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 The Great Escape (not really)

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Darius Cerva

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PostSubject: The Great Escape (not really)   Wed Oct 16, 2013 10:40 pm

An uneasy air engulfed the illusion of Darius's perfect life. A murmur of power struggles amongst newer members of the cartel, and the original leader himself. With a wave of recruits, no one had time to do background checks on them. Immediately suspicious of an American recruit, he found an agent of the VWAT amongst them.

Seeing a way out, Darius held on to his lifeline as best he could, covering his tracks as he made them. After tugging his chain a bit  Darius managed to find a way of both people surviving this situation. The VWAT arranged for an extraction of data, via boat, so, after removing his tracking device, he went on that boat. He talked a bit, was arrested, set free, arrested again, and set free a final time. They made arrangements for him to leave America, and to arrive in London, with family once more.
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The Great Escape (not really)
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