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 Slaughter Points Redemption

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PostSubject: Slaughter Points Redemption   Mon Apr 06, 2015 7:47 pm

1. The number of kills/Official Missions must be recorded in your character's signature if you wish to benefit from the Slaughter Point system and each race ranks up differently from it.  Each counter is reset to zero with each level up.  Example: I kill one player to level up.  After that I now need 3 players to enter the next level.

Vampire Slaughter Point System

Category F into Category D: 1 player kill/D.M. Mission
Category D into Category C: 3 player kills/D.M. Missions
Category C into Category B: 5 player kills/D.M. Missions
Category B into Category A: 7 player kills/D.M. Missions
Total: 16 player kills/D.M. Missions

Upon reaching Category B, you can have one familiar for free.
Category B additional Familiar: 5 player kills/D.M. Missions
Category A additional Familiar: 4 player kills/D.M. Missions[/quote]

Lycan Slaughter Point System

Cub into Juvenile: 1 player kill/D.M. Mission
Juvenile into Youngling: 4 player kills/D.M. Missions
Youngling into Lycanthrope: 6 player kills/D.M. Missions
Lycanthrope into Mature Lycanthrope: 8 player kills/D.M. Missions
Total: 19 player kills/D.M. Missions

Cyborg Slaughter Point System
Beginner into Advanced: 2 player kills/D.M. Missions
Advanced into Armored: 4 player kills/D.M. Missions
Armored into Elite: 6 player kills/D.M. Missions
Overhaul: A cyborg can be redesigned and refitted with new parts to gain additional weaponry, upgrades, and even a new appearance for 4 player kills or D.M. Missions.

Iscariot Reputation System:

Regenerator Serum: Available at 5 player kills/D.M. Missions (to human members)
Holy Church Relic: Available at 5 player kills/D.M. Missions (to human members) or 7 player kills/D.M. Missions (to Regerators/special humans/Cyborgs)

Human Escape Card System:

Available only to human characters, upon amassing 3 legitimate player kills or D.M. Missions, the character shall receive a one time use escape card. This card can be used in order to save the character from what would normally be an inescapable situation that would lead to the character's death or severe injury. The card is a one time perk and must be earned once again by amassing another 3 player kills or D.M. Missions.

Artifact Quests:

For 5 Slaughter Points, an Artifact Quest can be requested in the appropriate board. These missions are harder than the norm; there is, as always, no guarantee of coming back alive, but also no guarantee you will receive the artifact if you do not fulfill the mission requirements while on the quest. If this happens, your 5 Slaughter Points will not be refunded.
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Slaughter Points Redemption
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