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PostSubject: Organizations   Sun Sep 27, 2015 5:54 pm


Military Police: The Military Police are said to have the cushiest job in the entire military since they get better food, quarters, and have the safety of the interior.  However, they are also known as the most corrupt of all the branches since they have a lot of authority.  Since they do not engage in any Titan action they are placed in charge of tax collection, land distribution, training, observation of the Garrison and Survey Corps, and putting out fires.  Their numbers total to 5,000.

Garrison: Anyone serving in this branch is considered a jack of all trades as the Garrison does defense, and attack if necessary.  They are in charge of inspecting, repairing, and improving the wall if need be, patrolling, cannons, preparation, strategy, civilian security, firearms, and evacuations.  While not as corrupt as the Military Police they are a mix of cowards, and brave soldiers.  These are the people who do not wish to be facing Titans head on, but also did not make it in the top ten of their graduating class.  Most of them are lazy, drunks, and not as efficient as the Survey Corps when battling Titans.  Their numbers total 30,000.    

Survey Corps: This branch spends a lot of time conducting explorations, experiments, expanding, and battling Titans.  While some may have not been the top ten of their graduation class they are considered the most elite of all the soldiers due to their outside experience.  They also therefore have the most experience, and are the best adapted to using the 3DMG. Their mission is to retake the land that was lost to the Titans hundreds of years ago.  Due to this they are claimed to be the hope of humanity, and their emblem symbolizes “The Wings of Freedom.” Their numbers total 300.

Wall Religion:
A religion that is semi-popular among the civilians with the belief of the three walls being sacred.  The believers are willing to do anything to protect the walls from what they consider to be impure, or inappropriate.  It is generally assumed, but not confirmed that the priests themselves may have secret knowledge of the walls.  Their numbers are unknown.
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