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 Luca's room

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PostSubject: Luca's room   Sun Nov 03, 2013 1:23 pm

A simplistic space that has only one room, the only contents a bed, that rests on the far wall next to the bathroom door, a nightstand next to it with a laptop computer, many cables neatly organized in drawers below it. There is a small vault hidden under the bed, locked and only accessible if Luciano himself plugs into it, within are stored his most important files.


Luciano was currently lying on his bed, sprawled out, his computer next to him with several cables running from the USB ports into his arm, chest, and one into his neck, all transmitting his mission logs to the computer and recalibrating his systems. His eyes were currently closed, though underneath his eyelids, within each eye, walls of text flowed past, each detailing some variable about a mission.
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Luca's room
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