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 Final overall stein update.

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PostSubject: Final overall stein update.    Mon Oct 22, 2012 9:03 pm

(I know I've had steins abilities updated like, twice, now? However, this is the last overall update, and there will be no others, as Stein probably wont last much longer IC anyway - if He's not killed by what's coming toward his lab at the moment, then He'll most likely die due to what I have planned for him to do afterwards. If you see any typos, anything wrong with the bio that you want me to fix - as well as in the abilities - please let me know and I'll fix them as soon as possible.)

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? If so how far have you gotten? If not please direct your attention to YouTube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least. Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga. The anime is not canon. This is not our opinion. This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano. Yes, otherwise I wouldn't be on the forum...

Name: Dr. Stein (Franken) Matthus.

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Physical appearance: Dr. Stein is a slightly tall man with big, round glasses; behind which are one dark green eye and one dark blue eye (the blue one being from a surgery he did while experimenting on himself). Standing at 5'10 with short, unkempt, silver-gray hair and has a rather Athletic build to him, almost having not body fat - though a more correct way of putting it is his body has been modified through several experiment to finely tone it. He basically has the body of an Olympic athlete just barely making the weight class, lined with tight, hard muscle and full body features with a full six pack. Stein also has multiple stitches running threw out his body, over his face, torso, legs, waist, and just about anywhere else a person could imagine, as if he had operated on or dissected himself. The most noticeable stitching on Prof. Stein (due to not being able to hide it very well) is the one running up from the left side of his neck, over his cheek, between his eyes over the bridge of his nose, and up into his hair over his right temple, disappearing under his silver-gray locks.

Clothing of choice:

Stein is literally never seen without his trademark, blood stained lab coat, lined with stitches on the fabric that line up exactly with the ones on his own body, as if he dissected himself while wearing it. The coat itself has two deep pockets on each side and hidden straps inside the sleeves, which act as holders for hidden scalpels. Underneath this bloody piece of lab-wear, he wears a black and grey, short-sleeved T-shirt, which has its own stitch-like decorative pattern that separates the grey colored patch which runs across the mid-section of the shirt from the bottom and top black sections, the middle grey section also has its own stitch pattern sewn into it, giving it a blurry effect at first glance, and with this he wears black trousers, black socks and black timberland boots.


Weaponry of choice:

Being a doctor, he never leaves home without standard doctors equipment. This includes:
20x Scalpels placed in his lab coat at different places.

Twenty Syringes each filled with: Oxycontin, Percocet, Darvon, Darvocet, Vicodin, Lorcet, Dialaudid, Demerol; (Central Nervous System Depressants) Valium, Librium, Xanax, Halcyon, Pro Som; (Stimulants) Dexedrine, Ritalin, Meridia, all in liquid form, of course. Which effect the body after being injected into, oh, say, an enemy.

Drugs effects once injected


Race: Special Human

Personality: Being a man of science, Stein sees everything in the world, including himself, as an experiment, a specimen for his own amusement and entertainment; as well as scientific experiments. This is the personality that he had even as a child, as he often wanted to dissect things around him, be they animal or even the people around him. This personality trait made all those around him afraid of him. This strange need to dissect anything he thought was interesting was still present, even when Stein became an adult, this was apparent even after his parents death. He exhibits a sadistic and intimidating personality. Stein often has the urge to just go nuts, most of the time during a argument or fight, but can be kept in check around people he finds "useful", as seen when he is with his assistant Serin, but even when completely alone Stein talks to himself, contemplates and plans out everything he plans to do.

Stein ultimately did go insane, and is currently struggling to maintain it. He continues to smoke as a way to relax himself, though it hardly ever quells the urges he gets. When struggling to maintain his madness, his personality is shown to make a drastic change, while he normally has no real "emotionally attached" feelings for anything, he cannot hold himself back from attacking and dissecting whatever is around him, be it friend or foe. This shows he can't feel or develop deep emotional ties to people other than the need to dissect whatever interests or irritates him. This tendency likely seems to be more destructive and psychotic.

However, despite all of this Stein's mind is actually incredibly focused and usually very detailed, always thinking scientifically, he has been shown to be very alert when the need arises or when he wants to be, taking the time to study peoples behavior or, as he likes to call it: "getting a feel for the subject" - even if its only for a moment Stein will actually take the time to analyze a persons attitude and personality before doing anything major - He's even been known to do so while engaging a "subject". Ultimately, Stein is very intelligent and puts his mind to good use during any situation that deems it necessary, combine with his intelligence, abilities in medical science, knowledge in human psychology, and overall insanity makes Stein into a very unpredictable man.

Abilities: He has a very vast knowledge of hand-to-hand combat, being trained in mixed martial arts and being a doctor, he possesses a vast knowledge of the human anatomy, meaning Digestive System, Muscular system, Skeletal system, Cardiovascular System, Female Reproductive System, and even the Nervous system - as well as a vast knowledge on the human mind and psyche. This allows him to do devastating damage to a enemy while in close-combat, and even learn about how the people around him (or the people he's fighting) by the way they act by observing their behavior, studying body language and speech - this can give him an idea as to what their personality and attitude is like. Stein's capable of hitting a nerve, soft spot or pressure point to shut down a body part, make it go numb or cause extreme pain to the person he's fighting, He can even cause long term damage to the nerve. He is also very, VERY skilled with the scalpels he uses, able to dissect anything in a matter of a few seconds, if not quicker, knowing the anatomy of the human body to an almost inhuman degree, he knows exactly where to cut and how to do it - with deadly accuracy. Prof. Stein also very has deadly and accurate aim when throwing them, able to hit a nerve or tendon if he actually takes time to aim.

Since the stitches on his body give it away, he has operated on himself many times, this is partially due to his own fascination with his own disorder. He was born with CIP, patients with such mutations are congenitally insensitive to pain and lack other neuropathies. There are two types of pain "immunity; Indifference and Insensitivity, he has Insensitivity; meaning he cant make the right response and thus will not flinch or withdrawn from pain, this makes him unable to feel any Physical pain whatsoever when getting hit, shot, stabbed or even burned or hit by a car. People with insensitivity to pain have the tendency to injure themselves without being aware of it because they can't feel the pain associated with, say, breaking a bone. If there isn't outside evidence of an injury, they can bleed to death on the inside without even knowing it. However, Stein has found away around this flaw in his CIP with his Stem cell research.

Due to his own experiments on other people and even animals, his research on cell generation has allowed him to make a great discovery, he has done many experiments and has injected himself with a mutated form of his own Stem cells, which is the main cell that helps regeneration in normal healing of peoples cuts, scratches, and injuries in general, but due to it being a mutated cell, it allows him to regenerate limbs and wounds much quicker than a normal human, and even increases his psychical abilities with it.

Originally, Steins body was limited to the physical attributes of the weakest level of vampire, but due to the adaptation phase of the Mutated cells finally coming to an end, and the cells finally re-adapted to his body successfully, he can finally access the full potential of his own cells. The speed of the regeneration granted by the cells may take a long amount of time for major damage (ie: 13 posts), sublime supernatural strength, agility, stamina, durability, and reflexes. The regeneration of cells allow him to regenerate any wound he doesn't know about, thus reducing the draw-back of his CIP disorder; while at the same time allowing him to keep his "immunity" to pain.

Eletrical palms.

Due to the genetic experiments he has done on himself in Scotland, along with his Stem cell research, Stein has been able to manipulate these electric currents with the mutated stem-cells he injected to his body, while this does effect his own body in a way, the mutated stem-cells bounce the electric currents through out his body like most cells in the body, and channel them through his arms, then to his palms. However, since the stem-cells are what also aid him in his regeneration, if he uses this in a battle more then four times {continually, back-to-back. So in other words, Stein has to stop using it before the fourth use) or it will basically over load the cells and he wont be able to regenerate {for 8 posts} due to the cells needing to cool off from the concentrated electrical charge, since they are not natural cells, but mutated ones. Originally, Stein was able to produce up to 16 MA of electric current to pump through his body and into his hands to shock someone, however as the stem cells continued to mutate inside of him, the amount of electrical current he has been able to build up due to the adaptation phase finally ending and allowing him to reach the full potential of his "cellular electrocution". Unlike before, Stein no longer has "levels" in which he needs to charge his electric current by rubbing his hands together, but instead only has one level that is quick to use - but still dishes out results when applied in combat.

Unlike his other, past electrical charges, this one seems to be much more concentrated.

45mA - Extremely painful shock, when contact is made with Steins hands; severe muscular contractions in the limb that is touched will occur, causing muscles to tighten up to the point of hurting - cramping of the limb is also likely, but the limb can still be employed for use.

If hit twice on the same limb; Muscular control will be lost on the limb that is hit for a short while due to the electrical signals interfering with the nerves inside the other person's body {Limb "useless" for 3 posts}. If hit in a vital spot, such as the stomach where many organs; such as the intestines, are located; coughing up blood and internal damage might also occur depending on how many hits are received (needs three hits for internal damage to occur), though puking is highly possible if stuck directly in the stomach.

If hit in the head the electrical pulse can cause blurry vision, major migraines/head aches, and damage to the eyes - leading to possible retina damage (will heal over time) and possibly disorient the person struck. During the time this is in use, bright Yellow/Green-ish sparks can be seen dancing on Steins palms.

However, due to this actually needing a nervous system to work properly in battle, it wont work at all on Undead enemies, such as vampires or Ghouls, as they are basically moving corpses with no electricity in their body since they are controlled by "vampiric forces", and will not work on anything made of rubber, but can also be passed along metal objects since metal acts as a conductor. This doesn't mean he can touch any metal surface and have the electrical charge shock everything in sight, but more so he can grab a pipe or something someones holding and the shock will channel through it into their body, though this will lack any of the main affects that direct contact with his hand would have, it would still produce a very painful shock, this works the even better if the person is wet.

Also, due to the strain it puts on his mutated Stem-cells, as said above; they can be overloaded and he wont be able to regenerate for 7 post's if he uses his electrical ability for more then 4 times {continually}. After using this ability for 4 posts continually, the electrical ability wont be able to be used again until the 7 post cool down for his regeneration has finished. So, in other words; if he used the electrical "fist" for four post straight, he loses the ability to use it and to regenerate until the 7 post cool down limit is up.

Organization: Unaffiliated.

Rank: Mad Doctor


Stein was born in the USA to a normal Christian family that seemed like a great set up, his mother was German while his father was American. He was pampered by his parents, however this didn't stop him from occasionally escaping his play pin and wandering around the house when they were out of site, after he was injured when he got a hold of a knife while crawling around the kitchen, he was found by his mother with a deep gash on his hand, she quickly rushed him to the hospital and was told by the doctor that he wasn't really giving on the "Normal" reaction a child his age would, (obviously) and was diagnosed with CIP, the ability to not be able to feel pain, which was a genetic flaw in his body. In school he had few friends, the fact that his grey hair made him stand out much more than anyone else didn't help this, though there were a few that liked his hair; he rarely talked to anyone due to his loner attitude. The only thing that really peeked his interest was the actual classes he went to. This was until he joined the second grade and began to act strange in science class. While at school he was very interested in biology, math, neurology, and just about anything to do with science. He excelled in every one of them, making top grades.

The more he grew the more his obsession with Science began to take over him, so much that he began to distance himself from others even more than he already had, often never being seen without a book that had something to do with the human body. Steins grads were unreal, even at this age he was even able to stump the teachers in the middle of class. He when he turned ten he was pulled out of school due to work and major school problems, these being about wanting to "study" other students, even threatening to dissect a few of his classmates in front of his teachers (a few attempts which he tried to follow through with, but was stopped by his older brother), thus his family moved to New York where his father was able to get a better paying job and a better home for him and his mother, as well as a chance to leave all the drama at his school behind. Their new life was something Stein didn't mind, he hardly even paid attention to it, or even noticed the change. He had no friends anyway. This life was more of a change in the wind, at least that is what Stein compared it to, so long as he could study he didn't care. Despite moving from Texas to New York, he still managed to pass in his new school and got straight A's, even made some of the teachers look stupid in front of the Science class. In fact, he went threw high-school like it was nothing, he got A's in all the test's involving math and biology, passed them, and moved on. This is when things started to take a turn for the worst. His mother fell into a deep depression after his father passed away just after his graduation. Strangely, Stein showed no sign of sorrow, no sign of remorse or sadness for his father as his funeral, just a blank stare.

The others didn't notice, they were grieving over the loss, but not Stein. Right after the funeral his mother distanced herself from everyone, which was strange because even though Stein did it to her, she always spoke to him, not soon after his mother committed suicide due to the pain of losing her husband. Why wouldn't she? Her son didn't speak to her, her husband was gone..what was left? So she ended it. Once again Stein showed no emotion at the funeral. His eyes were void of emotion for this thing that was before him, the "thing" they called his mother. He hardly knew her to be honest, he was busy studying, to busy to care. The others finally noticed this and thought it was strange. Stein was sent to live at his grandparents, who immediately "snapped" and dissected them right after he moved in, the urge to finally study and dissect a fresh body was apparently to much for Stein to hold in anymore. The reason he gave to the police was something they had never heard before, that reason was...for Science. This stumped the police, he was checked into a mental institute after the incident at the age of 18, Stein didn't seem to mind it though, due to his insanity that he kept trying to fight, it did little to help anyway. The walls of his room were soon filled with scientific formula's and mathematical equations. Stein stayed inside for two years before his older brother got him out.

With his brothers help pulling a few strings he managed to get into college, and even met a young woman by the name of Elizabeth. He was planning on starting a family with her as they shared the same interests, both his and her interest in science grew to even higher heights as they worked together, during college classes he majored in what he always did, Biology, Neurology, Mathematics, while maintaining a small side job to help with the bills in his apartment he and Elizabeth were renting, though he had help from his older brother since his job didn't pay that well. A few weeks after he and Elizabeth found out she was pregnant; his insanity fits began to come back, the strange urge to dissect..

Jack, his older brother noticed Steins twitches and odd behavior, knowing full well his brothers mentality, and confronted Stein about it. The talk lead to Jack saying he was going to send Stein back to the mental hospital...back to that hell. The voices began to talk to Stein again, in his head....would he really let them take him back? No.. He finally gave up as his decent into madness finalized, letting his urges take over, taking him so far from reality that he literally lost it. He murdered his own brother with his bare hands, laughing like a maniac all the way before grabbing the kitchen knife and dissecting him. Elizabeth was away at this time, which gave Stein plenty of time to examine his brothers insides, and dispose of the body. He began to fall deeper into madness, while he tried to keep it hidden from most people, especially Elizabeth. He couldn't let his future wife know this side of him, she was the only thing he actually wanted to protect. When he was alone with someone, they rarely ever came back out alive. Stein kept up appearances even though talk of his brothers disappearance spread and the blame was aimed at Stein, he still managed to get a better job working at a Hospital.

This was his sanctuary, his kingdom so to speak. Here he could dissect all he wanted...all he needed..and not get blamed! He dissected so many people who needed surgery, so many research subjects, he purposely "messed up" during the procedure on most of them and killed them, this was seen as accident or a failed procedure in most of the other peoples eye's, however continuing to fail at the operations he was doing, he had his license pulled. Upon almost being caught in the act of murder of his boss, he went home and locked himself in the basement to lay low. During this time he rarely ate or even slept. Soon after his wife began to worry and thought of calling someone, however; before she could, he began to pack his things using the money he had saved up to get a cabin on a freighter to Scotland. His wife and son got even more worried, but the night before they were suppose leave, during one of his insanity fits, one so strong he could not control despite what he told himself, he dissected his wife and 2 year old son before leaving, including his son and wife's skeleton after peeling the skin from the bones, and moved to Scotland where he was able to continue his medical rampage - which was the final step into his step into a psychopath. During his time in Scotland, he had already done many experiments, kidnapped hundreds of people ranging from Men, Women, and even Children of all ages, and after dissecting just about every person he could kidnap with out being caught, he went on to research further into cellular levels, not soon after he made a break through. Stein did something no other scientist in the world had done...he had developed a new way to regenerate. Limbs and all, by injecting himself with the mutated Stem Cells he had experimented on, which were mutated to such levels it was amazing he even survived.

During his time in Scotland while continuing to kidnap and dissect people, he met a young man by the name of Serin, he showed up out of the blue at Steins door willing to become his assistant, though he wasn't like most people. He wasn't a "tool". He was more or less like Stein but less insane and more sadistic though they shared the same interest in Science. Stein agreed simply because he found the boy amusing, letting him help with experiments and the gathering of subjects; Stein mostly used him to kidnap people so he himself didn't have to do it. The two worked together and seemed to get along for the most part even having the occasional joke together, which was rare for Stein to do. The two scientists went on for a while making new experiments, new things in which to further the reaches of "Science". Serin was even experimented on by Stein and was given the ability to control his own bones. Around this time a second scientist came to Stein's attention, going by the name of Fran. However, she didn't stay long, after Stein was visited by Millennium scientists (and after Stein forced the helicopter to crash but offing the pilots) she disappeared in the wreckage. Now Stein resides in the upper hills of Scotland continuing his research.

RP sample:

RP sample is an old post of mine when Stein was operating on Arcturus.
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PostSubject: Re: Final overall stein update.    Fri Oct 26, 2012 5:16 pm

So basically the only alterations is a buff from Cat F stats to Cat D stats eh? Looking back I regret the trend of peak human abilities roughly equating Cat D stats but I'm guilty of it myself and this is a legitimate boost through medicine rather than obsessive training so I'm fine with it.

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PostSubject: Re: Final overall stein update.    Fri Oct 26, 2012 6:09 pm

Just don't go overboard with it is all. Like nothing Marvel or DC would do.

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PostSubject: Re: Final overall stein update.    Sat Oct 27, 2012 7:46 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Final overall stein update.    

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Final overall stein update.
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