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 Void Repost. (Extremely WIP)

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PostSubject: Void Repost. (Extremely WIP)   Sun Sep 26, 2010 1:18 pm

Name: Void (Meh, id probably change it if this was a new sheet, but alas - it is not so D:)

Age: 67, appears to be in his early-twenties.

Gender: Male

Physical appearance: Void is six feet and one inch tall, weiging 200lbs. His hair is a light brown, reaching down to his ears, and his eyes are dark hazel. Void regularly shaves, keeping his chin and upper lip free of hair.
Void, in his younger years, spent quite a lot of time in the sun, and so gained a very slight tan.
Being a 'supernatural being', it was hard for Void not to become muscular, his muscles being trained every day without him even realising it as he went through his life - without so much as straining himself. (This is probably true for Vampires, regenerators, etc.)

Clothing of choice: Usually, Void's attire will consist of a brown shirt with the logo 'LN' (possibly the initials of the shirt's brand) printed onto it, as well as a pair of blue jeans with deep pockets and brown, leather boots.
Attached to Void's lapel is a small pin in the shape of a blue 'I'.

Weaponry of choice: Void wields a .45 Colt Revolver, six rounds to a clip. He usually keeps it loaded, carrying another three clips around with him.

Void's perhaps most notable weapon is also his favorate; a powerful custom-SMG he names Cerberus. It has three barrels - attached to each of which is its own magazine. The sound of firing this weapon would make it incredibly unsuitable for stealth missions; as it would attract enemies from about one fifth of a mile's radius. There are three triggers for each barrel, making it possible to fire one until running out of ammo, then firing from another barrel whilst reloading the already-spent clip. The ammunition itself consists of armour piercing rounds, capable of tearing through light armour with ease.

Race: Lycanthrope.
Abilities: Iron-like skin, great weakness to blessed and silver weaponry (often fatal), regeneration (takes up to 5 posts max to regenerate major wound damage such as limb loss), medium super strength, agility, stamina, reflexes, durability and senses, ability to transform into a Lycanthrope (humanoid wolf form, feral form), the ability to transform back into a human.

Experienced marksmanship.

Training in hand-to-hand combat.

Organization: The Underground.

Personality: Void is fairly friendly once you get to know him; having a sense of humor that most would find likeable.

Rank: No rank as of yet.

Biography: (This was, to be completely honest, shit. So - when I feel inspired enough, I will recreate it)
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Void Repost. (Extremely WIP)
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