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 Sneaking in After Hours

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PostSubject: Sneaking in After Hours   Fri Sep 27, 2013 1:06 am

Ada walked up to the gates of the orphanage it was way later than she anticipated getting back at. She looked down at the sleeping pup in her arms and sighed "Your more trouble than your worth you fleabag..." Ada muttered scratching the small dog behind the ears wincing as Biter proceeded to yawn and clamp down on her finger. "Stupid dog..." Ada muttered pushing open the gates of the orphanage wincing as they creaked loudly as they opened. "Geez when did they last oil these things the Renaissance?" Ada muttered closing the gate behind her wincing again as they clanged shut. Immediately at the sound Biter began to bark only for Ada to hold her hand over his mouth. "Quiet boy you wanna get me in trouble?" Ada hissed. The dog's only response was to bite down on Ada's fingers causing the young teen to sigh.

She walked into the orphanage only to find a young girl waiting at the door staring up at her. "You snuck out...." She said pointing at Ada. Ada stared back at the little girl "Um...yes...yes I did." Ada said hoping the little girl wouldn't run off screaming it to anyone who would listen. "Can I pet the doggy!?" The little girl squealed noticing the small creature resting in Ada's arms. "Well...you can...but he bites." Ada said kneeling down. The little girl pet Biter scratching him behind the ears. Ada narrowed her eyes at the dog as he pushed his snout against the girl's hand as he was pet. "You bite me but love her? You traitor..." Ada muttered.
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Sneaking in After Hours
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