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 Master Chief {Done}

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PostSubject: Master Chief {Done}   Tue May 17, 2011 4:13 am

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? If so how far have you gotten? If not please direct your attention to youtube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least. Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga. The anime is not canon. This is not our opinion. This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano. Watched all ovas and manga

Name: Master Chief, Real name Jason Phelps

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Physical appearance: A seven foot tall man who is built like a tank. That's the way most people might describe him, and there not too far off. He is quite pale, six foot tall and his body is muscular, he has a broad back, six pack and strong arms and legs.
His hair is short and brown, he has some stubble and no side burns, also blues and his face is quite average for a man of his age.

Clothing of choice: For causal wear he has a black coat which has holsters in it for pistols, a grey t-shirt on his lower body he wears dark blue jeans with a brown belt and black boots. He has special experimental armor that he usually wears, even to events some times, its like a second skin for him, its a mesh body suit with kevlar plating and some kind of gel inter layer to absorb blunt trauma/electrical currents.

Weaponry of choice: FN F2000
30-round cartridge capacity using 5.56x45mm ammunition and has five magazines extra.

modded G36 rifle
30-round detachable box using 5.56x45mm ammunition and has five magazines extra.

Race: Special Human

Abilities: Super human strength, speed and reflexes about the level of a cat C vampire. He has training with guns, close quarter's combat and viechels.

Organization: Wild Geese

Personality: Hes got a cocky type attitude even towards his superiors, this is due to his super human abilities. Tries to act mature, serious and professional but seems to fail at it somehow, this isn't his real personality, its a cover as he is pretending to be someone else.
He likes to have a good time, usually involving alcohol and violence, hes very..assertive when it comes to women, usually trying to flirt with them.

He is currently pretending to be his dead friend so he can live the life they both could have had, he tries to act mature, professional like his friend but he can't do it too well and some times will go from a cocky idiot, to a professional soldier.
Doesn't like people asking questions about him especially about his past, he has made it known hes a super human however.
He likes combat, something about it calms him hes been doing it for most of his life it feels so easy for him like breathing, he has quite a bit of experience with tactics, he will flank enemies, set up traps etc but he likes a good old fist fight now and a again.

Rank: Merc

Biography: When he was a child he was selected for a special test for super soldiers, he was amongst the few who were chosen a few older kids and a couple younger ones. During his training he made a friend, unfortunately only one as most died due to the experiments being conducted on them. His friends name was John and he was the best amongst them. By the time they were eighteen they were doing special training for certain scenarios, they were not out in the field due to some illnesses others were getting.

As they reached twenty five they were out in the field doing actual combat, in secret of course, John was given the code name "Master Chief" and Jason was known as "Leet" he chose the code name him self. John was that little bit better than Jason, but he didn't care as he felt like John was a brother.
However when John hit the age 30 he was severely ill and Jason watched as his brother slowly died in a bed by some illness that was connected to the tests.

He felt helpless as his brother died, he decided he wasn't going to wait around for some illness to take his life, he didn't know if it would come when he was thirty or even in thirty minutes, so he ran away taking John's armor and taking up the name "Master Chief" seeing it the best way to honor his friend and to live a life neither of them have. After faking his own death, he went silent for a while about a month then he joined the Geese, after the incident with the parliament.

RP sample: Jason stood there, looking down at his friend, his brother and the only person he ever really talked to or even felt close to, John "Master Chief". John was ill, his once strong demeanor suddenly gone to this now lifeless husk, DAMN IT Jason shouted at the top of his lungs as he swung his arm and punched the wall, leaving a crack WHY DID THIS HAPPEN ? WHY YOU ? WHY NOW?.

He couldn't help but remember back to the others, they got sick but at a younger age Why tears now rolled down his face, his vision became blurry he was crying so much until he heard a beep and then nothing, doctors rushed in and told him to get out.
It was an hour later, Jason stood in the room where John's body was, he died. He sat on the ground, contemplating on what his life was up until now, he was just following orders and giving the higher ups some cheek, and John was there doing better and telling Jason off for being an idiot at times.

He looked around No he stood up with determination in his eyes, his fists clenched I WON'T DIE HERE he walked out the room and slammed the door shut, breaking it. He walked over to the armory, a few guards where there Jason ? what are yo Jason glared at them Get out my way I'm getting Chiefs armor the guards looked at each other, they were puzzled but mostly worried J Jason your going to have to.

Jason's fist punched the guard right in the face I SAID I'M GETTING CHIEFS ARMOR the men looked at each other in shock, Jason used this opportunity and attacked them, taking them out. He punched one and spun round elbowing another in the face knocking them out, Now piss off the one guard left ran off.
Jason took a breath as he walked into the armory, he walked up to a large metal box no label on it, it was green and that means one thing around here, he opened it and saw the armor it was amazing it seemed to glow Heh he picked it up and looked over at some explosives, he grinned as he heard an alarm go off Oh well.

The guards were armed with tasers , there orders where to restrain Jason, as they reached the armory door it burst open towards them as an explosion went off. The guards were injured and one dead flattened by the door, H he didn't a guard ran in, the room was a mess there was lots of evidence of an explosion, but none of anyone surviving.
Later an investigation was held but nothing was found.

Jason was dead...in a way, "Master Chief" was about to revive him self, as a man wearing green armor wandered around the world, obviously not always wearing it but still.

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PostSubject: Re: Master Chief {Done}   Thu Jun 16, 2011 4:49 pm

I'd like to see more in the weaponry description and a lot more on this power armor of yours. Along with that, expanding the personality section couldn't hurt. I feel I should mention however, that this guy seems like something of an odd fit for the Geese. They're portrayed as a rather average joe merc team so I'm not sure a super soldier alien killing cyborg will fit all that well. Then again, we've always been very lax with requirements for the geese so I suppose it doesn't matter.
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PostSubject: Re: Master Chief {Done}   Mon Jun 20, 2011 3:43 am

Anderson it is not power armor, at no point did I say it was.
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PostSubject: Re: Master Chief {Done}   Mon Jun 20, 2011 10:59 am

First off, you called it "special experimental armor", but I'm not about to argue semantics with you about this. The long and short of it is, this is a Master Chief crossover. While the rules allow for certain crossovers they must fit the hellsing universe very well and Halo definitely isn't a good mix. Along with that, there's not nearly enough detail in the various sections or this sheet.


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PostSubject: Re: Master Chief {Done}   Mon Jun 20, 2011 3:17 pm

If for no other reason, I cannot approve this character due to it being, well, Master Chief. As Anderson said, cross-overs are acceptable as long as they fit within the Hellsing universe; I do not see this character melding in the least within the setting. So, though it has potential for a different site, I must agree with Anderson.

Approvals: 0
Disapprovals: 2
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PostSubject: Re: Master Chief {Done}   Mon Jun 20, 2011 3:21 pm

I've been back and forth on this character but I do agree with the others as well about it not really fitting in with the Hellsing universe. I'm sorry but I will have to agree.

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Disapprovals: 3
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PostSubject: Re: Master Chief {Done}   Mon Jun 20, 2011 6:33 pm

Well, I think everyone knows how I stand on crossovers in general. Sorry, Jay.

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Disapprovals: 4
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PostSubject: Re: Master Chief {Done}   

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Master Chief {Done}
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