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 Forum Exclusive Repost: Bladed Hellsing

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PostSubject: Forum Exclusive Repost: Bladed Hellsing   Sat Oct 02, 2010 2:49 am

(Thanks to Fausta Adler for retrieveing this from the garbage can archive.)

(A/N: This is a crossover fanfic of the Blade franchise mixed with Hellsing. Note: This plays in 1999, but with the Blade trilogy concluded. Its also AU, which means Blade Trinity did NOT have fucking teenagers, but rather kickass Whistler.)

Dawn broke in Noir York as the lone warrior returned to his hideout...
A heavyly modified black Trans-Am drove into the hall which looked more like a factory, a perfect disguise for anyone who didn´t know what this actually was..
Parking the car next to heavy machineary, accompanied by a fuel tank and gas pump, the reinforced doors opened to reveal the "black knight", as some people called him.. Blade, the Daywalker.
Without saying another word, he proceeded to unpack his equipment, weapons, used silver objects, a halfway torn kevlar vest, raw materials for his weapons and stolen purses from his victims...
Across the hall, someone else was working.. an old man who welded together pieces of metal into something sharp, nasty and really painful looking.. at first he didn`t realize someone else was there, but as Blade approached him, Whistler took off the welding mask and grinned.
"A nice night for a stroll, eh, boy?" He asked his half-vampire friend, who smirked a bit as he placed the box of spent cases and used kevlar next to his workdesk.
"Quiet. It feels like they went somewhere else again... probably somewhere far away, far too quickly."

Nodding, Whistler sat down, unwrapping the body armor of its fabric to see the damage done to it.
"I know, i know... they must´ve heard we`re here. Heh. Well, i can`t say you`re exactly subtle about it. Lets see if there`s any new reports about them, then.
Groaning, Blade took his coat off and whipped out his sword, includeing its scabbard, to hang both onto a hook nearby. "I`m getting mighty tired of chaseing the bloodsuckers around.. they`re just too scared about is here. Whistler... how about we go somewhere else.. somewhere they don´t know about us yet...? Somewhere they don´t expect us to go.."

Meanwhile, in the office of the Hellsing organization, Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing was stuck in paperwork.. yet again.
However, something interesting caught her eye on the recent reports...
Calling in her trusty butler Walter, she proceeded to fold her hands over a stacked bunch of files she took out from the pile that was left of todays work.
"You rang, Sir?" The old, wise looking man in the classy butler suit smiled at the young woman.
"Yes... something strange is happening across the big sea. All vampire activity in New York City vanished within just a month. On the contrary, ours have increased, but not by a whole lot. What do we see from that?"
Walter raised an eye at the question.
"The vampires run away from thier homeland and go to others to infect them..? Obviously they´re scared of something."
Integra nodded, takeing out a cigar and prepareing it.
"Yes, but the question is, what could possibly be frightening enough to let the entire vampire race move? We`re not talking about a bunch of groups here, Walter. We`re talking about the entire vampire population of NY."
Smileing again, he stepped forward to take out a file from the storage closet.
"This, Sir Integra, i think i can answer... whilest America does not possess an anti vampire force -Locals believe that the state is corrupt and takes bribes from the breed, there is are two small groups of hunters that search and destroy. One, the more fameous of them, includes a man called Blade... history on him is very hard to find, but it appears he`s something else than the usual breed of vampires... a hybrid between man and monster."
Lighting her smoke, Integra looked puzzled.
"What are you suggesting then? It would be logical to ask them about this, but i doubt they`ll hand out thier information just like this."
Stacking the file he took out to the others, Walter shurgged his shoulders. "I don´t know for sure.. but for someone who hunts vampires such desperately as we do they probably want to know where they went to. May it be for a vacation, which i would highly doubt they would take, or to join forces with us... which is also unlikely, but not as much."

After a short while of silence, Integra put up her infameous creepy grin when she knew something the others did not. "Pull your strings then, Walter. Find out everything imagineable about this... Blade. I wish to contact him. Perhaps we can buy him for extra protection against this threat..."

Two days later, Blade parked his Trans Am next to a bunch of other cars near the mansion`s grounds, as far as regular people could enter.
He and Whistler then got out, checking the security.
"Well we aren´t gonna get in there unnoticed.. at least not without a fight." the old man then commented, pulling his damaged leg out of the car with some effort. "Best to keep things low profile and just ask the guards to see her."
Blade`s features stiffened as he sniffed into the direction of the mansion.
"Whistler.. there`s a vampire there.. at least one. And its a huge beast."
"Then what are we waiting for, boy? Lets get going."

Comeing to the gate, two guards immidiantly stopped them from going any further. "This mansion´s off limits. Please leave right away."
Whistler, stepping forward, coughed a bit before talking to him.
"We want to see Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing.. i believe she´s expecting us."
This got the guard to clentch up, reaching out for his radio. "1.12 to base. We have visitors asking for Sir Integra. An old white man with a crippled leg and a tall black guy in a trench coat. Orders?"
After a short pause, the answer followed.
Without haveing to ask them, Whistler answered him. "Abraham Whistler and.. Blade."
The guard nodded, giveing the information to the highest setting in the organization. "Alright. We will escort you to Sir Integra.. right away."

Haveing a gun at the front and in the back, Blade and Whistler walked towards the huge complex, entering in through a series of safety precautions such as eletric fences, landmine ground and automatic turret guns. Finally, as they entered the portal door, things seemed to calm down, but they did really not. Eyes from everywhere suspecting them, may it be guards, maids or even just the butler.
Walter, takeing over the guests from there, send the two armed men who were thier escort back to the front gate and bowed to the visitors.
"Good day to you, Sir´s. I am Walter C. Dornez, Butler and caretaker of the Hellsing household. Sir Integra awaits you in her office..."

The two men were lead into the large, classy office, all fitted with black and white tiles, a huge window and two walls full of shelfs containing serveral folders full of paperwork.
On the desk before the window sat the platnium blonde woman in the suit, obviously the highest ranked person from here to London.
Folding her hands, she looked at the two people entering her realm, suspicious, but not exactly unfriendly.
"Welcome to the Hellsing Manor.. Mr Blade i assume?" She said to the tall, black man, obviously a fighter by his statue. "Then you must be Mr Whistler. I welcome you both.. feel yourself at home as of now."

Whistler, looking raggy and feeling even worse as ususal, rolled his eyes, but Blade, keeping his behind sunglasses, just nodded.
"Now what exactly did you call us for... Sir Hellsing?" he then asked, takeing his glasses off to gain eye contact with the woman.
"I would like to know a little about you at first.. we knew you kept the vampire population in the states as small as possible, but recently they fled all over the world, includeing our homeland. Do you, by chance, know why...?"
Whistler groaned out, shakeing his head. "All we can tell is that they`re running away from something. We dunno why or what they`re scared of, but by now its safe to say it ain`t us, or else they would be back now."
Blade, being known to talk rarely, spoke again, with a certain threatening voice. "What if those vampires weren`t running away at all.. but rather followed a call that was searching for them..?"

Both humans looked at the Daywalker the same, cludeless way. "Do you know something you would like to share, Mr Blade?"
"Its all speculations... but once you saw a pattern in things, they become predictable... One time they gathered to celebrate the raise of the blood god La Magra. Another time they ran away from the mutated form of Vampires, the Reapers.. and yet another time they went after Dracula and formed an alliance behind him.."
Integra looked puzzled at the last sentence, but then laughed a bit. "Dracula? .. Oh, you mean this "Drake" person..? We`ve heard of him... he`s nothing more than another old vampire. Not Dracula, but someone who took the name to let his enemies fear him.. We don´t know who it is, but we suspect Radul Tempes or the like... someone who was envious of the real Dracula.."
Both men looked at each other the same, amused way, before Blade looked dead serious at Integra again. "He`s dead."
The leader of the Hellsing household smiled then.. "Good.."

"So, our Job is to kill the vampires here, right?" Whistler asked again, makeing sure that there´s no misunderstanding in the progress.
"Yes. We would do it ourselves, but your help is greatly appriciated. Our troops are growing tired of the everlasting battle between humanity and undead and we can need the extra reinforcement.." Integra said, only to be interrupted by the black knight.
"If thats so, why do i smell vampires even in this house..?" He gritted his teeth in disgust, feeling the need to slay a few more of thier species, right here, right now.
"Because we use them in battle. You can´t get a better fighter against Vampires than one of thier own... you should know, Mr Blade." Integra said, smirking as slowly the dark lord himself errupted from the wall.
"Well said, Integra... well said... Those people seem more capable than the last bunch of mercenaries you brought in.. they know what they´re dealing with... and they have the one thing they need to suceed.. Hate and disgu...-"
Alucard was cut off in the middle of his speech by Blade, who drew his sword and sliced his jaw, includeing the head, right off in an instant, staying still in the end of the motion to watch the outcome.
The tall red man fell over, bleeding all over the office, but booming laughtr filled the room as he slowly returned, his blood flowing back into his body and the head becomeing re-attached to his neck. "I`m suprised... prositively suprised.. I didn´t think you would do this right here.."
Before another slash occured, Alucard pulled out his Casull, blocking the next hit in mid-motion, grinning widely. "Well done my half vampireic friend.. well done.. but you will suceed more when faceing the vampires out there, rather than the two that resign here.. I can´t wait to see the look on Police girls face when she encounters him..."
"Actually, thats a very good pointer, Alucard.. Walter, would you please escort our guests towards the meeting room and tell Miss Victoria to join in?"
Walter, who had been standing around quietly dureing all this, came off the wall and looked at her in disagreement. "I would certainly do so, Sir, but the young lady is still practiceing with the re-armament i issued to her... the testing phase of the M36 KX is far from being finished."
Integra looked at him, then looked at Whistler and Blade, the last one was in the motion of sleathing his sword. "Very well then.. take them to the training ground she´s practiceing at. We need to get going and introduce our methods and tactics to them."
"Of course, Sir. Mr Whistler, Mr Blade, would you please follow me..? And, for heavens sake, try not to make anymore messes.. i`m the one that has to clean it up afterwards!"
Despite haveing Walter watch over them, Blade and Whistler continued to talk about thier new job on the way to the training grounds.

"Tell you what, Sonny. I don´t like this job. I don´t like it one bit. This Hellsing girl is colder than an iceberg and i don´t even begin to discribe this "Alucard" guy. After all that i already expect this other vampire to be a huge asshole too."
Blade stayed quiet for a moment afterwards, his sunglasses back on to shield his eyes as they proceeded to go outside, back into the night to reach the training facility.
"...Don´t judge people upon thier first glace, Whistler. Even if this job isn´t exactly ideal, they lead us in deeper than we ever thought we would get. This is Holocaust of the Hominus Noctori... and i like that thought."
Walter opened the doors to the training grounds for them, leading through various ways to reach an Arena-like place with various targets and obstacles being placed over...
Blade and Whistler stood apart from the whole thing, shielded by bulletproof glass of immense diameter and thickness, watching the girl in the middle of the Arena perform spectecular moves...
Her left arm changed into a blood-shaped... thing everytime she felt like it, destroying targets by forming spears, blades, spikes and even bullet contraptions, all the while she fired a rifle off at another target, its stock retracted to use it like a machine pistol, then folded out to use it like a normal rifle.
When looking further in, one could see that the targets actually fired at her by useing sentry guns mounted to them... the girl dodged and jumped around them as if it was easy, all the while fireing, reloading and fireing again..
Finally, she stopped, unclipping the final magazine in her pouch and slapped it into the weapon to get close to another target, shooting it into the head at close distance, and a signal tone roaring through the hall told her it was done.
"...Heh. I never want to make HER angry." Whistler commented.
Afterwards, the three went down towards the Arena´s prep-room, soon seeing the girl up close as she disassembled the rifle, cleaning its parts from the dusty use. "Ah! Hello Walter!" She cheerfully greeted, waveing to the old man that simply smiled and nodded.. a look of confusion was on Whistler´s face dureing that.
"I see you`re still in a top form, Miss Victoria.. i take it as the prototype has prooven itself?"
The blonde haired girl nodded, smileing brightly. "Absolutly. Even though its so powerful it lacks any real recoil, dispite haveing no muzzle brake, and it tears through a solid wall with enough power to kill the target behind it. Thats masterful work once again, Mister Walter!"
Gratefully bowing, Walter recieved the praise without saying much to it.. instead, being a good butler, he introduced the guests right away. "Miss Victoria.. those are Abraham Whistler and Blade... two vampire hunters from the States. They will aid us until further notice and provide some reinforcement."
"I`d rather aid that red-coated wacko upstairs. He was hit pretty bad earlier." Whistler commented, reaching his hand out for a shake. To his suprise, Seras actually took it and squeezed it firmly, but not too hard to be painful.
"Oh.. so you have met Master already... Ehm, yes.. he does tend to play pranks with new people around here, but don´t worry. Sir Integra has him under full control."
"He better be on a leash or else he won´t get off this easy the next time he "plays a prank" with me.." Blade mentioned darkly, stareing down at the curvy blonde in the leather outfit. A first look fell upon the sword she carried.. it was a Katana, a single sided and curved one, unlike his straight edged, double sided Ninjato. Most likely made of Silver..
Within an eyeblink, both had drawn thier weapons and the blades crashed onto each other, Seras`s Baito giveing a blinding reflection of the room`s lights on its blade. "Thats not exactly polite, Mister. Do you do that to all people you meet?"
Blade, adding pressure to his sword before suddenly re-sleathing it, shook his head just lightly. "No... only to Vampires."

Shortly after, the group arrived at the weapons workshop, deep within the mansion`s cellar, at least twenty feet below the ground.
Seras followed Walter, as since Blade insisted on her going first... he`d rather have a sword in front of him than in the back..
Whistler, for his part, just admired the rest of the mansion they came across, all the expensive woodwork, paintings, carpet.. this wasn`t his kind of liveing, but enough to awe about.

Once arrived, Walter got behind a workdesk.
"So, Mister Blade.. i would ask you to spread out your equipment here, as since i will be the one to make ammunition for it.. Miss Victoria, the Tactilite is made ready for duty by now.. its in the back, underneath the Halconnen."
Without a word, Blade followed in what he was asked to, pulling his firearms from out of his coat, Whistler did the same to his prized pistol.
Soon enough, the desk was full with various tools that killed, as Walter made a run down of it.
"Lets see, then.. an Ingram MAC-10, a MAC 11, both with custom compensators.. a pair of USP Match´s, a Remington 870 with gas driven stake launcher and a double barreled flare gun.. well, this should be easy enough, Gentlemen. Anything else..?"
Blade still didn`t say a word, but pulled out a belt of grenades, before he snapped out his wristblades.
"Those shoot, too... capsules of EDTA.. makes the bloodsuckers burst like a frog."
"And those.." Whistler replied, "are Flashbang grenades, modified to fire off neon light. Less of a bang, but it fries them quite nicely.."
Walter`s eyes flashed up with interest as he looked over these specialized weapons, then nodded.
"Very well.. i should be able to make capsules and grenades like these as well.. it might take some time, but it should be no problem to do so. In the meantime.. Miss Victoria will escort you to your rooms. Please make yourself comfortable and feel yourself right at home."
Blade groaned a bit at this comment, takeing off his wristblades to give them to Walter as well. "There`s no home for the likes of us... only a base."
Seras didn´t comment this further, aside from a glace, before nodding to Walter and escorting them upwards.
"Right.. follow me, please."

Blade was just meditateing in his room, relieveing the stress and regaining new energy, when Whistler approached him... yet, his concentration remained intact until his friend spoke.

"Heh.. these people have some amazeing technology, but thier security system sucks. They were attacked by-"

"Vampires." Blade said, looking up to him. "I smelled them.. they really are here.. if they`ve gotten bold enough to attack a heavyly secured place like this, they must be up to something soon..."

Whistler sighed and sat down, relaxing his legs from the walking. With his left leg being unable to walk due to previous injuries, every step he took was a pain, despite the metal endoskelleton he built for himself.
"Lets hope they`re prepared for whatever happens here soon.. hate to see this place blow open like a chestnut underneath a car tire."
Blade only smirked at this comment.


Integra was looking at Seras in the meantime, who kept a hand on her rifle and panted, drentched in the blood of her enemies. "So, why did they manage to breach the parameter...? I thought i ordered to place electronic gatling guns at all entrances."

"Yes, but prepareing the ammunition for them is takeing quite some time... each one has to be loaded with at least twenty thousand bullets to be of any use in combat." She responded, wipeing off a bit of blood from her face that threatened to get into her eye. "Only two men were wounded though, only unarmed ghouls and a vampire leading them."

"Thats bad enough as it is, Victoria. Integra responded harshly with a hint of worry in her voice. We have to do something against that quickly. This is the Hellsing Organization, the knights of the royal order of her majesty, the queen, not some pseudo-millitary group. We have to be professional about this... no more breaches."

"Understood." Seras saluted swiftly. "But despite all that, do we really need another vampire? Mr Blade seems to be not the person to work in a team."

Integra raised an eyebrow.

"Is there a problem with that, Victoria? I didn´t intend to integrate him with the sweeper squads. He´ll continue his work the way he knows how to, and we`ll continue to do so like we always did: Superior to the enemy. ... i`ve got some paperwork to do, Victoria, you can give me a more detailed report later. For now, you´re dismissed."

"Understood. I`ll return to duty soon... after a shower and a change of clothes."

"Obviously." Integra responded with a smirk, before Seras walked off and closed the door behind her. "...Alucard. Come out."

"You called...?"

The man in red came out of the wall in front of Integra, smileing deviously and hiding his dark intentions behind his trademark sunglasses.

"Something is happening in the vampireic world. Something causes them to change ways... they didn`t attack us like that until the Valentine`s struck. Whatever it is, by all means necessary... be prepared for it."

"That i will, my Master... and i will enjoy it throughly."

"Thats exactly what worries me."
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Forum Exclusive Repost: Bladed Hellsing
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