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 Heinrich Wolfgang [FINISHED]

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PostSubject: Heinrich Wolfgang [FINISHED]   Fri Jan 04, 2013 4:57 pm

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? If so how far have you gotten? If not please direct your attention to YouTube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least. Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga. The anime is not canon. This is not our opinion. This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano.
Name: Heinrich Wolfgang A.K.A Hawkeyes

Age: 85 (appears to be 24)

Gender: Male

Physical appearance: A classical stereotypical ‘Aryan’ German Heinrich stands at 5 foot eight inches. He is of a medium build tending towards being a little on the lighter side. His muscles are noticeably developed and toned; on his chest he has a swastika tattoo. While on his upper arms he has a line of barb wire going around his arms. On his right arm he has the Nazi eagle at the very top. His face isn’t very angular and is slightly broad, although his eyes are slightly sunken. Giving him a deep soul piercing gaze, from this he has gotten the nickname Hawkeyes. He always wears his cap, its grey with the deaths head motif in the centre just above the peak. He hasn’t got a well-defined six pack but his pectoral muscles are strongly visible. He has a small beard that goes around his mouth, he keeps this well-trimmed and neat being part of the image of a perfect and meticulously neat German soldier; a shining example of a perfect Aryan and Nazi.

Clothing of choice: He’s never seen wearing anything but Waffen-SS working dress (in his duffel bag he has two more sets), his tunic is long and grey stretching to just above his knees, his epaulettes are covered in fancy golden braiding. He has two pockets on the upper half of it, both on either side of his chest. Over his right pectoral though he has the Nazi eagle in silver, underneath his tunic he wears a white shirt and a black tie with a grey bar going across the midsection of it. On the lower piece of his tunic beneath a coal black unadorned belt he has two more large pockets over the front of either thigh. On his left arm he has another flash of the Nazi eagle, again in silver. His buttons are all silver in colour and are polished highly to a slight sheen. His clothes are always ironed and pressed and are completely debited of fluff. At the cuff of the tunic it’s double stitched cotton, meaning that it’s extra thick. There is a thick grey band six inches from the end of the sleeve marking the start of the cuff. His trousers are plain grey with one sharp crease going down the front and back. Looped onto his back in a plain black scabbard is his long sword, along the grip of it there is the SS crest, while along the guard it’s meant to look like the wings of an eagle. While above that is the Nazi eagle. A silver braided rope goes around the peak from end to end at the bottom of the visor. On his hands he wears black northern Ireland gloves.

Weaponry of choice: 2xluger p08’s he always has three magazines on him in his various pockets. He also has a 1 and a half metre long 0.5cm thick steel cable garrotte wire, and a combat knife at his belt.
But his main weapon is his steel long sword, approximately four feet in length and at its broadest point at the hilt 4 inches wide. It has a straight edge that’s kept well honed by hours of work, it's his prized possession and was given to him by his Father upon becoming an officer.

Race: Advanced FREAK

Abilities: FREAK's that are either given more surgery to advance at this stage or have consumed a single vampire have grown into this stage. They are the more powerful variant of FREAK's, and as such, the only place where a large number of them can be found is within Millennium's confines, in their own ranks.
Trait: Regeneration may take some time for major damage (ie: 15 posts), decent supernatural strength. great weakness to silver and blessed weaponry to a point its fatal to be hit by one, ability to turn virgins and non-virgins alike into ghouls, susceptible to unblessed damage (still fatal to them but at a large amount), the need to drink blood often.
He was modified by Millennium to have extremely good speed and reflexes so they are much greater than the normal. But because of that he has less stamina and durability than others of his race. Added to this he is one of the best swordsmen on the planet in his and some other peoples opinion. He has had years to practice way beyond that of just about all people because of his focus on the blade though he has very bad skill with ranged weaponry.

Organization: Millennium

Personality: Much like a samurai lives and dies by his code, Heinrich lives and is more than willing to die for the cause of Nazism. It means more to him than anything and as such he gets extremely angry and worked up when people don’t show the proper respect. Feeling that as a member of Millennium and an ex Waffen-SS member he feels that he’s a herald of a purer world. Heinrich truly believes his cause is the right one. This reflects in his attitude to military life in general, he is extremely particular when it comes to uniform and it was commonly joked that he once killed a man when he was walking around with his tie undone and his uniform scruffy. The Nazi is fanatical to the point of being almost crazy, he refuses to accept that any other ideology is wrong. Firmly believing that the world Adolf Hitler envisaged without the Jews is the greatest thing that could happen. Extremely outspoken in his views he harbours some hatred for the Major, purely because he has tossed aside the ideology that he loves so dearly. He realises that he can’t bring himself to love or die happily until he has seen the work Hitler started completed.
Apart from the Nazi ideals he is quite a sad man, he mourns the loss of Germany and is extremely morose about the loss of his homeland. Otherwise he is quite a lively person; Heinrich enjoys drinking with the other officers and mess dinners. He likes most people yet finds that he has to put aside any feelings of the matter when it comes to being a good leader. As a leader of men he has to put what's best for Germany ahead of what's best for any individual, so that means he has to put being likeable behind being disciplined. People mean little to him if he considers them below his respect, that means scruffiness is wrong to him. It's another weakness that as he's been taught. Has to be ironed out of the German race, he see's this as more than enough reason for otherwise 'harsh' punishments. That is why he is 'strict but fair in his own opinion' but to his men. He's a terrifying cold blooded figure.

Rank: 2nd Lieutenant

Biography: Born In 1919 to two avid supporters of the fledgling Nazi party, Heinrich was brought up around the SS and swastikas (his father being an SS officer). He was told from a young age that he as an ‘Aryan’ and someone with pure German blood was better than everyone else. He was told that the Fuhrer of the party was always to be obeyed and was right in all things, and that the Fuhrer was and always would be Adolf Hitler. It didn’t take long for these ideas to take seed and grow. But the thing that first drew him into contact with the anti-Semitic views of his father was a new teacher the school. Things went well until it was coming up to Christmas; the kids asked why they weren’t going to decorate the classroom a little. The response they got was that since he was a Jew he didn’t celebrate it. Heinrich went home and asked his father what a ‘Jew’ was.

It was explained to him that they were what was termed a sub race, someone that wasn’t really a German and was impure. Ultimately the topic turned to what it was that was so wrong with the Jews, it was then explained that they profited when Germans didn’t. They weren’t really German and they needed to be gotten rid of make the country not sick again. He was 9 when this happened, it stuck with him ever since.
Heinrich wasn’t taken out of school, but after that talk the teacher soon disappeared, they found his body in an alley with an SS knife in his back, there wasn’t enough evidence (apart from the knife) to convict anybody. After that things were normal for Heinrich. He was doing well at school and at the age of ten started doing swordplay, this he excelled at greatly. His mother and father were pleased, on top of everything he was the model young Nazi. He was part of the Hitler youth and was showing admirable loyalty to the Nazi party. Being told by everyone he trusted to obey the ideology laid down in Mein Kampf by Hitler meant that he was completely indoctrinated.

By the age of 17 in 1936 he joined the SS alongside his father, who had become an officer by that point. He rose quickly up to the rank of officer through his over-zealous methods of going about things. And by the fact his family had been there since the early days of Hitler’s quest for power. By the time Kristallnacht came along he was already feared and respected by his men. A fanatical and deadly man that used a sword, it wasn’t hard for him to get a reputation. He killed three people during Kristallnacht, the third for looking at him the wrong way.

In 1939 he was drafted into the Waffen-SS after spending a year at Dachau helping to run it, battle ready and with a zealous spirit. He took part in the thickest fighting in France. It was all that mattered to him, winning the war. Yet towards the end of 1942 he had almost had enough. His father had been killed and for the first time things were starting to go wrong for him, he had his beliefs that he would die for. Yet if they were right, why was he losing.

Yet in 1943 he was recommended for Millennium, his extremely loyal attitude was well known and so he was considered a perfect fit for the Nazi secret project. From there he became a FREAK, vowing that he would survive at any costs to get revenge for the loss of the world war and that he would live to see the death and destruction of the Jewish race.

RP sample: Sitting in the officers drinking house Heinrich was furious, it was annoying to hear complaints from the other men. He’d known some of them for years and to hear the things they were talking about were shocking.
“Ve can’t keep up ze var effort” He was practically shouting at the others on the table now “Hitler’s an idi-“
He was cut off by Heinrich standing up and walking straight towards him, he was a small man. A bit shorter than Heinrich himself; The SS captain wrapped his right hand around the loudmouths wind pipe.

“Never insult ze Fuhrer” the words came out as a whisper, yet they had more effect because of that
The man’s stare was cold and unyielding, yet was also betrayed his drunkenness. One of his friends had gotten up and was beginning to try and put some distance between him and his friends, he knew what was going to happen next. Heinrich wasn’t going to have any of that, he ran towards the fleeing officer. Unsheathing his blade Heinrich slashed him across the back; he fell to the ground reeling from the slash.

“You’re not worthy to be called an Aryan” the Nazi swordsman stabbed him again in the shoulder.
“You disgust me” he said beginning to kick the man on the ground before dragging him outside of the drinking house. It was raining yet the cold didn’t touch the SS officer. Pushing his victim onto the road Heinrich laughed slightly.

Hitting him in the back of the head Heinrich made sure that he did as he was told; opening his mouth the man placed his teeth where Heinrich pointed to. Raising his foot up the Nazi sent his foot down on the back of his opponents head. He could hear the sound of his jaw smashing as his foot collided with the back of the now dead man’s head. Walking back into the tavern nobody said a thing, they didn’t want to. Heinrich got his ale and proceeded to get drunk, he didn’t hear any more complaints from the others he forgot to deal with.
An hour later one of Heinrich’s friends came in, he looked tired his pupils had dilated and had become like tiny black dots, “Heinrich good to see you, I’ve just finished mein vatch”

“vant an ale Hal” Heinrich was in the mood for company; killing wasn’t a massive thing for him. But killing another Aryan was a great crime, even if the man wasn’t worthy of the name. Hal was good at cheering him up “I’ve just killed some coward zat insulted ze Fuhrer, its put me in a foul mood”
“cheer up you crazy” Hal sat down and called to the barman for an ale “Heinrich it appears ze C.O vants to see you tomorrow” Heinrich’s friend downed his pint, it appeared he was going to get drunk tonight. Gesturing for another drink Heinrich handed his friends empty glass to the man behind the bar, Hal placed a few pennies on the counter.

“I don’t care at ze minute, I just want to get drunk and forget about ze C.O and ze damn job” taking a long drink of his ale Heinrich glanced at the men behind him, he heard some mutter that might’ve been directed at him. But none of that mattered at the minute. Turning back to his friend he began to discuss with him the job offer, the front line was an interesting prospect. It was a lovely thought, all that carnage and a chance to prove his loyalty to the Nazi party.

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PostSubject: Re: Heinrich Wolfgang [FINISHED]   Fri Jan 04, 2013 7:27 pm

Father Anderson here, posting via one of my secondary accounts. Geez, talk about a damn Nazi this guy fits all the stereotypes that make a solid Millenium OC. At first him not being a blindly loyal death seaker struck me as odd but then I remembered the Millenium soldiers that Major had executed during the London battle in the manga. They weren't exactly blindly loyal death seakers either so it shows that there are a few people in the Battalion that don't agree 100 percent with the mindset yet still serve. I wouldn't go mouthing off to the Major if I were you but it's certainly not a reason for me to disapprove you. XD The one thing I will ask is that you tone down the rank a bit to 2nd lieutenant.
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PostSubject: Re: Heinrich Wolfgang [FINISHED]   Fri Jan 04, 2013 7:52 pm

Alright, edits have been made and a few holes have been cleared up. Good enough for me.


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PostSubject: Re: Heinrich Wolfgang [FINISHED]   Fri Jan 04, 2013 9:45 pm

This is very true nazi like. Our old member fritz would be proud.

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PostSubject: Re: Heinrich Wolfgang [FINISHED]   Fri Jan 04, 2013 9:52 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Heinrich Wolfgang [FINISHED]   

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Heinrich Wolfgang [FINISHED]
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