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 I Like to Go For /Very/ Enthusiastic Walks.

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PostSubject: I Like to Go For /Very/ Enthusiastic Walks.   Sun Nov 01, 2015 11:08 pm

A flash of cyan disturbs the gentle peace of the woods. Pupils widen, a hand without muscles or structure spasming. Nonexistant lungs gasp deeply as mouths comprised of event horizons salivate and grin within the Outer Dark. On the edge of a small paved road bordering the forest, a lone person stops to peer at the strange letters now so suddenly etched into the sidewalk. As they bend over and begin to read, they find themselves unable to look away, pathogens in the grammar open valves within the mind of the observer. A consciousness drips away, into a safe recess of the metaphysical vault, as dark dreams take its place, spilling over. The form shifts. Tattered black robes pour on as a new covering, black curved spikes and claws sprouting from the body along the arms and legs. The body shrinks down, thinning. A lithe form fit for speed. Filth hijacks the bloodstream, pulsing through and darkening the veins, pushing its infection into the eyes, sclera black now, irises aglow in the flame of purple. The change is complete. Apologies are written for this temporary takeover. They will be delivered upon the return of this body to its previous owner.

Another flash of cyan.

The concrete shatters as the wolf clad in a sheep's clothing throws themself through the air to the source of the light. Their tormenter. A flash of a cyan Ophanim, claws catching only empty air. The light is gone as the Dreamer stands straight, now finding the mana which flowed from their tormenter was gone. They were alone, now, it seemed, but perhaps not for long?
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I Like to Go For /Very/ Enthusiastic Walks.
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