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 Veronica Vs The Rabid Dog

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PostSubject: Veronica Vs The Rabid Dog   Wed Aug 21, 2013 4:39 pm

OOC: Hoover Dam at night.

Gaius waited on the banks of the dam for his opponent; he had been informed that someone from the Vatican’s Special Forces was in town by an informant. That meant he had to be sneaky, though he wasn’t sure if he had been seen or sensed at all in some way he had left Vegas to come here. He had some knowledge of the area and the water made things more interesting, it would be a good place to hide at any rate. His ears pricked as he toyed with his rifle a little, it was going to serve him well, if not then he had teeth and claws. The cool night air blew over him as he took a deep breath, this was the life, always one step away from death and far fewer from capture; things were never boring. The ex Spetsnaz felt the urge to hum a little tune, but he stopped himself, not wanting to give away his position.
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PostSubject: Re: Veronica Vs The Rabid Dog   Sat Aug 24, 2013 11:07 am

OOC: Let your training commence!

I'm going to assume traffic and all that isn't present, and given what you said about being on one of the banks of the dam I'm going to assume you're on the backed up end with the most water and not on the actual dam itself.

*star wars reference about having the high ground here*

Be afraid, be very afraid!

A hunt to abolish another abomination towards God and his people, just what she needed. Granted, it might've been a bit ridiculous to send her from Rome to the US to take care of something so miniscule considering the US had their own people for it, but it was her duty as an agent of divine punishment. The fact that it wasn't her usual prey made her somewhat excited as well, this one was something more unique than the average vampire. It was a lycan; a rare case even for Iscariot. Lycans were supposedly bordering on extinction, which was a good thing in her mind, even more so that she'd be wiping another one off the face of the earth to help them along that path.

The sightings and reports had placed it near the Hoover Dam, and that's exactly where she went.

Crouched on one of the four towers extending into the water, Veroinca surveyed the edges of the water from her highpoint with keen amber eyes, focused solely on finding their target. The darkness was an ally of many supernatural beasts, but luckily God provided her with an answer to that. Exploding forth from the satchel on the back of her waist like a miniature eruption, thousands of golden pages spread out amongst the sky to illuminate the darkened area, as if literally beating back the darkness of night with their luminous forms.

A bibles worth of pages stayed in the sky, shining rays of gold down onto the waters surface while the other two swarms swept across the two banks simultaneously to remove any hiding spots the creature could have; to flush her target out of hiding. The final bibles worth of pages stayed near her as a precaution and circled below the tower she was on, ready to catch her should a situation that deemed it necessary arise. Three of her crucifixion stakes were already clasped between the fingers of her left hand as well, ready to be thrown at a moments notice in any direction she chose.
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Veronica Vs The Rabid Dog
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