a protestant (though, her religion didn't play a major part in her life even when she was in Israel, so changing it wasn't that big of a deal for her.)

During her time in Hellsing, Sofia met and developed an 'interest' in Alisa Wulfstan, a member of the Wild Geese Mercenaries. Sofia's interest in the redheaded merc could be seen as having 'romantic' inspiration due to the occasional flirting exchanged between the two and the time they spend together. Though the full extent of Sofia's feelings toward this subject haven't been fully explored, it's safe to say she isn't afraid to try given everything she's done so far.

Organization: Hellsing Organization.

Rank: Field Agent.


Born in Ariel, Israel in 1979, a year after the settlement was built. Before her birth, Sofia's parents were one of many families that were prepared psychologically to withstand starting a new settlement from scratch, and with her Mother being a Mossad Agent, that wasn't much of a problem. She adapted to it rather easily, her father, however, was a bit harder to integrate into the new, somewhat harsh lifestyle. Growing up in a newly started settlement where water was supplied by tanker truck and very little electricity was available, life was far from luxurious and fun activities were very limited.

She gained her education both at the schoolhouse that was built and at home by her Mother; not only in the normal things she'd need to know; such as a math and history, but also in self defense. Seeing as how unstable Israel was and the settlement being directly on the border, Sofia's mother thought it best to introduce her daughter into self defense at a young age.

Sofia wasn't just gradually introduced into Krav Maga, she was also taught several other survival tactics in case something happened and she needed to protect herself, though at the time Sofia saw this as a better way to pass the time than kicking rocks around for entertainment, so she really didn't object. Luckily, things remained relatively peaceful as she grew up, her education and practices continued until she turned seven-teen. It was at this time she followed in her mothers footsteps and joined Mossad in 1996, and went through standard training. Something she didn't struggle in due to previous, before-hand training from her Mother, which caused her skill to only improve.

A year later, at eight-teen, she was sent undercover and even participated in an operation against Khaled Mashal, the Hamas representative in Jordan, which resulted in a failed assassination attempt, as well as participating in several other alleged operations under Mossad, including Operation Bramble Bush II in the 1990's where she and other Mossad agents began scouting locations in Iraq where Saddam Hussein could be ambushed by Sayeret Matkal commandos, before she was called away and reassigned to another, slightly more meaningful operation in another part of the world.

However, the operation was related to a mission that took place several years earlier in Germany, where the Mossad carried out the "Operation Wrath of God" (1972–1988) campaign with the sending of letter bombs to individuals allegedly involved in the 1972 Munich massacre in which 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team were murdered, most importantly to Nazi war-criminal, Alois Brunner. The Mossad had tried to assassinate Alois Brunner with letter bombs, but failed to do so; only losing an eye and a few fingers. In 1997 was when Brunner was seen alive. Mossad decided to not leave the job unfinished. This is where Sofia's first encounter with Millennium and "Vampires" occurred.

During this time she and a select few Mossad were sent to assassinate the war criminal once and for all, but this time with rifles instead of letter bombs. For several days they managed to track a few leads - which were few and far apart - of the war criminal before they finally found him hiding out in a small - not yet known - Millennium research base in the outskirts of Syria. Due to the remote location the base was in, it was rather easy for Sofia and her comrades to set up, though what came next was unexpected. Alois Brunner had received injury from the previous assassination attempt with the letter bombs, and he was getting on in age, so he went to participate in Millenniums "Vampire" projects to prolong his lifespan and recover from the damage he'd taken.

The original plan was to snipe Brunner from a distance and retreat, though this plan changed when they found out they'd not only stumbled onto one Nazi war criminal, but onto a hive of Nazi scientists and what resembled a concentration camp. Reforming a new plan, Sofia and her team thought it best to deal with as many of them as possible before retreating, seeing as how scientists outnumbered actual soldiers at this base, it seemed like a good plan. Sofia began the operation by firing shots from her rifle into their original target, Alois Brunner's head, followed by a few of the scientists within her view from a safe perch, while the rest of her squad began their own work by doing what they did best. Skilled as the Mossad agents were, infiltrating the base was rather easy. A few cut throats and severed spines tended to give them easy access to guarded areas, however there was something they didn't account for. Originally meant to be a swift in and out slaughter turned into an all massacre of half of the squad.

Whatever experiments the Nazi's were preforming were working surprisingly well, as some of the soldiers at the camp - few as there were - were FREAK's. Superhuman or supernatural, Sofia didn't care, they were far too dangerous to fight head on. Luckily, she wasn't a preferred head on fighter. Several shots from her rifle managed to stop a few, experiment or not: a bullet to the head stopped just about anything. Sadly, of the six Mossad agents that participated in the fight (herself included), only two managed to get away with Sofia providing cover fire. After a the dead Mossad agents were brought back as Ghouls minutes into the fighting, they decided that this was too much for those remaining to deal with. Though casualties were made on both sides, it wasn't as smooth as they wanted. Their original mission of assassinating Brunner was a success, but they stumbled upon something far more dangerous than a washed up - now dead - war criminal.

After evac got them to safety, Mossad went over the report and, along with a collaboration with Shayetet 13, two days later sent Sofia - after her insisting - and a much larger team to the location in order to purge everyone and everything on site and destroy the camp. They didn't succeed, when they arrived the camp was abandoned with all the research, bodies and things of interest gone. Mossad continued its research into the site and what its purpose was for the next four years, with Sofia being an avid part of the investigation before she was called off the case and sent on yet another mission. This time participating in the killing of Fathi Shiqaqi, where her and another Mossad agent shot him several times in the head in 1995 in front of the Diplomat Hotel, and continued doing her work for Mossad until 2002, where, at the age of 23, helped in the alleged killing of Jihad Ahmed Jibril before continuing to investigate the Millennium base and what she saw there.

Stories of War were always terrifying, but rarely did you hear anyone talk about the dead coming back to life as "ghouls" and trying to kill fellow agents. Most people on earth would think you're crazy. Aside from other, quick Mossad operations, Sofia continued to investigate the camp on her own time, using all of her available methods, as well as assisted in the organizations investigation as a whole. However, she was given a break in her investigation when Mossad contacted MI5, the UK Intelligence organization, and informed them of a potential bombing threat. Mossad told MI5 that this person could possibly be Azhari Husin, a bomb-making expert with Jemaah Islamiyah, the main al-Qaeda affiliate in Southeast Asia. Sofia was sent over to Britain to assist MI5 with the investigation and deal with anything should it come up. The information turned out to be a false lead and a very rare mistake on Mossads part, though it was a member of al-Qaeda, it was not Azhari Husin. The bombing attempt was also stopped, but a very strange series of events occurred during the investigation.

The alleged member was, in fact, a vampire, planning on using ghouls as suicide bombers. The ghouls weren't that hard to deal with, Sofia had taken out one or two of them in the Syrian base years ago and easily put a bullet in the slow beings (this time with much less hesitation as she didn't know the poor SOB), it was the vampire that they had a hard time dealing with. Hellsing was brought in to take over the operation after this at the insistence of MI5. This reminded her of the operation at the Millennium base. Ghouls? Undead? 'Vampires'? Well, she did think anything was possible, she just didn't think it extended that far out of the realm of 'realism'. Hellsing quickly dispersed the vampire and remaining Ghouls before the incident ended, leaving very few real casualties.  

Curiosity got the better of her, she'd never heard of an agency meant to deal with "vampires". Hell, originally she thought the people like the ones at the Nazi base were just enhanced humans, but when she compared them to the vampire-bomber, she couldn't help but notice similarities. She questioned MI6 about it, asked about what Hellsing really did. While their answer was mum on most of the details, they did - after a long talk and a few go-arounds on minor details with Mossad - recommend Sofia and her skills to the Hellsing Organization so that she might become apart of it. She resigned from Mossad (with a bit of help on her Mothers part as a fellow, senior agent and her influence to help assure that no information would be leaked about Mossad) she stayed in London, and with her rather large and useful skill set that could be of use to the organization in one way or another, joined Hellsing in 2003 and has been a member since.  


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PostSubject: Re: Sofia Devorah Update   Sun Jul 14, 2013 1:41 pm

While I'd like to quote and pick it apart, it's already been approved, so I should have nothing to say asshole.

Clarification is nice, personality update is fine. Training posts (maybe 5 or so spread out over a few weeks) and I can approve the F speed.

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Sofia Devorah Update
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