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 Heinkel Wolfe

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PostSubject: Heinkel Wolfe   Sun Sep 15, 2013 10:49 pm

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing?  If so how far have you gotten?  If not please direct your attention to YouTube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least.  Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga.  The anime is not canon.  This is not our opinion.  This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano. Yes

Name: Heinkel Wolfe

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Physical appearance:

Heinkel's hair is in color a light blond and slightly disgruntled looking in nature. His hair is grown to fall a little past the mid section of his neck and ends in a various mass of locks as it does throughout his head. The front of Heinkel's hair falls down over his forehead and ends at his eye brows in a similar manner as the back of his hair. The sides of his hair are grown to be long and upon reaching his ears split and continue down his cheek and slightly outward covering the mid section and ending of Wolfe's cheek. Once again this part of his hair ends in a similar manner to the rest of it. The top of his hair drifts slightly towards the left especially the various bit's sticking up and outward.

Heinkel's eyes are a light green hue and intelligently penetrating in nature quickly drinking in their surroundings with an ease and grace that greatly befits the talented assassin. It is not uncommon to see Heinkel's eyes subconsciously scanning their surroundings at random points in time. This motion is very natural and quickly done.

Heinkel's face is smooth and free of blemishes of any sort. Be they scars, lines, or deformities. His cheek bones do not jut out and his chin quickly begins slanting inward and ending sharply. Still in his youth, Heinkel's face is best described as a cold white marble. Only rarely mainly before a kill, splitting into a wry grin. As it is even while he smiles or laughs very few lines crease his face. Heinkel does not mind this. Finding his oddly stoney face pleasantly intimidating.
There are a few various scars decorating Heinkel's body. Most of them lie along his left arm and side. But there are a couple on his right side as well. Due to Heinkel having been slightly slower and more clumsy with his left side in the beginning of his career thanks to his refusal to do anything less than dual wield pistols. There were a few instances were he was unable to entirely avoid attacks made against him. Running along the majority of his left fore arm is a long diagonal line. Received from a medium sized bullet. Another very thin line runs across his left shoulder. Given to him by a knife wielding vampire. The most nasty looking of his scars is one from a thankfully small bullet having implanted itself deeply into Heinkel's left bicep. This bullet had to be dug out and as such the scar is very oddly proportioned and large. The only other scars on his body are on running across the right side of his ribcage and another glancing across his upper thigh both received in the same fight against the same gun totting vampire.

Heinkel's build is powerful to say the least. With broad shoulders and a slightly taller height than average standing at  five foot ten and a half inches. Heinkel is lean and strong being made nearly entirely of a deeply toned muscle. With only as much fat on his body as is humanely required to survive. Only not larger than his current build because of his desire to maintain an agile body which he is more than willing to sacrifice some strength for.

Clothing of choice:

Heinkel's clothing of choice is very similar to but not exactly the normal garbs worn by Iscariot. He wears the standard type of black cassock worn by members of the Iscariot and just like the rest of them does not button it up and allows it to be more of a trench coat like item of clothing. The inside of the cassock appears a slightly darkish shade of purple, and the outline rather than the dull grey commonly seen amongst Heinkel's colleagues is replaced by a golden thread. He also has a black long sleeved shirt underneath this cassock outlined as well with a gold colored thread. Like the other priests in Iscariot Heinkel also dons a priestly collar.

His hands are normally covered in a white pair of gloves and his belt is a black leather. His pants made of a loose association of cotton fibers are held up by this belt and also black. They are strong and yet comfortable. But most importantly flexible.  His boots which come up to about mid calf are much like his belt are made of a black leather only harder and less flexible. His socks follow the common theme of Wolfe's clothing and are also a dark black. Heinkel sports at all times a pair of round green shaded glasses, and wears his guns and spare ammo along his belt. A silver cross hangs on a chain around his neck that tends to glow a bright sheen in most lights. It is not uncommon to see a cigarette between Heinkel's lips. The last of Heinkl's accessories is his communications device that he will normally carry in his ear when on missions.

This is the clothing that Heinkel chooses to wear while engaging in combat and commonly throughout his days. However if the situation were to call for it and he was supposed to wear something other than his clerics he would probably choose to wear something very similar in nature to the cloths previously mentioned. Meaning probably a darker color if not all entirely black. It would be a very odd day indeed to see Heinkel sporting brighter colors such as reds and yellows. Though then again it is also an odd day to catch him out of his clerics in the first place.

Heinkel Wolfe in Clerics.

Weaponry of choice:  

Heinkel uses two 1911 pistols that have been customized very much so for his personal tastes. The barrel and trigger are a metallic silver and the grips are a dark wooden brown. Their caliber is .45. ACP and they are made to fire twelve bullets from each magazine. Each gun is engraved with the name Iscariot on the beginning of the barrel. Then the symbol of Iscariot next to that, and lastly the name of their organization. Section13. Heinkel carries five magazines of spare ammo all along his belt as well as one magazine inside of the guns themselves. Each gun is held in a black holster on either side of his hip. All of his bullets are silver and blessed.

Heinkel Wolfe's gun.

Melee: If worse comes to worse Heinkel is unafraid to have to try and take down an opponent with his bare hands or the empty guns that he might be left with if he had fired off all of his bullets.

Race: Human


Heinkel's physical attributes. All besides strength are at the category of a level F vampire. Speed and reflexes especially so. Even physical strength is only below category F standards by just a little bit.

Heinkel's claim to fame is his absolute mastery over small fire arms. Which he has managed to turn into an art form nearly. Being able to dual wield pistols without the draw backs of decreased accuracy now due to his many years of training and experience, and being able to reload his guns in but a matter of moments. Heinkel's accuracy with his weapons is extremely hard pressed to beat. Him having become so in tune with his guns that they they feel like they are extensions of his own body. Within a moments notice he can normally place a shot from his guns where he intends to. He is also very accurate with other guns such as rifles and the like. But he does not specialize in them and is more deadly when dual wielding pistols.

Physical Abilities: Heinkel was trained in weaponless hand to hand combat at Anderson's orphanage as well as with pistols. But did not make this his main focus. However it is safe to say that Heinkel should the need arise has the ability to become a very deadly foe at close range. He is also able to endure massive amounts of pain and continue through with a task if he has his mind set on it. Quite literally willing himself to look beyond the pain.

Situational awareness: Heinkel's situational awareness is extremely good even among those who hunt vampires for a living. Easily he can detect sounds made in his general area and other things of that nature. However in direct combat Heinkel uses this ability to take stock of the current situation he is in, such as under heavy fire from various opponents and instantly decide where he will need to be in order to not get hit by all of their bullets. This is not dodging bullets per say but simply avoiding them before they are even fired. Thanks to Heinkel's amazing sense of his surroundings this can be successfully utilized against numerous opponents at once.

Organization: Iscariot


Heinkel's over all view on life isn't exactly pessimistic, but it is not entirely hopeful either. He sees little reason to concentrate on hoping for a good outcome or for a better future finding it much more practical to take action as soon as possible. Though this should not be confused with rushing into things as it is not. Heinkel also conversely does not see any reason to dwell on the hopelessness of any situation either. Finding that in nearly every situation there is probably something that he can do to try and make things better or improve their situation in some way however small it might be. So while Heinkel puts little stock into the hope of a situation he places a great deal in the decisions he makes, because those are things that he can control one hundred percent.

To say Heinkel's will is made of iron is to be grossly underestimating him. For Heinkel accomplishes most things through intense self mastery. Such as his marksmanship. Requiring intense discipline to be as good as he is and many intense years of practice so as to get the muscle memory down to the letter. The amazing situational awareness that Heinkel is able to conjure up is also granted to him by the discipline he has put his body through. Which is again, years of training and experience that Heinkel took full advantage of. It was also shown that Heinkel could suffer point blank blows to the face from very powerful guns and then still manage to not only get up, but to continue fighting through all of that. Something that any ordinary man would have surely been unable to accomplish.  As they would most likely pass out within the first moments of the wound anyway. In short, the most key part of Heinkel's being is his self mastery. Which is great indeed. It is this self mastery and indomitable will that have lead to Heinkel becoming a cut above the rest and what Iscariot may very well consider one of their top three agents.  

Heinkel is very emotionally attached to certain members of the Iscariot. These two members being Father Alexander Anderson, and Sister Yumiko Takagi. Father Alexander Anderson serves as a father figure, role model, and mentor to Heinkel. Both his inspiration and the rock he leans against when the world gets to him at times. He is unwaveringly loyal to the good father whom he loves very dearly but still finds trouble in disobeying orders even for him. As shown in London where he was still willing to carry on with their orders against Sir Integra Hellsing despite Father Anderson's protests. His best friend and closest companion is the sister Yumiko Takagi whom he also loves very dearly. He has been friends with her since childhood and would trust her with his life at any time. Heinkel would risk his life to protect these two people in a heartbeat.

Heinkel is devout follower of Iscariot and is able to perform the most blood stained and dirty of all the deeds required of him. Though this is not simply a blind faith. This was HIS choice. To join Iscariot. Orders might be orders but he was the one at the end of the day who would decide if he pulled the trigger or not. Not nearly as openly fanatic as his comrades this does not imply that Heinkel is any less loyal. He has seen that God does exist and knowing this he truly wants to serve him. He believes that the catholic church established by Jesus Christ himself is the closest link to God on earth that we have, and as such he puts a great deal of trust into it. Willing to sacrifice everything for it. Even his soul if the need should arise. Heinkel's drive to unwaveringly obey orders and most of the time with a smile on his face stems from this trust. This trust knowing that if he tries his best to follow God's plans that no matter what it looks like at the moment he will be doing a service for the greater good. However he is aware, that not everything a higher up says to him (Enrico Maxwell) is Gospel truth or church doctrine. He harbors the knowledge in his heart that he has probably done a few less than just things because of this desire to follow orders to the letter but Heinkel firmly believes that one in his position should regardless of the situation follow their orders. For if all of the sudden every Iscariot started doing what they wished and not what they were ordered to. Their organization would become a disorganized wreck of Fanatical killers wondering about without guidance. Heinkel indeed believes that the members of Iscariot do require a calculating mind to do certain thinking for them and he is more than willing to accept the consequences that come with faithfully following one mans every order. However even though Heinkel is willing to bear his cross, it is a heavy burden none the less.  

Heinkel does feel a certain degree of companionship with the other members of Iscariot. Nothing like what he feels towards Anderson or Yumi, but still something. Heinkel will gladly fight and bleed by their side but he is aware in their line of profession death is always just around the corner and is able to cope with the deaths of his comrades fairly well. Knowing that they knew just as much as he did. What they were getting into. Heinkel considers the best course of action in coping with the death of his allies to be carrying on. Keep going towards the goal that they gave their lives for. Do all in his power that he can to make sure that their deaths were not in vain.

It is well known that Heinkel is loyal and faithful. Brave, and able to do what needs to be done. But he is also human. Some of these deeds carried out by his hands weigh heavily on his heart. He is wholeheartedly willing to accept this burden but that doesn't mean he isn't going to try and cope with it in some way. Heinkel smokes cigarettes to do this. Liking the feel of the calming nicotine coursing through him, and also appreciating the distraction it brings to his mind. Giving his hands something to do if he is forced to wait for something, and also grateful for the small sense of familiarity that the cigarettes bring him. That alone being enough to get his head back into the game if he is distracted or doing something unfamiliar.  

Heinkel does not bear an overly large hatred towards protestants believing them to be wrong sure, but not exactly evil. However that would not necessarily stop him from following his orders. If he were told by Maxwell to ignore the protestant civilians in an area in stead of helping them and let them possibly die. While not liking the situation he would once again follow orders. But it would be an entirely different matter for him to murder someone who is innocent just for being a protestant. If that situation were to arise it would be a very hard choice for Heinkel to make. Heathens he is less sympathetic for and has no problem in dispatching evil humans of any sort. Even going so far as to enjoy their killing alike to his joy in killing vampires.

Heinkel Wolfe Smiling before executing a human.

The true enemies of the church and human kind in general, the unholy vampires. Are in Heinkel's eyes quite a joy to kill. He sees them for what they are. Gutless, weak, inhuman demons. Full of so much pride that you can smell it off them. Worthy of nothing less than  being cast for eternity in the fiery pits of hell, and he is very eager to help them along with this process. Especially nice to him. Are the looks of fright on the faces of his enemies. Because when they are frightened of him it means that he has knocked down their inflated ego's by quite a bit and have showed them that they can not get away with whatever is there wish, and that now for their sins. They are going to burn in hell forever.

Heinkel Wolfe grinning during the battle in London.

Rank: Paladin


Heinkel was born to an Austrian mother who was at this time living in Italy. His father, was someone that he would never get the chance to know. As his conception was more or less one of an accident, and before his mother even knew of his life his father was gone and far away somewhere else in the wide world. To his mothers credit. While an illegitimate conception of a child was not considered a good catholic deed by any means. She did still never even consider aborting her child whom she decided to raise as best she could on her own. Even though it would be very, very difficult for her to do so. As she had no immediate family or great friends to help with doing so. So for five years Heinkel was raised by this woman. Liliana Wolfe. This was a rather happy time for Heinkel. As he was being raised by a woman who did love him and had little other concerns in his life than the trivial matters of most all children.

Though tragically. When Heinkel was six. His mother found out that she was suffering from a very serious cancer already in it's fourth stage. She was given three months to live. So she did the best she could to prepare Heinkel for living a life without her. Telling him that she was going to have to go away very soon and that he would need to live with a new family now. Heinkel was saddened by this but did as his mother told and prepared himself to live out life without her. About a week before she was expecting to die she deposited Heinkel off at the orphanage she had found for him and saying good bye to him she left. Heinkel never saw his mother again and had a slightly hard time adjusting to life without her. But this blow was softened a bit when he made his first friend the slightly older child Yumiko Takagi who showed him the ropes of orphanage life and that it wasn't that bad. Especially when being raised by father Anderson. Whom he began to grow to greatly like. Never having much of a father figure in his life before this. He was eager to experience the feel of having one. He found it quite to his liking especially so since the good father was just that. An excellent father. Heinkel become quickly became very interested with this man and throughout his child he tried to model himself after Father Anderson. Wanting to become as much like him as possible.

During his time in the orphanage Heinkel also came to know the ambitious Enrico Maxwell. Growing up together it would be within the realm of realism to say that when they were younger they were indeed friends. This would change as Enrico slowly lost himself to the effects of power and he would mention that it would feel more like a familiar acquaintanceship. But none the less. Wolfe has and still does respect Enrico and trust him to a certain extent.  

Needless to say when it came time in the young child's life to learn about Iscariot and make the choice to either stay with the organization and leave to pursue some different and less dark life. He readily took up the cross of his beloved father and put forth all that he was into his training to make him as proud as possible of him. This great drive to make his teacher proud of him is what lead to him developing many of the traits that he now has. Such as his unwavering loyalty and in order to become the greatest Iscariot he could be. His amazing powers of self mastery and control.

He was also very enticed into the life of the Iscariot because of his friend. Yumiko. Who would as well be joining their ranks. For young Heinkel there was no reason to not join the Iscariot's at this point. But there was every reason to do so. For not only did he wish to do so himself. But in doing so he would get to work with his greatest friend and follow in the foot steps of his father figure. His training for the most part consisted of at first getting good with shooting one gun, then not feeling like this was enough he took up trying to learn how to wield two guns at the same time. Heinkel was very eager to prove his worth on the field of battle but was aware that things would not be easy to get through, or easy to witness. This being said. He was able to successfully steel himself for the times ahead. His first few missions were successful and he only occasionally suffered some minor wounds to his left side which was a bit slowed down by his refusal to do anything other than wield both guns at once. This would later pay for off in cold hard experience that allowed him to get better with his guns and eventually to the point where wielding two at a time was simply his norm.  

Heinkel worked mainly with his great friend Yumiko Takagi on missions. Their fighting styles and deep bonds of friendship making them an amazing team and truly a bane against the undead that dared to walk the earth in front of them. For as long as he could remember he had never had any problems with Yumiko's multiple personalities. He imagines this was so because of the kindness that Yumiko had shown him upon originally entering the orphanage. Which even during her violent escapades as Yumi he would not forget and be always grateful for. He had always been trying to be with Yumiko when he was a small child and as such became quickly accustomed to her other personality. Still to this day they blend their fighting styles perfectly and there is no one Heinkel would rather work with.  

Heinkel, Yumie, and other members of the armed priest core.

In more recent years after Heinkel gained a certain reputation as one of the best and brightest agents Iscariot had to offer he was given more roles of along the lines of body guard duty towards Enrico Maxwell. These and various front line missions throughout the course of his career that his higher ups deemed a little to much for the average agent filled his days.

Heinkel was called even more so to become a body guard for Enrico during the original encounters they began having with the vampire Nazi's. He attended him during the various interrogations of spies within the Vatican City itself and performed the execution of these men as well. He also traveled with Maxwell to meeting of the round table that would be used to discuss the growing threat of Millennium where he was unfortunately knocked unconscious by Alucard, but fortunately alive by the end of the meeting.

Then finally the last pivotal moment in Wolfe's life so far, the ninth crusade. The destruction brought upon England by the hands of Enrico Maxwell did for a time seriously shake a bit of his faith in him but once again Wolfe fell back onto his beliefs. A soldier must obey all of his orders. Because an army cannot function if all of the soldiers try to be generals. He engaged the enemy forces gladly that day, but still had difficulty shaking the images and horrors brought upon the people of England. Just like the rest of the armed priest core when Alucard was released to level zero. He fled back to the Vatican. A little worse for wear but eventually getting over it and reminding himself that some body needed to bear these burdens and the he was strong enough to do so.

RP samples:


Heinkel strode down the abandoned dirt path warily and slowly. Keeping a constant vigil on his surroundings. The sky was a dull grey and the wind whipped viciously at him his cassock whipping to his side like a flag. The time was mid day but the area was sunless and cold. Dark and dreary. Heinkel glanced up at the sky curiously for a moment wondering if it was going to rain. He hoped not, he would be walking back. He looked once again at the old brick building painted grey at the end of his path. It was completely dark, and quiet in there. But reports of a small group of vampires residing here had reached the ears of Iscariot. It appeared the creatures were trying to keep themselves hidden and work mischief in the shadows but very unfortunately for them it had not worked. Even more unfortunately for them, Heinkel had been in the area and Iscariot assigned him to deal with the problem.

Stoically he walked up to the front door, which was slightly decayed and looked almost unused. Taking a look at the joints that held the door to the wall it could be seen that the metal had suffered from a great deal of rust, but that some of this rust had fallen off of these. Probably from recent use. Heinkel smirked at these vampires being unable to cover their own tracks. It was obvious they were making a poor attempt to fool people into thinking that this shack was unoccupied. But on top of it all, as Heinkel sniffed the air he detected the faintest hints of the iron like scent of blood. Heinkel had been informed before hand that this area was not used for hunting of any sort as there were no wild animals any where near it and so he doubted that the blood he was smelling was anything less than human.    

Heinkel placed his hand on the door knob and made to open it but quickly moved to the side in order to avoid the hail of gunfire which shot through the door and into the area where he had been standing a moment before. Heinkel took one look at the bullet holes in the wood and judged by their shape and direction that the enemies were firing at him slightly to the left of the door. Heinkel pulling out his pistols as he evaded the predictable strike took one more stop to the left and popped in front of the window arms outstretched and guns held high. The room was dark and Heinkel took little time to aim but he already had a rough estimate of where his enemies were going to be.

He shot off six bullets from each of his guns and thanks to the screams from the vampires inside once this began he was soon able to eliminate all three of them quickly and before any return fire was sent his way. Heinkel for a moment thought it very stupid of these vampires to have all grouped together like this. His eyes opened wide as he saw the back door of the house as his eyes adjusted to the lighting of the room and noticed that it was slightly ajar. Heinkel jumped backwards and ducked low narrowly avoiding a shovel swung at his head and breaking into the brick walls a little bit.

Heinkel staying low and bent to the ground yet still holding his guns outstretched in front of him smiled wryly at the vampire who was ripping the shovel out of the wall when Heinkel turned his guns on him.

The vampire decided to forget the shovel and lunge himself forward at Heinkel. But as soon as his hands left the shaft of the shovel and he turned his body to meet his foe Heinkel's fingers had already began pulling on the triggers of his guns. He unloaded another six bullets into this vampire and watched as he now utterly and completely lifeless body sprawled itself out on the ground.

Heinkel stood up completely now and walked up to the door of this small shack. He kicked it in and proceeded to enter his reloaded guns at his side. He inspected the one room in front of him the make shift living spaces inside of the building mainly consisting of a couple pillows, some bags, and disgustingly enough several pieces of human remains.

Heinkel upon strolling into the cabin and inspecting it for more vampires once done shot the three corpses in the head making sure that they were completely finished off. Then Heinkel studied the floor for a moment and inspected it making sure there was no cellar. finding everything in order he walked out of the shack.

Heinkel put a hand into a pocket on the inside of his cassock and removed a lighter and then continuing to walk down the path he pulled out a carton of cigarette's. He shook one out of the box and placed the rest away. Putting the cigarette between his teeth he flicked the lighter upon and brought the flame to the end of it. Or rather nearly did so as right before he was able to accomplish the task the rain began to fall and doused his lighter. Heinkel looking up into the sky with one eye brows raised soon pulled off his wet glasses and sighed.

"You haff to be kidding me."

Was all he said before he carried on down his path.


Heinkel slammed the double doors open and rushed into the room a slightly wild look in his eyes. He looked over to the priest nearest the doors and said to him.

"Vhere is she?"

the priest quickly looked up at the sound of the slamming doors and standing up and out of his chair he said to Heinkel calmly and reassuringly.

"Heinkel, calm down I assure you she is fine. We don't even know if she was hurt at all but right now we can't allow you in there because you might inter-"

Heinkel did not want to hear this and as such he strode up to the man and picked him up the scruff of the neck. Then yelled at him.

"I don't care vhat I'm interrupting! Let me see her now!"

Heinkel had received a report that Yumiko and a few other members of Iscariot had gone on a mission and had been ambushed by their vampiric foes. A few people on that mission died and many were wounded. Some very seriously. Heinkel was perhaps over reacting a bit knowing that if any one was going to come out of that mission unscathed it would have been Yumie. But he still could not help but feel an intense worry for her well being.

The priest not exactly worried but a little concerned stuttered out.

"You'll only make things worse if you go in there and start taring the place up! Please Heinkel try to understand!"

Heinkel snarled and broke the normally stoic position of his face as he hollered back at the man.

"You listen to me, Zhat women and I haff gone through the many planes of hell und back more times Zhan you can imagine! Ve haff fought by each others side and haff been there for one another since zhe day ve haff met. Und I am going to be Da*ned if I'm not going to zhere for her now!"

The priest was about to offer another heated retort against Heinkel but he was unable to before they heard Yumiko's voice from behind them say.

"Heinkel! It's alright I'm going to be fine. See? Not a scratch."

Turning his head he saw sister Takagi walking into the room from the direction of the infirmary with no noticeable bandages on her and so slowly he let the priest down to the floor and then rushed over to her asking.

"So your fine zhen?"

She nodded her head and Heinkel could see that he was talking to Yumiko right now and she was not a very large fan of violence so he quickly changed his demeanor for her and started speaking in a mellower voice even going so far as to crack a small smile for her.

"Zhis is good my friend. I vas Vorried about you und I am glad to hear you are okay. Now, Vhat do you say ve go get something to eat around here? I'm sure you must be a little tired from you zhis mission."

Yumiko nodded her head and smiled responding. "I'd like that."

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PostSubject: Re: Heinkel Wolfe   Sun Sep 15, 2013 10:51 pm

Now, I am aware that many, many people consider Heinkel Wolfe to be female. But I have never imagined Heinkel to be a female and was actually very shocked to hear people thought that Heinkel was not a man. I realize this doesn't make Heinkel a man exactl but I figured I'd give it a shot. However if it is anything that impedes an approval I would gladly and readily switch Heinkel's gender to female.
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PostSubject: Re: Heinkel Wolfe   Sun Sep 15, 2013 11:33 pm

Couple things.

1. Stop freaking out over the gender. Hirano is a douche. There is no right answer. If you think Wolfe is a guy you're full entitled to your opinion. I think your wrong but I won't disapprove you for having a different opinion. I have other things I can disapprove you over.

2. There is no big scar on Wolfe's bicep. Heinkel takes off their cassock to snipe Walter and we see their bare arms. No scar. On that same note, your clothing is wrong. Heinkel goes sleeveless under the cassock.

3. Heinkel's guns are not holstered at the waist. We clearly see Wolfe draw them from a dual shoulder harness.

4. Personality is very wishy washy. Gives the impression that you don't really know what Wolfe is like so you're trying to cover both ends of the spectrum. Parts of the personality section are also repetitive filler. Lastly, you're not hitting the self-esteem issues strongly enough in my opinion. Wolfe's speech to Anderson when the priest's return gives nice insight into how little Wolfe really thinks about all this crap. In addition to that, needs more emphasis on her willingness to call out Anderson on his bullshit. You also go on and on about Heinkel's "iron will" but the fact of the matter is, Wolfe is not mentally stable. Never was. Showed clear signs of it while fighting in London and before that. However, the big thing is that as soon as Heinel lost a real loved one, they fucking lost their shit. Absolute, crackpot, blind rage psychosis. That's not an iron will. That's a person with mental issues and an obsession with living up to somebody else's unrealistic standards.

Finally, you didn't accurately describe Wolfe's short temper if you ask me. Part of what makes Wolfe interesting is how much like Anderson they are but the real cavaet is the mistakes Wolfe makes. Heinkel does rush in without thinking some times. Heinkel does get frustrated easily. The second Integra decided to be a diva, Wolfe went full on spastic. You're missing this to turn Heinkel in a generic tortured, faithful crusader.

5. You use a panel of Crossfire to show Wolfe's enjoyment at execution. Some Staff aren't fond of using earlier Hirano work as fill for canon Hellsing characters. I love Crossfire but Crossfire!Heinkel is confirmed to be a woman. Since you don't want to/can't play a female Wolfe, you should probably ditch that reference.

6. Couple grammar issues and typos here and there, nothing major though.

7. I gave you my old sheet as reference material but I still find the resemblance in certain sections striking. It's not plagiarism, but every now and then I find a line in here and think "Whoa, there's a line really similar to that in my old Wolfe application". For that alone I wouldn't disapprove you but I thought I'd mention it.

The jury is probably out on whether I'm being overly critical with this but Heinkel is very near and dear to me. If you expect me to roll over and trust you with this it's going to take some work because I'm not fully convinced you've gotten inside the character's head.
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PostSubject: Re: Heinkel Wolfe   Mon Sep 16, 2013 10:19 am

I was looking forward to taking this apart, but the blue douche beat me to it. There's not much I could say that hasn't already been mentioned. However, I think it should be a disapproval, since these are some major flaws in understanding the character and the general portrayal of them.

Approvals: 0
Disapprovals: 1
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Everything aside there are two things that stand out to me here more than anything else in this sheet.  First, it is similar to Andersons, and as we have seen before this is some what of a habit of yours.  Try to get out of that.  Secondly, you don't seem to be one with the character or understand them very much.  You get her/his religious feeling right, but everything else isn't Heinkel.  For example you say Heinkel doesn't dwell on things that are hopeless when really after Integra asks for a light Heinkel is visibly conflicted and confused on what to do.  Yumie, and her/him have a discussion what to do and Heinkel says "I don't know how to deal with this type."  So this shows she/he does dwell on hopeless things to me or dwells on things period.  I don't think you're ready for this character from what I see.   For now I will hold off my vote to think about if you should have a chance to adjust things or not.

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Heinkel Wolfe
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