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 Your long term character goals

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Mato Kuroi

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PostSubject: Your long term character goals   Mon Aug 26, 2013 11:16 am

Every character starts somewhere and ends somewhere, and personally i like to plan ahead- dreams can be fullfilled in the RP world, and so i always plan some long term goals for my characters to archive. Here are some of them.

My goal with Mato is pretty straightforward- trancending her race to something more. May it be cyborg, special human, vampire or even werewolf, i want Mato to be something more- not for the reason of being something more, but to make her survive longer. She`s a character i hold very dear and wish to survive as long as possible, which is why i haven`t sent her on any missions yet. My short term goal for her is to partner her up with the character Lydia is making in the meantime, creating a dynamic duo of awesome.

Ben´s goals haven´t been clearly defined yet, though there are basically three of them-
1: gaining as much levels as he can without dying.
2: getting into a serious relationship with Maia, and keeping it up.
3: if he dies, he should die protecting something. May it be Maia, a group of civiilians or Hellsing itself, his death should not be in vain. With that said, i fully expect him to die at some point, he´s not one of my favorite characters even though he´s fun to play.

With her, i´ve got the most abitious plans- seen before in the Bavaria raid, the Bismarck and things i´ve still got planned, such as raiding a french NPP for some fuel rods and getting into a bigass fight with the french military. As a long term goal though, its a bit complicated- part of me wants her to turn to Hellsing and become an antihero, but unlike Ceras, Yureka killed hundreds of NPCs so far. Honor and morals aside, she`s a really horrible person. Someone Hellsing would either not put up with or seriously sanction, like chaining her to a pole with one arm whenever she fights so that she doesn´t run too far.

Another idea i had was this- she´s gaining more and more respect from fellow Millenium members for her ideals, morals and honor, as well as her sucess. In the end, she could overthrow the Major, possibly kick him out and lead Millenium into a different, more agressive direction. Of course, this would be seriously doubtful considering the rock-solid mentality of staff, members and the fanbase in total, and i agree- Millenium that isn`t lead by Major isn`t Millenium.

In the end, its not exactly clear what she´ll end up doing, if she becomes the permanent captain of the Bismarck or if she like, moves on to another, large scale project. Maybe she´ll gain a partner like the others and work her way to the top with him/her. Maybe she`ll command an attack on one of the major organizations, maybe she´ll quietly raise in rank before defecting to the other side. Yureka is very flexible this way, thats what i like about her character.

As for Christie- i just made her, i don´t really have plans yet. Of course, having a partner would be cool, but if everyone has it its getting old. Maybe she´d get married again- would be a first for this forum. Or maybe she ends up like Jennie, as a human hand grenade.
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PostSubject: Re: Your long term character goals   Mon Aug 26, 2013 12:58 pm

In before everyone and their cousin says "Kill Alucard." But seriously, this is my kind of topic.

Father Anderson:
I've accomplished most of what I originally set out to do with him. Really, the fun with him is simply playing him rather than working towards anything. That being said, I've tangled with a few different Alucards during my time here and I still fully intend to permanently kill our next one.

Ladd Russo & Brandon Cole:
I lump these two together because there is literally no goal with either of them. Ladd is just crazy, random fun. I drop him into ridiculous situations and enjoy the ride. End of story. As for Cole it's more of a challenge to myself more than anything. I want to see just how far I can actually get on this forum with a bow.

Almos Lorand:
I've put way more thought into this guy than any of my past characters in terms of plot. Couple landmarks I have in mind are...
1) Become the first OC on the forum to reach Cat A status legitimately.
2) Successfully complete a Relic Quest.
3) Corrupt one or more members of Iscariot into Almos' way of thinking or play out a scene of instilling absolute despair into one of them.

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PostSubject: Re: Your long term character goals   Mon Aug 26, 2013 3:34 pm

Father Anthony Diem:
Being my first character on the site. He is my favorite. He is also the only character that I have in my favorite organization. I have a few goals for this guy.

The first and foremost. Protecting the people around him that he comes to think of as family. (Namely from Almos.)

The next being gain regeneration with him. Then along with Regeneration. A personality adjustment towards something a little more fun.

The last being gaining a relic and then going toe to toe with Almos. (Which I hope to win.)


Kill things. Maybe become slightly more human....Ya, not a lot of depth to this one.


Become a lycan first and foremost. While at the same time bonding with Gaius as he takes him under his wing er, paw so to speak.

Reese Fletcher:

Hahahaha, Goals? I don't know...Maybe kill something at one point, possibly go on a mission? He is just a secretary after all...

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PostSubject: Re: Your long term character goals   Mon Aug 26, 2013 6:00 pm

Michel Miles:
1: Continue to be a bullet sponge for Meabh.
2: Character development.
3: Kill everything in Meabh's way.
4: Stack enough SP to gain a relic, and help Meabh do the same.
5: Regain tiny sliver of humanity while doing the above, then go back to bullet sponging worse than Gangnam style.
6: Repeat all the above except 4 until counter is broken.

Everything dies.

Sofia Devorah:
1: Seduce a certain redhead in the Hellsing crawlspaces.
2: Go with the flow from there.

Haha, lesbians~

Dr. Stein Matthus:
1: Dissect & mutate.
2: Small mini-plot with Tanith & Steins group.
3: Go back to dissecting and mutating everything.


Veronica Corivs:
1: Character development with Ada and Lydia.
2: Go one a few missions, everything dies, collect relic.
3: Character development with Ada and Lydia
4: Clash with a certain vampire (not Alucard) an unspecified amount of times.
5: Erase said vampire from existence and/or lose and "turn to the dark side"
6: Drive epic character development even further with Ada and Lydia if darkside path is taken.
7: All ur base R belong to us.
8: We blot out the sun Skyrim style and everything dies.


I think that covers everything I have planned for my characters.... Not really goals, considering most the crap above is just me going with the flow of things. Only one really planned out is Veronica...and even that's open to change.
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PostSubject: Re: Your long term character goals   

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Your long term character goals
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