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 Fencing, the german way.

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PostSubject: Fencing, the german way.   Sat Sep 21, 2013 4:36 pm

Following the call of a routine sparring match, Yureka had stepped into the gym located in the Deux Ex Machina`s hull, right above the cargo bay- only to be met by a strange man with an even stranger request. She knew him, of course- Jan Valentine, possibly the most notorious "soldier" of their group- a small miracle that suicideal moron was still alive to this day.
Even stranger- he wanted to fight her with swords. Okay. That was different. He came off more as an insane gunfighter to her.

Still, who was she to turn down a request like that. So, with a Fliegerschwert in one hand, she cracked her neck and rolled her head from shoulder to shoulder, standing on one end of the gym, staring towards the other where Jan was getting ready himself.
"Anytime you´re ready." She muttered, loud enough to hear, her thumb playing with the crossguard of her sword. Fliegerschwerter weren`t made to actually battle with, but they were sturdy and sharp, so they would do fine... lets see what his was made out of...
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PostSubject: Re: Fencing, the german way.   Sun Sep 22, 2013 11:32 am

Well SHIIIT, Jan came along and had the run of the luck requesting this hot assed big tittied bimbo to fence with him. Like him taking out his "pointy sword" to penetrate her hard enough, but WHAT THE FUCK, she thought he meant fight her? In insipid and uninspired attempt to go out of his element, Jan waltzed into the arena and yawned, holding two bolo machetes, that fancy stuff from the Filipinos he always had a fondling hard on for, metaphorically speaking. Not that he doesn't get aroused by such insistent display of violence, but the inert phallic object of violence itself does not really kindle his flames of passion.

The venerable and wise Jan had three swords, two of which are normal arming swords, at the longest length at which one classifies an arming sword, and the other one was a katana he held in between his teeth. Striking a pose as he flexed his butt cheeks, which exhudes a very threatening atmosphere around him, spiraling towards unparalleled levels of fighting spirit in which were one so inclined to actually sense intent, there'd be a lot of it. He wore a wizard robe and a wizard's hat on him. The ground before him was flat, as no obstacle stood between the two, only the occasional exercise equipment but they were all resting against the wall. Not to impede movement or progress.

"I ah awhwayz rehy, 'itch."* Jan incoherently said in pervasive epitome of manliness, katana still clutched in his mouth. The distance that separated the two was about 10 meters. Jan closed it to 5 as he ran, flicking his head left to right as it sent the fragile katana spinning towards the woman in high speed velocity, rendering the rotatory motion a blur as it drifted towards her leg, the sharp angle's long reach perhaps threatening to sever some several tendons but nothing bone cleaving of a measure.

*"I am always ready, bitch."
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PostSubject: Re: Fencing, the german way.   Sun Sep 22, 2013 12:15 pm

Yureka raised an eyebrow at his getup and weaponry- not exactly what one would call a "man at arms", was he. Then again, the constantly high masochistic rapeist Jan Valentine was always a bit odd, to say the least.
This, however, had to break some kind of record.

"...are you sure?" She asked, but then had to react within a split second as he flicked his katana at her. Luckily, throwing such a huge weapon with the force of his neck didn´t make it very threatening, at least when comparing it to other weapons thrown at vampireic speed. She could see, analyze, calculate and react in time, reaching out her hand which turned to metal under the glove- it formed an open fist, which the blade slipped through- the thumb let the blade point upwards and away from her, before she closed her hand just before the crossguard would hit her and stopped the weapons motion. Hm. It seems she had recieved a second weapon- a sense of fair play from the man, or simply a slipup turned into an advantage? No matter. Stabbing the blade into the ground, she intended to use it later and now simply flicked her thumb against the crossguard of her Fliegerschwert, which slid out of its scabbard.
Her right hand caught it firm on its way out, clutching the hilt, before drawing it with a powerful swing.

"Allow me to have this dance with you, then."
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PostSubject: Re: Fencing, the german way.   Wed Sep 25, 2013 2:42 pm

Jan yawned, feeling mirth at her perilous display of actually doing naught but commencing to bore Jan, his bulge clearly flaccid as he grew bored. Walking quite slowly towards Yureka the hedgehog. O'course, that shit wasn't even foreplay in battle. STILL, he made sure not to draw close as to feel the sword against his neck. NAH, Jan liked to play it like a sleazy turnip, and swiftly or not, just make way towards her, swinging around his sword to the side in a circle, whistling a marmy tune as he let loose a slasher grin. Maintaining his distance formerly as he had let her slice through air, imparting the two particles as he heard the nice swish which implied he got cut by that sword, it'd hurt, a lot.

"En garde, BIYATCH, don't keep me waiting." Jan let loose a sigh as it signified the end of his long open eyed yawn, pointing his right sword at her (her defined as the entity with mammaries upon her chest, the only one with those in the room, for those less scientific savvy, it's the one with the ovaries, and if you STILL don't get it, then you fail forever. IT'S YUREKA DAMNIT) whilst the one clutched by his left hand continued to swing. He stood now 3 meters from her. Taking his SWEET time having gotten there, walking with his rather arrogant stride in modus operandi of such a locomotive movement, his feet tensing up and springing slightly to raise the heel upward at the air whilst his toes kept hold at the heavy traction floor. His golden eyes noted where the katana now lied, it was a fragile blade as it no doubt blunted to have stabbed it into the wooden floor, ain't nothing high quality like good old American stuff, them chinks had a hard on for such a fragile and flaccid sword that SUUURE, is a one hit wonder, but like in bed, it's the stamina that counts, not the teensy winsy techniques to avoid rupturing the blade. Naaah, them virgins stress that point.
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PostSubject: Re: Fencing, the german way.   

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Fencing, the german way.
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