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 Character Template

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PostSubject: Character Template   Sun Sep 27, 2015 5:42 pm

Character Template

This is the template we would like to see those RPing for Attack On Titan to use. If you have any questions please feel free to contact any of the staff. Please copy and paste the template for your registration.


Age: (unknown, or older/younger than is acceptable)

Gender: (No Specific Gender is also acceptable if you do not wish to assign gender to your character.)

Physical Description: (Outlines are acceptable, or at least one paragraph.  Please note the tallest known human in the series is 6'5.)

Rank: (If not military put civilian here.)

Occupation: ( If military put military.  If civilian then what do you do?  Are you a priest in the Wall Religion, merchant, farmer, butcher, doctor, etc.?)

Military Organization: (Military Police, Garrison, or Survey Corps.)

Attire: (Military must say which uniform they wear.  No description is needed for this.  Civilians can be more creative with their clothing description, and therefore must be at least one paragraph.)

Attributes/Abilities: (Are you smart like Armin?  Do you have natural instincts like Mikasa?  Are you a great leader like Levi?  Do you have spirit like Eren?  These are the things you list here.)

Personality: (Describe your character to us.  How do they act?  Are they social? Etc.)

Biography: (List any information or history of your character here. While birth years are not given for most canon characters specific dates are available.  Keep in mind there are other districts, and areas of the wall available to come from than just the Southern area that was attacked.)

RP Sample: (Members trying out for canons must give an RP sample as the canon they wish to play.  OC's may provide an example from another forum.)
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Character Template
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