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 Volke's room. V.W.A.T. Base.

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PostSubject: Volke's room. V.W.A.T. Base.   Fri Sep 27, 2013 10:28 am

----------> Enter from the conference with Lyon.

A ten by ten room with a bed in the upper right hand corner and a light in the center of the ceiling. There is a light switch on the left side of the wall upon entering.

Volke was glad to be out of that conference room. But yet, he was posed with a new problem now. He had nothing to do. He supposed he might going to the training room, and throw knives. But he did that so often that by now he barely concentrated when he started throwing knives. It really didn't help to distract him at all but he figured it would be worth a shot. Perhaps he could attempt to try something unique with his throws, what it was he didn't know. But wandering over to his bed he bent low and pulled a chest out from under the bed. He opened it and pulled out a sash of five throwing knives. This being the only contents in the chest he left it where it was and proceeded to the training room.

-----------> Exit. To training room.
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Volke's room. V.W.A.T. Base.
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