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 Father Anthony Diem's Room

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PostSubject: Father Anthony Diem's Room   Tue Aug 13, 2013 12:08 am

Father Anthony Diem's room is larger than one might expect being twenty by twenty feet. But it is none the less very small looking. Especially when one tries to look around the room in it's entirety which can be quite...scary. Along the walls are various copied pages of scripture. Each having individual words or sentences highlighted an then having a thread held to the wall by a thumb tack holding a string which is attached to another page of paper. Which will have another string leading to another page of paper. All of these quotes and certain pages of scripture will be talking almost always about either one of the six or so times that Jesus exorcised a demon and since they were called not only as clergy but as humans and prophets to become another Christ in the world they not only could but should perform exorcisms, some mention of saint peter and being gifted the the keys of heaven as he listened to Christ found the catholic church. Or any mention of anything symbolic in the earlier predictions of the old testament like the fulfillment of Mosses wish that everyone would one day become a prophet which through the ability to baptize people has come true as all those who are really baptized receive the holy spirit. Or anything in the new testament such as various quotes of the book of revelation which tells of the church not only being on earth but also in heaven which adds to the infallibility of the churches doctrine. And also various other mentions of Jesus never abandoning his flock. For if he did abandon his flock and leave nothing on this earth for his children, and lie to them all saying that he would not leave them. Then he would not be Jesus and be no one to serve for either he was Jesus son of the most high or he was in fact blasphemous and horrible yet do to the miracles performed and their meanings he is proven to be in fact son of God. And yes small notes like this are on every single page of paper. Of which there are enough to cover an entire wall... Well anyway. On top of this all. All these interlocking strings going from scripture to scripture leading from the prophet who had anointed David killing the philistine saying when God says to kill you kill, and interlocking with pages mentioning to stone mediums, and slay all sorcerers. Of which each and every vampire is one or both. And after proving the infallibility of the church and linking it to a doctrine of just warfare thus completely proving that not only were they called to kill these creatures and exorcise demons as prophets and children of the lord, for their church could never be wrong. They could also never be wrong in the slaying of any vampire ever. All of these strings keep spiraling in a circle ever close to the center of the wall. Until they are only three rows from the one small note on the in the exact middle of the wall. At which time they jumped around forming more lines between various pages of scripture around eight lines in total did this jumping around and all of them met in the center of that small note, while finally the spiraling many strings all made into one very much larger string ended there spiral also exactly in the middle of that wall on the same note where the quote could be seen. "God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son to it." Basically the message of this strange circle. Every child of the lord is able to slay demons and with the backing of the church. They could never be wrong in exorcisms following church doctrine, and all of these proofs, all of these examples of what were there duties, all of these messages. All of them. Centered around Jesus. Their lord. But that is just one wall. (The west wall)

There are a couple desks and shelves of which contain spare ammo, knives, a couple of guns, and most especially blessed scripture. On another wall is a worn photo of his parents slain by a vampire when he was eight. Next to that photo are thirty one tallies. One for each Iscariot he has seen die, as well as a slightly melted rosary of which was over on hundred years old. These desks also contain certain things that Anthony is currently looking into. Like pages of research he has done to try and expand his faith to make more use of his page ability. At least three desks are devoted to experimenting with scripture. Each one keeping many very detailed records of how each experiment went and why he thought they went this way and failed this time. But one desk seemed rather Untouched. This desk even had a small tiny bit of dust on it. this is where he has kept his files on how he succeeding creating the armor of scripture. There is a fan and light bulb in the middle of it on the ceiling and a light switch next to the door. Many vials of holy water also sit near his weapons, but more so near his unprepared weapons. Where he blesses fresh sliver bullets himself regardless how many times the people from Mathew tell him that they took care of it. He wanted to be very sure he knew what he was using. And on another desk is a hand written his is very close to finishing. It is a copy of the roman catholic bible written by his own hand and nearly finished. The last seven books have yet to be added but when he is done with the book. He will probably bless it start using it in battle.  

On the far side of the wall opposite the door there is a bed with one sheet and one pillow which looks as if the owner doesn't even bother to use the covers and simply lays on the bed without using the blanket at all. there is also a basket next to the side of the bed filled with thirty nine hand made rosaries and in another basket ontop if the bed itself is material to make at least another twenty more. A half finished rosary lays on the bed next to this basket.

On the back of the door is another one of his coats on one of two hooks. this coat is prepared like the one he normally wears with all of his normal assortment of weapons. On the east wall there is a closet containing all of his changes of clothes which mainly consist of his robes and boots. Near the bed is a small wooden night stand which contains a sowing kit on the inside of it under the top of it which holds a phone.

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PostSubject: Re: Father Anthony Diem's Room   Tue Aug 13, 2013 12:41 am

----------> Enter from Orphanage Interior.

Anthony appearing in a swirl of pages quickly turned the lights on in the room and proceeded towarsd his extra bibles where immediately they flipped open. Anthony pulled out a letter from a drawer and small dish as well as an old ink quill. After this he let the blood ebbing from his wound fall slightly into this dish. A couple drops two or three. Then filled it with ink from a vial on the shelf. Touching his finger to his wounds he let on drop if his own blood fall onto each of the bibles present of which there were five. He then picked the quill and and dipping it into the ink he began to write this letter. Writing quickly where he encountered a vampire and a brief description of his appearance. As well as.

"Vampire who attacked me managed kill Call in matter of moments. Be carefully is dangerous and very smart. Very accomplished sorcerer, wields chain with will, very deadly, can't pass through barriers, can summon shields blocks blessed silver bullets. Slightly wounded shot twice once in foot. Slowed but now probably recovered. After letter on Call, Now has letter. Letter of importance. importance so far unknown. Still in city, be careful, be on watch."

AS this letter was formed so were many more letters. As the letters inside of the scripture now glowing changed red and began to rearrange themselves on one piece of paper, or rather on many one pieces of paper. Which would travel from his room to all Iscariot's within a twenty mile radius.

Then Anthony strode quickly towards his phone and picking it up he dialed Maxwell's number. He was unsure if he was in the area and he knew that if anyone would be able to get this information the fastest way possible to more Iscariot's than he could reach it would be him. When he answered the phone Anthony would explain to him what had happened and when he was done with the conversation he would probably find something else to make himself useful. Or anything else...he needed to do something else...anything but sit and think...Think about his...No, None of that. As Anthony dialed the phone he walked over to the tally marks on his wall and pulling out his dagger he added another mark to it. One for Call. But this mark was jagged and more of a zigzag.
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PostSubject: Re: Father Anthony Diem's Room   Wed Aug 14, 2013 10:54 pm

Nothing! He was supposed to do Nothing! There was a vampire on the loose and he was supposed to sit here and just wait! Wait until he got the news that more people people had been killed at the hands of this creature that he should have already killed. Anthony ripped of his sunglasses from his face and turning he punched his wall denting the plaster and taking a hug chunk of it off of the wall as he pulled his bleeding fist back. he opened it and dropped the shards of his glasses then looking at his hand he began to rip out the black glass shards in it without mercy letting the blood drop to the floor making no effort to stop it.

But then he walked over to his bed and pulled out some gauze from under it. He began to wrap it around his hand knowing that maiming himself was useless. If he was going to destroy something and hurt himself. It was going to be productive. Anthony also wrapped his shoulder wound and took of his jacket. He tossed all of his weapons onto his bed as well all except for one bible. Which he used to wrap himself in scripture and then travel to the training center.

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PostSubject: Re: Father Anthony Diem's Room   

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Father Anthony Diem's Room
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