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 Vladimir's Quarters

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Vladimir Kuznetsov

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PostSubject: Vladimir's Quarters   Sun Dec 29, 2013 7:00 pm

Vladimir Kuznetsov sat in his bedroom within the basement ofthe Hellsing manor. Like many of the other undead creatures in Hellsing's employ, his room was seperate from the humans and was just down the hall from the quarters used by the vampires like Alucard and his midian. His room was the same size as the others and held a bathroom, a bed, desk, and two book shleves. His book shelves held numeorus books written by the likes of Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, and Engels. However he also had philosophy books written by Socrates, Aritstole, and even Plato. Desoite his poor upbringing Vladimir was not an ignorant peasent, but was very intelligent with tactical mind equvilant to Geroge Patton himself and even Gregori Zuhkov. On his desk was more text books, as well as a small work bench to tinker and advance his guns. Currently a bottle of Vodka that was half empty or half full depending on who you talked too.

Vladimir himself sat dressed in a pair of tactical camoflouge pants, and shirtless. His boots were on and laced up and the various tattoos that criss crossed his body like a art canvas. Currently he sat in a chair next to an old record player that was playing the Soviet war song, "The Russian March" in his his native Russian loudly. In his hand was a book, "Les Miserables" which he read with great intent as he took a shot of vodka before taking a quick peek at the old Soviet Red flag hanging above his door way. Sighing as he turned back to his book, Vladimir enjoyed his qiuet time by candel light and read the part about the funeral of General La Marque and the start of the June Revolution.
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Vladimir's Quarters
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