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 Seras + Joker CBox RP Logs

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PostSubject: Seras + Joker CBox RP Logs   Tue Nov 05, 2013 11:50 pm

(OOC: Here is every post Seras and The Joker have exchanged in the CBox while I was present to collect them. More shall be added as I receive the messages.)


[20:38:14 05/11/13] * Seras Victoria ears twitch, and she raises her head to spot that too familiar 'smile'. "Oh sweet jebus noooo..." Her eyes widen.

[20:44:14 05/11/13] * The Joker begins to walk towards Seras, a wide grin growing across his face while spinning his knife in his hand*

[20:47:53 05/11/13] * Seras Victoria starts to panic. She was in a corner, and so she had a little chance of escape. "M-meow..." Her ears fold down, and she reaches for the pistol she forgot to put back in the holster earlier. Poor Seras.

[20:49:14 05/11/13] * The Joker only let out his traditional, psychotic laugh, a crazed smirk coming across his face* "Let's see if this kittens got claws."

[20:51:29 05/11/13] * Seras Victoria trembles, looking up at him with terrified blue eyes. Her last resort would be to fight with her hands. But... He has a knife...

[20:52:33 05/11/13] * The Joker put the knife away and pulled a handgun out of his suit jacket, aiming at Seras and pulled the trigger but instead, a flag with the word "bang popped out; the Joker only laughing harder at his twisted joke*

[20:54:10 05/11/13] * Seras Victoria has seen this one before. She scrambles to the side, hoping to get past him. She also hoped that he wouldn't pull the trigger again.

[20:54:59 05/11/13] * The Joker grinned when Seras tried to move out of the corner she was in, thrusting a violent kick forward towards her stomach* "OOOOOOH so close!"

[20:57:42 05/11/13] * Seras Victoria quickly caught his foot with her unusually sharp nails. It slowed his foot just a bit, but contact was made, and the girl sucked in a breath. Her grip on his foot was tight.

[20:59:19 05/11/13] * The Joker let out a growl when he felt the police woman's claws dig into his leg, supporting himself with the leg he originally used to kick at her with. The clown brought his over leg up, thrusting a violent front kick to the side of Seras' face*

[21:05:20 05/11/13] * Seras Victoria squeaked, shutting her eyes tightly, and bringing her hands up to proect her face, waiting for the painful hit.

[21:07:26 05/11/13] * The Joker felt his foot slam into Seras' face despite her attempt to defend herself. His attack was stronger then one would expect it to have been, though it could have connected much worse had she not brought her arms up*

[21:10:36 05/11/13] * Seras Victoria hit the wall hard, seeing brilliant white spots behind her eyes. Her hands hurt a lot, and the back of her head was no better off. She frantically rubbed her eyes, whimpering quietly in pain.

[21:14:29 05/11/13] * The Joker let out a mad laugh, looking around the area before growing a psychotic grin. He walked a few feet away from the police woman, picking up a crowbar* "Now let's see which one hurts more... forward... or backward!"

[21:16:40 05/11/13] * Seras Victoria quickly pulled her hands away, to see what he was talking about. Instead of cowering again, she got up and sprang at him, hissing a bit.

[21:19:40 05/11/13] * The Joker looked back at Seras, his mad grin coming across his face again* "So the kitty DOES have claws after all!" He turned quickly, swinging the crowbar straight for her ribs*

[21:24:59 05/11/13] * Seras Victoria managed to stop within a few centimeters of the swing, but that threw her off balance. Seras began to fall forward, but she used that to spring at him yet again, bringing her claws in a very quick swipe at his face.

[21:31:08 05/11/13] * The Joker hadn't expected the police woman to have the response time she did, the crowbar barely missing the woman. The Joker took a step back when Seras swiped at his face with her claws, giving the crowbar another swing at her*

[21:36:57 05/11/13] * Seras Victoria produced a threatened murring, her blood rushing quickly with the rise of her heartbeat. She felt the crowbar hit that time. It definitely cracked a few ribs. The girl advanced and made another swipe, the pain being pushed down by adrenaline.

[21:39:17 05/11/13] * The Joker felt the police woman's claws dig into him, the joker taking a few steps back, letting out a growl of pain* "This kitty needs to get DECLAWED!" He knelt down beside Seras, holding her hand down with his left hand and rising the crowbar in his right; ready to shatter the bone.*

[21:42:56 05/11/13] * Seras Victoria gave him a kind of sly smirk. "What's wrong? Not having any fun? Let's see a biiiiig smile, Joker!~" She hissed loudly and lunged forward, putting all her weight into it to knock him over.

[21:45:33 05/11/13] * The Joker couldn't help but think about the woman's words for a moment, a few chuckles coming from him before his trademark laugher. He fell back when Seras pounced him, laughing despite the situation he was in, bringing a sharp elbow right above her eye* "Let's hear you laugh!"

[21:50:10 05/11/13] * Seras Victoria ducked, finding heself pressed against him. She blinked, then decided to bop him on the nose. With a very uncharacteristic giggle, she said, "Honk honk!"

[21:55:21 05/11/13] * The Joker stared at the woman as she bopped his nose. Honk honk... now that was rich! The Joker could only enter a fit of laughter given the situation, reaching into his pocket to draw his knife then gave a violent thrust into Seras' side* "Honk honk?! Now THAT was worth laughing at!"

[21:59:59 05/11/13] * Seras Victoria visibly winced. She obviously felt it, and tears began to roll down her face. However, she kept on giggling. "I-I thought I might... take a stab at it, you know?" She was still lying on him. maybe it was because her ribs hurt or she had a knife in her side. Whatever it was, it hurt too much to move.

[22:05:23 05/11/13] * The Joker laughed once more at the police woman's words. He shoved the blonde off him, standing slowly* "You know... all it takes is one bad day... to turn the most sane man in the world... TO ABSOLUTE. LUNICY."

[22:10:14 05/11/13] * Seras Victoria fell back and trembled, her giggles never quite ceasing. She pulled the knife out of her side, whimpering. That got her to stop giggling. She looked up at him with bright, tear-filled, and very blue eyes. Her smile just barely remained as she tilted her head in question.

[22:12:33 05/11/13] * The Joker saw something for a split moment in the police woman. A wide grin grew across the face of the grease painted man. He slowly wrapped his arms around the woman's throat, tightening his grip. "That look in your eyes speaks louder then words. You know EXACTLY what I mean by one. Bad. Day. Don't you? Somewhere in that mind of yours lock faaaaaaaaaar away!"

[22:19:48 05/11/13] * Seras Victoria immediately reached for his hands, planning to attempt to claw them off. When he spoke about her 'bad day', she whimpered, not wanting to remember anything about that day.

[22:23:52 05/11/13] * The Joker saw the struggle inside Seras, letting out a bone chilling laughter. So he was right. She knew exactly what he meant.* "So you DO understand it after all! Now the question... what was it?"

[22:29:29 05/11/13] * Seras Victoria felt her memories begin to replay in her head, and the tears fell more. It was that horrible day when her parents were killed, her dead mother raped, and the girl herself had been shot. It was a dark place for her in the orphanage. Nobody understood her the way she wanted them to. "No... no no no!" She tried to pry his fingers off her neck, sobbing.

[22:32:57] * The Joker only laughed more once he heard the sobbing of the police woman, moving his hands from her neck.* "And whoever caused it was never found, now were they? You see, that is what "law" gets you! There is no crime if there is no law, and I will build a world without any." The mere thought of the world in anarchy made the joker laugh with self-absorbed amusement*

[22:37:55] * Seras Victoria fell to her knees, choking back more sobs, though she failed horribly. Her life had just flashed by her. Her work as a police officer was so justified, yet his words actually made sense. Instead of staying on the ground, she picked herself up. Broken ribs and a cut up side weren't very helpful.as soon as she stood, she began to fall again.

[22:40:21] * The Joker began to walk away from Seras, glancing back slightly to see the woman struggle to stand. A sinister grin grew across the clowns face.* "If you manage to survive... here's my card." *The Joker merely tossed a Joker card from a deck to the blonde, laughing as he disappeared into the night.*

[22:42:35] * Seras Victoria merely stared at the card, then her vision blurred. The girl fell over, unconscious.
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PostSubject: Re: Seras + Joker CBox RP Logs   Wed Nov 06, 2013 7:41 pm

--Part II--

[15:15:48] * Seras Victoria stared at the card she had received. It was making her sick to the stomach, but his words continued to echo in her mind. A world without law... A quiet giggle escaped her.

[15:17:36] * The Joker entered the abandoned amusement park where he had turned into his hideout for the time being, leaning back in his chair*

[15:27:31] * Seras Victoria trembled, the man's sadistic grin flashing in her mind. She knew how silly and messed up a world without law would be... but then again... her father died trying to bust some law breakers...

[15:30:39] * The Joker watched the knife he through slam into the roulette wheel right beside the persons face.* "So close! Always so close... Let's try again!" *The grease painted madman spun the wheel again after taking his knife back, readying his aim*

[15:38:49] * Seras Victoria teared up again at the painful memory. The girl sat back, not wanting to move. Her chest hurt and her side was cut open. "Where... does he go....?"

[15:40:03] * The Joker left the amusement park after thinking of some other means of entertainment. The clown went deeper into the heart of London, specifically towards the London bridge*

[15:43:07] * Seras Victoria got up slowly with a pain filled whimper. She exited the building, then began to limp in the shadows of the building. On her way home, she spotted the London Bridge. For some reason, it called to her, but she shook her head and continued home.

[15:44:44] * The Joker finished placing his explosives all over the London bridge, whistling the London national anthem before pushing the detonator. The bridge erupted in flames, the joker breaking out into psychotic laugher* "London bridges falling down!"

[15:46:54] * Seras Victoria stopped when she heard him laughing. Her attention drawn to the suddenly flaming bridge. Her eyes widened in shock, and she began to quicken her pace. She needed to get into her house as fast as possible.

[15:49:16] * The Joker walked away from the burning bridge* "I think... the parliament will be next! Oh Guy Fawkes would be so proud!" He paused for a moment, recognizing the bloodied police woman* "So you did survive after all! Good... it means that I can have MORE FUN!"

[15:53:01] * Seras Victoria froze. Her feet didn't want to move. It was bad enough she was already injured. She didn't want any more injuries. Not in the same night. Tears fell down her face as she looked at him with big, scared, blue eyes.

[15:55:33] * The Joker grew a wide grin across his face, drawing one of his knives as he walked towards the police woman once more* "Let's see if I can beat the record of Ol' Emperor Caesar!"

[15:57:56] * Seras Victoria freaked out. Her feet weren't moving. They wouldn't move. She stood, readying herself to fight. "Y-you won't make it veryfar at all..."

[15:59:48] * The Joker couldn't help but laugh at Seras' threat, waving the knife at her* "Says the woman with a stab wound already."

[16:02:31] * Seras Victoria winced. She did have a stab wound. It was still bleeding. It took her a lot of courage to face him. She had readied her hands to claw at him. Until her legs buckled under her weight. She fell to the floor, curling up in pain.

[16:10:49] * Seras Victoria growled and rolled so she could quickly pull herself up. No. She wouldn't give up yet. She had to fight. "You first, Sir!" Without warning, she struck at his face when he got close enough.

[16:13:24 06/11/13] * The Joker stumbled back when Seras unexpectedly struck him, dropping his knife. The clown only laughed, raising his fists up* "Your a hard one to figure out, if you'll just roll over and die or actually be of entertainment."

[16:20:22 06/11/13] * Seras Victoria breathed heavily, her body hurting. "Good... that makes me unpredictable." She grinned a bit. "Wouldn't want to bore you." It was obvious she was fighting to stay standing.

[16:23:02 06/11/13] * The Joker chuckled, eyeing the woman carefully to find a hole in her defense* "I believe the term is "ladies first.""

[16:26:15 06/11/13] * Seras Victoria moved quickly, taking another swipe. However, it was slower than the last one. She was weakening, second by second.

[16:28:04 06/11/13] * The Joker rose his left arm to block the slower assault of the police woman, retorting with a rough right hook punch straight for the stab wound he gave Seras earlier*

[16:30:36 06/11/13] * Seras Victoria yelped loudly, the pain all over her face. She quickly pulled away, holding her side. Blood spilled from the wound. She didn't look at him. Instead, she began to giggle, her volume gradually rising. "W-what a horrible time!"*

[16:32:08 06/11/13] * The Joker only laughed from the yelp Seras let out, clouded by his thirst for blood. He drew his arm back, thrusting another punch at the police woman's face*

[16:42:35 06/11/13] * Seras Victoria quickly brought her hands up to catch his fist. She did catch it, sliding back until her heel hit the wall behind her. She countered with her own punch, aiming for his nose. "Honk honk!~"

[16:50:01 06/11/13] * The Joker stumbled back when Seras punched him in the nose, bleeding slightly. All he could do was laugh from the honk honk she said, bringing his right foot up to kick at her stomach*

[16:52:34 06/11/13] * Seras Victoria jumped back, though her leg gave out, and she fell at a painful angle to the ground. His kick caught her chest, and her already broken ribs pushed dangerously hard against her lungs. The girl let out a shriek of pain.

[16:58:39 06/11/13] * The Joker let out his traditional laughter when he heard the shriek of pain, tackling Seras. He pulled his arm back, thrusting repeated, violent punches towards her face*

[17:00:15 06/11/13] * Seras Victoria scrambled to kick him off. The first few punches hit, giving her a wicked nose bleed, but she struck back, attempting to claw at his eyes. "GET OFF!"

[17:03:43 06/11/13] * The Joker struggled when Seras clawed at his eyes, falling back when Seras kicked him off. He stood quickly, picking the knife he was disarmed of earlier back up* "You know... you really are quite a CUT, above the rest!"

[17:08:51 06/11/13] * Seras Victoria giggled loudly, a darkness seeping into her mind. It was rather punny of him to say it like that. She stayed down on the ground, leering up at him with an almost playful look. Her tail swung back and forth, and her ears stood alert. She was ready to strike again, the adrenaline pumping again.

[17:12:49 06/11/13] * The Joker saw the tick in Seras' eyes. It looked like she began to loose herself in that madness that was created from her one bad day. The grease painted man let out a laugh with a almost childish nature, taking a wide swing at her with the blade* "There it is! There's the look from that one bad day!"

[17:23:57 06/11/13] * Seras Victoria giggled and giggled. Yes. she had plenty of bad days. But none could ever amount to the one. Tears streaked down her face. "Of course~ Pretty SHARP of you to notice~" She rolled backwards, and sprang forward, pretty fast for her injuries.

[17:29:25 06/11/13] * The Joker stared at the woman. Pretty sharp? PRETTY SHARP?! The joker could only laugh hysterically at the pun that the police woman made.* "I actually might let you live for making me laugh this hard! Maybe... JUST MAYBE!"

[17:32:58 06/11/13] * Seras Victoria slipped by him, putting some distance between them. She stopped a few meters away, turning to face him. She was still giggling, and her tail moved from side to side. "Maybe? You need to stop clowning around and make up your mind, sir~"

[17:36:49 06/11/13] * The Joker only laughed harder at the police woman's pun. Horrible puns and bad jokes were the thing the clown loved most... next to killing and creating chaos.* "Hahahahahahaha! You've just earned yourself another life, kitten."

[17:41:45 06/11/13] * Seras Victoria began to laugh with him. His laughter was pretty contagious. She couldn't just run. No, she had to stay and have... fun! "Oh wonderful! Thank you so much! I will make sure to keep this one as purrrfectly safe as I can~"

[17:46:45 06/11/13] * The Joker almost fell over from laughing at this point, holding his stomach* "Oh these puns are a cat-astropic alright!"

[17:51:56] * Seras Victoria siled brightly, unable to hold her own laughter back. However, her puns had burned out. she only knew a few, and those were it for the time being. She fell to the grounds, holding her side, the side that had been cut open. It was hurting really bad from all the laughter, and breathing was starting to hurt. She was on her good side, giggling ang gasping for air.

[17:57:37] * The Joker began to walk away, despite mostly calming down, he was still laughing; though quieter then before. Now all he had to do was get to a metro station and bomb the hell out of the parliament building.*

[17:59:11] * Seras Victoria noticed him leaving, and tried to sit up. She just remembered about his... 'card'. "W-wait!"

[18:01:05] * The Joker paused, turning around towards the police woman* "What? Do you want me to take your life anyways? I can do that if you want!"

[18:03:58] * Seras Victoria felt the fear edge back into her mind. What kept happening to her... What was he doing to make her so crazy? "I... N-no, that's not it..."

[18:06:19] * The Joker stared at Seras, tossing his knife up and down* "Then what could it possibly be?"

[18:20:20] * Seras Victoria stared at the Joker with a confused look. "W-what... happened to me...?" Tears still ran down her cheeks, and her vision began to blur. She lost more blood than she had actually thought.

[18:22:40] * The Joker grabbed Seras by the sides of her face and stared into her eyes* "You finally gave into lunacy... that's what happened."

[18:26:57] * Seras Victoria shivered, a little uncomfortable. "I-I'm... really c-confused and... tired...." She weakly raised her hands in an attempt to pull his hands away from her face.

[18:29:08] * The Joker stared silently at Seras for a moment before moving his hands off her face* "Get yourself to a hospital. I don't want my new source of entertainment to die."

[18:31:41] * Seras Victoria was obviously in no condition to move herself. She whimpered and held herself up with her arms as best as she could. "I-I...."

[18:32:26] * The Joker only began to walk away after his message*

[18:33:37] * Seras Victoria fell over, the loss of blood was too much for her to handle. That wild grin flashed in her mind. Hello, nightmares.

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PostSubject: Re: Seras + Joker CBox RP Logs   Thu Nov 07, 2013 8:34 pm

--Part III--

[15:57:00] * Seras Victoria woke up in a hospital bed, a heart moniter beeping beside her. It told her that she was at least alive, but she didn't know how badly injured she was. A nurse went into the room holding a clipboard. After asking some questions, the nurse scribbled things down, and left to get the doctor.

[15:58:56] * The Joker had silently killed one of the doctors, stealing the uniform. He began to search for his new source of entertainment.*

[16:01:05] * Seras Victoria The nurse found the disguised doctor. She told him about Seras waking up, and her vitals. She told him the hall and room she was in, just in case he didn't remember.

[16:03:10] * The Joker smirked under the doctors mask, beginning to walk towards the room the police woman was in. He even thought of setting the hospital ablaze. Hell, half the people in the place were already close enough to being dead.*

[16:06:22] * Seras Victoria had closed her eyes to try and sleep more. Despite having just woken up, she was pretty tired. Her body ached, and she just felt terrible.

[16:08:43] * The Joker finally found the room Seras was in, slowly pushing open the door. Instead of removing the mask, he figured his voice would be enough.* "Mr. J is back!"

[16:10:42] * Seras Victoria stopped breathing to listen. Her eyes flew open, and she quickly sat up, yelping in pain. Her side was stitched closed, but it started to bleed again. "J-Joker!"

* The Joker removed his mask, tossing his knife up and down.* "We have a winner!"

[16:15:16] * Seras Victoria got out of bed, putting as much distance as she could between them. "Look, I'm tired, and I don't want trouble." He ears were folded in a way that others could tell she felt threatened. She even looked like she was ready to attack. On her bedside table was a syringe of anesthsia. She grabbed it and held it defensively.

[16:19:40] * The Joker only let out his usual laugh, stepping forward.* "If I wanted you dead... you would be. You are MY new source of entertainment! Which means..." He grew a wide, psychotic grin. "This cycle will continue forever."

[16:22:27] * Seras Victoria growled in warning. Maybe if she could just get into the hall, she could get some help... Did she even want help? The girl shook her head. Of course she wanted help! "Not if it can be stopped! If... you can be stopped!"

[16:24:56] * The Joker took one of the surgical knives out of his lab coat, his eyes locking onto the police woman's. "Then why don't you do it already?!"

[16:30:44] * Seras Victoria quickly ran forward. Her legs felt better, but her side still hurt. She stayed low, swinging her arm to try and stab him in the side with the anesthesia. That would stop him so she could escape.

[16:32:27] * The Joker brought his arm up, the needle just barely stabbing into his left arm as he shifted his weight, throwing the police woman through the hospital room door*

[16:40:38] * Seras Victoria flew through the door, landing across the hall. The impact knocked the wind out of her, and she couldn't breathe for a few seconds. The syringe landed a few feet in front of her, and she held her side. "O-ow..."

[16:45:50] * The Joker held his arm for a moment, beginning to feel a bit dizzy after the injection Seras gave him. He struggled to walk forward, slamming his elbow into one of the fire emergency cases and took the axe from it, slowly walking towards Seras* "This is over!"

[16:47:52] * Seras Victoria smiled and giggled at him. "Getting a bit woozy, Joker?" Her mind clicked into a state of happy giggles, and he didn't even say anything to her. She stood up, obviously fearless in her state. "Why don't you take a nap?~"

[16:52:26] * The Joker shook his head slightly, hearing the police woman's taunts. A low growl left the grease painted man. "Don't think that you have the upper hand! How many times do you think they tried to sedate me back at the asylum?!" The Joker took a large swing at Seras with the fire axe in his hands.*

[16:55:18] * Seras Victoria ducked. She giggled and danced around him, earning looks of panic from the others. The female receptionist reached for the phone to call the police. Seras only taunted him and laughed.

* The Joker stumbled slightly, almost falling over when his swing with the axe missed. He struggled to stand again, this time just throwing the axe at the police woman.*

[17:03:24] * Seras Victoria at that point, the police, being near the hospital, showed up. They burst in and began to demand people evacuate the first floor. They still had to make it up a few floors to get to Seras and Joker though. She giggled. "Why so serious, Joker?"

[17:04:26] * The Joker chuckled slightly, pinning the police woman against the wall with the surgical knife in hand. He grew his usual psychotic smirk, raising the blade to Seras' level* "That's my line you know... now let's put a smile on that face."

[17:13:15] * Seras Victoria was grinning at him. "Bigger than I already am?~" She laughed as though it was funny. She pushed him away and aimed a kick at his chest.

[17:29:43] * Seras Victoria watched with curiosity. One of the policemen asked her if she was okay. She bent down to pick up the axe, and swung it, hitting the man in the chest. What a bloody affair! "This outta... CUT you down to size!~" The policeman fell to his knees as she said so, and the girl let out maniacal laughter.

[17:32:06] * The Joker watched Seras put the axe blade into one of the officers chests, a loud laugher leaving him. He finally did it. He finally pushed the police woman over the edge. The Joker freed himself, stabbing the surgical knife into the other officers neck*

[17:36:23] * Seras Victoria watched the others pull out their guns. She laughed more and reached for the axe, ripping it out of the man's chest. She threw the axe at one, hitting his arm. It sliced clean through.

[17:40:04] * The Joker only continued to laugh, throwing his knife at another officers throat. He ran forward, taking the pistol the officer had and fired a single bullet into the remaining police forces heads.*

[17:42:17] * Seras Victoria sat back against the wall, unable to stop laughing. it was just too much fun and she couldn't get enough. "J-Joker! They never even had a shot at us~"

[17:45:28] * The Joker laughed at the pun the police woman made, beginning to walk off.* "I think you'll do just fine for what I have in store for the rest of London!"

[17:46:53] * Seras Victoria followed after him this time, giggling. "Oh?"

[17:48:46] * The Joker threw his arms upward* "Yes! Now, we will destroy the parliament building!"

[17:53:38] * Seras Victoria tilted her head, speeding up to catch up to him. She was awfully close to his arm. "Ohh! Sounds like a BLAST!~"

[17:58:25] * The Joker chuckled at Seras' pun, a psychotic smirk coming across his face.* "I think we'll be getting along just fine now."

[18:01:21] * Seras Victoria seemed rather casual. She reached and looped her arm around his. "Oh? Do you think so? Can I help set up the explosives..." she thought for a moment. "...Mister J?~"

[18:10:23] * The Joker paused for a moment. Mr.J now... for some reason, he enjoyed the way that sounded. "But of course my dear! Consider it a celebration of... well... is a reason even needed?!"

[18:21:37] * Seras Victoria "Of course not! We just go and have fun because we want to!~" She leaned against him and stuck by his side. "Let's got blow up parliament, shall we?~"

[18:34:48] * The Joker gave his new companion a wide grin. "But of course! But first, we need to make a stop at the abandoned amusement park to collect the explosives!"

[18:36:35] * Seras Victoria purred happily, her tail curling and uncurling. "Alrighty then. Lead the way, Mr. J!"

[18:40:23] * The Joker casually flagged down a taxi, shooting the driver when they stopped and dumped their body aside, arriving at the abandoned amusement park a few moments later. He pushed open the doors, letting out a low laugh once he reached the bombs that were scattered all over his work bench.* "Home at last!"

[18:45:36] * Seras Victoria placed a few coins on the taxi driver's hat before getting into the car. She enjoyed watching the scenery of the dark city. Once she spotted the Amusement park, her eyes lit up like a child's. "What a creepily fun place!"
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Seras + Joker CBox RP Logs
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