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 Military Equipment

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PostSubject: Military Equipment   Sun Sep 27, 2015 5:59 pm

Military Equipment

1. Flare gun: Mainly used by the Survey Corps for missions, but are also available to the Garrison.

2. Three dimensional maneuver gear aka 3DMG: Used by all military organizations. However, all Military Police must have a special reason to use theirs since they do not come into contact with Titans.

3. Cannons: Used primarily by the Garrison as a defense against the Titans along the wall. Before the fall of Wall Maria they were secured in place making them difficult to move around. Afterwords they were mounted on a rail system on top of Wall Rose making them easier to maneuver to a different location if necessary.

4. Firearms: While they can be used by all military personal they are mainly used by the Military Police during human interactions. The other branches tend to use them as a last line of defense since they are not very effective against the Titans as the 3DMG. Due to this firearm technology has only ever reached the advancement of the pistol, and musket.
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Military Equipment
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