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 Russian Werewolves, Stealin' Yo Girls

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PostSubject: Russian Werewolves, Stealin' Yo Girls   Sun Sep 15, 2013 7:54 pm

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing?  If so how far have you gotten?  If not please direct your attention to YouTube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least.  Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga.  The anime is not canon.  This is not our opinion.  This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano. I’m going all in.

Name: Molly Jonker.

Age: 26.

Gender: Trans female.

Physical appearance: Molly is fairly tall, about 1.8 meters. She has a rather large frame and broad shoulders due to a larger bone structure, though her hands and feet have always been a bit on the small side, nails painted a hot pink color. Her chest is a slight annoyance for her, being, in her opinion, too flat. Her hair is long enough to touch the small of her back, dyed a slightly lighter pink that her nails. Her large eyes are a bright blue color and her lips and nose are relatively small. In general, her face is rather slim with rosy cheeks, sharply contrast to her pale skin.

Clothing of choice: Molly is most comfortable in loose clothing, usually of lighter or neutral colors. For instance, one outfit consists of a short, white, sleeveless dress, a loose-fitting, sky blue jacket over it. White sandals are her preferred footwear. Small accessories like necklaces, bracelets, and rings are sometimes added. In addition, she usually wears a small, dark hairband above her bangs to give her hair a bit more volume at the top.

On the job, though, she can’t really afford to dress as freely as she normally would, since dangling sleeves and jewelry have a good chance of rubbing into food and drink. In this case, she often wears a white t-shirt, occasionally with a logo or pattern on it, and light blue jeans and blue sneakers. Other than perhaps a bracelet, the accessories are limited to the hairband.

Weaponry of choice: Though she carries none herself, under the bar is a silver S&W Model 640 revolver. It contains five .357 Magnum rounds. It is only for emergencies. It belongs to the bar owner, who acquired it and owns it illegally.

Race: Human.

Abilities: Molly has learned to be a proficient bartender over her five years of employment with Le Chien Ivre. She is proficient in taking orders, mixing drinks, and flirting just enough to make the male customers buy a few more drinks before leaving. She has learned French since her arrival in the country and can now be considered proficient. In addition, her native language is Zulu, and she is also fluent in Xhosa and English.

She is a decent cook, having had to work in the bar’s kitchen initially, and can prepare most simply dishes. She is quite good at styling hair and makeup, mostly from experimenting on herself when she was younger and perfecting her work as she grew. She is especially good at dying hair, having showcased several different colors since she first started work in the bar.

Conversation has always come naturally to her. As a result, Molly has learned to use her linguistic ability to talk to customers and persuade them to stay just a bit longer than they normally would. She doesn’t manipulate them; rather, she is just very genial and inviting during a conversation, and those good spirits tend to rub off on other people. On the behest of her employer, she’s also taken to playing up her natural accent, since most seem to enjoy the “exotic” sound of it.

When she was younger, he father had forced her to learn to fight. However, this was more or less a useless endeavor, due to her passive nature and the fact that the man had no actual idea how to fight in a disciplined manor. As a result, all she was really taught was how to swing her arms wildly and not to hit below the belt (it wasn’t “manly”). Later on, though, she decided to take self-defense classes on her own. She is no expert, but can defend herself against the average attacker if she had to.

Organization: Unaffiliated.

Personality: For the most part, Molly is a sociable and friendly young woman. She enjoys meeting people and talking to anyone she can find. For that reason, bartending seemed to be a logical choice for her when entering the workforce. Because of her early life, she was initially very self-conscious and quiet, but this changed quite quickly after moving to France and gaining the freedom to be who she wanted to be.

She has a strong spirit about her and rarely gets flustered, nervous, or scared (but will admit to laughing a bit more if she’s around someone she thinks is attractive). She has grown attached to the rest of the bar staff, acting as a family to her, and is a bit protective of them, especially new employees. She enjoys making new friends and going out with them on days off.

She has considered reassignment surgery in the past, but has decided against it for the time being. She has a fear of hospitals (one of the few fears she will admit to) and is trying to put it off as long as possible. In addition, the cost presents a bit of a problem, so she would have to wait until she saved enough to afford it, anyway. Really, though, it stems from a lingering doubt her father left with her which makes her doubt whether she would really want it in the end. This can be damaging to her if she dwells on it for too long.

Rank: Bartender.

Biography: Molly Jonker, born Duncan, grew up in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. An average child, for all intents and purposes, they were decent in school, had a few good friends, played football and rugby (mostly because of parents), and had no major issues in life. He never expected much of himself, and neither did his parents.

This changed, however, around the age of twelve and the start of puberty. Duncan had never really felt very “manly”, as far as his father would define it: He had no real interest in the sports he played, most of his friends were girls from his class, and he showed no natural aggression or anger. After some time, he was suspected of being gay, something his father would berate him for numerous times a day (the father being an incredibly prejudiced man who was angered at the recently abolished Apartheid laws).

The abuse only led to further confuse him, to the point where he had no clear idea as to what he even was. All Duncan really understood was that his father was a very rude and mean man, and that his insults weren’t helping the situation at all. He confided in a female friend of his, who accepted whatever he decided he was. With her help, Duncan began to realize he was really a woman.

For the next few years, she helped Duncan bring out his true self. It was at this point the name “Molly” was chosen, both of them agreeing it was much more appropriate sounding. Things went sour after Molly’s father found out about what was happening, though. Finding her trying on her friend’s loaned dress was enough to provoke him into assaulting her. She was then forbidden to ever see the other girl again.

Despite this warning, Molly continued to visit her friend at school as much as possible. Because of this, she was convinced, after graduating, to move to France by her friend’s urging (citing heavily romanticized visions of the country). Her parents, happy to have their “defective” child off their hands, quickly handed over the money. Not long after, Molly arrived in Paris. Almost immediately after, she fully embraced herself as a woman, finally able to be herself.

In a phone conversation with her friend, she was again convinced of finding a bar to work in, rather than staying at a customer service job she despised. Though initially confused as to why her friend thought it was a good idea, she quickly came to realize how much fun the work could be. She’d never been able to communicate with others as easily before, and it seemed like to element of presentation that bartending gave her helped to boost her confidence and allow her to meet others much easier than before. She began hormone treatments after earning enough to live comfortably enough in a small apartment.
As of now, Molly is completely unaware of the supernatural.

RP sample:
It had been exactly five years since Molly had moved to France. Every year on this day, she’d make it a point to call her friend Abri. She called her other times of the year, of course, but this was the anniversary of the best decision of her life, and she owed it all to her friend. Without her support, she’d never have had the courage to leave her home. She deserved a lot more than just a conversation, but that was about all she could really give to her at the moment.

They’d been talking for a little over an hour now. Usual small talk, really: How their day was going, what they’d been doing recently, etc. “So, it was pretty much like trying to shove a phone book through the side of a building,” Abri told in a way that would certainly confuse anyone who had just started listening to the conversation at that point in time. “Things didn’t work out too well, is what I’m saying. I almost forgot to ask: You find a boyfriend yet?”

“Abri!” Molly exclaimed, a bit flustered at the question. She’d never really tried dating before; it was one of the few instances where she was still a bit shy. She laughed a bit to show she wasn’t actually upset. “No, I haven’t. Not like you’re doing better, though.”

“At least I’m out there,” she teased. “How’s the bar? Are you running it yet?”

“I’m perfectly fine serving drinks. Business is good, though. There’s a lot of interesting people that come in, especially at night. Like this one time, when these two pale guys in big coats walked in. They just ordered a few drinks and left an hour later.”

“Maybe they were vampires.”

“Hush yourself. You know there’s no such thing. Anyway, it’s about time to go. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

“I’ll be waiting. Don’t get sucked dry. By vampires, at least.” Molly rolled her eyes and hung up the phone. She had about fifteen minutes to get to the bar. Plenty of time.
She’d changed clothes and touched up her makeup with ten minutes to spare. With only a four minute walk between her apartment and the bar, she’d be there earlier than expected. Starting down the sidewalk, she waved to a group of children from the same building. They were good kids, and she was friends with most of their parents. They were heading home, though, since it was starting to get dark.

The dark never bothered her. She’d even requested to work the late hours when she first applied. Something about the night was refreshing for her, and it seemed like the most interesting customers always came into the bar around the time the sun set. Unfortunately, not all of the interesting people of the night were very wholesome.

A man had come up behind her. She noticed him before he actually arrived, but wasn’t fast enough to stop him from grabbing her. People were getting daring these days, apparently, if someone was trying to commit a crime in twilight. Couldn’t even wait until it was dark, even.

Initially in panic, she composed herself quickly. The man clumsily tried to pull her into an alley, but she wouldn’t allow that. In truth, she had a bit of a height advantage on the man, so that was a positive. Stomping his left foot, the would-be attacker let out a cry, relenting just enough to let her break free of his grip. Pulling her leg forward, she kicked as hard as she could backwards, sending him to the pavement with an intense pain in his crotch.

Giving up, the pathetic man scrambled off, Molly cursing at him in her native language. After he was gone, she inhaled deeply, straightening out her hair before continuing on to work. That whole ordeal hadn’t taken more than a few minutes, if that. There was still plenty of time.

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PostSubject: Re: Russian Werewolves, Stealin' Yo Girls   Sun Sep 15, 2013 10:01 pm

Two things caught my eye in the initial reading. First, the parents seem almost over the top representations of the "evil stepparent" trope. However, looking at the situation again, the bigotry in that area was very prevalent at certain points which gives a regular asshole far more leeway to be the true bastard depicted in the bio. Because of that, I can get behind it. The second thing that caught my eye was the sudden shift in personality. She leaves all her friends and everything she's ever known for a foreign country and suddenly she's a social butterfly? And yet, my own experience with friends undergoing hormone therapy and similar procedures is proof enough to me that personality shifts like that really aren't all that uncommon once someone get's the chance to find their true self. Long story short, I was worried but it makes sense when you think about it.


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PostSubject: Re: Russian Werewolves, Stealin' Yo Girls   Mon Sep 16, 2013 1:51 pm

it seems alright.

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PostSubject: Re: Russian Werewolves, Stealin' Yo Girls   Wed Sep 18, 2013 7:41 pm

love that it is a tran, not going to lie.  Everything seems legit.  Don't go crazy ya hear?

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PostSubject: Re: Russian Werewolves, Stealin' Yo Girls   

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Russian Werewolves, Stealin' Yo Girls
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