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 The fallen adn the traitor: ROUND TWO.

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PostSubject: The fallen adn the traitor: ROUND TWO.   Sun Jul 07, 2013 1:30 am

Anthony approached Ada down the hallway heading towards the near empty room here there was only a chair and a vampire sitting in it reading through some form of spell book of hers. The room was large but barren of anything but a couple windows that chair and some bones and other left overs of the victims of this creature.

As Anthony approached from along the long hallway he sang out in a cheerful manner the rite exorcism and in conjunction with his pages he would erect a zone where this creatures black magic's would be either useless or hampered.

Save your servant.
Who trusts in you, my God.

Let him find in you, Lord, a fortified tower.
In the face of the enemy.

Let the enemy have no power over him
And the son of iniquity be powerless to harm him.

Lord, send him  aid from your holy place.
And watch over him from Sion.

Lord, heed my prayer.
And let my cry be heard by you.

His smile did not waver as he approached this creature and his pages shot out into the room.

she merely read through this book of hers as he entered. Anthony pulling out his guns said to her directly.

"Well it appears it Is my fortune to find you first my dear. At least now my life will have lead to the destruction of a dangerous opponent even if it is indirectly. But I suppose we must go through with the song and dance of battle eh?."

Anthony readied his guns and smiling innocently and looking at her quizzically he asked.

"By the way before I die tell me. Have you done something with your hair?"  
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PostSubject: Re: The fallen adn the traitor: ROUND TWO.   Sun Jul 07, 2013 2:35 am

Ada could hear Anthony's steps creaking off the old wood of the place she'd chosen for her home. She looked through her Grimoire running a finger down a page ignoring him for the time being. She could feel the creep of the blessing he was placing upon her home drifting through the air. By now it didn't effect her very much it was more like a passing annoyance. Almost like a fly that refused to stop flying about one's head. Ada grinned for a moment "And like a fly..." Ada whispered as the Grimoire slammed shut. Almost instantly the Holy Energy throughout the building was purged almost as if some unseen force had blown it away like the wind.

"You know...I hate being interrupted while I read...Uncle." Ada said as her Grimoire reopened the pages flipping back to the page she'd been reading. "Ah...Hecate...your magics are so interesting..." Ada said absentmindedly. Finally she turned her head she could see Father Anthony's pages drifting around the room and smiled. Her eyes turned to the guns in Anthony's hands and an eyebrow raised "Hm...Guns...Always the same...never changing." Ada said standing. Strewn about the room were multiple bodies it seemed Ada had grown a taste for women particularly young virgin women. Ada walked over to the window of the room and turned to face her opponent.

She giggled a bit as Father Anthony mentioned her hair "You always did have a sense of humor Uncle..." Ada said as two of her Grimoire's floated on either side of her the pages whipping about the air intertwining with Tony's pages causing them to fall uselessly to the floor as the dark magic within them battled with the blessings. Ada pulled a new Grimoire from her satchel and smiled as she read an incantation from one "accipe sacrificium tenebris animas subvenies denuo vivere facis mortuos" Ada said before pulling a small blade from her satchel and holding her hand above the Grimoire. She dug the blade into her flesh watching as a few drops of blood landed upon the pages.

The blood upon the pages seemed to be absorbed by the book and after a few moments wisps of darkness began to soar from the book rushing into the bodies of the dead around her. After a few moments the bodies began to twitch uncontrollably before they stood up. The monsters the corpses had become behaved like Ghouls but the uncontrolled muscle spasms and the feral growls spoke a different story. Ada watched as the creatures surrounded Anthony and took a step back "Enutrio..." Ada said watching as the beasts descended upon Anthony snapping their jaws and growling.
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PostSubject: Re: The fallen adn the traitor: ROUND TWO.   Sun Jul 07, 2013 12:04 pm

Father's Anthony's pages fell from the walls. Not a surprise. This ritual wasn't foolproof against masterful users of the dark arts. However this is not to imply that all of his rituals would be that useless. He flung more pages outwards at these creatures of undeath and wrapping them in a barrier creating strand of pages that would burn and stall them. As they were being burnt alive he also created a couple barrier's to act as walls against these beasts. Soon enough their constant exposure to a barrier would reduce them to ashes. Ada was not the only one who learned a few tricks these last couple years.

Anthony brought to mind this phrase of scripture while performing this.

" God, by your name save me,
and by your might defend my cause.
God, hear my prayer;
hearken to the words of my mouth.

For haughty men have risen up against me,
and fierce men seek my life;
they set not God before their eyes.
See, God is my helper;
the Lord sustains my life.

Turn back the evil upon my foes!;
in your faithfulness destroy them.
Freely will I offer you sacrifice;
I will praise your name, Lord, for its goodness,"

However Anthony was not going play these games much longer.

"Enough! You want to kill me? You want to rip out my neck with your teeth? Then come and get it yourself!"

Anthony was going to fire at her upon her charge and then when she got close travel some were tactically advantageous.
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PostSubject: Re: The fallen adn the traitor: ROUND TWO.   Sun Jul 07, 2013 12:24 pm

Ada grinned as she opened her Grimoire once more this one however was different it was more elegant unlike the one she'd used to revive the dead. This was the Grimoire of Morgan Le Fey a book of illusion rather than black magic. "cacher les ténèbres de la lumière" Ada said brushing her hand across the pages of the Grimoire. She grinned and looked up at Father Anthony as from the Grimoire spread almost pure darkness covering any light within the room. The corpses of the dead were consumed by the blackness as it swallowed the entire room leaving nothing but Ada and Anthony standing out in the dark. As the darkness consumed the light Ada grinned as she slowly began walking toward Anthony unafraid of what was to come.

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PostSubject: Re: The fallen adn the traitor: ROUND TWO.   Sun Jul 07, 2013 12:52 pm

When time began, the Word was there, and the Word was face to face with God, and the Word was God. This Word, when time began, was face to face with God. All things came into being through Him, and without Him there came to be not one thing that has come to be. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not lay hold of it.

Father Anthony Diem exploded in a wave of scripture which would cover the room in an extremely powerful holy rite. The darkness lifted and Anthony could see for now at lest. He didn't know what would happen if she tried to counter this again but he would make use of his time.

With the explosion of witchcraft countering magic also came some nails. His nails flew outwards towards Ada in the direction of her footsteps. There were seven nails. Each of these nails was covered in a concentrated barrier which would stick in and continually burn even Ada as a vampire.

Father Anthony also knowing about vampire tactics made sure to glance backwards and around the room.
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PostSubject: Re: The fallen adn the traitor: ROUND TWO.   Tue Jul 09, 2013 9:39 pm

Ada giggled as Father Anthony continued to read his scriptures as the light erupted from him she grinned as the light fought against the dark. "The light...may rise in the day...But in the night...Darkness rules..." Ada said as the darkness consumed the light. "Your foolish if you believed the small light that exists within could overrule the darkness of night..." Ada said as her voice seemed to sound all around him.

Anthony's nails had flown way off target having embedded in the walls. She grinned walking up to one of these nails and tugging it from the wall. The metal burned her skin but she ignored the slight annoyance grinning as she held almost how her mother used to hold Crucifixion stakes. "Hmmm brings back so many memories...Many memories better off forgotten..." Ada said throwing the nail at Tony's right foot seeking to pin his foot to the floor.

"So this is what it's come to? This is what they send to end me? A foolish priest who was to afraid to save his so called family from death?" Ada said as she circled Anthony almost like an animal circling prey. "A man who could not save his sister and failed to protect his niece...pathetic...I'm offended that Iscariot thought that would end me..." Ada said as she summoned one of her Grimoires to her side. "Pete vas spiritus robustorum..." Ada whispered cutting her finger on one of her fangs and getting to her knees slowly writing a symbol onto the floor.
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PostSubject: Re: The fallen adn the traitor: ROUND TWO.   Wed Jul 10, 2013 1:24 pm

Hearing the nail slide out of the wall Anthony moved slightly to the side in order to try and dodge it. It hit the tip of his boot but luckily since the boots were silver tipped it just scraped along the leather and the silver without penetrating through the metal.

Brilliant light surged forth but a moment and it was enough. His nails had missed but he knew what to do. The ghoulish creatures dead by now still had some body left on them. Anthony listened intensely being blind at the moment. He heard...whispers. Anthony threw a glass bottle spinning towards the sound. The bottle shattered and holy water was thrown everywhere around Ada. He didn't know what the holy water would do to her books but he was a little curious to see, if in fact he hit one.

But as he did this with his arm using his faith he took the nails from the walls and embedded them into the skulls of the ghouls. The barriers as they reacted with the unholy shot out many sparks that shed a blue and electric light throughout the room. Not enough for perfect clarity but enough to get an idea of what was where.

As Anthony threw the bottle towards the ground in front of Ada. He said to her.

"You can't be serious Ada. they sent a weakling of a man. To fight a weakling of a little girl who couldn't handle the fact that she doesn't get everything she wants in life, and if you think that I didn't tell anyone else about where you live after I found you and that there won't be more agents coming after you then you are horribly delusional. "
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PostSubject: Re: The fallen adn the traitor: ROUND TWO.   Thu Jul 11, 2013 10:40 pm

Ada scowled as she looked up from the ritual she was performing. She hissed as a bit of holy water splashed onto her arm. She could see the flesh burning from the blessed water but she quickly whipped the liquid away. Her book had been long closed as she continued to ritual drawing a pentagram in the center of the circle of blood she had drawn. She grinned before dropping a few drops of blood into the center of the pentagram. The pentagram began to glow with a reddish light she winced again as the holy water was thrown once more this time splashing onto her back. She hissed turning her angered gaze upon Father Anthony.

She stood as the blood from the circle slowly moved upon the ground splitting off into smaller groups slithering upon the floor like snakes. The Pentagram came apart and just as it did Ada did as well her body collapsing into a puddle of blood and disappearing. The tendrils that slid ever so closer to Father Anthony quickly wrapped around his ankles pulling him towards the puddle of blood that Ada had disappeared into.
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PostSubject: Re: The fallen adn the traitor: ROUND TWO.   Sat Jul 13, 2013 10:07 pm

OOC: I'm really sorry it took me so long Ada. Internet troubles.

Father Anthony Diem smirked as these trails of unholy blood made their way to him. They were going to try and pull him into to this bloody hole but he would not allow it.

Father Anthony Diem shouted out.

"Holy Lord, almighty Father, everlasting God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who once and for all consigned that fallen and apostate tyrant to the flames of hell, who sent your only-begotten Son into the world to crush that roaring lion; hasten to our call for help and snatch from ruination and from the clutches of the noonday devil this human being made in your image and likeness! Strike terror, Lord, into the beast now laying waste your vineyard! Fill your servants with courage to fight manfully against that reprobate dragon, lest he despise those who put their trust in you!"

As Anthony shouted out this verse he pulled out the rest of his nails from his pocket and his pages which flowed out of him wrapped themselves around them then slammed themselves into the floor all along the trails of blood. These nails were not only blessed but the pages which gifted them movement also created barriers around them. These nails which hit all along the trails of blood and as they did once again beautiful sparks shot forth in amazing numbers and suddenly after being dragged only a foot or two the blood split in half and then finally after thinning it dissipated.

Father Anthony still screaming also sent five of these nails into this pool of blood which he thought to be a most appropriate substitute for himself.

After the nails hit the ground and the puddle and as he was finishing his chanting of scripture he sent ten or so pages around his legs and finally after many sparks and much summoning of strength of faith the blood finally gave way and was thrown off of him into the air were it would once again fall away into nothingness.

Anthony still vigilant held his ground but inspected his area as these things happened. Her witch craft was extremely powerful. For which craft. She might have forgotten this but he was older than her by a good many years. And his bond as a priest to the church was just as powerful as hers to the darkness. For while she had married her soul to evil. His soul was married to the church of the lord Jesus Christ.

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PostSubject: Re: The fallen adn the traitor: ROUND TWO.   

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The fallen adn the traitor: ROUND TWO.
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