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 Magic and Cybrogs

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Elizabeth Dane

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PostSubject: Magic and Cybrogs   Sun Jan 11, 2015 12:51 pm

These are two things that were kind of touched upon in Hellsing ala Major as the old school cyborg and damn near anythign the FREAKS and Alucard did.
The problem we have is no rules on this as in how it somewhat works, seeing as we have anti-faith fire and a witch its probbaly a good thig that we explain boundires atleast.

And for cybrogs, this has been a personal problem mostly due to Major himself and the fact that I don't see Iscairot getting machines to do anything because even when they make there abominations they are still "human". And I have still yet to find any palce taht says Anderson uses nanomachines, so someoen needs to link me the proof before I contend aginst that. And even still its only tiny machine things that regenrate his body and not replacing his mind or anything else fleshy.
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Magic and Cybrogs
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