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 Anthony Diem Versus Ada Koch

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PostSubject: Anthony Diem Versus Ada Koch   Tue Aug 13, 2013 1:37 am

Name: Ada Koch

Alignment: Paragon

Fighting Skills

-Advanced Page Combat
-Crucifixion Spike Combat
-Silat and Eskrima Karambit Combat


Ada sat in the center of the garden one of the nuns had grown behind the Orphanage. Her Bibles were placed around her in a cross formation with her sitting within the center. Her hood was drawn over her head closing her mind off from all distractions around her as she took in a few deep breaths. She could hear the sounds of her pages rustling around her in a small cyclone causing her hood to fall back. She focused harder on the formation the bibles were placed in around her. The pages around her began to form domes around her each page linking to each other until formed a dome of pages around her that completely shrouded her from view. She could feel a bead of sweat run down her brow as she struggled to keep the barrier up. It wasn't until she felt something touch her barrier when it finally fell leaving a pile of pages all over the grass around her.

She took a breath as she replaced her hood over her head. She glanced up as a glass was placed in front of her face. She smiled at the small orphan standing in front of her offering her a glass of lemonade. Accepting the glass she took a sip sighing as the cool liquid poured down her throat. "Thank you." Ada said smiling at the child and patting the ground next to her. The child sat down as well drinking from her own glass.
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PostSubject: Re: Anthony Diem Versus Ada Koch   Tue Aug 13, 2013 1:02 pm


Still Tony.

Fighting styles.

Advanced slightly more in page techniques:
Karate: Various forms.

Father Diem approached the two children. Or rather the one child and the adult. Although in truth she would always be in some small part that same child who he had met long ago. Though he made little mention of the way he felt not wanting to treat Ada like anything less than the grown adult which she was. But still, that didn't mean he would stop taking care of her. Today was one such day that he intended to assure himself that she was going to be safe.

Watching from afar as she practiced with the use of her pages. Looking on impressed at her progress he smiled when when one of the children brought her a glass of something to drink. Well that was good, he was glad to see that she was remembering to eat and drink. Then again she wasn't him. So she probably didn't suffer from those problems.

Walking forward to Ada he smiled down at her and at her friend. Then taking a seat next to Ada he looked around at the garden and remarked happily.

"Beautiful day, wouldn't you agree?"

He knew that they had some business they needed to attend to but giving Ada a slight breather before hand wasn't a bad idea and besides. They were humans here. What was the point of hunting soulless creatures for how evil they are if you yourself become one.
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Anthony Diem Versus Ada Koch
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