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PostSubject: Forum Struction   Sun Sep 27, 2015 5:50 pm

The following is the general layout of the forum with added description of each location from the Attack On Titan series.  Locations labeled as unknown are yet to be revealed.

Forum Structure

Outside The Walls
The area of the world outside of the three walls humanity has built to keep the Titans out.  

North: The North area outside the walls is considerably cold, and harsh.  It is practically uninhabitable, and very few Titans roam.

South: The warmest of the four areas, and therefore most of the Titans show up around here.

East: Average temperature, and moderate amount of Titans.

West: Average temperature, and moderate amount of Titans.

“Homeland”: A small community of humanity that live outside the walls.  Not much is known about them, or how they manage to survive the Titans.

Wall Maria
The first wall in the line of defense against the Titans.  It is 50 meters high, and a distance of 100km to Wall Rose.  Many years before 845 it was once opened up to let in a single Titan by the Titan Cult, and the gate was shut after the Titan left without incident.  It was later penetrated by the Colossal Titan, and Armored Titan in 845.  Buildings, and lifestyles in this wall are more poor than those of Wall Rose, and Wall Sina.  It could be considered lower class, and resembles medieval times. LOST

Shinganshina District (South): Town that served as the southern most point of humanity, and Wall Maria.  It stuck out from Wall Maria like a peninsula, and therefore was the first to be attacked.  The gate was breached by the Colossal Titan in 845, and due to the opening allowed the Armored Titan to attack the main gate of Wall Maria later. LOST

Forest of Giant Trees: It is a forest that was once a tourist spa location for those seeking relaxation, or fun in between Wall Maria, and Wall Rose.  It is now used by the Survey Corps for missions after Wall Maria was lost.  Trees here reach an average height of 80 meters.

Wall Rose
The second wall containing humanity is also 50 meters high, and is only 130km to Wall Sina.  Lifestyle in Wall Rose is slightly better than that of Wall Maria, and is more middle class.  Buildings resemble structures found in Italy, and Spain.

Utopia District (North): Unknown

Trost District (South): Like Shinganshina it sticks out from Wall Rose, and is now the Southern most town of humanity.

Karanese District (East): Town to the east of Wall Rose.

Klorva District (West): Unknown

Castle Utgard: An abandoned structure close to Wall Rose.

Wall Sina
The third, and inner most wall of humanity.  It is 50 meters high, and 250 km in radius.  This wall protects civilians of high class, and status along with nobility and the king.  Here the Military Police protect the king, and citizens who pay enough.  Directly in the center is the king's castle.  Lifestyle, and buildings resemble the Victorian Era further showing the divide of wealth vs poor of humanity.

Orvude District (North): Unknown

Ehrmich District (South): Unknown

Stohess District (East): An unknown amount of years ago the King ordered a city to be built underground the current district.  However, construction was later abandoned for unknown reason resulting in a tunnel system under the district.

Yarckel District (West): Unknown

Mitras (Center): Mitras is the capital city of Wall Sina, and of all humanity.  The 200,000 people that live at the capital include the Military Police, upperclass, and royalty.
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Forum Struction
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