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 Mato rewrite/reapplication WIP

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PostSubject: Mato rewrite/reapplication WIP   Thu Jul 31, 2014 1:55 pm

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? If so how far have you gotten? If not please direct your attention to YouTube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least. Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga. The anime is not canon. This is not our opinion. This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano.

Mato Kuroi
Also known as: Stella Grey, Demiza DeLancie, various other faux names


Strictly female.

Physical appearance:
A slim, almost frail young girl with raven black hair tied together into two uneven twintails. She features icy blue eyes, stands at rougly 152 cm and posesses two very visible scars on her abdomen and just underneath her chest.
Despite her round, almost cute face, her look, especially the look of her eyes, seems threatening almost all the time.
Also, her frail look overtones her muscle mass, being in perfect balance with her body weight, allowing her rapid movements and speeds necessary for vampire hunting.
Throughout her ageing, her chest grew to a D-cup during the last few months of her seventeenth year.
Her finger- and toenails are painted in a neon shade of blue.

Clothing of choice:
Black tends to wear little to keep her mobility at its maximum, but also puts thought into the usefulness of said clothing. Whilest her black latex bikini top is only to cover up her body and fit smugly so it doesn´t snag anywhere, her large leather coat serves as protection as well as storage for larger weapons, if they are necessary. Her hotpants are outfitted with a tactical harness that holds the holster for her revolver, the sleath for her knife, serveral bullets and a spare pack of munition thats kept in a specificly designed pocket on her thigh for easy reach but safe transportation.
She wears high boots made of leather with a zipper at the front. Whilest the leather of these is black as the rest of her outfit, the soles are white so that they don´t leave marks when she runs or skits over abrahisive floor. Finally, she wears shooting gloves to protect her hands dureing rough action.

When not in action or when its cold outside, Mato resorts to a black tank top and overknee boots, as well as black jeans tucked into them for extra warmth. Her shooting gloves are then aided by bridal gauntlets underneath them- of course, in black. Her coat can be closed in the front and has a furry inside that can be clipped off during the summer heat.

Weaponry of choice:
Black Blade

Tactical Knife

Spring loaded knife/glove


MAC-11 machine pistol

Saiga 12K

Race: (One of the available races from the race sheet. Note: If your character is a vampire, Lycan, or Special Human, the abilities cap is currently at the equivalent to a Category D vampire.)

Abilities: (The ability of your character befitting his/her/its race.)


Personality: (How does your character feel? Act? Socialize? React to battle? Be descriptive about this.)


Biography: (Has to be at least 2 paragraphs long. Must outline how you lived and how you came to become what you are today, not everyone was born a vampire or werewolf, so you must say your origins, and neither can you be born into an organization just like that, unless you were raised in Anderson's orphanage, but then that'll be an entirely different story.)

RP sample: (This applies to all members and the sample needs to be 3 posts long minimum, and will include the style of your RPing, and a segment of a battle post and social post.)
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PostSubject: Re: Mato rewrite/reapplication WIP   Sun Aug 24, 2014 8:18 am

Still working on this?
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PostSubject: Re: Mato rewrite/reapplication WIP   Thu Aug 28, 2014 8:45 am

Moved as per Mato's request.
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PostSubject: Re: Mato rewrite/reapplication WIP   

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Mato rewrite/reapplication WIP
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