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 Hellsing rpg in Dc

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PostSubject: Hellsing rpg in Dc   Mon Oct 10, 2011 11:23 am

Due to some random, sientific phenomenon the universe of Hellsing and Dc merged on one of Dc's many many universes, Hellsing battles supernatural creatuers still but is limited to them as Justice Leauge keeps an eye on them due to the high activtiy of vampires they half (seriously we need human members), Millenium has been getting there hands on some Super Villan tech to strengthen them for there goals and Iscariot are still being douchebags to everyone who arn't them.

It is night time in Gotham, as usual the city is ripe with crime, the Joker off doing his own psychotic thing as he has yet again escpaed from Arkham, Black mask has his hands in shady deals with Millenium and other such villians are doing there own thing. Batman stood on a rooftop looking down at the city, patintly he awiaited for some criminals to come meet for a deal, one of them was working for Joker and the Bat wanted information. As the Bat watched down below a figuer watched from afar grining, suddenly a van pulled up by the building and two men got out their voices could just be heard from the top of the building, one of was loud and arragent, the other was telling him to shut up.

Batman moved across the building watching them as they met with some other men, he stepped onto the side of the roof and reached his hand down to his utility belt took out a batarang, quickly he threw it down into the middle of the men, who just looked at it in surpise as it began to beep then a flash and a large bang, at that moment the Bat jumped down and used his cape as a gilder. He kicked a man in the face as he came down, knocking him down and them punched the man next to him knocking him down as well. Grabing a thrid man he thew him against a wall Where is the joker he spoke with a thertaning tone and gave the man the bat glare, such a galre could paralize someone if they weren't mentaly prepared, just as the man was going to talk a shot went off and missed his head by a cm.

As Batman turned around he saw the two men up FUCK..so thats batman, damn its hard to fucking see Batman saw their eyes and reached for his utlity belt, they were vampires but worse than that they were the Valintine brohters I thought they only worked for black mask as he though this he was already throwing a batarang at the mens arms, which began to beep and sent a lethal shock into their arms [color=blue]FUCKING HEL../color]. Jan was cut off by a sword imapling his neck I AM THE NIGHT Batman shook his head as he knew the voice ...not him Luke up at from where the voice came from only to have a fist hit him sending to the ground and knocking him out.

Jan looked to his side as a leg smacked his face sending him flying into a wall and knocking him out [color=red]Damn Bats, that flash bang, and the electro shock must have been powerfull to weaken them this much Batman glared at Neko Jay, who's ears spiked up and he looked shocked What are you doing in Gotham ? Jay straighed up I was sent here by Miss Integra to get the Valitine brothers for questioning Damn for a human hes scary...BUT SOO COOOL Jays eyes seemed to sparkel at Batman who gave a sigh and grumpily asked What ?, Jay got out a book Can I have your autograph, he held out the book open, on it there was several Jusrice League names on it such as Green Arrow, Black Conary, Wonderwoman and several others even Supermans.

Batman shook his head and walked off [i]He never gives up does he ?....I'll need to get back to tracking down Joker[/b] he looked on as he saw the thrid man running away You take your vampires away and next time Do Not enter the city without contacting me first are we clear[b] Jay gulped as Batman gave him an even more intinse glare [b]Y yes sir Batman ran off after the man and Jay picked up the unconsious Luke and Jan walking off.

{might make more}
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Hellsing rpg in Dc
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