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 Dispute Resolution Process

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PostSubject: Dispute Resolution Process   Wed Mar 18, 2015 7:58 pm

If you're wanting to dispute a post, you need simply post it here using the following template and explain your reasons why the post is invalid. This request will not be considered valid unless you have already requested unsuccessfully to get the user to change his/her original post. All submissions should include a copy of the original post in question and must not be altered prior to submission. Posts that are more than a week old will not be eligible to be disputed. A staff member will review all requests and make a ruling within 72 hours.

Dispute Resolution Template

Affected Post: This field should include the post which is being disputed using the "Quote" function shown above the original post and then copied and pasted into this field.

Rule Conflicts: This section should include any rules that were ignored or violated prior to submission.

Reason for Dispute: Please explain in detail why the post is invalid or needs to be changed. Please be sure to use complete sentences and make your requests easy to understand.
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Dispute Resolution Process
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