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 Michel Miles Update.

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PostSubject: Michel Miles Update.    Fri Feb 15, 2013 7:31 pm

Note: I'm dropping his Anti-Materiel handguns by the way, I might use them in a PF every now and then if the other person agrees with it, but I'm going to go back to his previous .50 Cal handguns.

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? If so how far have you gotten? If not please direct your attention to YouTube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least. Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga. The anime is not canon. This is not our opinion. This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano.


Name: Michel Miles

Pronounced: Mekel Milles

Name Meaning: Michel is: Who is like God. Miles is derived from the Old French Milon, which is from the Old High German Milo, a name of uncertain derivation. It might be from the German mild (mild, peaceful, calm) or from the Old Slavonic root Milu (merciful).

Codename: Gunmetal Hound. HCP-XIII (Human Cyborg Project, Section XIII).

Age: Being a Cyborg, Miles no longer ages, however it looks as though he was around 27 when he underwent the operation to become a cyborg. His actual, current age is 37.

Gender: Male

Appearance: Michel is a machine, retaining his height from when he was a Man, he stands at 5'11 even and weighs about 285 lbs of steel, fiber, and organic and non-organic flesh melded to mechanical parts. Miles is a somewhat intimidating figure, though this can only be said about him physically. He's very well toned, being both skinny and somewhat muscular at the same time, his tense body has not a speck of flab on it, like an Athletes body just barely making the weight class. This is due to his body being sculpted and constructed to fit his duties by the research and development team within the Vatican. Artificial muscles and steel bones portray him looking like a twig, though a very well defined, lean and athletic one, covered in tight artificial cream colored skin with very distinct features such as a full six-pack. Miles also has short blond-brownish hair that's kept in a rather spiky fashion, along with deep brown eyes, though they do change color when in thermal (red) or night (green) vision.

Clothing of choice: Wearing Official Catholic Vestments, the cyborg of Iscariot dresses like any other member of the Armed Priest Corps, with a few extra additions. A long baggy Cassock covered by a black overcoat that barely drags on the floor, the tail of the overcoat has a long slit down the middle which billows out like a cape during rapid movement, with a stole - a white scarf with red crosses at each of the ends. He also wears white gloves that also have a red cross on each one. On the shoulders of the overcoat are metal shoulder pads that also carry a red cross on them. Under them is a Mozzetta, a short black elbow-length cape with white trim with a large collar, the right and left side has a red Vatican cross. He also wears a chain that's 5 inches long with a metal cross hanging from it, decorated with red gems and rubies. Around his waist are two belts, one having a rosary and two cross-shaped medallions hanging of it, the other holds his gun holsters which carry his .50 caliber pistols. Black slacks cover his attire for his lower body, along with white socks and modified steel toed boots, covered with bits and pieces of metal to make them seem armored.


Weaponry of choice: Custom Dual .50 Caliber pistols: St. Teresa & St. Catherine. Both are approximately 39cm (16 in) in length and a weight of 16kg (35lbs), having black gunmetal construction with a think outer shelling of carbon steel that's well polished, giving both of them a slight shine. The thickness of the weapon itself allows it to be used to block heavier strikes while keeping the gun in firing condition. Both have a targeting beam on the bottom on the large barrel which is located just below the chamber and since its built into the gunmetal, it looks as if the gun has two barrels stacked on top of each other. Both shoot with the same force as a .50 caliber rifle, and fire blessed .50 Caliber AP rounds laced with silver with five magazines that hold eight bullets each.

The gun Catherine has the words "Blessed be thee, St. Catherine" written on both sides of the barrel in red cursive with a bright red cross on both sides of the barrel, with the long end of the cross running down the barrel with the top of the cross near the grip. The gun Teresa has the words "Blessed be thee, St. Teresa" written in silver cursive on both sides of the barrel, with the long end of the cross running down the barrel with the top of the cross near the grip. Their unique design features a special grip to make sure the grip on the gun is not lost when firing them and making it very hard to someone to disarm him, allowing for all of his fingers to be secured into the finger guards with exception of his thumbs, and the other unique feature of the weapon makes it seem as if it doesn't have a pistol slide, however, a part of the crosses are the slide and only moves minimal distance compared to ones of other handguns.


Race: Cyborg


Strength, speed, and stamina of a Category C vampire.

Father Miles is a machine, and thus has abilities expected of one. Due to being a machine, he never needs to eat, as well never needing to worry about pain due to him having no nerves. Though he still has a few of his internal organs, such as his heart and lungs, which he has to take several vitamin pills with a glass of three-times diluted water once a month to support them, the rest of his organs have been removed and replaced with mechanical and computer parts. His brain has also been modified and most of it has been turned into a computer, which gives him access to the Iscariot and Vatican computer files and access to his own systems, such as the GPS, internal body regulation and cooling system, combat systems, his operating system and even wireless capability.

Miles also has a dataport on the back of his neck, allowing him to "plug-in" to other near-by computers and hack them for information; though while doing this his combat systems shut down so he can focus on cracking the firewalls and such, meaning he will not be able to defend himself if he is in the middle of hacking a computer. All his experiences are recorded and archived to an insanely accurate degree – down to the number of minutes and even seconds it has occurred. All due to the robotics placed inside his brain. These archives possess not only the records of his 'experiences' but various other forms of knowledge to identify various chemicals that might be in the air, animals, a translator for other languages, substances, and even has to ability to categorize vampires based on their abilities shown, it even comes with an Enemy-Ally recognition system. Miles also has access to thermal and night vision. He relies heavily on various censors and systems to see, hear and smell, many of which can be destroyed.

Moving onto his actual bodily structure, though he is covered in organic skin and takes special vitamins to keep his functioning internal organs working, most of whats under this skin is a mix of several materials. His artificial muscles are made up of lexan and bits of kevlar fiber, with a synthetic wrapping twisted around them, as well as bones made up of reinforced steel and metal plating. All of these act in combination together to allow him to stand up to hails of gunfire from 7.62×39mm and 5.56×45mm NATO ammunition (Ak-47 and M16 ammunition). The kevlar and lexan material slow the bullet down, acting as a cushion before the metal underneath forcibly stops it, though armor piercing and exploding rounds are a death sentence for him.

He can be knocked out by certain static field shocks. But as he was programmed, he was built with a self repair system. Sometimes it will take minutes or an hour to heal whatever mechanical injuries he had obtained during battle, injuries as in, he gets hit with a EMP field or a fallen telephone wire or anything of an electrical nature and his systems get damaged, they will slowly repair themselves with a backup boot. However, physical wounds can only be fixed by being physically repaired at the Vatican. This gives him a "Damage System", allowing him to calculate how much damaged he and what part of his body has received and whether of not it is still safe to function in battle.

Being a cyborg, Michel has to work within the limits of his own premade design. Even if he is hit by a bullet that he can withstand, he will still feel the force and impact from it. However, this does not mean he will stop in his assault. The bullet resistant body and strength has given him the ability to "muscle-through" bullet impacts, though he still takes damage from it. The fact that his Metal frame is somewhat bullet resistant does not mean he is invincible and he is far from perfect. Any form of AP round will punch through him, and he has very little heat resistance, only able to withstand 165 degrees of heat before having to get to a cooler temperature, or else his insides would be cooked and he will surly die. Same for very cold weather, Michel is only able to withstand up to -20 below freezing before his systems shut down. This is despite the fact he has an internal cooling system he uses to regulate body temperature.

Also, adding on to his weaknesses, Michel's only bone that is not made of metal is his spine, which will, just like a human, if it gets broken or injured, render him unable to walk and is currently his most vulnerable weak-point as it has the thinnest covering. He is also Waterproof and can be submerged in water for at least 72 hours before his system's fry, though he may have lungs, special valves inside his throat close off to keep air in and keep water out, much like a alligator.

Moving into combat capabilities, Mile's use with dual weaponry far surpasses most humans. The use of two handguns generally means loss of accuracy, but with Miles Hand-Eye coordination and Tracking system, this problem has become irrelevant, as he's an ace marksman, shooting with accuracy only a machine could be expected to achieve. He is also experienced in Hand-to-Hand combat, based on pure-street fighting and an "anything goes" type style. Despite his heavy weight, Miles is fully capable of doing amazing acrobatics in battle, while still pressing an attack. Be it by flipping and shooting at the same time or diving and rolling to a secure location, his weight doesn't hinder him as much as one would expect.

Miles has multiple "Modes" he uses while in and out of the field. The most crucial ones are the ones below.

Most of the time he is is "Stand by mode" where he goes about his normal routine, be it guard duty or patrolling. Just before battle and plans are being made, he will switch over to "Strategic planning mode" and use his computer-like brain to run as many possibilities as possible in regards to the battle in order to help out. However, during battle is where the other versions come into play. While fighting against a single opponent, its simple "Combat Mode" where he engages the enemy and tries to destroy them by following his orders. If the opponent runs and tries to get away, he will go into "Search mode" and will continue to look for the target until it is destroyed or he is certain the target has gotten away. While fighting more then one opponent, its "Double Homicide Mode", where he uses his dual handguns ambidextrously, so efficiently that he uses each gun to fire on each opponent without the loss of accuracy, so as not to lose due to lack of numbers. The last of his abilities or "Modes", is "Genocide mode". When faced with a superior opponent or overwhelming numbers, he will switch to this mode.

"Genocide Mode" shuts down all other systems in his body that are not related to combat situations and reroutes the power they were using to his combat functions in order to focus fully on slaughtering, annihilating, killing, and the over all destruction of his target/targets. This mode basically pushes his robotic limbs and systems to their limits (to the very top edge of cat.C physical ability) in battle.

Organization: Iscariot, Section XII. Armed Priest Corps.

Personality: Michel works with an unemotional, relentless efficiency, so much so that he will continue to fight even if his body has been shredded and rended into near oblivion, demonstrated in his fight against the Knights of the Dammed Cyborg when they attacked Rome. He tends to use expressions much like a computer might, such as asking for a "status report" to assess someone's physical status and responding to questions with "negative" or "positive." Despite his mechanical nature, he has had rare moments where he appears to display concern for others, a sense of humor (though its rather poor, expected of a machine), and annoyance (surprisingly).

Michel always keeps a straight face, no matter what is going on around him, since he is incapable of showing facial emotions. Instead Michel expresses annoyance and humor, and other various moods through the choice of wording he uses when he speaks, as its impossible to tell by using his tone of voice due to it being constantly monotone. He is often extremely inflexible with his orders and often carries them out without regard to situational variances. He is very calm and poised, even during battle against higher ranking vampires or when against vastly superior numbers, because of his cyborg status he does not seem to possess any more emotion than a machine would be expected to.

However, he does have a human brain stem, and has been seen to make decisions that could be deemed as illogical on a few occasions – Aside from these extremely rare minor displays, Michel is in all ways a perfect machine, a fruit of Iscariot's technological research in mechanics and a prototype in using technology to this extent. He will follow orders with precision and without hesitation like no human could, with no real emotions to hinder his judgement, he's almost the perfect killing machine.

The cyborg tends to jump into battle without regard to his own personal safety, as Michel actually see's himself as a full-fledged machine instead of only half of one, and thinks of himself as already being "dead". This results in him having literally no hesitation about what he does, be it jumping from a helicopter without a parachute or taking on multiple vampires at once head on. He cares so little about his own personal well-being and has such a lack of hesitation and fear, that he will even go to the length of using his own body to shield a person from an on coming attack if they aren't capable of avoiding it themselves, regardless of what type of damage it could do to him. Fear has no hold on him. He does not follow the usual human pattern of tact, which can be expected as he's a machine, and will bluntly speak of things other people may use euphemism for.

Recently, he was paired with Sister Meabh Eir during Iscariot's investigation of the Illuminati, and despite his normally emotionless and otherwise detached demeanor, he's gotten somewhat attached and slightly protective of the Sniper throughout their several missions together. In his own way, he respects her a great deal, not only because of her skill but also because of her perseverance as a Human Being, this is also his own way of returning the favor of how she views him as a Human. It would be safe to say that she's gained his full respect and trust. In fact, Sister Meabh might be the only one aside from Father Anderson to hold enough authority outside of rank to be able to cause him to go against direct orders by asking him to do so.

Rank: Paladin

Biography: Michel, like everyone on this planet, was born. No, not built, contrary to popular belief he was a Human first. He was born and raised in Scotland. His father, a somewhat daft man, died just before his birth due to a rather unfortunate car accident and because of this, he was raised by his Mother, Lucia, and his older Sister, Kendra, who was around six at the time of his birth. Miles was just like every newborn child, he cried, he laughed, and he occasionally did things that most would consider stupid, such as grabbing the heater while it was on full blast. He was a very curious child, one would have to admit. If it glowed any type of color or moved around with him on the floor, he'd always try to investigate. Life was moderate, nothing fancy, his mother got by with the two jobs she was working. Not a pampering life style, but it was enough for them to live somewhat comfortably. However, his normal, somewhat comfortable life was interrupted by a rather brutal act of a vile person. When his mother went out shopping one night and didn't come home, his older sister began to worry - as Miles was too young to even care or know what was happening at the time. Their mother, having been attacked by mugger on the way home, was now gone from their lives: leaving her two children alone as she was raped and then stabbed to death before having her purse stolen.

Eventually, the next morning, police arrived at the home to investigate and ask questions, and to inform those related of the gruesome incident, but upon seeing the house lacking a father with only two children inside, the information was almost impossible for the policeman to tell. What kind of effect would it have on a six year old and an infant child after finding out they'd never see their mother again? After being informed, much to the officers chagrin of doing so, her sister was brought to tears by the news. The local authorities had to make a choice, as there were no other people living at the home, and no other relatives they could get into contact with to take the children, he and his sister were taken to a well kept orphanage with a good reputation just outside of Rome, courtesy of the officer that had to tell them the horrible news. The six year old Kendra and her brother were accepted with open arms, and all seemed well. Both were raised with the other residence and treated like family. As the years went on, his older sister was the first to join Iscariot, being a full six years older than her brother, she began doing Iscariots work at the age of twenty-four. However, three years later, after Michel turned 21 and followed in his Sisters footsteps to join Section XIII and their cause, his sister was killed during an assignment.

The incident was naturally hard on him, and while he tried to be 'professional' about it, the thought of dying on an operation soon began to get to him. Yeah, dying for the Church came with the title as an Iscariot, and he probably knew where his sister went based on his belief, but eventually the thought of dying himself rattled his nerves so much he was driven to start smoking soon after to help calm himself during op's. The little coffin nails did what they were suppose to, calming his nerves enough for him to continue without a problem. Several years went by and all seemed normal, and it was for the most part. Most members of Iscariot, when critically wounded and valued, were given a regenerator serum to recover from the wounds. These wounds were normally caused by Undead during missions, Vampires, Ghouls, even the rarity of a werewolf, but Michel's wound wasn't, oddly enough, not entirely anyway. They didn't call them "Coffin Nails" for nothing. Miles developed lung cancer, a very strong case of it, having been going through several packs every few hours throughout the years, the wounds on his lungs began to effect his combat ability.

The effects were small at first, but eventually it caught up with him in force, gradually increasing until it became so much that it left him open to an attack during an assignment in Scotland when a coughing fit sprung out in the midst of combat. The damage to his lungs lead to him being fatally wounded by a vampire on the job. Slightly iron that the things he used to calm his nerves, so that he may stay alert and not suffer the same fate as his sister during a battle, ended up being the reason he got taken down. Eventually being recovered by a secondary team on the verge of death, he was brought back in order to undergo an experimental process revolving around further use of technology being used for Anti-Vampire purposes. Instead of the normal Regenerator project, Miles was put under a Cybernetic experiment that resulted in him becoming what he is today, the Prototype, full-body Cyborg. The extend of his injuries required his entire body to go under surgery, eventually being replaced and enhanced to its current point. However, the surgery, while most would consider it a rather pathetic way to keep someone alive, actually helped Michel conquer his fear of dying...however, the operation on his brain also erased most of his past memories relating to his Sister and her death.

Miles was sent on various missions for several test runs, and much to the Research Teams approval he did better than expected. Miles soon became a top agent inside the organization, and eventually developed a reputation for always getting his job done and following orders to the letter. He eventually finished his test runs and went back to normal duty. Aside from the standard extermination of Vampires and other undead, Miles also participated in the defense of Rome when the Knights of the Dammed attacked, engaging the Knights own cyborg in the streets of Rome, where he suffered rather severe damage, and also participated in a mission associated with locating the Illuminati, where he was partnered with Sister Meabh.

RP sample:
(Old RP Sample)


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Michel Miles Update.
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