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 Sirina Anthony (re-application)

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Sirina Anthony

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PostSubject: Sirina Anthony (re-application)   Wed Jul 30, 2014 4:22 pm

Note:: Much of this application is the same as the orginal application of Sirina Anthony. I will, however, list areas which have changed to make it simpler (yes yes yes, we all know I like to make shit extra long).

Areas of change: clothing, physical appearance (I made her threeish inches taller than her last height), weapons (her sniper rifle and Tanfoglio [which I put a giant scope on it]), personality (I made her more batshit crazy), aaaand I shortened her bio up.

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing?  If so how far have you gotten?  If not please direct your attention to youtube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least.  Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga.  The anime is not canon.  This is not our opinion.  This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano.
The normal Hellsing Fan: I eat, breath, and sleep Hellsing.

Sirina Anthony
"The Judas Assassin"


Twenty-five as of the year 2003.
Born March 30th, 1978.


She wears the regular nuns’ uniform of Iscariot, but only slightly modified. She wears it at all times, the uniform ending at her feet, though it is baggier than all the other uniforms seen on the nuns, and buttoned down the side and over her right arm. Reason being is so she can rip the thing off, her tactical gear being on her at all times except for her gloves, which she carries in a small hand bag at her side along with a bible.

When it comes to special missions, or special ops, she’ll wear a black ‘catlike’ body tactical suite with widened/squared shoulders, a high tight collar around her neck, and fingerless/knuckle-less gloves. The whole suite is black with gray pinstripes, the back and legs being solid black. To add to the detail of the tactical suite, it has light Kevlar within most vital areas: the kidneys, ribs, back of the lungs, shoulders (hence the wideness, as well as there is folded steel in there to pack a punch if she shouldered an enemy), as well as the collar. Also here is heavy duty steel on the gloves as well as her lower arms, shins, knees, and calves to block a blow with a sword as well as to put more power behind a punch, knee strike or kick. This suite has no gloss shine to it except for the hoary buckles on the boots.

She always has a pair of sunglasses on her as well.

Physical Appearance: (I will be using Tomb Raider and Cammy, from Street Fighter Avatars)
Fully decked out with all guns, minus arm and fist gauntlets as well as the light Kevlar.
The woman is fit in her age; athletically built and standing at a height of five foot, eight inches. She has a toned body (nothing like Zorin), almost built to take a beating as well as deliver a brutal one. She has long toned legs and arms as well as stronger shoulders than most women. With that in mind, her hips are wide as well as her chest, having the full hourglass figure.

Her face is angular, sharp and pale with a smooth nose, high cheekbone and incisive jaw line. Her eyes are keen, and hazel in color; full of life. She has one smooth scar upon her face much like Anderson; leading from the cheekbone at the bottom of her left eye down to her jaw though not the corner of her jaw.

As for her hair, it is long, dark brown and ends near mid thigh on her height. She keeps it tied back with two large braids or one French braid. For her own personal touch, she lets strands hang out on the right side of her face.


Field Agent - Combat
“Judas Assassin”

Her main weapons are her guns and close combat fighting skills. If cornered, she has been known to act like a trapped animal and use anything to her disposal to defend herself if she sees it’s worth it and if hand to hand combat no longer is efficient for her.

The gun she will most commonly carry is a Tanfoglio "Custom Hybrid" on her right hip, meaning it is modified with a longer barrel compared to the standard version of the Tanfoglio with a scope. Italian.

The second gun she will use as a backup is a Benelli B76 Sport on her left hip. She will more than likely use an extended magazine(12-15 rounds) with this particular handgun so to not to waste time changing magazines and to carry less of them. Italian.

The Cheytac .408 cal is also a favorite of hers to carry when ordered to do ranged missions. This long ranged rifle will be slung over her back when needed, the large scope added so she can take down a target about two to three miles away depending on the conditions. American.

Sirina has one blade in each boot that splits (as seen with Vash, Trigun, boot knife), and hides in the sides of her boot. What makes hers unique is that there are no two blades in each boot; only one. If she wills it, with a few adjustments, the split blades will shoot back to make the heel blades (as seen with Kyra in The Chronicles of Riddick, heel knife). She has a blade in each boot.

She also carries four standard throwing knives.
These are located in side straps on her calf.


Sirina carries her guns in black hip holsters with straps around her thighs. The magazines in a ‘quick grab’ backpack; the backpack being small and simple straps where the magazines are exposed. She carries four magazines for the Tanfoglio, located on the right side of the backpack, and then two standard eight round magazines for the Benelli as well as three twelve-fifteen modified magazines for the same gun, located in the left side of her backpack. Her standard throwing knives are located on the gun holsters as well, though in sheaths on the back near her love handles. When it comes to magazines for the Cheytac .408 cal , she will carry only one cartage loaded into the weapon (around six rounds).

Every other bullet is blessed, harboring silver within it. When it comes to her throwing knives, heel and boot blades, they are made of 60% folded carbonated steel and 40% silver.

To add to her weapons, she knows quite a bit about street fighting, having grown up in the streets of LA, US and US army training/experience in the field. The 'armor' looking kinks on her tactical-suite enhances her offense as well as defense when in hand to hand combat. Her 'gauntlet' like gloves and 'armor' on her lower arms, knees, and shins have no silver in them at all; their only purpose is to deliver blows and to block offending attacks at close range.

Not being supernatural or a creature of the night, Sirina has many disadvantages when it comes to fighting these beings. She makes up for it with her weapons, flexibility and skills forged growing up rough in LA as well her time spent in the marines.

Her 'gymnastic' like talents(commonly known as 'Free Running') are nothing that would dazzle a crowd at the Olympics; in fact they are sloppy looking if being judged. Then again you never see a vampire as a judge at the Olympics. Able to toss her whole body into the air with a running start, pounce and flip, as well as scurry up walls with enough speeds and the correct foot and hand placement, Sirina can reach up to a roof that might as well be twenty feet up in the air with some effort, and little energy fully decked out in her gear. Being able to handle herself so well, she has no need for grappling hooks and ropes unless it comes to large sky scrapers and such.

To add to this talent she harbored in the states, she also joined and trained in the US Marines, adding to the lethal combination of being able to handle herself well, and hand to hand combat that did come handy when the US decided to send troops over seas to Iraq back in 2002.

Her aim is efficient with the guns she always carries and deadly with any long rage caliber sniper rifle. Throwing knives are also efficient though only within nine feet of her target.

Character Traits:
'Energetic' is one of the best words to describe this woman. A kid at heart, shes the kind that almost always wants to be where the action is. She likes to think of life as a huge game and 'survival of the fittest' human. She hardly backs down from a fight when it comes to low grade vampires, ghouls, and other humans as a result, though easily respects others who can overpower her by backing down; not even challenging them unless ordered to do so. To her, if you cannot keep up, then give up and do not waste her time.

She's the woman that wakes up feeling that today is the last day of existence, so she makes the greatest time of it. It's the 'shoot now, ask questions fifteen years later' kind of personality and vibe she carries. She acts on instinct more than thinking. To her, instinct gets the job done faster and to it is so much more of an adrenaline rush to her. Having been trained by the US military and if in the right mindset, she can shoot a human in combat if they are attacking her or those on her team. She looks out for those in her organization and on her team; offering support any way she can if it is in combat or outside of combat. It gets her high when it comes to killing another human if she must. The downside of killing someone of lesser skill though results in tremors after the fight has been done and leads to extreme exhaustion both mentally and physically (she is human after all and most of the time, vets will experience this). When it comes to combat of someone or something of equal skill, she will tease and taunt them relentlessly.

Regardless, she barely lets anything negative get to her, and instantly tries to find the upside to any situation if a fight went badly. She has manners, she barely uses them and speaks 'slang' or with a lazy kind of accent.

Sirina Anthony was born in the spring of 1978 to a teen mother. From day one, growing up was tough for Sirina, her mother always on the streets, as well as Sirina at her side. Her mother, when Sirina was two years of age, decided that the best thing to do would be to have Sirina stay with a few of her 'friends.' Little did Sirina's mother know that these friends of hers were small time drug dealers. In the winter of 1981, Sirina's mother died on the streets haven been shot. It did not effect Sirina.
Growing up with small time drug dealers meant that sooner or later, you'd run the drugs as well. Back in the 80's, you'd never expect a child that was five years of age to be making deliveries, so she was never caught when wandering through the worst neighborhoods in LA.

She was, however, chased by other small time drug dealers. Even though these other small time drug dealers were teenagers, Sirina learned rather quickly how to manipulate her body to gain the advantage when fleeing. Around age seven or eight, she had mastered running up walls, clearing barbed wire fences, and running up the side of buildings to get away from other drug delivery carriers. When she was out of reach, she would tease and taunt them. That was something she did well. The streets were also where she got part of her education. Her drug family also told her that if she came back without the right amount of drugs or money, she would not have a place to stay. If a deal went down badly, she resulted to stealing the right amount of money or to steal the drugs back.

One of these situations, having been ripped off and could not follow on foot, she resulted in stealing money from the wrong store. She was caught by a unique person who crept up on her quietly when her back was turned (Sirina having been counting though the cash under the register), and snatched her up by the hair, holding her at eye level clearly above her feet. A man in his sixties, he clearly and quickly became a father figure to Sirina. Having never been caught before, Sirina was shocked that he let her go with the money in her hands to take back to her 'family.'

After being curious about the old man, she often found herself returning to his shop. He did not throw her out or attack her. He merely extended his hand to her in friendship and soon offered her a home in his home with his wife when Sirina was nine years old. His name was David Klark, born in 1925. The stories he told Sirina always captivated her. Many were about a war she had never heard of that took place in Europe and on islands. He was a Drill Sargent in the US army at that time as well as a sniper.

He enrolled her in school after a year taken from his own time to catch her up in required skills: reading, history, more defined math, and proper English rather than the slang she was common to use. She also went from a run down like home to something much more decorated; a real bed, real meals, and a real mother like figure. Susan Klark being David Klark's wife, taught her (Sirina not willing at first), how to be a lady.

As the years pushed on in this new life, Sirina became much of what she is today all the way till she graduated from High School two years ahead of her age group. Being so influenced by her new family, she found interest not in college, though the military. At first, Susan, her mother figure, was not at all optimistic about it. Her father figure was indeed in the same boat till they both saw her willingness and her natural physical skills.

Sirina still not being of the required age to join the military, Klark decided to take what he was taught back in World War II, and instill it within Sirina till she was nineteen years old; old enough to join in 1997. She took what Klark taught her in two years and applied it to all of her training in the army, surpassing all of the men in her training.

Near mid 1997, the US military was involved in Bosnia. Sirina and her company were the first in the area to supply the 'marshal law' that the country needed for the time. Here, her abilities shined as she scaled walls instead of breaking down doors to take position at the top of the buildings as a sniper quickly unseen. When that experience was short lived and over, she was assigned to special operations, taking missions in Cuba and Mexico before September 11th, 2001 occurred.

Sirina returned to the states as well as her second family, the Klarks, when this event occurred. Sirina was around just in time to see David Klark pass from cancer, and Susan pass in December; Susan dying in her sleep one night. Having seen them off to another life, Sirina decided to continue in the US Marines; the first time in her life angered by the events that occurred to her country.

A month later, she was informed that her team of five were being sent into Iraq before the official invasion which occurred March 19th/20th, 2002. The mission was simple: attempt an assassination Osama Bin-Ladden; US intelligence having gained information on the location of the terrorist leader. A simple seventy-two hour mission turned upside down forty-two hours in. Simply, the information was bad; they were dropped into a hot spot full of roadside bombs. Enemy scouts no where near where Bin-Ladden was hiding paroled everything.

In a brutal fire fight in the hills with the enemy at dusk, one of Sirina's team members tripped a wire. Mere seconds later, Sirina was thrown at least thirty feet away from her previous position. She was tossed into bushes and knocked out cold after shrapnel caught her face, landing on her head. Upon waking hours later, she didn't recall a thing. The enemy scouts killed off her team and never found her. She formed an escape route to Russia.

Moving quickly though the Iraq countryside (viva stealing many vehicles), due north-east, in a matter of months, Sirina soon found herself though the country of Turkey and at the boarder of Russia. In attempts to find an easy route into the better countries of Europe, she stumbled across a small 'Catholic Mission' in Turkey. The priests agreed to bring her back to Italy for a place of sanctuary.

Little to her knowledge, these priests were not exactly in Turkey to convert Orthodoxy to Catholicism. They were there to destroy a petty group of vampires and their small collection of ghouls. Having overheard a few of the priest speaking to each other about the mission one afternoon, when the group of priests thought that she was asleep, they headed out mid night to hunt down the vampires... and Sirina followed them out of curiosity. The events that took place that fateful night triggered Sirina back into her old ways of fighting. She wanted to fight again.

Days later, Sirina found herself not only in Italy, but Rome Italy; standing before a man of great power. Enrico Maxwell would only allow her in if she would prove herself. Being one who once had no faith at all, suddenly throughout the short days she gained a fond understanding of the faith and this organization, Iscariot, Section XIII.

Months passed, a new type of training, missions later and devotions tested, she was then accepted. Now working for Iscariot, never bothered by the US government, the US government having labeled her as MIA/KIA when the mission to assassinate Bin-Ladden failed.

RP Sample:
It was chilly tonight in a small, unknown city in Sweden. Cold enough for Sirina to down a long coat to keep warm, since she was not yet running about. Her fellow Iscariot agents stand in the center of a long, narrow alleyway; some ashing their cigarettes as the lead agent spoke. Sirina, on the other hand, stood out from the group, as in not in the circle; off to the side, looking up a wall and down the alley.

Strangely, though not out of her own character, she was thinking about how to scurry up the side of a building that made up the alleyway. She gave side thoughts to the mission; something about catching a black-market deal, intercepting, and taking the product back to Rome. Something about Millennium related. After that, she gave little thoughts to it. Just get the package and then go back to Rome.

"Alright, Sirina, take the west. Observe with your sniper scope and radio back the activity," the lead Iscariot agent said, tossing her a headset.

"Rigggght," Sirina said with a yawn. "I'll be dhere in ten minutes, kay?" she said. Catching the headset and pocketing it, she adjusted the strap that crossed her chest; the strap being that of the sniper .50 caliber. After a look over the alleyway again, she got a two step running start, and bounced off of the alleyway walls; in a few seconds up to the top of the buildings and running at high speeds.

Coming to another alleyway, a large gap between a second, but lower building, she tucked her legs up as she jumped, landing on her feet and one hand, rolling over head and continuing to run.

As promised, within ten minutes, she was at a location. Scurrying up a radio tower on top of a building, she put the ear piece in her ear, swinging the sniper rifle around to the front of her. Wrapping her leg around a pole and sitting sideways, she propped the gun up between more support poles, pointing her gun at the location of the trade.

"The Judas Assassin is in tha nest," she said as she popped the cover off of her scope, flicking it to heat signature, peering though the scope. Freaks and vampires heat signatures were in fact colder thanks to this. "Two freaks outside zha door. Three humans entering," she then reported.

"Ten four," an Iscariot member said. "You pick off the one on your right. I got the one on the left."

"Kay," she said. "After zha three humans enter," she whispered, trailing her cross-hairs to the eye of her targeted freak. As soon as the three humans were inside the doors, the two vampires standing guard, Sirina initiated the countdown to take down. "Three, two, one." Squeezing the trigger, the bullet zoomed across the gap, catching the target in the face, the boom soon following across the gap. Both were taken down successfully before the other agents stormed in though the door.

Sirina smirked as she quickly watched the building and the alleyways around it. A few vampires decided to run through a back door after the Iscariot agents entered. Sirina took two of them out with a single bullet before the automatic reload kicked in, the shell spitting out and falling. She tried to pull the trigger again to take out the last one, only to discover a small jam.

"Ah fuck!" she cursed as she unjammed it, and looked back though the scope, the target lost. She paled as she capped the scope and as quickly as she scurried up the radio tower, she climbed down, landing firmly on her feet.

"One freak lost, I repeat, one freak lost," she called into her radio over the gun fire she heard in it as well as the screams of prayers and such sicking sounds of blood; guts hitting the floor and walls, also God knows what else.

"Might have seen you The Judas Assassin. Proceed to location with caution," she was ordered from the lead agent.

"Roger," Sirina said, slinging her rifle over to her back again; jumping off of the roof of the radio building and running.

Half way there, ironically and predictably on her part, she caught sights of the freak, and changed direction, running after it.

"I've zeroed in on lost freak!" she now yelled into her radio. "Advancing!"

"Hey don't do that!" her leader ordered.

"Wat?" she said as she accidentally knocked the radios earpiece out of her ear. "That was an accident!" she yelled as she ran, pulling her Tanfoglio, and taking aim, pulling off a few rounds and missing, thanks to the freak just barely squeezing around corners.

I need higher ground! She thought as she broke off from the freaks six, running around a few buildings and up on top of one. She swung her rifle around again, and did not remove the scope cover as she peered into the darkness, only guided by streetlights as she spotted it again, aimed low, and took out a knee.

The freak flopped to the ground, howling in pain; rolling around in the deserted alleyway. Shouldering her weapon again, she jumped down from the building, and slowly made her way over to the freak.

Not within striking range, Sirina looked at it. "Hello you," she said with a smirk before the freak pulled a handgun, pulling the trigger and striking her in the chest.

Sirina flew back, her side hitting a wall before she fell to the ground. She looked dead for a moment as the freak started to drag itself away. Seconds later, Sirina was silently on her feet, ran over and snatched the freaks head between her hands. With a quick upward thrust of her arm, she broke it's neck before it could start to trash about. She then flipped the body over, took a throwing knife and slamming it into the heart, all movement ceasing from the freak.

About twenty minutes later, while Sirina took cover in shadows, her fellow Iscariot agents showed up. The lead Iscariot agent kicked at the now dead freak with his boot.

It was then Sirina emerged from the shadows, waving her hand. "Hello fellows," she said with a smile. "I guess I got the last one."

"An accident?" the lead Iscariot member asked, holding up her radio.

Sirina side glanced at the freak, picking at her chest where the bullet still remained, pulling it out and rolling it between her fingertips. "Well the freak was low grade anyhow. So why not?"

He rolled his eyes in response. "I guess it was a good thing. This freak had the package," he said as he motioned for another agent to start searching the dead freak. "Though you'll be the one reporting to Pope Maxwell with me."

"Ah, no problem Markus; Enrico should not mind whenever I get to the report." She smirked again, tossing the bullet to the ground. "So when do we head home? I am kinda hungry."
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PostSubject: Re: Sirina Anthony (re-application)   Wed Jul 30, 2014 4:39 pm

You had this character before so no objections.

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Sirina Anthony (re-application)
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