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 Davian Toth WIP

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PostSubject: Davian Toth WIP   Thu Feb 20, 2014 9:13 am

I have watched the OVA up to episode 7, I have read ALL (and own most of) of the manga for the original run not including The Dawn series, and I own and have watched all of the original anime. Even though in my opinion it becomes almost worthless to watch past episode 3. [/u]

Name: Davian Toth aka Black Jack

Age: 36

Gender: Male

Physical appearance: Davian's appearance is like that of his ancestors before him, with a high widow's peak hair line, and medium brown hair, swept back with an almost airy look with gray/silver side burns. His jaw is a solid sloped line that curves his features softening them slightly. His eyes and mouth show signs of wear and exhaustion, creases starting to form at the corners. His gaze seems to bore intensely through whatever or whoever he looks at, as though a force and will of violence is kept behind them just barely held back. His nose is proportionate to his face if not slightly smaller, with the nostrils ever so slightly turned up as though to convey an incessant inquisitive nature. A slight frown seems to permeate his lips, his default look anyone could tell by the creases at the corners of his mouth.

He weighs in at a sturdy 192 lbs. his body shaped into a machine of iron muscles and steely ligaments, designed not to be the hulking bruiser but a far more agile and dexterous build designed for free climbing, parkour, and combat techniques. He bears burn scars on his chest, and scars from various past combats through different parts of his body.

Height: 5'11"
Eye color: Steel Gray
Hair color: Medium Brown with Gray/Silver sideburns
Weight: 192 lbs.
Build: Mesomorph (That's the typical sporty/muscular build for anyone that doesn't know what that means)

Clothing of choice: Davian typically wear either a blue or dark green suit with a black or gray dress shirt and with either the collar open, or a white tie depending on how formal he is trying to be. When he is in the field, or in a situation where subtlety is unimportant, he will wear a titanium reinforced tactical armor set and a silver laced titanium gorget with in-laid crosses and his family's crest marking him as part of his ancestry.    

Weaponry of choice: Davian's arsenal includes a variety of hand guns, rifles, explosives, grenades, bullets, blades, and other more archaic weapons. But the more "unique" piece of his arsenal is his family's weapon of choice, The Mace of Dispater. An elegant and terrifying looking mace with the face of Demon's forming the ridges, a bladed tongue emerging from between each of their teeth to form a cruel cutting and tearing surface. The blades are plated in silver and the demonic faces themselves are forged supposedly of an other worldly material. The faces are said to contort into a cruel jeering sneers as they swing at an opponent, and it is said that if one spends some time near the mace, you will begin to hear infernal whispers, mocking you and proclaiming the torments that await you and your loved ones (that they speak the names of) in hell. If you spend too much time near the mace it is said, that you will begin to actually hear the voices of your loved ones crying out in anguish pleading for you to save them from the infernal plane.

In terms of a more practical nature, the weapon is capable of delivering horrific wounds to any creature, and has the soul of a demon sealed inside of it. The mace was forged centuries ago, by the Toth family founder when he defeated the demon within and bound it to the weapon for (supposedly) eternity. The ruinous creature gains temporary power from the blood and flesh of super natural creatures that it strikes, allowing it to influence some of it's power over the wielder, imbuing them with part of it's infernal energies, as it will attempt to reach out and possess the one that wields it.

Race: Special Human

Demonic Energy: The energies of the mace of Dispater infuses it's owner/wielder with demonic energies that enhance strength, dexterity, endurance, durability, and healing. Wielder's of the mace have been known to continue fighting after taking a blow that would cripple or kill a normal man.

Hunter's Bloodline: Davian's family has had a very long tradition of stalking and killing the things that lurk in the night, and as such he has all of the knowledges and skills associated with such a lineage.

Buildering: Or "Free Climbing" as it is sometimes called, is the activity of be able to climb urban buildings without protection or gear (as popularized in games such as Assassin's Creed and Uncharted). Davian is a practitioner of this past time and has often used it to his advantage when making a move on a target or during surveillance.

Parkour: Or "free running" as it is sometimes called, is the activity of getting from one place to another in the shortest distance possible regardless of obstacles. It derived from military obstacle course training, and is now practiced by individuals all over the world. Davian has trained and honed his body into a machine designed for such maneuvers.  

Organization: Free Agent

Personality: Davian sees himself as an agent of a great crusade against darkness and evil in the world, but does not hunt for his faith as much as for his family. He attempts to see what he does in the world as a duty to his ancestors and his family back home in the Balkans, but on some level and Dispater knows this, the blood and carnage of his work feeds a darker lust and side of his soul that he will never admit to. Davian's faith in God only serves to cement his drive and sense of purpose when he has moments of doubt in his life.

While having been described as cold, Davian is very capable of warmth and mirth, he just finds it hard to show as all he sees around him is the seething endless night and the horrors within it.

Rank: Second Son.

Toth Family Biography:

The Toth family came into prominence as a vampire hunting force during the beginning of the 19th century vampire hunting craze that swept through Eastern Europe at the time. They sold their services to local villages and nobles across the Carpathians, wiping out monsters both real and imaginary as they went along. It is held by the Toth that their lineage as hunters goes back even further, starting in as far back as the 16th century, but no actually evidence has yet been found to validate these claims.

It was during the spree of the 19th century that the Toth setup shop in Hungary after a rather nasty affair that left them with a title of nobility and land with which to do so. Utilizing this new found power and influence, they became almost immediately involved in the politics, and business of the world. The Toth family profited greatly until the end of the first World War at which point they began to see their fortunes begin to sour. First with the defeat of the Austro-Hungarian empire and then with the take over by the nazis, and then finally the occupation by Russian soviet forces. It was after the end of the First World War that the Toth's made their operations go under ground, sensing that it may prove prudent to do so with the shifting political power that coursed through out Europe after the end of the Bolshevik revolution in Russia.

Their decision proved fruitful as it shielded them from notice by the nazis when Hungary was absorbed by the Third Reich, and even more useful after the Soviets took over. During the Cold War however, even further changes had to be made to the family's functionality to make up for the iron curtain. This was when the Toth first turned to making connections in the Black Market and crime. It was necessary to shield themselves from the eyes of the KGB and continue to hold onto what remained of their investments and assets in western Europe.

After the end of the Cold War, the Toth family dynamic was changed quite a bit, with the family placing the first born and eldest children into a place of over sight and management of their business assets and maintaining of their criminal connections. Leaving the younger generations and second born to deal with the occult and monster hunting side of their family. This structure and organization is still used by them today.    


From a very young age Davian has known his purpose in life, he didn't find it, he didn't have some revelation or calling, it was given to him; a heritage of blood and violence. Davian came into his family born the second son of Olaf Ference Toth and Aranka Maria Toth, current patriarch and matriarch of the Toth dynasty. Olaf and Aranka were loving parents, they cared for Davian and nurtured him just any parent would, but they had different expectations than most for their son.

By the age of 7, Davian had shot and killed his first Ghoul. Olaf had seen to it that the boy came with him on an easier job; a youngling vampire in Budapest was abducting and killing tourists and the government needed something done about it. The Toth family of course was more than happy to oblige for their normal fee. Olaf brought the boy with him on the job and had him wait in the car until the majority of the bloody work was done, and then retrieved him for his first lesson in the undead.

Ever since that night, Davian has known what was expected of him, what was needed of him, and he had no intention of ever disappointing his ancestors and the heritage that they had given him. Olaf of course taught his son as best as any father could, while in between work that could sometimes take him away for months, in the interim Davian was instructed by his older brother Adjoran, his mother Aranka, and his oldest sister Anika. The instructed him in combat theory, western martial arts, the occult, business. finance, philosophy, linguistics and many other necessities that would be needed in order to not only succeed in the modern world, but to thrive in it.

When Davian finally became a man, he was ready for the mission that he had been training for his entire life and accepted his inheritance as the second son of the Toth family of monster hunters and vampire slayers. There was only one thing remaining for Davian to do before he could assume his place within the family hierarchy, he needed to go out into the world and see it for himself, experience the places of the world and the monsters that were offered up by them as the sacrament of blood and bone that his family was forged upon.

Since then, Davian has travelled the world for the last 5 years on his own, going from place to place utilizing the extensive black market contacts that his family has to get him through each new country and avoid it's various authorities so that he could do his work of hunting and killing unmolested. For the last 5 years, Davian has burnt a path heading west across Europe, killing the monsters that he could find while dodging the police and vatican alike. Occasionally, Davian reached out to new criminal contacts performing jobs and tasks to get enough revenue and respect to make his way to the next country.

It was his last job in Spain that caused Davian to head for England and landed him in the UK, a job that got too messy too fast and almost had him interacting with the holy order of Iscariot and it's agents. The job got messy because civilians had gotten involved, the monster making it's way out of the containment area Davian had intended to kill it in, and instead had charged head long into a somewhat populated night time street market. People were screaming as it tore a bloody path of carnage through the crowd, and it wasn't until it had already killed 15 people that Davian was able to catch up to it, and kill it. He had been standing no less than 30 feet away from the agent of the Vatican as they had rounded the corner all smiles, prayers and divine retribution.  Davian had run from the man and eventually escaped, but not before he had taken some significant damage himself.

So bloody, startled, and even some what panicked, Davian took the first way out of the country. It didn't matter how or where it was going, he just needed get out before the lunatic of a priest or the police found out where he was and tried to either arrest him or finished what had started. So Davian got on the supertanker the "Octavia" and headed with it as one of the crew to the first destination where he could jump ship, England.        

RP sample: (This applies to all members and the sample needs to be 3 posts long minimum, and will include the style of your RPing, and a segment of a battle post and social post.)
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PostSubject: Re: Davian Toth WIP   Wed Mar 12, 2014 12:36 pm

How's this coming? Need more time?
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PostSubject: Re: Davian Toth WIP   Wed Mar 12, 2014 3:34 pm

Hey there,

Yeah, trying to rack my brain for inspiration for the RP portion. Came up with some ideas, but not if sure if they will work. I'm gonna try and wrap it up today, or at least by Friday if I can. In the mean time is there anything else I should be concerned about as far as the character is concerned?

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PostSubject: Re: Davian Toth WIP   Mon Mar 31, 2014 11:56 am

Sorry it took so long for us to get back. Everything else looks good. Just let us know whenever this is ready to be voted on.
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PostSubject: Re: Davian Toth WIP   Sat Apr 05, 2014 7:14 pm

Still working on this?
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Davian Toth WIP
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