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 Master of Oz

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PostSubject: Master of Oz   Thu Feb 21, 2013 5:09 pm

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? If so how far have you gotten? If not please direct your attention to YouTube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least. Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga. The anime is not canon. This is not our opinion. This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano. All.

Name: Kieron Modra.

Age: 36.

Gender: There’s no words to describe how manly he is. Steeler was a man, but this guy is a goddamn (bat)MAN.

Physical appearance: Kieron is a tall, dark-skinned man of Australian heritage. Short, dark brown hair sits on top of his head, messy and without discernible style. On his face is an untrimmed goatee, outlining his lips and sitting under a broad nose. His eyes are large and expressive, matching the color of his hair. Several scars decorate his forehead and cheeks, souvenirs from his battles. From his training, he is built like a large, solid structure; not exactly a brick wall, but still sturdy. He has more scars on the rest of his body, though they are rarely seen by anyone but a doctor.

Clothing of choice: When it comes to clothing, Kieron isn’t much for variety. During his time in the military, he’d wear the standard issue uniform in the field (sturdy shirt and pants, bullet proof vest, helmet, etc.), color changing dependent on the area. That habit still stands today. Usually, tough, light grey shirt and pants are worn, buttons on the cuffs of each shirt sleeve. If he can expect to be in a dangerous situation, he’ll often wear a black Kevlar vest he took as a “souvenir” from the military. On his hands are black leather gloves, and on his feet are black leather boots. Around his neck, he keeps a green, grey, and white keffiyeh scarf, a reminder of his days as a soldier. On his back are holsters for his machete, kept together in a harness he wears like a backpack. If he feels the need to hide his equipment, he will sometimes wear a coat of some kind, often brown or grey in color.

Weaponry of choice: Kieron is a man of many talents. As such, his arsenal reflects this.
For small arms, Kieron wields two black Beratta 92fs pistols. Semi-automatic, 15 rounds, and personally bought in Italy; these are easily his favorite guns. With his training, he is equally comfortable shooting with one or both of these at a time. He carries two spare magazines of 9mm ammunition on him at any time. These have replaced two older guns he used before, which he promptly resold after unloading.

Though used less often, swords are his favorite weapon of all. On his back, Kieron packs two black machetes. Each is razor sharp, curved slightly, with a small hole near the top of the blade. The handles are wrapped in dark green paracord, looped through a hole at the bottom, a small guard above it to protect his fingers and hands. Light weight, they are easy to swing and attack with.

On the back of his belt, in case of emergency, is a 5 inch long, black push dagger. Though the textured handle is helpful for gripping, it can just as easily be thrown at a target. He always carries a smoke grenade for quick escapes.

Race: Human.

Abilities: Through his training, Kieron is an exceptionally powerful human. He is a master of several forms of armed and unarmed combat, including Karate, Judo, Krav Maga, kick boxing, Kung Fu, swordsmanship (adapted from Roman Gladiatorial battle and eskrima), knife throwing, and a basic knowledge of Bartitsu (an admiration for Sherlock Holmes as a boy being the cause). As well, he is also well trained and knowledgeable about guns of all sorts. His aim, either with a gun or knife, is nearly perfect. He is also in perfect physical condition, lifting more than double his own body weight (500 or so lbs) and being able to fully exert himself for long periods of time before experiencing exhaustion. He continually works to become even stronger.

Due to his position as field leader in the SOCOMD, he is a brilliant tactician, though he would honestly prefer just to be done with combat as quickly as possible, avoiding excessive planning unless necessary. This can make him somewhat short-sighted, only concerning himself with smaller scale objectives. He is also adept at meditation, calming himself during times of intense stress in order to think clearly and to work through problems. He studied psychology during his training, initially to aid in strategy, though he often uses it for manipulation or just to help out a friend by better understanding their thoughts and actions.

His past as a soldier offered him the basics of such: Survival training, first aid, etc. He is also adept at stealth and tracking, owing to his position in Special Operations. He has learned several languages, including English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, 13 Australian Aboriginal dialects, and Mandarin. He can also speak Australian sign language and knows Morse code. His macaroni and cheese is quite good, as well.

Organization: Ex-SOCOMD operative. Adventurer (Unaffiliated).

Personality: Kieron is anything but the stereotypical “silent badass” a soldier is supposed to be. He is talkative, good with people, and enjoys having a good time whenever and wherever he can. That’s not to say he can’t become more like the traditional picture, but he usually reserves that for serious situations. After all, if he was serious all the time, when else would people get to experience his quick wit, charm, and suave visage?

Though he enjoys fighting, he’d rather stay out of a confrontation if he can. Still, though, he may have a shining moment of “goodness” from time to time and help someone out if there’s a chance they might get their ass kicked. For the most part, he isn’t very bitter or scarred due to his military experiences (not until the end, at least), though certain experiences still haunt him. He has disdain for those who would trivialize or insult military personnel, no matter their origin.

After his discharge, the crushing boredom and lack of purpose he felt as the motivation for his newest career. He’d always had in interest in traveling the world (a reason he joined the military in the first place), so adventuring and exploring was a logical next step for him. In a way, thrill-seeking was always his purpose for being a soldier. He has a habit of collecting souvenirs from the places he visits.

Rank: None.

Biography: As a young boy, Kieron grew up in Adelaide, South Australia. A rather unremarkable young man, his only real talent seemed to be sports and the occasional art class. The military seemed a logical choice for him, a decision his parents supported wholeheartedly. Upon graduating high school, he enlisted, going through training and being deployed at the earliest convenience. He served in Fiji, Rwanda, Somalia, and numerous other places, absorbing the culture of the places he went. During this time, he would train with his fellow soldiers and local martial artists to expand his fighting skills. He proved himself as one of the most capable and competent members of the military on duty, quickly being promoted to positions of leadership.

After the Special Operations Command (SOCOMD) was created, Kieron was a logical choice for a field command. He and his squad, deployed into the Middle East, were assigned to many dangerous missions. However, in Iraq, he was predictably attacked by extremists. Though his squad was only injured and they managed to kill all the insurgents, inspection of the enemy found that a good portion of them were children. Even though he had killed before, Kieron had never thought of the possibility of taking the life of children. Grabbing the scarf from one he had shot, he’d continue to wear it to this day.

He could never really forget what had happened that day. Requesting discharge, citing the experience of killing children too much for him to handle, he was allowed to return home. Having nothing to do and no motivation, he initially resigned to living off military pay for quite a while. Eventually, he decided he couldn’t continue to live like that, forcing himself to evaluate his life and what he wanted to do. Thinking back, he realized he’d always enjoyed the traveling and adventure of service. Wanting to experience the thrill again, he began to travel the world, calling himself an “adventurer” and taking the next plane to Italy.

RP sample:
It had been a long and uneventful day driving through the sandy roads. Nearly time to report back to base, the only thing that kept the three cars around was a rumor of bombs strewn about the area. ”Major Modra, we’ve been patrolling for hours, sir,” one of the men said, trying to convince their commander to turn in.
”Not yet. Still have a few places left in the area to check,” Kieron responded. He didn’t want anyone to fall into an explosive because he was lazy. Just then, he spotted someone standing in the dunes. ”Someone’s out there. Go check it out.” The driver nodded, turning towards the figure in the distance, the other two cards following behind.

As they approached, they saw it was one of the locals, wrapped in cloth. Stopping near him, Kieron got out of the vehicle to inspect the situation. ”Excuse me, are you okay? Do you need help?” he asked in Arabic. He received no answer, though. ”Are you okay?” he asked again. From under the cloak, the figure pulled a gun, pointing it at Kieron and intending to fire. He was cut short, though, by a bullet from the soldier’s gun. ”Ambush!” he yelled, the other men in the cars quickly driving to form a perimeter around their leader as shots began firing from previously unseen combatants.
As the bullets hammered the sides of their vehicles, a few of the men were unlucky enough to be hit. Kieron and the rest returned fire, though they had no clear idea as to where the attackers were. ”Back in the cars. We’re going to find them.” Loading the injured, the soldiers drove towards the fire, avoiding as much of it as they could.

As the other units seemed to have found their attackers, Kieron and his driver found theirs. As the vehicle slowed, he pulled a pistol from his hip and fired it at the group of attackers. Jumping out, he continued fire, taking one of the machetes he always wore for luck and slashing into one of the more confused enemies, killing him instantly. His driver fired onto the others with an assault rifle, killing some and sending the others to be shot or cut by Kieron.

The gunfire had ceased after long, all of the insurgents lying dead on the ground. The two began driving back to regroup and assess their loses. ”Sir,” one of the soldiers addressed Kieron. ”Pardon my language, but that was badass. Where did you find that sword, sir?”

Kieron chuckled, wiping the machete clean with a rag. ”Something I picked up in South America. I’ll teach you someday, if you want to learn bad enough.” Sheeting the weapon on his back, he stepped out of the car as it slowed to a halt, conversing with the others to learn that none of their squad had died. As he observed the field, he couldn’t help but notice the body of the first man he’d killed. He walked over to get a better look at the bastard that had tried to trap them, pulling the scarf off his face. What he saw shocked him; it was a child.

”Sir, you okay?” one of his men said, walking up behind him. Seeing the child on the ground, he simply sneered in disgust. ”Stupid kid,” he mocked. He patted his commander on the shoulder. ”Come on, sir. Time we head back.

”Right,” he said, almost in a trance. He wasn’t sure how to feel or if he should even feel something at all. The only thing he was sure of was that he didn’t want to kill a child ever again. He trudged back to the car, scarf still clenched in his fist.
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Master of Oz
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