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 Ambrogio the Agent

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PostSubject: Ambrogio the Agent   Wed Oct 09, 2013 6:18 am

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? If so how far have you gotten? If not please direct your attention to YouTube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least. Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga. The anime is not canon. This is not our opinion. This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano. I've read all the manga, watched the original anime and watched all of the OVAs.

Name: Ambrogio (As his real name is unknown and lost this is the only calling sign given) or Father Ambrogio.

Age: 28 (Born August 7, 1986)

Gender: Male

Physical appearance: Ambrogio has a very unorthodox style about him. Like most fighters of high quality he has a fair amount of toned muscle mass about him and not so much that he has a hindering amount of bulky muscle. Of course as a regenerator his body isn't scarred by damage, horribly fatally wounding damage or tiny scratches. This makes Ambrogio somewhat sad as he is unable to remember his battles with physical reminders, instead he has taken to writing them down.

With very dark hair, pale skin, and a scruffy beard he has more of the look of a wanderer than that of a holy man. His hair has always grown fairly fast compared to the average man. Especially on his face. Whenever he has the freedom and opportunity to shave, such as between missions, he will do so to prevent his growing facial hair from becoming a major problem combatively. A strange bit of this hair growing speed is that his moustache grows at an extremely slow rate, preventing it from causing any trouble much to the annoyance of Ambrogio as in total it has less potential to be troublesome.

Ambrogio is a man who stands at a height of six feet and nine inches giving him a towering appearance compared to most people. Weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds to match his great height and muscle mass Ambrogio is considered a specimen of physical ability by most. The violent nature of his size and his personal ability in combat go hand in hand. His skin is calloused in almost every area, acting as a slight and constant numbing action. This is a result of his training and constant use of his entire body.

Clothing of choice: Ambrogio wears his Iscariot robes while in The Vatican but prefers to go without them and taking on more of a wanderer appearance when outside of The Catholic Church. However inside of The Catholic Church he sports an entirely different set of clothing. Even a nice priestly collar on his neck, black robes common to the Iscariot Organization descend from his shoulders to his feet adorned on his body are dark pants and a dark shirt made of a silken material are worn underneath his cloth Iscariot robes.

He typically wears a hat to cover his head from the sun and sometimes even sports sunglasses (as his skin is fairly pale and easy to burn from UV) Ambrogio wears a a somewhat hefty leather cloak to symbolize the weight of his duty to The Catholic Church and the weight of his actions as an impact with The Catholic Church. The cloak he wears  above his robe-like clothing which is coincidentally also made of leather though not as heavy as the cloak and meant only for his personal protection and to prevent himself from being revealed as a nude and large man to the world. Hidden within the folds of his cloak are his weapons along with common priestly materials such as holy water and and vestments adorned with the cross.
Ambrogio also wears some thick leather gloves and leather boots at all times, even within The Vatican and other holy sites. These are his own personal way to keep himself among the regulation of The Catholic Church and to remind him of his missions. Wearing something whether a field agent, a priest, or simply someone waiting for their next goal has a soothing and universal feel to it that Ambrogio has come to enjoy.

Weaponry of choice: Hidden within his leather robes are two holsters for two revolvers. As expected from a member of Iscariot these guns have ammo made of silver and blessed to deal maximum damage to the unholy monsters that Ambrogio would be sent to engage. These revolvers are Colt Anaconda .44 Magnum Double Action Revolvers modified to contain nine bullets rather than six per barrel. Being fully loaded at all times between engagements and with additional ammo kept all along the insides of his robes.

Additionally a classic arming sword from the crusades is kept at his left side at all times. Hidden underneath his robes to be completely concealed and held within a sheath and on a sword belt this blade is the most precious item to Ambrogio. This blade had a length of 81 centimeters (32 inches) with a crucifix for a guard, a thin rope for the grip and a crystalline orb for the pommel.

Race: Human (Regenerator)

Abilities: Regeneration: maximum regeneration can take up to 8 posts for major damage such as loss of limb

Barriers: Using pages of scripture Ambrogio has been able to seal or prevent dark magics or prevent passing through the barrier. These scripture barriers are commonly used by most Iscariot agents and Ambrogio's is not necessarily more powerful than average.
Scripture Defense: Using a combination of scriptures, chanting, and his ordainment Ambrogio can use the bible and it's pages to defend against and remove magic as anything mystical without the power of The Catholic Church is evil magic. (This includes things like Vampire Weather Control or blocking out illusions.)

Martial Arts: Father Ambrogio had been a student of the style of Hung-Gar or Hung-Ga as a martial arts style. Ambrogio has trained in this form of combat throughout most of his life and has become a master at it.

Sword Combat: As a man who has carried around an arming sword for the vast majority of his life he has become very good at using it. It's silver and anointed blade has seen the blood of many monsters whom oppose The Catholic Church by their very existence. While Ambrogio has had training with most kinds of swords he is most skilled with the arming sword.

Gun Combat: Trained specifically in revolvers to shoot fast and aim as fast. Ambrogio has been trained to use almost every type of guns but has the most skill and most familiarity with the revolvers much in the same way that he has specialized skill with the arming sword.

Tactics: Ambrogio has been trained and raised along in his talent for fast paced tactical control. Being in command of a small unit or planning an adaptable plan for a specialized scenario are key abilities in Ambrogio's arsenal.

Diplomacy: In the past Ambrogio has been able to negotiate with factions and individual on a level that is above average to say the least. He has been able to accurately communicate and participate actively in politics of any form.

Organization: Iscariot

Personality: First and foremost Ambrogio is a man of God. A clergyman who believes in nothing more than spreading the word of God and abolishing the evils and demons of the world. He is a paladin because he believes deeply in his work as a paladin. Recruited to Iscariot partially because of his skills but more because his skills were able to benefit him and as a priest who was righteous and who believed deeply in his work Iscariot had a clear choice. Humble and modest in person and one who believes to do unto others as one wishes to be done to them has been his law throughout this entire life. This rule, of course, does not apply to monsters, creatures of the dark, users of the dark magic, and soldiers that would resist the powers of God or The Catholic Church.

Ambrogio respects the hierarchy of The Catholic Church and the infallibility of The Pope. He believes more in the word of The Pope, as he is the infallible messenger from God, than the original goals of his mission or of the leaders of Iscariot. Arch-Bishop is another rank that he holds in high esteem and above that of his own organization. Ambrogio holds himself underneath the value of Iscariot agents. More than willing to give his life for any of them and expecting never to be sacrificed for. Believing all actions are of God's will and all events are the same he is never saddened by death and never questions reality or what has happened.

Ambrogio tends to avoid personal contact on a deeper level than what is absolutely required. He has devoted his work and his life completely to the job of being an agent of his faith. Accepting all things as the work of God and all acts against God as part of his plan. Testing the faith and resistance of evil of The Catholic Church.

Ambrogio believes in the acceptance of all forms of Christianity but not in tolerance of any other religions. This is considered highly radical for an agent of Iscariot and his will to do the work of The Catholic Church greatly overpowers his will to give all who believe in Jesus a chance. If ordered to kill a protestant by Iscariot it is far from a problem for him to carry out the action. As such his loyalty has yet to be called into question despite his very radical beliefs compared to most of Iscariot.

Rank: Paladin/Field Agent

Biography: Ambrogio is the product of a line of men of God. He was born in the line of a proud family of crusaders who had been connected to the Templar Knights in days of old. His family had engaged Alucard in the past and took part in the attacks on Jerusalem. Taking part in many religious affairs throughout the years and even centuries they had always been fighters for Catholicism. It was only expected and known that he would also become someone of this persuasion. Shortly after he was born he began to be raised in combat. He was read scripture by night and taught how to read as soon as possible for the sake of taking personal interpretations of the bible's words. His father believed deeply that it was important for everyone to be aware of the teachings of Catholicism, even if they chose not to follow it for their own reasons and this trait carried on in his son.

Shortly after he was taught how to read he was taught how to fight. Scrappy fighting at first, how to throw a punch, how to kick, basic exercises to improve reaction time and endurance. It was roughly when he turned eight that he had begun to specialize in his way of combat. He had fired a gun many times at this point and been taught roughly how to handle an arming sword by his father. A man who had been an ally of The Catholic Church but never officially joined. His mother had died during childbirth as they had both agreed to do it naturally and it presented complications that neither were able to deal with properly.

As a budding child that was raised highly religious and secluded from the world and trained on the bible, monster information, vampire stories, and combat training he was soon given to The Catholic Church as a body instead of a soul and a mind. This wasn't really debated and young Ambrogio was accepted into The Catholic Church with open arms as they do to all who are the children of God. His father soon left to go on his own life to serve God in his manner while he left his son in the care of the clergy of the town of Lucca, Italy where he would continue to train and learn to advance his faith and his work for The Catholic Church.

It wasn't long before his combat potential was noticed by The Catholic Church clergy in the area. Being that he was in Italy it wasnt' a stretch for him to get into The Vatican and be trained further as an agent for Iscariot. It was here that he was subjected to the experiments and advancements that Iscariot scientists are privy to. These experiments transformed the highly trained and highly faithful human into a regenerator. A being who could heal from seemingly fatal wounds just by the sheer augmentations of the body. This was done to the young man so that it could take full effect on his body as he grew, it was deemed better than someone could grow up with this ability rather than it be forced on them, giving the augmentation a chance to grow with the body and lesser of a chance to be rejected. As this surgery was a success so to was his inducement into Iscariot at the ripe young age of seventeen.

Of course he spent years training before he actually did anything alone, at that time all that he had was his faith. Always cold to the members of Iscariot but always meeting or exceeding expectations set for him he remained in Iscariot as a solo field agent. Being sent as an Iscariot guard and doing recon were among the first of his jobs before he was fully ordained by The Catholic Church to fight against the unholy monsters of this world. Throughout all of this rigorous work and training as well as being constantly told in the holy authority of Iscariot, Ambrogio held his faith in the hierarchy of The Catholic Church. Rather than falling to believe that he was an instrument of Iscariot he believed he was an instrument of God who was put in Iscariot for it's holy mission. A key difference that never made much of a problem for him or others but something he always wanted to keep distinct in his own mind.

Of course the individualistic nature of Ambrogio brought problems for him in an organization such as Iscariot. He never made it far in terms of advancement or recognition but this was far from troublesome for him. Ambrogio and he began to take work more and more from The Church  in more traditional means. Becoming a traveling priest for two years when he was twenty two and returning to Iscariot headquarters at the age of twenty three. During this time he traveled around Africa and South America spreading the word of God and extending the reach of God's word to as many people as he could while there. Renowned for his problem solving skills he became a popular priest during the two years that he traveled. After two years Ambrogio decided that he was ready to return to Iscariot, where he was deemed ready and able to take on a combat mission to Greece to hunt his first vampire, alone.

This was a trying time for him as he knew that this mission would determine his entire future. He was sent to hunt a  low class vampire by all accounts and Ambrogio executed the mission basically without so much as a hiccup. He killed the vampire and caused basically no collateral damage to the area. Upon his return he was fully ordained as a member of Iscariot and he has been such from that point on. Of course in the line of hunting supernatural monsters things rarely go easily or without causing problems for all involved, many times Ambrogio has been injured and  even returned with horrible wounds despite his regenerating powers working to heal him the entire way back, but eventually his regenerating abilities have wiped away all traces of his previous encounters much to Amrbogio's dismay.

Eventually Ambrogio's diplomatic skills earned him the position of a lesion to London and the organization of protestants there known as Hellsing. Knowing his family history and that Alucard was a part of Hellsing he found this comically ironic but never took the job personally or held a grudge for history that was now many generations into the past. This added to his job as a priest and a field agent of Iscariot has been taxing on his personal time...but he had no life before and has no life apart from the church. This is the perfect existence for Ambrogio and he enjoys his service to The Catholic Church.

RP sample: Ambrogio approached a run-down building inside of a boondock which was a part of a larger poverty stricken region of Greece. His long leather cloak ran along the ground as he stepped toward the building, all the while removing the vestments and holy water from his clothing. Sprinkling a small amount of holy water onto his vestments, placing the vestments over his broad shoulders, and drawing his bible to carry in his left hand. He wasn't sure of the nature or power of unholy being that he was up against but it never hurt to be careful and prepare for all possible outcomes. Ambrogio's right hand was tucked into his clothing and gripping around the grip of one of his two revolvers. In terms of practical consideration he was going up against something that he was more than ready to deal with, but it is often that theory falls short of practice due to various factors, lack of confidence and fear being two major reasons that otherwise capable people who seemed to hold an upper hand were defeated or even killed. Ambrogio wished not to join their ranks.

Earlier the large man known as Ambrogio had been scouting out the area and people of Agrinio. Most of what he gathered was rumor and here-say about a  building on the outskirts of town that never let anyone who entered leave. Ramblings about a man who knew a man who survived, but this survivor was unknown in name and appearance to everyone whom Ambrogio asked. It was a rather hopeless search for information among the town until he met up with an elderly man who confirmed the location and mission given to him by Iscariot. "A dark skinned and dark haired man that never leaves during the day and steals away those who come too close to him. Steals them and makes them into slaves I say. I've seen them wandering around the yards and up and down the halls, no light in their eyes and no soul to their movements. Mindless bodies moving to the beat of a horribly slow and un-feeling drum I say." These words, if they could be believed of course, meant that Ambrogio was indeed dealing with a vampire and one that was making ghouls out of anyone who was coming too close to his or her territory. Briefly Ambrogio considered not donning his Catholic icons and approaching the house with the visage of a normal man whom was testing the rumor. However in doing this Ambrogio would be shaming Iscariot and The Church by hiding his allegiance for the sake of launching a sneak attack, thus Ambrogio quickly banished the thoughts from his head.

Ambrogio entered the building in a civil manner, pushing the door open with the hand holding his bible. Of course he was a bit nervous due to the gravity of the situation but he was confident in his abilities as well as Iscariot's means of judgement, judging that he was ready for this. Ambrogio didn't make it far into the building when suddenly a looming darkness creeping around him and he spotted several forms running at him after emerging from a door to the left.

Wasting no time Ambrogio drew his gun and fired as quickly as he could accurately do so. His bullets being blessed and silver they easily could put down anything of normal level that was monster or human. He never would have fired if there had been a chance that these beings were human or alive, however, their eyes shone in the darkness and their movements were rigid and locked as if they had been attempting to rush at him with a great burst of vigor fighting a setting in or rigor mortis, most definitely inhuman. Ambrogio's mind had now been set into combat ready mode, he fired three shots from his right handed revolver and thus had six remaining. He was in a situation when it was unknown how many enemies he had or where they were. Ambrogio had to choose between taking this time between their strikes to use scripture in an attempt to dispel the darkness or to reload his gun...

Making a snap decision Ambrogio decided to reload his gun as he assumed that just as ghouls had come from one of the doors at any time more could come from any other door, and this building was large and filled with doors full of potential surprises. However, as soon as he began reloading a bullet wizzed by his head. Had Ambrogio been reciting from the bible he may not have noticed it and given the assailant another chance, additionally had he been using his bible he would have been moving around much less and been an easier target. So as Ambrogio praised his decision to reload he turned and fired his own gun back at the one who had shot at him. Of course as it would be foolish to fire all the bullets from his only drawn gun immediately Ambrogio fired three in spray fashion from left to right tryng to target in on the being's head. Unfortunately it was too fast for these bullets at the range fired from, about ten meters, and the being soon closed the distance between them. Fangs at the mouth and sentience glowing from the eyes led Ambrogio to believe this was the vampire and as it was opening it's mouth to speak some snide remarks about how he was too fast for the combat prowess of a priest Ambrogio fired from the hip into his chest and lower torso his final two bullets in his drawn gun.

The vampire gave a final look of bewilderment and anger before turning into dust and exploding outward into the air. Some thumping noises were heard all around the manor but from the smell of the place it was likely the dead being released from their puppet master. With his mission complete in a relatively easy manner Ambrogio calmly made his way out of the building and onto the plane he had flown in on. His next stop would be The Vatican for his mission report.
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PostSubject: Re: Ambrogio the Agent   Wed Oct 09, 2013 8:48 am

In general, I'm rather fond of this sheet. Hell, as a fellow fan of Hung-Gar I'm pretty much required to love it. However, there are a few things that I'd like addressed.

1. You mention he carries additional ammo. How much?

2. Careful with the abilities. If you want to go with a Jack of all trades approach, you're more than welcome to. The drawback of that is a Jack of all trades is a master of none. See what I'm getting at here?

3. My philosophy on Regenerators is that the injections are given to highly distinguished, veterans of Iscariot or valuable members that have received a life-threatening wound that necessitates the use of the serum to survive. I'm not comfortable with them performing such a prestigious operation on what is essentially an untested 17 year old. On that note, if you were to receive the operation at the age of 17, you would still appear as a 17 year old today rather than the mountain of adult muscle you describe. After becoming a regenerator after the attack on London, Heinkel didn't age a day for fifty years. With this in mind, there's no evidence to suggest that the body would continue to develop in the manner you've described.

As I said, I like this character sheet already. It just needs a few tweaks and I'll be happy to welcome you into Blue Team.
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PostSubject: Re: Ambrogio the Agent   Wed Oct 09, 2013 1:25 pm

Name: He has no other name? It was lost? We will get to that later. Onward Ambrosius!

Age: The forum is set in 2004, which means he would be 18 at the current time.

Gender: Yep.

Physical Appearance: Father Anderson mentions that you would be a teenager when you are given the Regen ability, which means you would appear as a 17 year old, not the manly man you say here. So either the age of the Regen has to change (we will also get to that later) or you need to change your appearance appropriately.

Clothing: A cloak seems like a bad combat choice - we have already had experience with those - but if you want it to snag, get tangled, and be pulled on, then I have no problem with it.

Weaponry: Ok, here's the deal. You need to give how much ammo you will be carrying on you at all times. And I am not sure you can modify a revolver like that and it still remain structurally sound, particularly with the caliber it is chambered for. And will you be using speed loaders, or is the reloading all going to be done by hand, one round at a time? If that is the case, then your reload time will be hefty, and you might as well get a semi-auto.

Also, this cloak must be pretty intense to hide a sword. I know an arming sword isn't actually all that large, but it does hang far enough that you would need a voluminous cloak to hide it. Also, is it really from the Crusades, or is it just a replica? And what is it made of? Steel? Silver? Steel and silver? Stone?

Race: Fine.

Abilities: As Father Anderson mentioned, Jack of All Trades is going on here. You are skilled in barriers, martial arts, sword combat, gun combat, tactics and diplomacy. Barriers take a great deal of time to learn, and to perfect without them being weak or inefficient. If you plan to know this and the many other things you know, then the efficacy of the barriers will suffer, and you might as well not know them.

And he knows all the rest of these things because...? There is no mention of a "liaison" to Hellsing as far as I am aware of, so these diplomatic skills are rendered moot, unless he uses them to talk down vampires or ledge jumpers. (We will get to this part later as well).

Organization: The best one.

Personality: Catholic.

Rank: Sure.

Bio: This is that part I kept mentioning we would get to. He has no other name? Did his parents only give him one, and decide to forgo a surname? Odd, since they were so into the Templar line and the Crusades. Was he never taught anything in a real school? No interaction with the real world? I really hope he was taught to shoot with a .22 as an 8 yer old, because anything else seems a bit much. And his father was never a part of the Catholic Church but he lived and breathed it? And later on, he was "given to the clergy". Does that mean he was given to an orphanage? Because I'm not so sure clergy members just take in children and raise them all on their own. And you say he continued to train there. Did the clergy teach him or did he - as a young child - go at it on his own?

I am with Father Anderson on the Regen. You were an unproven member who had done nothing up til that point to earn the gift. "He never made it far in terms of advancement or recognition but this was far from troublesome for him." This would be a large problem for him, as he would never receive the Regen ability if he continued his career in an undistinguished manner.

And again, why would there be a liaison to Hellsing? We have seen Hellsing and Iscariot meet a handful of times, and it has always been between Integra and Maxwell. If the other moderators say it's fine, then that's cool, but I have a slight problem with there being a non-canon relationship between the two organizations.

RP sample: Works.

Fill in some holes, answer some questions, and I would be more than happy to approve. I always love it when there is a new member to the Church, and this one seems well thought out, with only a few kinks to work on.
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PostSubject: Re: Ambrogio the Agent   Wed Oct 09, 2013 2:09 pm

For your guns what Meabh mentioned is right modifying the cylinder would reduce the structural integrity plus you'd need to get the entire firearm redone so that each chamber on the cylinder lines up perfectly with the barrel and firing pin. Also the load time on a 6 chamber revolver is long enough 9 is even longer especially since they don't make speed loaders for 9 shot revolvers. unless you had them custom made. But I'd recommend you just go with a semi-automatic.

As for the sword...Why?

It's not really anything against it just why do people like to carry swords? A person with a knife is way more maneuverable and reflexive than someone with a sword. Plus if someone gets too close your sword become useless. Whereas with a knife it remains useful at whichever distance. But anyway just my opinion. Also what is it made of? Because a normal steel blade isn't going to be killing anything but humans

As for the Regen that often goes to people who have served well in Millennium or have been considered a valuable asset and are worth salvaging after injury.

Also it's good to have things you aren't good at. Being a jack of all trades is okay but the way you want to do it is proficient with all but master of none.

Also...Where is your last name?
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PostSubject: Re: Ambrogio the Agent   Mon Oct 14, 2013 2:33 pm

Is this ready for another look?
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PostSubject: Re: Ambrogio the Agent   Sun Oct 27, 2013 2:26 pm

This looks good so far. Do you have anymore edits you would like to do before anything else is said?
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PostSubject: Re: Ambrogio the Agent   Mon Oct 28, 2013 7:01 am

That is one beast of an RP Sample. I wanna see more about this character. Don't give it up just yet.
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PostSubject: Re: Ambrogio the Agent   Tue Nov 05, 2013 3:05 am

I'm gonna go ahead and disapprove this for the moment since you haven't posted anything in over a month. If you decide to revisit it, let us know and we can bring it back up.
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PostSubject: Re: Ambrogio the Agent   

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Ambrogio the Agent
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