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 Nathans room (Pm if you want in)

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PostSubject: Nathans room (Pm if you want in)   Sun Nov 03, 2013 7:17 pm

Nathans room is decently sized, it has a simplicity design to it a couple windows, under the right one is his single mattress bed with a white sheet and blue cover with blue pillows touching the wall. At the far left side he has his desk and computer where he stores most of his plans, however around his room is seemingly a mess of files and spy movies, however he has a single clean part in his room where he keeps a bible and his equipment, its right beside his drawers that are located just a few steps away from the desk.  Despite it looking quite messy with the files cluttering most of the room he knows where everything is and knows if it has been moved, unless the person moving the object is very very careful he may not notice.

Siting at his desk like any other day Nathan was going through a recent file he had gotten, it was a copy of something that had happened in England he may or may not was supposed to have this however it was supposed to be some juicy information that he couldn't pass on. Reading through the file, his eyes jotting around the pages, slowly he dropped the files and began to tap his foot thinking Oh shit.. the file contained information that Hellsing had been attacked by a random plane that had decimated the manor, it didn't have information on survivors just about the attack.

Oh fuck fuck fuck. I am in some deep shit if Maxwell finds out I got a copy of the file...but still I need to think this through, no doubt the bastard will capitalize on this opportunity somehow. sitting there he stared at the file, thinking about what could happen but all he thought up was chaos, pure and simple chaos.

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Nathans room (Pm if you want in)
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