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 Sebastian (WIP)

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PostSubject: Sebastian (WIP)   Fri Aug 30, 2013 12:00 pm

I have read the entire manga and watched all the OVAs twice.

Name: Sebastian

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Physical Appearance: Sebastian is 6'3 tall with long dirty blonde hair with a style of just brushing it down and then letting do as it pleases. He weighs 190 lbs of muscle and a little bit of fat. He has a slender body build, with very few of his muscles clearly noticeable. He has
Dark Brown eyes that looks almost black. He is evenly proportioned throughout his body.
He has a few scars on his side from morning where he would have to rush back home from working to get ready and falling. He has a pale skin tone that made him look like a vampire before he ever was one. his body doesn't have much definition to it from not growing up fully into an adult.

Clothing: He usually wears a gray hoodie with black symbols on the left part of it that look amost like knives, a dark green undershirt that he wears in case something happens to his jacket, a pair of dark blue jeans that look almost black jeans, and pitch black gym shoes that fit tightly on his feat to make sure that they never fall of.

Weaponry: Sebastian decided to just use Kabar fighting knives while fighting his enemies, that way he wouldn't have to take time to aim and shoot. His knives were blessed in order to help him take out enemies. The handles were left un-blessed for him to hold onto.

Race: Category D vampire

Abilities: Sebastian was a natural sneak artist, able to get in and out of places unnoticed, but now he can move completely silent, he can also parcour

Organization: Hellsing

Personality: Not very talkative to people he doesn't know, pays attention to what he hears, prefers to keep a low profile

Rank: Foot Soldier

Biography:When Sebastian was a little kid, he believed in supernatural creatures. He would play vampires and werewolves with his father which was a game where one of them would be a vampire and the other would be a werewolf and they would argue and act like they were that actual thing. He used to always call his parents vampires and such. This led to the dream of becoming a vampire himself so that he could live forever with his parents. This was all up to the day his parents had died, which was the day that made him stop believing in supernatural creatures because his parents clearly weren't. From that day on he had to live with his grandparents who were strict Christians.
A few years later, at the age of 12, his grandparents fell ill and had to go into a nursing home where he couldn't be with them. So he had to choose to either find a friend to live with or go to an orphanage. He choose to live with his only friend at the time who had offered to let him live with him. So he moved in and took up a job as a paper boy in the morning before school and he would make envelopes at night. He was working steadily and getting pay raises in order to save up to live on his own.
By age 15, Sebastian had made enough money to live on his own and so he did. His friend told him he didn't have to leave but Sebastian insisted because he wanted to have a place where he could be alone. When Sebastian moved out, his grandparents had died and he put everything in their will either up for charity or towards their funeral. Sebastian felt alone in the world at this point and he didn't mind the feeling. A year later he continued on with life and started what was to be the most eventful year of his life.
Sebastian was a normal student in Britain, average grades and average strength. He had a few friends and usually stuck with them out of the thought of not having to make different friends. He didn't really care about school, but had dreamed to get far in life and be known as a success. Then one night everything changed He was walking home from a study group with his friends for upcoming exams when he was attacked by a stray vampire.
He didn't know what to do from the pure panic on what was happening. When he awoke, he was near a trash can when he recalled the recent rumors between his friends about mysterious people who only come out at night. He decided to drop out of school out of fear of what could happen to him and decided to go to Hellsing to get protection in case he were to be attacked again by the person to finish the job. That is when he found out he couldn't walk in the sun from trying to. He thought it was weird but brushed it off as something the attacker had done to him.
He decided to go to Hellsing that night to only find out he had become a vampire. Not knowing what to do and feeling a rising thirst, he asked them for help. He is now a foot soldier who helps protect Hellsing and goes on missions.
His new dream was to live for as long as he could in order to be what he wanted as a kid. He is asexual, something that come to him from the loss of his parents at a young age. He likes to go outside and sneak around while jumping on roof-tops but dislikes being inside of a place. His greatest fear is that one day he will be left by Hellsing to live on his own and ruin someone else's life just to live on.

Sample: It was a night like any other, waking up and getting a blood pack. I still couldn't get used to how much I enjoyed drinking the blood, it felt abnormal, yet so right. I almost felt as if this blood I was drinking was slowly chewing away at my humanity, what of it I had left. The feeling on my throat though was that of a cooling feel, almost as if I had drinking a glass of water after going a day without drinking. I felt eyes looking at me, that is when I looked at the doorway and saw someone walking in. I thought He looks familiar, but I don't remember him, it would be better to walk away, but maybe I could talk conversation with him and get him to say his name As I finished my thought, I said, "Hello there, how are you?" The person responded, "I am well, but I have a mission for you."

I was tasked with the job of scouting out a town in the nearby area, so I accepted after grabbing my knives and heading out. As I approached the outskirts of the town, I jumped out of the vehicle and walked the rest of the way in. So far I had failed to see one citizen or ghoul Strange, I would have thought by now there would be people out here and if a vampire had taken, ghouls. Just as I finished that thought, I spotted a ghoul around 10 feet in front of me. I climbed up a nearby tree and jumped from branch to branch until I reached a branch above the ghoul, I guess I will put this one out of it's misery to make sure it doesn't spot me. I then jumped out of the tree and stabbed the ghoul on the head with one knife in case another was nearby. After seeing the ghoul turn to dust, I decided to walk towards the center of town.

Every time I saw a ghoul, I jumped up in a tree and killed it from above. As I reached the center of town, I had killed around 15 ghouls, all by themselves, The ghouls here are strange ones, aren't they supposed to be grouped together? As I finished my thought, I had just finished walking up to the mayor's hall, Time to start looking. I then climbed the side the mayor's building, Let's take a peek at what is happening. I think as I look into a window and see a vampire in the middle of a bloody room, playing with the mayor's head on the ground, I can't forgive this person, all these people had such bright futures. As I finish that thought, I climbed my way to a window behind the vampire. I then proceeded to open the window and sneak attack the vampire finishing the mission, "May your souls rest in peace," I say as I begin to leave.
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Sebastian (WIP)
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