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 The Last of Us (Hellsing Edition) [Human's or Supernatural's with toned down powers please]

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PostSubject: The Last of Us (Hellsing Edition) [Human's or Supernatural's with toned down powers please]   Sun Jun 16, 2013 1:57 am

Ada sat in the basement of the orphanage with a large group of children most of them were trembling and frightened having witnessed the horrors being committed on the surface. It had been a few days since reports of some sort of fungus began to sprout up all around the world. At first it was ignored like many other common virus scares like SARS or Swine Flu but it began to escalate quickly. Soon the entire world was under siege by the infected. The Vatican was one of the places hit hardest millions of Catholics from around the world flew here within days hoping to make peace with god. Many of them were infected and it didn't take long until the Vatican City had become a war zone. 

Iscariot's Crusader Army mobilized to defend the Vatican but even they fell beneath the weight of the millions of infected swarming the streets of the Vatican. Ada had been left alone when the chaos hit she'd been told by members of Iscariot to hide herself and the children in the underground shelter. But feeding so many children had dwindled their supplies to almost nothing and now hunger was beggining to take it's toll on them. 

Ada abruptly stood drawing the attention of many of the children. "S-Sister Koch?" One child said. Ada took a deep breath "Stay here...I'll be right back." Ada said. Many of the children began to protest loudly but were silenced as Ada shushed them. "We're running out of food I need to go find some..." Ada said. A boy around 14 gripped the sleeve of Ada's habit. "B-But you saw what's going on out there Sister it's not safe!!" He said. Ada shook him off "I'll be fine just listen to me alright when I leave lock the door...And no matter what don't open it unless it's me or another member of the Church...alright?" Ada said. The boy seemed hesitant and seemed to want to protest more but a sharp glance from Ada caused him to nod. "Y-Yes Sister Koch." The boy said bowing his head.

Ada gave the boy a kind smile "Don't look so glum it's only goodbye for a little while." Ada said ruffling his hair. As the oldest child amongst them it was her responsibility to keep them alive even if it meant endangering herself. Ada walked over to a small locker in the corner and took a deep breath grabbing a backpack from inside and slinging it over her back. The bunker beneath the Orphanage had some supplies but during the mobilization of Iscariot many members had come down to the bunker to collect equipment leaving the pickings for gear quite slim. Ada grabbed a small pistol sitting on one of the shelves and checked it the way Father Miles had shown her after she'd begged her mother to let her learn. She grabbed a holster clipped it to her belt before slipping the pistol into it. She also grabbed a few boxes of 9mm rounds.

She also grabbed a flashlight and a gas mask and slipped those into her backpack she had her bible in a small pouch on her belt and a few Crucifixion spikes she hadn't used along with a few small spheres that her mother had planned to teach her about before the epidemic struck. Satisfied that she had everything that she could possibly think of she walked over to the large vault like door that closed off the basement from the outside world. 

Ada bit her lip before turning the wheel on the door and pulling it open. She felt a blast of warm air hit her as she opened it the entire upper floor of the orphanage was burning above them. Ada's eyes widened is shock the place that had become home to her was going down in flames. Ada clenched her eyes shut before glancing back "Close the door!" Ada called. A few of the children gave uncertain looks at her but quickly did as she commanded. Ada watched the door close behind her before slipping on the gas mask she'd need it to traverse the smoke filled halls of the orphanage. 

Ada took a deep breath of filtered air before walking up the concrete steps avoiding the flames dotting the wooden ceiling of the basement. As she reached the top of the stairs she reached out and touched the doorknob but yelped as it burned her hand. Ada shook out her hand a bit before taking a moment to think about the situation until an idea struck her. She'd seen Father Miles do this numerous times it was about time she tried it herself. Ada took a step back before ramming her foot into the door knocking it off it's hinges. The entire hall was filled with smoke and flame but there were gaping holes in the walls of the orphanage it seemed it had been burning for quite a while. Ada approached one of the holes in the walls and hopped down finding herself in the garden. 

Ada looked around and her eyes widened in the distance she could see Rome burning. Ada slipped the gas mask off letting it hang from her fingertips as she stared out at the burning city. It was then she heard a low growl coming from the green house. Ada quickly drew her pistol and aimed it at the door. The green house would be a great place to search for food but at the same time that growl discouraged her quite a bit. Ada closed her eyes and took a breath she needed to be brave now now scared. Ada approached the building slowly the only sounds being the crackle of the fire behind her and the sound of her shoes on the dirt. 

Within a split moment a creature smashed through the glass of the green house and screeched before rushing toward her. Ada screamed before raising her pistol and firing a shot the round struck the creature in the shoulder but it continued onward snarling and gnashing it's teeth. Ada fired another shot this one striking it in the knee the creature dropped to the ground but still continued onward using it's arms to drag itself closer. Ada raised her pistol one last time and pulled the trigger striking the creature in the head. This time the creature lay motionless. Ada held the gun in that position for a long moment before she dropped it to the floor and sank to her knees. She'd killed it looking at it now the person it was couldn't have been much older than she was right now. "What is going on...Why is this happening?" Ada whispered gripping the small rosary hanging around her neck
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PostSubject: Re: The Last of Us (Hellsing Edition) [Human's or Supernatural's with toned down powers please]   Sun Jun 16, 2013 2:30 am

Anthony sent two daggers into the air attached to his links of blessed pages. He pulled tight on the links and cracked them like a whip into the skulls of two zombies. He sent the two page links to wrap around another two and sprinted forward bobbing and weaving under the arms of at least four of these monsters. While he arrived at his daggers areas the two zombies had almost broke free of their binding. What!? This was insane they should be burning alive right now if they were ghouls. Anthony wondered what kind of sorcery this was but did not take his eyes off his objectives. He pulled his blades out of their skulls and lopped off the heads of the two held creatures easily. But unfortunately there were around thirty more surrounding him. Anthony struck out again by stabbing the heart of one of these creatures. That didn't work so he jumped backward to avoid getting chomped.  

He looked just in time backwards to duck another zombie. He kicked it's face by leaning on his hands and jumping off the ground to deliver a powerful kick while on the floor to the creatures head. It shattered and died. Father Diem picked up on this weakness. The other zombie approached him and he threw his dagger into its face. It died but Anthony could barely retrieve his weapons before once again six zombies surrounded him. Anthony seeing the danger in getting surrounded jumped over one of the zombies and split it's skull. Another he killed with a throw. His page links held off another two. Yet these guys were getting dangerously close and couldn't keep up at this rate. He grabbed his blade slew one more of the creatures and used the pages links constricting his enemies to teleport him to Anderson's orphanage or rather outside of it.

It was just in time to, as at least thirty zombies had surrounded him by then and left little room for him to maneuver with. 

He breathed deeply and tried to think about his next move when he saw that there were some zombies close to the orphanage. "Not on my watch!" Anthony shouted as he shot his daggers attached to his pages into another two skulls. If these zombies didn't kill him, Anderson would if anything happened to these children. In fact Anthony would want him to.
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PostSubject: Re: The Last of Us (Hellsing Edition) [Human's or Supernatural's with toned down powers please]   Sun Jun 16, 2013 11:54 am

It had been a while since this all started. Seeing his friends and everyone he'd come close to after losing his identity was just too much for John, and he lost his mind. At least the trauma had restored his powers, though. Ever since then, he'd been moving from place to place with his portals at random, not concerned with anything like food, water, or shelter; he just wanted to be left alone with the charred body he'd been carrying with him for months. Who it was, he couldn't remember, but he still talked to it like a friend.

"Peanuts, purple, platypus, pterodactyl," he recited, pronouncing the "p" in the last word. "It does too have a 'p', stupid," he shouted, apparently having a conversation with the body mentioned previously. For two days now, he'd been curled up in the back of a greenhouse on the Vatican property. All the sweating, he concluded, was the "impurity" running out of his body, making him stronger (in reality, he was becoming severely dehydrated, as well as malnourished). One good thing came out of the apocalypse, though; the beard he'd grown kicked ass.

He rubbed a leaf against his face, evidently thinking it was shaving. He started laughing to himself, saying the letter "p" over and over again. He was completely unaware of the creature breaking in and subsequently being killed by the girl he'd never met. Except for his loud ramblings, it would have been unlikely for anyone to notice him shoved behind the plants. He'd had dry mud smeared on him for a while now, too, acting as a form of unintended camouflage he'd received after tripping into a nearly dry river.
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PostSubject: Re: The Last of Us (Hellsing Edition) [Human's or Supernatural's with toned down powers please]   Sun Jun 16, 2013 4:15 pm

Ada sat still for a moment trying to let the reality of her situation sink in. She felt like she was literally inside of one of those video games her Veronica didn't want her to play infront of the orphans. She looked up as she saw the creature twitch a bit and then heard a low gurgling noise. Her eyes widened as she quickly took up her pistol and aimed it at the creature. The creature began violently writhing upon the ground it's sounds becoming more violent as if trying to get up. Ada bit her lip and approached it raising her handgun a bit leveling it to the creature's head. The creature let out a ear splitting screech causing Ada to cover her ears. It continued to screech until Ada finally aimed the pistol at the creature and pulled the trigger once more snuffing out the last bit of life from it.

Ada lowered the handgun and closed her eyes taking a deep breath. She then walked past the body towards the Green house but stopped as she saw something drifting out through the opening. She stopped immediately remembering the Disease Control broadcasts about spores causing infection. Ada took off her backpack and hung it over her arm digging through it for her gas mask. She finally managed to find it and slid it over her face taking a few test breaths of the filtered air before entering the Greenhouse. She scowled beneath her mask as she saw the mass amounts of fungus growing on much of the crops that they'd been attempting to grow. 

She walked between the aisles of planting boxes frowning as all she saw were fungus and spores any resemblance to vegetables had been lost amongst the growths caused by the spores. Ada sighed "I guess this means I'm going to the city..." Ada muttered solemnly. She saw what Rome looked like now and was hesitant to venture into it but the children needed food and her responsibility as the only nun at the orphanage was to keep them all alive. 

Ada looked around the green house frowning hoping she'd see some semblance of normality but the place no longer seemed like the home she'd grown so used to. It was like being on an Alien planet complete with Alien lifeforms. Ada closed her eyes and took one more deep breath before heading outside taking her mask off once she was sure she was away from the spores before heading to the small wooden garage where the few cars at the orphanage were kept. She'd need to hot wire it seeing as all the keys to the cars were inside the orphanage when it burned.
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PostSubject: Re: The Last of Us (Hellsing Edition) [Human's or Supernatural's with toned down powers please]   Mon Jun 17, 2013 12:03 am

Anthony ran from a horde of at least twenty zombies. Well at least he was taking them away from the bunker. Anthony turned a corner and ran into a group of another ten zombies. Thirty eh? Ya, no I'm gone. Anthony drew his blessed silver daggers and charged the group of ten zombies easily decapitating one of them before he kicked off one to get onto the side of a building where he would leap of of that onto a flag pole and then after two great spins he would fly into an awning where he would break through that and land flat on his face.

Anthony groaned and looked up as thirteen zombies approached him. Anthony pulled out his guns and decided to use his ammo finally on these unholy beasts. But before he got off a shot he heard another gun go off near the greenhouse and decided that finding another living human being beated zombie hunting any day.

He summoned forth the blessed pages he used often to once again travel towards his childhood home. Or rather what was left of his childhood home. Anthony looked back and seeing that those zombies were no where in sight he allowed himself to breathe heavily and fall to his knees. He must have run at least three miles.

It was not so much the physical aspect that tired but the mental trauma oh what he wouldn't give to see the kindly face of his adopted father covered in the blood of these monsters laughing as he destroyed them by the dozens.

Father Anthony looked up and saw a couple of dead zombies. There would be time for regret and hope later he decided. For now he would protect who he could. Or maybe they could protect him. Who knew.

Anthony got up and walked over to the green house where he discovered their newest member Ada Koch. Anthony stunned that she was still alive walked forward in shock his mouth agape. "Ada..." Anthony walked forward towards his friend.

He dropped his blood covered blade and gave his friend and what he kind of considered an adopted niece a hug. "Thank God you are alive."

(OOC Ada if you would like to shoot Anthony out of surprise or anything like that just let me know and I can change my post.)
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PostSubject: Re: The Last of Us (Hellsing Edition) [Human's or Supernatural's with toned down powers please]   Tue Jun 18, 2013 6:52 am

The Russian walked along one of the rooftops. The world was falling apart and the dead were somehow returning to life. However, this wasn't the usual vampires or ghouls. This seemed completely natural due to the reports saying it was caused by some kind of spore. Biological weapon? Maybe. Who the fuck knew? Who the fuck would ever even figure out? Humanity was already loosing it's status as the most dominant species in the world. All that mattered was survival at any cost. That didn't mean he couldn't try to round up a group of survivors. The former spetsnaz began to set up a Dragonov sniper rifle, aiming down the scope carefully. The people down below were more then likely going to die, even if he did assist them.  Lucky for them, the soldier still had a sense of morality. 

The crosshairs began to lock themselves onto the monsters scrambling below. Bayman took a single breath, adjusting the rifle to shoot ahead of the creature. One of the basic things he was taught was if the target was moving, fire in front of them since their momentum will carry them into the path. Following the other step of his training, he pulled back on the trigger between heart beats. One of the infected approaching Ada and Anthony suddenly fell forward, the head exploding from the round tearing through the flesh. "One." The reflection of the scope was barely enough to draw attention of the living down below, firing a second round. "Two." The second body hit the ground, a faint grin growing across the Russian's face. Each movement of the soldiers finger brought death to the undead. "Must keep the living alive for now... They could prove useful." He muttered to himself.
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PostSubject: Re: The Last of Us (Hellsing Edition) [Human's or Supernatural's with toned down powers please]   Tue Jun 18, 2013 11:48 am

As if the first shots hadn't been enough, now there was more. Well, he wouldn't take that lying down; he'd at least have to stand up. Doing just that, he grabbed the charred remains, using it as a makeshift bat to smash out the windows of the greenhouse, scrambling through and dragging the corpse with him. "Turn off that pencil!" he screamed at no one particular, now in full view of the other humans. Swinging the body randomly in the air, he hoped to make the noise stop, only succeeding in beating himself with it a few times, rubbing the flaky black skin particles onto his clothes. He failed to notice anyone or anything outside of the noise.
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PostSubject: Re: The Last of Us (Hellsing Edition) [Human's or Supernatural's with toned down powers please]   Thu Jun 20, 2013 4:06 pm

Ada squeaked as she found herself wrapped up in an embrace acting on instinct she quickly elbowed the person in the stomach and whipped around smacking the grip of her gun into the person's cheek until she finally got a good look at them. "U-Uncle Tony?" Ada said she lowered her gun and tossed her arms around him hugging him "Your Alive!! Where's mom is everything in Rome done!?" Ada asked hoping for some resemblance of normality to return to their home. However upon seeing the Blood staining Anthony's clothing she felt her hopes die as quick as it had come. "W-Where's mom? Is she alright?" Ada asked she'd understood that Veronica had to help defend the Vatican but she'd still at least expected her to find some way to contact them even if it was just a phone call or something. It was then she heard a burst of chaos erupt around them. She quickly turned seeing two infected rushing at her and Anthony they were way too close for Ada to react and she clenched her eyes shut waiting to feel the teeth ripping at her flesh only to hear two shots ring out in the night. 

Ada opened her eyes and saw two infected upon the ground most of their skull missing from gunshot wounds. The chaos had not ended yet however as she saw another figure coming out of the Green House. She raised her handgun the man was carrying what seemed to be a charred burned body screaming incoherently. "W-What the hell?" Ada said staring at the man who seemed to be striking himself with the corpse.
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PostSubject: Re: The Last of Us (Hellsing Edition) [Human's or Supernatural's with toned down powers please]   Thu Jun 20, 2013 5:06 pm

Anthony regretted not making himself known verbally was impressed with his nieces reaction time and powerful blows. When she elbowed him he gave her a lot of slack letting himself fall back and he did not tighten his muscle to absorb the blow. As it was he had the wind knocked out of him but did manage to see the next blow coming. He let his head roll forward so that Ada's wrist wouldn't bruise or break from the impact.

Anthony caught totally unprepared by this started to see stars and almost fall from his feet. But the he heard his niece say his name and hug him. He hugged her back and used her to support himself until he could see straight again. 

He heard something about her mother so Anthony responded reassuringly. "Don't worry dear, If I managed to make it out alive I'm sure our veronica will do so to."

Then came the zombies. Still using one hand to support himself he pulled out his hand gun but was beaten to the punch but some unkown gunman. A good thing to. Anthony decided. I saw four of them. 

Then as to the crazy bearded man with the body. Anthony now feeling almost well enough to stand on his own only leaned his hand on Ada's as he took aim at him. "Who are? And what are you doing here?" He asked the crazy looking man. But then whispered in Ada's ear. "See if you can pinpoint our mysterious friend with the gun."
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PostSubject: Re: The Last of Us (Hellsing Edition) [Human's or Supernatural's with toned down powers please]   

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The Last of Us (Hellsing Edition) [Human's or Supernatural's with toned down powers please]
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