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 Kain Waldgrave wip

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PostSubject: Kain Waldgrave wip   Tue Nov 12, 2013 12:21 am

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing?  If so how far have you gotten?  If not please direct your attention to YouTube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least.  Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga.  The anime is not canon.  This is not our opinion.  This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano.

Name: Kain Waldgrave

Aliases: Vampire Brawler

Age: 23 Years old

Gender: Male

Physical appearance: Kain is an adult of African descent. Though the guy won't acknowledge it but he's one of last of Mandingo descent. Anyway, He is dark skinned with black hair in spiky like cut with some white on the tips of the spiky hair. The guy has light blue eyes, But when using his vampire powers then his eyes will turn pure red almost like a demon's eyes. He maybe short with a height of 6'1" but the guy is muscular. His body is almost the shape of an professional wrestler taking on a well build body.  The warrior has a few battle scars on his arms and one of left legs which he keeps hidden. Kain has some tribal and ceremonial tattoos cover the most of the left side of his body and completely covering his left arm ink in black.

Clothing of choice: Kain's Attire are mainly the clothing style of an hunter vampire which consist of black baggy jeans main levy or another brand depending if the jeans are baggy enough. The vampire does were boxer shorts and perhaps underwear to hide his special place. Kain wears about three belts were the normal belt the first one to hold up his pants which looks like a double belt; second belt carries his shoulder armor on his left shoulder preventing it from dropping. The last belt is his weapon belt with carry his weapons. The armor he wears is metal plated hidden over some torn rags giving it a evil figure but his selections of armors are on his left shoulder and right leg. The vampire wear one glove which on his right hand which looks like a open finger glove. However, Sometimes the vampire will wear cloth bands on both hands whenever the warrior is serious about a fight. Kain's Alternate attire pretty much is silent evasion/dark hero attire. This attire is used to fight crime or hide his identity. His loner attire consist of a dark leather vest, baggy-style pants are in a dark gray with black pin stripe and the light wool sweater is a brownish. Kain actually created a flat black costume in order to keep himself hidden from humans. To keep his face completely hidden wear a stitch mask with U.S. Issued 1930 goggles with some mirror tint on the lenses.

Weaponry of choice: Heckler & Koch USP Match Guns: The USP Match version of the Heckler & Koch is an enhanced 9mm handgun. Purely made of stainless steel weighing almost about 2.70 pounds only with an magazine attached to it. Even though it has barrel length of about 6 inches the weight of the gun actually counters the recoil improving targeting of the  customized gun. This is an semi-auto handgun with a short recoil system which can fire around 18 rounds with (9mm Para) bullets. Having an detachable box magazine which can load about 15-18 bullets per magazine. Each bullet fired from this gun can shoot an range of about of 40 meters. Kain's USP Match guns come with a red laser system and also come with a customized rail like attachment binding the barrel and laser sight.
Ammo Count: 18

Modified Bone Jack Rifle: An improved/customized version of Winchester 1887 shotgun which has two piece lever for reloading the gun. The shotgun has a weight of 10 pounds coming with a barrel length of 25 inches. Kain's shotgun is completely augmented not only can it fire 10 guage rounds but it been improve to fire AA-12 Explosive rounds. Not only that it can fire FRAG-12 rounds making it a deadly gun.
Ammo Count: 12

Modified S&W M500: A modified version of the Smith and Wesson Model 500 large caliber revolver. Kain had it modified having a double action frame design with a extremely high recoil and rubber grip for better handling. The design of the gun helps with counteracting the recoil felt by it. Having a great muzzle velocity of 2,075ft. The modified version of the magnum, Kain's gun is capable of firing 10 caliber rounds. The gun is made of pure stainless steel with an eight and a half inch barrier having a standard compensator. Kain's gun is capable of firing .500 S&W magnum cartridge rounds each bullet firing a max range of (200 meters). The high energy of the rounds can do some major damage to enemies enough to blow off a hand or foot.
Ammo Count: 8

Modified Steel Brass Knuckles: Kain's brass knuckles that have more steel their thicker then original brass knuckles but his version weighs almost half pound(7'5"inches). These brass knuckles have a medium size and four ring sizes allowing for a stronger grip and better handling of the weapon. The rounded palm soft grip help countering the damage so the attacker won't have a reaction from the punch that he's about to deliver. Each knuckle of the brass knuckles has a cross shaped design for breaking supernatural beings with the impression in their face or breaking their bones.
Modified Brass Knuckles: 2

Race: Vampire

Abilities: Kain's regular abilities are as followed:
Category D: The butter and bread of vampires, often these sorts of vampires are a step up from the Category D, having evolved from that level to be a better fit hunter of the night. They are the second largest group of vampires, but still cannot match up to the numbers of the Category F sorts.
Traits: Regeneration may take a long amount of time for major damage (ie: 10 posts), sublime supernatural strength, agility, stamina, durability, and reflexes, big weakness to silver and blessed weaponry but survivable, killable through conventional means, ability to turn virgins into vampires, non-virgins into somewhat weak ghouls, the need to drink blood occasionally, susceptible to unblessed damage (still fatal to them), meagre weakness to sunlight (as in they get sick around it).

Mechanics: He learned some mehanical skills from his father. This knowledge has helped him fix both cars and motorcycles with the right tools.

Trained Eye Marksmenship: Kain is able to focus on a target drowning any type of distraction from his mind. Only focusing on the target when holding up his gun having it drawn directly at the enemy. Another thing is using his weapon deciding on what body part he going to chop off with his weapon. He's isn't an expert but the new hunter has good accuracy when using short or long range weapons. Weapons like guns, shotguns, magnums and rifles the vampire can silent and well trained accuracy focusing with his right eye drowning out all noise with his ears. He can still miss a shot depending on an enemy speed and how fast they are. He's really an advanced marksmen but still the vampire isn't an expert.

Fighting Skills: Throughout his life, Kain been using his fists to get the upper hand on vampires or enemies. From training, Kain started learning different styles of using his hand to deal with people. He has learned some good boxing & karate styles of hand to hand combat in offense techniques and defense techniques. He can block and dodge some attacks depending on their speed and the strength of the attack.

Organization: The Hellsing Organization

Personality: ----

Rank: Private Second Class(PSC), Vampire Hunter/Assassin

Biography: He's the son of Linda & Dennis Waldgrave. Born and raised in Buffalo NY, Kain Waldgrave lived the American dream finished lived a nice but serious childhood, finished high school with bullying problems. Still, Kain lived an educated life except the whole point it what his father dream everything of what his father told him to do. Everything to this point, Kain was almost like a robot following commands if he screwed up even once things would get bad for him. He hated it then after attending college for three years, Kain departed from his father leaving the family home making it on his own. Hours later, He found an apartment for himself then a job but really about three months it seemed too boring for him. Kain wanted a little action in his life....The guy always felt that something was missing but he didn't know what it was. Kain was an innocent person but something of an rulebreaker most of the time. He joined up with an local gang known as the "Urban Rivals" which was in a gang war which they won in the end after a few violent shootouts.

The gang violence started to cool down a little but things were about to take a turn for the worse for the new gang banger. One of local hookers was paying the gang a little visit in their hideout, Kain was returning from the store with some food. He heard some screaming from the hideout as he started running to the place trying to find out what the hell was happening. The door was broken as he started walking inside seeing these weird people actually drinking the blood out of the hooker's neck and arms. Kain started walking away slowly but the vampire woman was blocking his only exit she said her new children needed a human to feed on. He was next....Kain grabbed both his guns and started shooting but it was too late the vampire managed to sink her teeth onto her neck draining him. The gang banger felt his life fading away from but vampire woman offer some her blood turning him into a vampire. A few of his friends were coming back to the gang hideout seeing the vampire started shooting at it the vampire and her children escaped. She took Kain with her little vampire group back to their home the ex-gang banger was sound asleep when that happen

He awoke inside a coffin

RP sample: ----
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PostSubject: Re: Kain Waldgrave wip   Mon Jan 13, 2014 11:40 pm

We still need an RP Sample on this if we're going to review it. Please put one up and post within 5 days or this will be disapproved. Thank you for your time.
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Kain Waldgrave wip
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