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 Maximillion's Underground Quarters & Tech Lab (Only Integra or Alucard can enter w/o Permission)

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PostSubject: Maximillion's Underground Quarters & Tech Lab (Only Integra or Alucard can enter w/o Permission)   Mon Jan 26, 2015 1:16 pm

In the bowels of Hellsing Mansion, an old, abandoned bunker was transformed into a decked out living space and technological laboratory. It is only accessible by a number of secret passageways, and a ridiculous number of stairs spiraling down further and further underground.

A small portion of the space has been maintained as a Bunker/Underground Warroom that Maximillion himself doesn't use, but was his 'giving back' to the Hellsing Organization for housing him, and his high-end tastes. The Bunker/Warroom has no direct access points to his Living Space or Tech Lab.

Before Maximillion's Arrival
(Deep Underground Bunker)

After Maximillion's arrival, bringing his technology, computers,
and research books and materials, for furthering his studies.
(Quarters & Technological Laboratory)

Setting: Deep underground, former basement-style bunker; Converted into Maximillion's Quarters, which double as his Technological Laboratory (a bit less snazzy than the digs in the image, but just about as well decked-out with computers, etc)

Security: Alarms, Motion Detectors, Surveillance (various forms), and heavily reinforced doors with Anti-Undead Silver-laced repellant devices for targeting intruders. The lab is connected to Maximillion's wristwatch.

Accommodations: Cross through the outermost part of the lab (a 'reception area' of sorts), and climb the stairs, and it's like a miniature, windowless penthouse suite. When Maximillion downsized to move into the Mansion, he spent a lot of the leftover money on furniture, remodeling and whatnot, to turn the former Anti-War Bunker (abandoned for years) into an epic Living Space.

Living Quarters
(Up a small flight of stairs from the Lab)

The only way to enter is to know the way, and to either request entry via a secured Intercom leading into the Main Reception Area, or possess the necessary (unknown) credentials Maximillion has, that lets him pass freely into, and out of, his Quarters.

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Maximillion's Underground Quarters & Tech Lab (Only Integra or Alucard can enter w/o Permission)
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